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Treasury staffer charged with leaking financial info on Trump campaign officials, RussiansOct-17-2018Go
Friend of Ford Lawyer Asks More Women to Come Forward Against KavanaughOct-01-2018Go
Canada beats midnight deadline to join trade deal with US and MexicoOct-01-2018Go
'Last Man Standing' star Tim Allen talks personal politics affecting the show, whether he's a Trump supporterSep-13-2018Go
Cheap custom-made versions of high-cost drugs spur backlashSep-10-2018Go
Rand Paul on election meddling: 'We all do it'Jul-15-2018Go
A top Republican senator wants to know how the Pentagon ends up paying $10,000 for an airplane toilet seat coverJul-10-2018Go
Trump pardons ranchers whose arrests led to armed occupation of wildlife refugeJul-10-2018Go
Walmart boycott campaign launched after outcry over 'Impeach 45' clothingJul-03-2018Go
DOJ employee who chased Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from restaurant could face disciplineJul-02-2018Go
Bid to split California into 3 states gains traction – could it really happen?Jul-02-2018Go
With Kennedy stepping down, Chief Justice Roberts becomes potential swing voteJun-29-2018Go
TOM FITTON: House could expel Waters for encouraging mob violenceJun-26-2018Go
Draining the swamp: White House proposes unprecedented reorganization of federal governmentJun-22-2018Go
Reps clash, Dems jeer and cops hunt Trump-accosting internJun-21-2018Go
Fitton: DOJ Showing 'Utter Contempt for Congress' by Not Releasing Docs on FBI's Trump InformantJun-13-2018Go
Worker Seeks to Cut Ties with Union that Smeared Her HusbandApr-28-2018Go
Anarchy At Texas State UniversityApr-26-2018Go
Trump says Comey ‘guilty of crimes,’ warns DOJ he won’t ‘stay away’ foreverApr-26-2018Go
Medicare ID scam targets seniors receiving new cardsApr-22-2018Go
FBI, DOJ docs show Russia probe started without supporting intel: NunesApr-22-2018Go
Air Force veteran sues after being pulled from ceremony mid-speechApr-03-2018Go
Students at Florida high school stage walkout in support of Second AmendmentMar-31-2018Go
Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Suggests Repealing the Second AmendmentMar-30-2018Go
Heather Nauert’s meteoric rise takes State Department by surpriseMar-18-2018Go
Trump’s CIA Pick is the Great Feminist Moment the Left HatesMar-17-2018Go
Gina Haspel nominated as CIA's first female director: 5 things to know about the career spymasterMar-13-2018Go
The Clinton Dossier - Exposing the collusion between the DOJ and the Clintons.Feb-07-2018Go
Despite promises to cut back, fed and state governments press asset forfeituresJan-30-2018Go
Watchdog: Obama’s DOD Exempted Afghan Forces ‘Implicated’ in Child Rape from Funding BanJan-25-2018Go
The Obama Government’s Secret Societies - Exposing the anti-Trump conspiracy within the DOJ.Jan-25-2018Go
DOJ to Retry Menendez on Corruption ChargesJan-20-2018Go
Trump targets Dems for playing ‘shutdown politics’ as Congress tries for new dealJan-20-2018Go
U.S. Government shutdown hits after Democrats block fundingJan-20-2018Go
DOJ Backs Christian Students in School Choice CaseJan-19-2018Go
RNC blasts Cory Booker for ‘mansplaining’ double-standard, Kirstjen Nielsen rantJan-18-2018Go
FBI, DOJ Argue for Dismissal of Suit About Garland, Texas AttackJan-15-2018Go
Shitholes and Double Standards - Why the Left’s outrage over Trump’s language is bogus.Jan-15-2018Go
Texas Tech fan brandishing ‘finger gun,’ questioned at airportJan-12-2018Go
Judge throws out case against Bundys, bars retrial with stunning rebuke to federal prosecutorsJan-09-2018Go
Judge to consider ending Bundy standoff trial as government’s case crumblesJan-08-2018Go
Federal Investigators Couldn’t Illegally Buy Guns Through Legitimate Websites Despite 72 AttemptsJan-07-2018Go
NSA contractor faces ‘hard time’ for leaking top secret Intel to Trump-hating reportersJan-05-2018Go
Meteorologist blasts those linking brutal blizzard to climate changeJan-05-2018Go
Trump administration releases initial details on association health insurance salesJan-04-2018Go
Senate Dems Called Out for Obstruction of Nominee for Top Railroad Safety PostJan-03-2018Go
Digging up ‘swamp’ creatures: Trump’s DOJ to delve into Clinton pay-to-play scamJan-03-2018Go
Feds Get “Minimum Wage” of $100KJan-03-2018Go
JOHN FUND: Will press cover - or cover up - DOJ’s refusal to turn over FBI docs?Jan-03-2018Go
House Intel Chairman: ‘DOJ and FBI Need to Be Investigating Themselves’Dec-29-2017Go
Rep. Devin Nunes slams DOJ, FBI over handling of dubious anti-Trump dossierDec-29-2017Go
At war with the Fed: Independent inventor’s story akin to ‘David vs. Goliath’Dec-29-2017Go
AG Sessions orders examination of Bundy case after mistrial over prosecution bunglingDec-22-2017Go
Congress Demands DOJ Turn Over All Docs Related to Obama Scheme to Nix Hezbollah Terror InvestigationDec-21-2017Go
Candace Owens Video: Trump Derangement Syndrome: An American Epidemic.Dec-21-2017Go
Mistrial bolster’s Bundy’s claim of federal persecution, gives prosecutors black eyeDec-21-2017Go
Rosie O’Donnell offered $2 million in cash to senators willing to vote against tax reform - When will the DOJ start prosecuting bribery cases?Dec-20-2017Go
Climate changed: Trump reverses Obama, eliminates climate from list of national security threatsDec-18-2017Go
Dossier firm Fusion GPS admits demoted top DOJ official’s wife hired to probe candidate TrumpDec-13-2017Go
Whistleblower Says CFPB Falsified Documents to Fine Payday LenderDec-12-2017Go
'Obstruction of Congress': Strassel Says DOJ, FBI Stonewalling on Fusion GPS, DossierDec-12-2017Go
Top Trump lawyer calls for new special counsel to probe DOJ’s dossier dilemmaDec-12-2017Go
California’s ‘new normal’ of winter wildfires doused by climate scientistsDec-12-2017Go
Democratic Rep Dodges Question on Racially Insensitive Alabama Mailer Before Admitting It Was a ‘Mistake’Dec-11-2017Go
Secret Service Settles Five-Year Legal Battle With WhistleblowerDec-11-2017Go
Key DOJ lawyer demoted amid probe into contacts with anti-Trump dossier firmDec-07-2017Go
Emergency FEMA Funding Went to Old CasinoDec-07-2017Go
DOJ Indicts Illegal Immigrant Acquitted of Murder in Kate Steinle CaseDec-06-2017Go
Republicans allege DOJ 'double standard' as Mueller probe takes heatDec-06-2017Go
Trump moves to ‘reverse federal overreach,’ cuts down Bears Ears, Grand Staircase monumentsDec-04-2017Go
The NFL's proposed $100 million in donations is a foolish political stuntDec-03-2017Go
DOJ Issues Arrest Warrant for Illegal Immigrant Acquitted in Kate Steinle Murder CaseDec-02-2017Go
Gun-Rights Groups File Suit Against New California Assault Weapons RegulationsDec-02-2017Go
DOJ weighing federal charges in Kate Steinle murder case, after not guilty verdictDec-01-2017Go
How Washington Post exposed effort to peddle phony allegations against Roy MooreNov-28-2017Go
DOJ toughens gun background checks after Texas church massacreNov-26-2017Go
DOJ ruling gives Trump upper hand in fight with Democrats over consumer bureauNov-26-2017Go
DOJ’s Sessions Gets a Reg up on Obama by Tony PerkinsNov-22-2017Go
DOJ Spokesperson Doesn’t Think a Special Counsel Will Be Needed in Uranium One InquiryNov-17-2017Go
Bitter Hillary unloads on Trump DOJ as possible Uranium One, Clinton Foundation probes loomNov-16-2017Go
Sessions: DOJ running 27 separate probes of damaging deep-state leaksNov-15-2017Go
Church Massacre: DOD Probes Inconsistency of Military Sending Reports to FBINov-09-2017Go
DOJ Sources: Sessions Has Not Recused Himself from Potential Uranium One ProbeNov-04-2017Go
Trump cites 'Pocahontas' statement on Brazile revelations, calls for DOJ probe of ClintonNov-03-2017Go
High stakes for federal prosecutors as Bundy trial starts in NevadaOct-31-2017Go
'Smoking gun' email reveals Obama DOJ blocked conservative groups from settlement funds, GOP lawmaker saysOct-25-2017Go
Park Service Cancels Funding for Project ‘Honoring Legacy’ of Black Panther PartyOct-24-2017Go
California Businesses Urge Amazon to Dodge LAOct-18-2017Go
How the Democrats Set Up Puerto Rico for DisasterOct-02-2017Go
DoD: Full Range of Capabilities Available Against North Korean Threat by Cheryl PellerinSep-16-2017Go
Senate Bill Would Investigate Claims Labor Dept Delayed Compensation to Nuclear WorkersSep-13-2017Go
White House: DOJ 'should certainly look at' prosecuting James ComeySep-13-2017Go
Media hides behind coverage of hurricanes to silence latest Wikileaks ‘data dump’Sep-11-2017Go
Obama's 2018 expenses will cost US taxpayers $1.1M: memoSep-01-2017Go
DOJ Ends Operation Choke PointAug-19-2017Go
DoD to Elevate U.S. Cyber Command to Unified Combatant Command by Jim Garamone/Lisa FerdinandoAug-19-2017Go
DOJ opens civil rights investigation of Charlottesville deathAug-13-2017Go
Less is more? Trump slows federal regs to a crawl in first six monthsAug-11-2017Go
DOJ Documents on Clinton-Lynch Airport Meeting: Comey Lied, Media Colluded with DOJAug-10-2017Go
Sessions announces DOJ crackdown on leaks: ‘We are taking a stand’Aug-04-2017Go
DOJ threatens to withhold crime-fighting funds from four sanctuary citiesAug-03-2017Go
Labor Department Whistleblower: Agency Officials Intentionally Denied or Delayed Pay-Outs to Nuclear Workers in Hopes They Would DieJul-21-2017Go
Trump axes 860 Obama regulations, 179 from ‘secret’ listJul-21-2017Go
Trump Eliminates More Than 800 Obama RegulationsJul-20-2017Go
Pence demands Congress ‘do their job’ after health bill collapseJul-18-2017Go
Brown, lawmakers celebrate bipartisan cap-and-trade victoryJul-18-2017Go
Pro-life investigator Daleiden held in contempt of court for posting undercover abortion videosJul-18-2017Go
If ‘dodgy dossier’ accusation true, Trump Jr. would have no reason to meet with Russian lawyerJul-17-2017Go
Russia suspected of using Bermuda shell company to exploit American anti-fracking activistsJul-17-2017Go
DOJ, DHS Deny Aid to Family of Wounded ICE Agent While Bankrolling Extradition of Cartel Member’s FamilyJul-14-2017Go
DOJ charges hundreds in nationwide health care, opioid fraud schemesJul-14-2017Go
DOJ charges hundreds in massive health care, opioid fraud schemeJul-13-2017Go
Black Lives Matter claims ‘gun-toting racists’ incited by NRA to target minoritiesJul-12-2017Go
Federal prosecutors seek court win in Bundy standoff after misfires in Nevada, OregonJul-11-2017Go
Twitter can proceed with free speech case against DOJ, federal judge rulesJul-09-2017Go
DOJ reviewing jurisdictions ‘alleged’ compliance with immigration lawJul-06-2017Go
Oregon sheriff blasts FBI team after agent pleads not guilty to lying in Bundy standoffJun-29-2017Go
Arkansas man films himself ramming Ten Commandments monument at state Capitol: ‘Freedom!’Jun-28-2017Go
FBI agent indicted in Oregon refuge standoff shootingJun-28-2017Go
Trump supporter slams ABC News for bias with giant billboard: ‘I grew up with you. We are through’Jun-24-2017Go
Atlantic’s David Frum mocked by peers for ‘concealed carry of long guns’ rant after Scalise shootingJun-14-2017Go
N.J. teacher suspended over yearbook censorship of pro-Trump messagesJun-13-2017Go
Bears Ears recommended for land cuts as Trump starts rollbacks of Obama’s designated monumentsJun-13-2017Go
Under Trump, U.S. militias not ready to lay down armsJun-12-2017Go
Pepper-sprayed Trump supporter from Berkeley riots files $23M lawsuitJun-08-2017Go
Fast and Furious report slams Holder, DOJ for deception in gun-running scandalJun-07-2017Go
DOJ ends Holder-era ‘slush fund’ payouts to outside groupsJun-07-2017Go
DeVos refuses to be hamstrung by Education Department red tapeMay-26-2017Go
Trump admin. asks judge to reconsider sanctuary city ruling post DOJ memoMay-23-2017Go
McCain stings GOP, surprises environmentalists by swinging vote for methane regulationsMay-11-2017Go
Interior Dept names 26 monuments under reviewMay-06-2017Go
Kim Jon-un claims he dodged a $100K U.S. death plotMay-06-2017Go
Blumenthal: DOJ will still need to deal with Clinton email caseMay-04-2017Go
Immigration courts say 12 percent of inmates can be deported: DOJ reportMay-02-2017Go
Trump orders review of national monument designationsApr-26-2017Go
Judge declares mistrial in Bundy standoff after jury deadlocks on conspiracy countsApr-25-2017Go
Grassley takes methodical approach, follows the money to find source of ‘dodgy dossier’Apr-25-2017Go
DOJ to judge: Trump is no lawyer, ignore his ‘Muslim ban’ commentsApr-22-2017Go
DOJ puts nine sanctuary cities on notice; New York, Chicago, Philadelphia make name-and-shame listApr-22-2017Go
Secretary Kelly tells DHS critics to ‘shut up,’ let agents do their jobsApr-19-2017Go
Ringleader pleads guilty in huge Social Security fraud scheme; disability beneficiaries in limboApr-11-2017Go
Judge In Oregon Bundy Case Now Has Reporter Gary Hunt Arrested For... ReportingApr-01-2017Go
DOJ, DHS blast California chief justice who accused immigration agents of ‘stalking’ illegalsMar-31-2017Go
Justice opposes Obama’s consumer bureau in major court caseMar-18-2017Go
Federal cyanide trap injures eastern Idaho boy, kills dogMar-18-2017Go
Fox News investigation: DoD-funded school at center of federal probes over suspected Chinese military tiesFeb-25-2017Go
House bill seeks to end dispute over Red River 'land grab'Feb-18-2017Go
Senate votes to block rule on guns and mentally impairedFeb-15-2017Go
TSA workers helped Puerto Rico-based ring smuggle $100M of cocaine, prosecutors sayFeb-13-2017Go
America's kids got more stupid in reading, math and science while Team Obama was in chargeFeb-09-2017Go
Trump begins rollback of Dodd-Frank financial regulationsFeb-04-2017Go
Texas landowners fight federal government over Red River 'land grab'Feb-04-2017Go
House Democrat: 'American terrorists' are the real threatJan-30-2017Go
Trump's attack plan for Obama's regulationsJan-30-2017Go
House to launch attack on Obama energy regs next weekJan-28-2017Go
Trump taps Republican Miscimarra to head labor boardJan-27-2017Go
Democrats reportedly plan scorched-earth approach to fighting TrumpJan-27-2017Go
Trump reportedly set to sign executive order decreasing funding to UNJan-26-2017Go
Mr. Trump, the Department of Energy has a fake name. It's time to make things rightJan-19-2017Go
Some Chicago leaders want to meet with Trump to talk about violence, DOJ reportJan-15-2017Go
Obama must keep his hands off western lands in his final daysJan-05-2017Go
GOP won't be free to kill FCC regulationsJan-03-2017Go
Drug approvals lowest in six yearsJan-02-2017Go
Utah vows to sue Obama over new monumentDec-30-2016Go
Obama unleashes 3,853 regs, 18 for every law, record 97,110 pages of red tapeDec-30-2016Go
Obama designates two national monuments, outrages RepublicansDec-30-2016Go
Trump nixes pet projects of liberal and conservative elitesDec-29-2016Go
Abolish the Department of EnergyDec-29-2016Go
Appeals court vacancies could give Trump the chance to transform judiciaryDec-29-2016Go
Obama's Parthian shot at IsraelDec-29-2016Go
Kerry admits US influenced UN resolution before voteDec-29-2016Go
Obama designates two national monuments, outrages RepublicansDec-29-2016Go
California man to fight DUI charge after test results only show traces of caffeineDec-26-2016Go
An impending victory for due process and property rightsDec-18-2016Go
Obama's SEC chair defies congressional Republicans and American electorateDec-15-2016Go
GOP: Outgoing SEC chief defying 'will' of the people with midnight rulesDec-14-2016Go
Court scraps Labor Department's 'persuader' ruleDec-13-2016Go
Family fights government in land dispute near Area 51Dec-13-2016Go
East Coast fishermen file appeal over cost of government-required 'at-sea monitors'Dec-10-2016Go
Trump's treasury pick Steven Mnuchin promises biggest tax cut since ReaganNov-30-2016Go
Trump Treasury pick promises to re-privatize Fannie and FreddieNov-30-2016Go
Dodd-Frank's controversial council faces the axNov-28-2016Go
Pipeline protesters vow to stay camped on federal landNov-27-2016Go
Forest Service trying to seize private land from Montana ranchersNov-24-2016Go
A clear sign that Trump will go after the crown jewel of Dodd-FrankNov-23-2016Go
Obama blocks new oil, gas drilling in Arctic OceanNov-19-2016Go
A monumental mistake in the ArcticNov-17-2016Go
$42 billion in Obama regulations on Trump's chopping blockNov-17-2016Go
GOP warns Obama agencies to scrap 11th-hour regsNov-16-2016Go
CBO: Canceling overtime rule would boost family earningsNov-15-2016Go
Obama stokes the ire of wind industry with new planNov-12-2016Go
How Trump's election could break up the DoD-Silicon Valley marriageNov-12-2016Go
WH deflects questions on FBI-DOJ feuding over Clinton probeNov-04-2016Go
Leaks suggest FBI agents felt DOJ blocked their Clinton investigationsNov-03-2016Go
Recordings aggravated FBI, DOJ feud in Clinton Foundation probeNov-03-2016Go
Clinton camp silent on FBI news, Kaine dodgesOct-28-2016Go
Bundy brothers remain jailed following attorney's outburst in Oregon courtroomOct-28-2016Go
DoD report: $58 billion wasted in canceled weaponsOct-26-2016Go
Refuge occupier Bundy urges jurors to 'stand for freedom'Oct-20-2016Go
Closing arguments under way in Oregon wildlife refuge standoff trialOct-19-2016Go
FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insiderOct-13-2016Go
Republicans accuse FEC Dems of trying to regulate Facebook pagesOct-12-2016Go
Republicans claim 'collusion' after email appears to show DOJ, Clinton campaign contactOct-12-2016Go
Labor Department mandates sick leave for 660K workersOct-07-2016Go
Ammon Bundy takes the stand in Oregon wildlife refuge standoff trialOct-05-2016Go
DOJ 'side agreements' let agents destroy laptops in Clinton email caseOct-04-2016Go
Alabama high school student assaulted over Black Lives Matter post, police sayOct-04-2016Go
Justice investigating fracking giantSep-30-2016Go
FEC Dems lay groundwork to ban Fox, WSJ political coverageSep-29-2016Go
Team Obama launches a shocking broadside against religious faithSep-25-2016Go
FCC commissioner calls for pause on Internet transferSep-22-2016Go
Cow farts can now be regulated in CaliforniaSep-20-2016Go
After pressure, FDA approves drug for rare diseaseSep-19-2016Go
GOP lawmaker: Americans ruled by a 'regulatory superstate'Sep-18-2016Go
GOP lawmaker: Americans ruled by a 'regulatory superstate'Sep-17-2016Go
Clinton dodges reporters in six-question press conferenceSep-16-2016Go
Demonstrators turn North Dakota protest site into sprawling communitySep-16-2016Go
Federal judge asked to restore cancelled energy lease in sacred tribal areaSep-16-2016Go
Obama to announce first Atlantic Ocean monumentSep-15-2016Go
GAO: America already lost its claim to the InternetSep-14-2016Go
DOJ's war on conservativesSep-14-2016Go
CDC mum on exact areas of Miami where Zika is being transmittedSep-13-2016Go
Hacked documents reveal Soros plans for more Internet regulationSep-11-2016Go
Feds block construction of Dakota Access pipeline despite court decisionSep-11-2016Go
DOJ reportedly granted immunity to computer expert who deleted Clinton emailsSep-09-2016Go
DHS secretary denies effort to nationalize electionSep-08-2016Go
FEC commissioner warns Dems are gunning for conservative mediaSep-08-2016Go
FDA bans antibacterial soaps that contain certain ingredientsSep-02-2016Go
Europe is targeting U.S. firms for taxation, Treasury secretary saysAug-31-2016Go
Watergate: CIA withheld data on double agentAug-30-2016Go
Feds spend $911,056 studying the drinking habits of lesbian couplesAug-29-2016Go
Mylan to launch first generic to EpiPen allergy injectionAug-29-2016Go
Clinton dodges Colin Powell question: 'Not going to re-litigate'Aug-25-2016Go
Judge blocks Obama administration directive on transgender bathroom useAug-22-2016Go
Folks, in this election you're watching the complete collapse of American journalism as we know itAug-22-2016Go
New Obama financial regs could drive industry consolidationAug-19-2016Go
State Department says review into deleted briefing footage 'inconclusive'Aug-19-2016Go
FEC opening door to Internet regulation – again?Aug-19-2016Go
Clinton, the inartful dodgerAug-14-2016Go
Report claims DOJ probe of Clinton Foundation, emails ongoingAug-13-2016Go
Cornyn prods DOJ on Clinton Foundation conductAug-12-2016Go
Amid Haiti cholera epidemic, UN peacekeepers spill sewage and ignore water treatment, says internal reportAug-12-2016Go
Clinton keeps email scandal alive by dodging questionsAug-06-2016Go
FDA approves releasing GMO mosquitoes to fight Zika in FloridaAug-06-2016Go
Is the Gadsden flag racist?Aug-05-2016Go
Feds reclaim control of Alaska gamelands, ban bear, wolf hunts by airAug-04-2016Go
Coulter defends Trump from wrath of KhanAug-04-2016Go
NSA chief: No comment on whether U.S. manipulates electionsAug-03-2016Go
GOP lawmaker: Stop using conservation funds for land grabsAug-03-2016Go
DHS wants control of presidential election securityAug-03-2016Go
Why is the FDA leaving doctors in the dark?Aug-02-2016Go
FEC lets Harry Reid off despite admitting election law violationJul-30-2016Go
FDA asks Florida counties to halt blood donations due to ZikaJul-29-2016Go
Mother who took children to perform for Oregon militia loses custody of kidsJul-29-2016Go
DOJ pressed on decision to drop Orlando gunman from terror listJul-28-2016Go
Justice Department charges three in $1 billion Medicare fraud schemeJul-23-2016Go
FEC Dems trolling for violations at GOP Convention t-shirt standsJul-22-2016Go
After Obama, GOP platform moves right on labor issuesJul-22-2016Go
NIH: Lack of funding endangers start of Zika vaccine trialJul-17-2016Go
Federal housing watchdog under fire for move to 'gut' officeJul-17-2016Go
Lawmaker accuses FDIC of covering up breach by Chinese hackersJul-14-2016Go
House takes aim at Obama's solar bird-killerJul-14-2016Go
State Department sent taxpayer money to group that attempted to oust Israel's NetanyahuJul-13-2016Go
Is FEC staff as 'nonpartisan' as the FEC thinks?Jul-12-2016Go
Fed agency OKs unions including temp workersJul-12-2016Go
Businesses warn that proposed Treasury tax rule goes too farJul-11-2016Go
GOP lawmaker: TSA has 'egregious misconduct' that's 'unconscionable'Jul-07-2016Go
Congressman calls for DOJ probe in officer-involved shooting death of Louisiana manJul-06-2016Go
New Mexico fire started by feds has rural residents devastated, angryJul-06-2016Go
Grid watchdog faces rising pressure to fix nation's energy woesJul-03-2016Go
Family files lawsuit after TSA agents allegedly assaulted disabled daughterJul-03-2016Go
FEC member: Not my role to 'apply constitutional principles'Jul-01-2016Go
Federal regulation of Internet coming, warn FCC, FEC commissionersJun-30-2016Go
Energy Dept. watches movies, sports to improve energy efficiencyJun-25-2016Go
Interior Dept. doesn't want GOP taking away its gunsJun-22-2016Go
Obama-appointed judge rules against administration in fracking caseJun-22-2016Go
Supreme Court to review appointment of NLRB top lawyerJun-21-2016Go
Supreme Court slaps down Labor Dept. on overtime exemptionJun-21-2016Go
Critics decry FCC overreach on Internet service providersJun-20-2016Go
Microsoft joins in fight against NLRB's 'joint employer' standardJun-17-2016Go
Democrats 'more disappointed then ever' in Obama's SEC chiefJun-14-2016Go
NLRB smacks down union for threatening workerJun-14-2016Go
Court hands feds win on union 'speedy election' ruleJun-13-2016Go
The Labor Department's crusade against volunteeringJun-13-2016Go
DOJ: Others are being investigated in Orlando attackJun-13-2016Go
Congress to examine park service misconduct before Obamas head to YosemiteJun-11-2016Go
Lawmakers: FCC proposal could allow foreign spying on Americans through cable boxesJun-10-2016Go
Watchdog seeks criminal probe of State Department video editingJun-07-2016Go
Interior Dept. expands offshore wind program to New YorkJun-05-2016Go
Labor board limits employers' ability to replace striking workersJun-04-2016Go
Clinton IT aide Pagliano ordered to produce DOJ immunity agreementJun-04-2016Go
Lawmakers furious at DOJ move that could protect fired VA officialJun-03-2016Go
FDA fries family's potato chip business with new cooking oil mandatesJun-01-2016Go
DOJ fights federal judge's order for lawyers to attend ethics trainingMay-31-2016Go
GOP senators complain to DOJ over push to 'stifle' climate debateMay-28-2016Go
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe under investigation by DOJ over possible illegal campaign contributionsMay-24-2016Go
Lawyer: DOJ prosecuted Roger Clemens, won't touch IRS commissionerMay-23-2016Go
Judge orders ethics classes for 'deceptive' DOJ attorneysMay-20-2016Go
Congressman: DOJ funneled housing crisis money to immigrant activistsMay-20-2016Go
North Carolina ignores DOJ's call to reverse bathroom billMay-06-2016Go
White House dodges draft questionApr-29-2016Go
Watchdog: IRS workers steal taxpayer data to plunder the TreasuryApr-22-2016Go
DOJ infecting Internet users with malware to track suspectsApr-22-2016Go
Baaaad idea: DoD spent $6 million on failed goat-mating projectApr-15-2016Go
Oversight chairman: 'Concerted effort' by DOJ to hide Fast & Furious docsApr-14-2016Go
DOJ expected to charge 5 Iranians in 2013 hacking of New York damMar-12-2016Go
DOJ reportedly grants immunity to former State Dept staffer in Clinton email probeMar-03-2016Go
DOJ would allow Apple to keep or destroy software to help FBI hack iPhoneFeb-20-2016Go
Cruz dodges Obamacare replacement questionFeb-07-2016Go
Feds signal time may be running out after Oregon standoff arrestsJan-27-2016Go
Oregon militia leader Ammon Bundy, 7 others arrested after gunfight kills 1Jan-27-2016Go
Senators seek DOJ probe into EPA's 'covert propaganda' on water ruleJan-25-2016Go
New Mexico rancher renounces federal grazing contract at Bundy eventJan-24-2016Go
Oregon militia leader Bundy holds first talks with FBIJan-22-2016Go
DoD bases no longer accepting driver's licenses from 5 states as IDJan-21-2016Go
NLRB mulls letting graduate students unionizeJan-16-2016Go
Three of Cliven Bundy's sons, militia seize federal building in OregonJan-03-2016Go
Puerto Rico dodges default in January after 'extraordinary' effortDec-31-2015Go
Bigger Than Bundy Ranch: Militia put on Level 2 Alert to Defend Oregon Ranchers against Tyrannical Feds Who Label Them TerroristsDec-27-2015Go
Loretta Lynch Vows DOJ Will Target Anti-Muslim SpeechDec-04-2015Go
DOD spent $150M on private villas, security for 'handful' of employees in Afghanistan, watchdog claimsDec-03-2015Go
Tragedy of Errors: DOD says US misidentified target in striking charity's Afghan hospitalNov-25-2015Go
‘Don’t let me down’: Afghan who risked life helping US Marines dodges death in European refugee waveNov-24-2015Go
Emails show DOD analysts told to 'cut it out' on ISIS warnings; IG probe expandsNov-23-2015Go
Honor killing in America: DOJ report says growing problem is hidden in statsNov-11-2015Go
'Colossal waste': DOD slammed for $43M, US-funded gas station in AfghanistanNov-02-2015Go
SC sheriff asks DOJ, FBI to investigate video that appears to show school officer tossing student to floorOct-27-2015Go
Labor board expands burden on business to disclose worker info to unionsOct-23-2015Go
Obama Treasury slams door on releasing Fannie and FreddieOct-19-2015Go
DoD accused of ducking Afghan child abuse controversy with 'lawyer-speak'Sep-26-2015Go
DOJ Defends Planned Parenthood Against Bobby Jindal In CourtSep-03-2015Go
DOJ Accuses U.S. Biz of Discrimination for Requiring Proof of Work EligibilitySep-03-2015Go
Thousands of rape kits left untested despite federal pledge, critics blame DOJJul-24-2015Go
DoJ to Sheriff Joe: Speak Spanish in jailsJul-19-2015Go
GOP battles to defund work of Obama labor boardJun-28-2015Go
Ex-Fed chief Bernanke 'appalled' Treasury wants to change $10 billJun-22-2015Go
DOJ stirs free-speech fight after demanding libertarian site turn over info on commentersJun-13-2015Go
Treasury Secretary Lew booed at Jerusalem Post conferenceJun-08-2015Go
DOJ, FBI will look into the Michael Brelo verdictMay-24-2015Go
DOJ announces investigation into Baltimore police practicesMay-08-2015Go
DOJ: No contempt charges for Lois LernerApr-29-2015Go
Transcript: Former Treasury Sec Paulson on new book, China as an economic superpowerApr-15-2015Go
Holder warns DOJ employees against soliciting prostitutesApr-11-2015Go
NLRB educating foreign workers on union rights, critics see shield for illegal immigrantsApr-08-2015Go
‘Like an idiot I believed that’: Judge blasts DOJ over immigration claims, threatens sanctionsMar-20-2015Go
Watchdog: DOJ not doing enough to protect public from sex offenders in witness protectionMar-12-2015Go
Searing DOJ report says Ferguson police routinely violated rights of African-AmericansMar-04-2015Go
DOJ will not prosecute former Ferguson police officer Darren WilsonMar-04-2015Go
Police chased tractor-trailer 34 miles, dodged thrown fridgeFeb-16-2015Go
Federal judge blasts DOJ lawyers in case of ATF whistle-blowerJan-29-2015Go
Legislation could put an end to partisan labor boardJan-29-2015Go
Report: DOJ to clear Ferguson police officer in civil rights probeJan-22-2015Go
DOD workers ring up $5 million in improper charge card purchasesDec-30-2014Go
New NLRB rules give unions access to workers’ email addresses and phone numbersDec-24-2014Go
New encryption technology hits nerve with DOJNov-20-2014Go
DOJ to ban religious, racial profiling in national security probesSep-30-2014Go
Will new DOJ policy handicap our ability to fight terror?Sep-29-2014Go
DOD planning to let illegal immigrants enlistSep-26-2014Go
GOP lawmaker accuses DOJ of hiding former employee linked to IRS scandalSep-05-2014Go
GOP lawmakers say DOJ probe into IRS 'compromised,' demand special counselAug-26-2014Go
What would trigger US strike in Syria? Mixed messages from DODAug-25-2014Go
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US Senator Trims Office Budget and Returns $600,000 to US Treasury…Feb-23-2013Go
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Forget Gunrunner—DOJ Focusing on…American Guitar Company?...Sep-06-2011Go
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Guns Groups to Sue Over New Obama Regulations, DOJ Vows To 'Vigorously Oppose'…Aug-03-2011Go
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Issa, Grassley: DOJ Obstructed Mexican Guns Probe…Jul-06-2011Go
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