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Border Invasion Appears to Be a Foregone Conclusion By Those Opposed to Neighborhood ViolenceOct-29-2018Go
Democratic Party Official, Immigrants Nailed for Orga­nized Vot­er Fraud in TexasOct-29-2018Go
Pentagon to deploy 5,000 troops to Mexico border in major escalation reportOct-29-2018Go
San Francisco's plan to sign up illegal immigrants to vote fails spectacularlyOct-29-2018Go
ICE forced to release illegal immigrants as migrant surge fills detention centersOct-17-2018Go
Shock report: US paying more for illegal immigrant births than Trump’s wallOct-09-2018Go
Illegal immigrant charged in New York with vicious rape of woman: policeOct-07-2018Go
Twice As Many Illegal Aliens In US According To MIT The magnitude of the crisis is greater than has been reported.Oct-01-2018Go
Canada beats midnight deadline to join trade deal with US and MexicoOct-01-2018Go
LAPD releases video of cop being shot at point-blank range during traffic stopSep-11-2018Go
USCIS took 'nation of immigrants' out of mission statement because it wasn't created to serve them, director saysAug-15-2018Go
Iraqi immigrant accused of shooting Colorado cop has criminal history, yet avoided deportation, report saysAug-05-2018Go
Illegal Alien Raped, Impregnated 15-Year-Old Stepdaughter To Remain In U.S. with Anchor BabyJul-15-2018Go
Mexico’s New President Orders Fence Built at His Southern Border But Condemns U.S. WallJul-15-2018Go
Trump’s Executive Order: Fewer Now Living in Sanctuaries for Illegal AliensJul-15-2018Go
Progressives' Punishment for the MAGA HatJul-15-2018Go
GOP weighs ICE vote to torture DemocratsJul-15-2018Go
Mexico reportedly will create its own border forceJul-10-2018Go
Trump Administration expands government's deportation powersJul-08-2018Go
Judge gives green light to California's sanctuary lawsJul-08-2018Go
ICE to set free illegal immigrants to comply with judge's family reunification orderJul-08-2018Go
Democrats demand election-season surge in approving new citizensJul-03-2018Go
Amber Heard fans upset after she posted a racist tweet while warning people about ICE checkpointsJul-03-2018Go
Illegal immigration dropped as Trump's zero tolerance policy kicked inJul-02-2018Go
After Trump yields on family separation, immigration activists demand end to detentions, ICEJul-02-2018Go
Why a “Refugees Welcome” Activist Was Murdered by a Muslim MigrantJun-22-2018Go
Weaponizing Compassion - What the controversy over illegal immigrant families is really about.Jun-22-2018Go
Crying migrant girl on TIME magazine cover was not separated from mother, family saysJun-22-2018Go
House Republicans cancel immigration votes in embarrassing setbackJun-22-2018Go
Dems greet Trump exec order ending border separations with shrugs, new demandsJun-21-2018Go
Socialist activist who harassed Kirstjen Nielsen at Mexican restaurant works at Justice DepartmentJun-21-2018Go
Trump Jr. cancels George P. Bush fundraiser over Jeb’s criticism of border enforcementJun-19-2018Go
Occupy Wall Street advocates killing ICE agentsJun-19-2018Go
Potential 2020 Trump primary challengers eagerly join uproar against family separations at borderJun-19-2018Go
GOP scrambles to fix controversial border policy of splitting up illegal immigrant children, parentsJun-19-2018Go
AG Sessions, DHS Chief Nielsen Release Bureau of Prisons Report on Illegal ImmigrantsJun-13-2018Go
Rancher says Border Patrol agent's shooting could have been avertedJun-13-2018Go
Eye-popping surge of illegal immigrants abducting childrenMay-23-2018Go
Intelligence Official: The Battle for DACA Rages at the U.S.-Mexican Border and in WashingtonMay-04-2018Go
Illegal immigration surges 230 percent in April on southwest borderMay-04-2018Go
MS-13 members game U.S. immigration system by claiming they’re underageApr-27-2018Go
RICO Case: Mexican Presidential Candidate Extradited to the Southern District of TexasApr-26-2018Go
Counter-Revolution in the Sanctuary State?Apr-22-2018Go
Feds expose network that smuggled illegal immigrants from Syria to U.S.Apr-18-2018Go
Supreme Court makes it harder to deport legal immigrants who commit crimesApr-17-2018Go
Judge: Feds must inform all immigrant children in custody of right to abortionApr-16-2018Go
GOP Grand-Traitor? Sen. Graham Tells ABC He Opposes Troops on BorderApr-13-2018Go
Trump signs memo vowing end to ‘catch-and-release’ of illegal immigrantsApr-07-2018Go
Feds announce ‘zero tolerance’ policy for illegal immigrationApr-07-2018Go
Hundreds of America’s Sheriffs Demand Lawmakers End Sanctuary Policies That Aid Criminal AliensApr-03-2018Go
DACA Declared Dead As Border Anarchy IntensifiesApr-03-2018Go
Immigrant caravan organizers blast Trump as a 'bully,' say US obliged to welcome refugeesApr-03-2018Go
Border Patrol agents overwhelmingly support Trump’s wall in new surveyApr-03-2018Go
Judge grants nationwide right to abortion to illegal immigrant minorsMar-31-2018Go
Trump blasts Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown for pardoning illegal immigrantsMar-31-2018Go
San Diego County to Consider Joining Federal ‘Sanctuary State’ LawsuitMar-30-2018Go
China Taunts India: ‘Learn Some Lessons’ from Border Standoff in ‘Chinese Territory’Mar-30-2018Go
Liz Peek: Census 2020 – Liberals, get over it, we must ask about citizenship!Mar-28-2018Go
Illegal immigrant cop killer smirks at death sentence-- and victims’ families grin backMar-28-2018Go
Border Patrol Fights Back - U.S. officials are refusing to hand over criminal aliens to California.Mar-26-2018Go
Possible illegal immigrant, brandishing machete, accused of trying to kidnap children at Louisiana WalmartMar-26-2018Go
Sarah Sanders accuses Democrats of playing politics with DACA recipientsMar-20-2018Go
California city votes to opt out of sanctuary lawMar-20-2018Go
Illegal Immigrant Acquitted in Katie Steinle Murder Case Accuses Government of CollusionMar-17-2018Go
Feds prosecuting illegal immigrants for enticing relatives to U.S.Mar-13-2018Go
McCarthy: California ‘Breaking Down the Rule of Law’ With Sanctuary CitiesMar-12-2018Go
New USCIS Mission Statement Puts Americans FirstMar-08-2018Go
Border Patrol: California sanctuary laws obstruct public safety, law enforcementMar-08-2018Go
ICE: Oakland Dem helped 800 illegal immigrants, including rapists and robbers, escapeMar-06-2018Go
Trump administration can withhold grant from California over ‘sanctuary’ concerns, judge rulesMar-06-2018Go
Judge rules Trump’s DACA phaseout legal - Decision doesn’t stop other courts’ blockadeMar-06-2018Go
World View: Bangladesh Formally Protests Burma’s (Myanmar’s) Troop Buildup near BorderMar-02-2018Go
Mexicollusion - Mueller-Democrat-Never-Trump axis ignores the real 2016 election interference.Mar-01-2018Go
Trump vs. California feud escalates to all-out warfareMar-01-2018Go
Hijab Shame: Rape, Murder and Loss of FaceFeb-17-2018Go
25 Disturbing Facts About Refugee Resettlements from Somalia - How terror arrives on American shores.Feb-17-2018Go
German Activist Has Her Eyes Opened About Muslim RefugeesFeb-17-2018Go
ICE arrests 212 illegals, targets 122 businesses in LA sweepFeb-17-2018Go
Italian Police Arrest Two More Immigrants for Murder and Dismemberment of Teenage GirlFeb-12-2018Go
Trump’s veto threats shape Senate debate on immigrationFeb-12-2018Go
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis: ‘Dreamers’ Serving in the Military Will Not Be DeportedFeb-09-2018Go
Sarsour: We Will Primary Democrats Who Didn’t Fight for ‘Dreamers’Feb-08-2018Go
Take the 'Racist Xenophobe' Quiz: Who Said This About Illegal Immigration?Feb-08-2018Go
Illegal immigrant deported 44 times in 15 years tops feds’ listFeb-07-2018Go
Fugitive illegal alien drunk driver kills NFL football starFeb-06-2018Go
Report: China Moves 300,000 Troops Closer to North Korean BorderFeb-06-2018Go
Illegal immigrant urinating in public slashes man who objected, cops sayFeb-06-2018Go
Smuggling, other crimes by Dreamers complicate immigration debateFeb-06-2018Go
Democrats Fall for Viral Tweet, Denounce Trump for Deportation Order Issued Under ObamaFeb-02-2018Go
Gutierrez Unclear About What ‘Nuclear Family’ MeansFeb-01-2018Go
Joy Reid: ‘Nobody that doesn’t watch Fox News has ever heard’ of MS-13Feb-01-2018Go
U.S. asylum system facing rampant ‘fraud and abuse’ from illegalsFeb-01-2018Go
Democrats stumble to define ‘border security’ in bid to make deal for DreamersJan-31-2018Go
Illegal alien rapes 7-year-old girl, gives her genital herpes: No Justice, No DACA (Pt. 1)Jan-30-2018Go
75% of convicted perpetrators of terrorism offenses listed as foreign-born: No Justice, No DACA (Pt. 2)Jan-30-2018Go
Immigration Lies and Hypocrisy - The crucial difference between the immigration of today and yesteryear.Jan-30-2018Go
Corona Para Los Muertos - Mexican mass murderer Juan Corona makes the case for border enforcement, denial of amnesty, and deportation of criminal illegals.Jan-25-2018Go
Sessions Threatens Sanctuary Cities With SubpoenasJan-25-2018Go
President Trump lays out pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, broader immigration dealJan-25-2018Go
DACA: Trump and Congress Must Look Before They Leap - 800,000 DACA aliens just became 3.6 million.Jan-22-2018Go
MS-13 exports new wave of murderous thugs amid Trump administration crackdownJan-22-2018Go
How illegal immigrant Dreamers amassed power to force government shutdownJan-22-2018Go
McConnell pledges full immigration debateJan-22-2018Go
White House: Senate Democrats Are ‘Obstructionist Losers,’ No Immigration Negotiations Until Dems Reopen GovernmentJan-20-2018Go
Democrats Insist on DACA AmnestyJan-20-2018Go
Ryan to Schumer: Do Not Shut Down the Federal GovernmentJan-19-2018Go
Paul Ryan Slams Senate Dems for Holding Military ‘Hostage’ in Immigration Debate - 'Our military is being used as a bargaining chip'Jan-18-2018Go
State Department Hiding ‘Game Changer’ Report on Myth of Palestinian RefugeesJan-18-2018Go
I Wish I Had Killed More Of The Motherf**kers, Illegal Alien Cop-Killer Admits in CourtroomJan-18-2018Go
Making California Mexico Again - “No barriers between California and Mexico” for leftist Democrats.Jan-18-2018Go
Accused neck stabber, illegal immigrant had been deported 7 times: ICEJan-18-2018Go
California Could Extend ‘Sanctuary State’ Status to MarijuanaJan-17-2018Go
The Syrian Refugee Imam Who Wants Jews Dead - Should an anti-Semitic Imam receive political asylum in America?Jan-17-2018Go
Sanctuary City Politicians May Be ProsecutedJan-17-2018Go
Illegal immigrant charged with killing 2 cops gives shocking courtroom rantJan-17-2018Go
Manchin: ‘Wrong’ for Democrats to Use Trump’s Alleged Vulgar Comments as Leverage for Immigration ReformJan-15-2018Go
Telling the Truth About the ‘Hole’ - Making immigration great again.Jan-15-2018Go
Trump blames Democrats for unraveling immigration dealJan-15-2018Go
Dems 'doing nothing' to help seal immigration deal, Trump says as bipartisan plan hopes dimJan-13-2018Go
Lindsey Graham called Mexico, other countries ‘hellholes’ in 2013 immigration debateJan-13-2018Go
Nation’s top lawmen blast California’s ‘Sanctuary’ law; Immigration cops to ‘kick butt, take names’Jan-12-2018Go
DACA: The Immigration Trojan Horse - How the original DREAM act was designed to cover 90% of the illegal alien population in the USJan-12-2018Go
Trump denies making crude remark, but stands by ‘tough’ language on DACA proposalJan-12-2018Go
White House, Dems say judge’s shock ruling won’t derail DACA talksJan-10-2018Go
“Combative” Mohammed Abraar Ali Killed Police Officer Andrew CamilleriJan-09-2018Go
For first time, Justice Dept. yanks naturalized citizenship in new ‘Operation Janus’ crackdownJan-09-2018Go
Trump Admin to End Temporary Protected Status for Salvadoran ImmigrantsJan-08-2018Go
Cotton: Democrats Are In ‘Unreasonable Negotiating Position’ on Immigration, Need to CompromiseJan-07-2018Go
Trump plays hardball: Border wall, more security must be in Dreamers dealJan-07-2018Go
Trump plays hardball: Border wall, more security must be in Dreamers dealJan-06-2018Go
Cash is king in campaigns to keep immigrants under temporary protected status in U.S.Jan-05-2018Go
Rape of 5-year-old girl by illegal alien ignored by California authorities, news mediaJan-04-2018Go
Feds to crack down on immigrants who become naturalized citizens through fraudJan-03-2018Go
13 drones in four days: How drug smugglers are using technology to beat Border PatrolJan-03-2018Go
Female Assassins of Mexico considered deadlier than the male: DEA ReportDec-29-2017Go
Trump says no DACA bill without border wall fundingDec-29-2017Go
Not-so-beautiful Dreamers: The reality behind the media airbrushingDec-26-2017Go
Violence worsens in Mexico after removal of drug cartel leadersDec-26-2017Go
With immigrant pardons, Gov. Brown butts heads again with White HouseDec-24-2017Go
Man stops attempted rape of woman with mouth duct-taped in truck; suspect arrestedDec-21-2017Go
Immigrants feel betrayed by Democrats who promised Dream Act or government shutdownDec-21-2017Go
Illegal immigrant found guilty in murder of family of five in San FranciscoDec-12-2017Go
Chinese State Media on North Korea Border Tells Citizens to Prepare for Nuclear WarDec-07-2017Go
DOJ Indicts Illegal Immigrant Acquitted of Murder in Kate Steinle CaseDec-06-2017Go
Trump says Democrats’ stance on immigration could prompt government shutdownDec-06-2017Go
How Trump turned tide of illegal immigration in first year: Border crossing hits 45-year lowDec-06-2017Go
ICE founder: Build the wall now -- even if government shutdown is the priceDec-05-2017Go
Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel banDec-05-2017Go
Trump Pulls United States Out of UN Immigration Deal - Tillerson, Haley: Global Compact on Migration could undermine U.S. sovereigntyDec-04-2017Go
DOJ Issues Arrest Warrant for Illegal Immigrant Acquitted in Kate Steinle Murder CaseDec-02-2017Go
China Assures North Korea Military Drills Near Border Not Directed at ThemDec-02-2017Go
Judge overturns Trump DHS, restores Obama-era ‘parole’ for foreign entrepreneursDec-02-2017Go
Outrage! Not Guilty Verdict in Trial of Illegal Alien Murder Suspect Ignites FirestormDec-01-2017Go
Denaturalization Sought Against 5 Child MolestersDec-01-2017Go
DOJ weighing federal charges in Kate Steinle murder case, after not guilty verdictDec-01-2017Go
Jose Garcia Zarate acquitted of murder in Kate Steinle shootingDec-01-2017Go
Trump: ‘Chuck and Nancy’ Want Illegal Immigrants Flooding Into Our CountryNov-28-2017Go
Dumb Sensors, Deadly Consequences - When politicians don't want to secure the border, American citizens become the victims.Nov-22-2017Go
Death on the Border - Agent Rogelio Martinez sought “to defend my country from terrorists.”Nov-22-2017Go
MAGA hat thief from viral video facing jail as DA presses caseNov-22-2017Go
Trump Renews Call for Wall After Border Agent Is KilledNov-20-2017Go
Border Patrol agent believed killed by rock-wielding illegal immigrantsNov-20-2017Go
Catch-and-release of illegals restarted in Texas, border patrol agents sayNov-16-2017Go
ICE agents rebel, say Trump ‘betrayed’ them by retaining Obama’s people - Officers in Philadelphia told to remove body armor to avoid offending illegals during arrestNov-15-2017Go
ILLEGAL-LADY-KILLERS.CONS - What happens when false-documented predators find sanctuary in America.Nov-10-2017Go
An ICE Agent's Quest for JusticeNov-09-2017Go
Man used ice cream truck to lure, sexually assault children in North Carolina, police sayNov-05-2017Go
GOP’s tax bill cancels $23 billion in credits claimed by illegal immigrantsNov-05-2017Go
AG Sessions: American People ‘Would Be Safer’ Under ‘Rational’ Merit-Based Immigration SystemNov-02-2017Go
Chaffetz: Diversity Visa Lottery Program Is ‘Ridiculous,’ Coming to the U.S. Is a ‘Privilege’Nov-01-2017Go
Ingraham: Politicians Left Border ‘More Wide Open Than Harvey Weinstein’s Robe’Oct-31-2017Go
Illegal Alien Voting - State Department investigation provides insight on Democrats’ imported electorate.Oct-31-2017Go
Germany Suffers Upsurge in Terrorism-Related Cases - The delights of an open door refugee policy.Oct-25-2017Go
Supreme Court drops Trump travel ban caseOct-25-2017Go
Terror from skies as Mexican cartel attaches bomb to droneOct-25-2017Go
Illegal immigrant who paved way for Massachusetts’ ‘sanctuary’ policy arrested in stunning robberyOct-24-2017Go
UAW Chief Calls for Higher Mexican Wages to Fix NAFTAOct-13-2017Go
Trump: It Would Be ‘Wonderful to Solve DACA Problem,’ Need Wall ‘In Return’Oct-12-2017Go
Immigration Cops: California Sanctuary Law Won’t Stop UsOct-10-2017Go
Trump Ups Immigration Demands, Outlines List of Stricter ProposalsOct-09-2017Go
Venezuela Surpasses Syria for Number of U.S. Asylum RequestsOct-07-2017Go
ICE to California: 'No choice' but to arrest illegal immigrants despite sanctuary state legislationOct-07-2017Go
Pelosi Thanks ‘Dreamer’s’ Parents for Bringing Family to U.S. IllegallyOct-05-2017Go
US company discriminates against citizens in favor of immigrant workers: Jeff SessionsOct-04-2017Go
Lebanon’s Christian President: Estimated 1.5 Million Syrian Refugees Must Go HomeSep-27-2017Go
Illegal immigration costing record $135 billion a year, study showsSep-27-2017Go
WATCH: Laura Ingraham Discusses 'Ingraham Angle,' 'Dreamers' Confronting PelosiSep-19-2017Go
John Kelly fires back at Democrat who called him 'disgrace to the uniform'Sep-11-2017Go
Trump administration ends DACA, with 6-month delaySep-05-2017Go
Sheriff Joe Arpaio wins pardon from TrumpAug-26-2017Go
U.S. Judge Orders Deportation of Convicted Terrorist and Women’s March Organizer - Rasmea Odeh has been stripped of U.S. citizenshipAug-19-2017Go
Trump 'seriously considering' a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe ArpaioAug-15-2017Go
Dreamers face immigration showdown over amnesty with Trump, courtsAug-15-2017Go
Sanctuary Cities Betray America, Americans and ImmigrantsAug-11-2017Go
Texas loses bid to head off anti-sanctuary city law challengeAug-10-2017Go
Trump-backed immigration bill draws significant support: PollAug-09-2017Go
Democrats turn against immigration point system when Trump gives supportAug-08-2017Go
Chicago preps lawsuit against Trump administration over sanctuary cities threatAug-05-2017Go
DOJ threatens to withhold crime-fighting funds from four sanctuary citiesAug-03-2017Go
Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $750 billion over lifetime: ReportAug-03-2017Go
Trump endorses merit-based system that would cut legal immigration by halfAug-03-2017Go
Trump vs. MS-13 - Leave the poor misunderstood gangsters alone, cries the Left.Aug-02-2017Go
MS-13 gang member nabbed at border had been deportedAug-02-2017Go
Trump, GOP senators to unveil revised bill cutting legal immigrationAug-02-2017Go
Trump takes on bald eagle to build border wallAug-02-2017Go
DHS waives environmental laws to begin building Trump border wallAug-01-2017Go
Cops say hands are tied in arresting unruly 'desnudas' naked female panhandlers 'because most are illegal immigrants'Jul-31-2017Go
Activists decry latest attempt to force out the DreamersJul-31-2017Go
Portland man accused of sexually assaulting 65-year-old had been deported 20 timesJul-30-2017Go
Trump prods Congress to join fight against MS-13, illegal immigrationJul-29-2017Go
Sanctuary city policies infect federal law enforcement agenciesJul-29-2017Go
House approves spending bill with $1.6 billion to start Trump’s border wallJul-28-2017Go
Migrants Overwhelm German Courts With Asylum Lawsuits: ‘This Will Paralyze Us for Years’Jul-27-2017Go
Who Owns Border Death Truck Tragedy? Mexico! - The real criminals are the politicians protecting the Mexican human trafficking industry.Jul-27-2017Go
Exodus: Tens of Thousands of Venezuelans Flee Across Colombian Border in One DayJul-27-2017Go
ICE chief wants to slap smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary citiesJul-27-2017Go
ICE Arrests 114 Illegal Immigrants and Fugitives in New YorkJul-26-2017Go
How the Justice Dept. is forcing sanctuary cities to cooperate with immigration agentsJul-26-2017Go
Judge blocks deportation of 1,400 Iraqis; latest court to thwart Trump immigration plansJul-25-2017Go
Texas' lieutenant governor blames truck deaths on sanctuary cities that 'enable human smugglers'Jul-24-2017Go
Mexican religious practices include human sacrifice on Texas side of borderJul-23-2017Go
Bodies found in tractor-trailer in San Antonio WalmartJul-23-2017Go
Supreme Court lets Trump restore strict limits on refugees, expands ‘close relatives’ categoryJul-20-2017Go
Charlotte Democrat defends saying Trump supporters have ‘no place’ in city councilJul-19-2017Go
More Migrant Riots Hit FranceJul-18-2017Go
Somali immigrant cop Mohamed Noor, who shot Jessica Damond, was 'highly celebrated' by Minneapolis mayor in 2015Jul-18-2017Go
DHS grants small number of guest-worker visas, tests Trump’s ‘America first’ promiseJul-17-2017Go
Illegal immigrant who sneaked into US 7 times was drunk during deadly crash, prosecutor saysJul-12-2017Go
House funding bill sets up shutdown showdown over Trump’s border wallJul-12-2017Go
Steve Pearce announces gubernatorial run in New MexicoJul-10-2017Go
The Democrats’ Soviet Insane Asylum for TrumpJul-07-2017Go
Illegal immigration spikes along U.S.-Mexico borderJul-07-2017Go
DOJ reviewing jurisdictions ‘alleged’ compliance with immigration lawJul-06-2017Go
Texas forces Trump to pick sides on Dreamer amnestyJul-04-2017Go
Oregon House Democrats pass bill providing free abortions for all, including illegal aliensJul-03-2017Go
Voter integrity panel’s vice chairman questions states’ ‘idiotic’ withholding of informationJul-03-2017Go
Homeland Security chief says members of Congress ‘threaten’ him over immigration enforcementJun-30-2017Go
Lawyer: San Francisco to pay illegal $190,000 for violating sanctuary city policyJun-30-2017Go
State attorneys general, governor threaten to sue Trump to stop amnesty for DreamersJun-30-2017Go
Obama-appointed judges blocking Trump’s immigration crackdownJun-29-2017Go
130 miles of Mexico border won’t need wall because of natural barriersJun-28-2017Go
New Mexico confirms two new cases of plagueJun-27-2017Go
Former Arizona sheriff slated to begin trial over immigration actionsJun-26-2017Go
Rozella Clyde and other Democrats in New Jersey county advocate creation of illegal alien sanctuaryJun-25-2017Go
Refugee arrivals down drastically under Trump: DHSJun-24-2017Go
1.4 million illegals working under stolen Social Security numbers: AuditJun-23-2017Go
Foreign student population in U.S. grows to 1.2 millionJun-23-2017Go
Judge halts DHS attempt to deport 100 criminals to Iraq; gives 14-day reprieveJun-23-2017Go
Nearly 30% of illegal immigrant children at border have ties to MS-13 or other gangsJun-22-2017Go
Germany rape case: Immigrant attack suspects identified in courtJun-21-2017Go
Christians with ‘grave concern’ about persecution fight deportations of Iraqi criminals in U.S.Jun-21-2017Go
Assaults on Border Patrol agents surge as immigration debate heats upJun-21-2017Go
New study supports Trump: 5.7 million noncitizens may have cast illegal votesJun-20-2017Go
Homeland Security officially cancels Obama’s 2014 amnesty that courts had blockedJun-16-2017Go
Home News Panel backs Trump’s pick to lead immigration agency; Cissna marks change from Obama prioritiesJun-15-2017Go
No apologies: ICE chief says illegal immigrants should live in fear of deportationJun-14-2017Go
Mayor of Rome Calls for Ban on Immigration to the CityJun-13-2017Go
Gorka: Efforts to Block President Trump’s Executive Orders Are ‘Clutching at Straws, Desperation’Jun-12-2017Go
Some 3,000 African Migrants Arrive in Italy, Amid Growing Tensions Between Libya and NGOsJun-12-2017Go
Homeland Security secretary suggests amnesty for Dreamers, implores Congress to solve problemJun-12-2017Go
Illegal immigration up 27 percent last monthJun-10-2017Go
Pete Sessions pushes House bill to end asylum loopholesJun-07-2017Go
Trump quietly slashes number of refugees from Obama’s target despite court orderJun-05-2017Go
Feds, city blast ‘dangerous’ sanctuary city warnings in D.C.Jun-02-2017Go
Supreme Court rules statutory rape does not automatically trigger deportationMay-31-2017Go
More than 5,500 illegals registered to vote in Virginia in last decade; 1,852 actually cast ballotsMay-31-2017Go
Sewage seeping from Mexico into California causing rashes on Border Patrol agentsMay-30-2017Go
Merkel urges EU to control their own destiny, after Trump visit, climate change decisionMay-29-2017Go
Homeland Security head battles immigrant-rights groupsMay-29-2017Go
DHS chief cites Manchester leak as ‘borderline’ treasonMay-28-2017Go
Presidents Bush and Obama to blame for harm caused by illegal immigrant deported 17 timesMay-27-2017Go
Immigration service promised crackdown on companies that abuse guest-worker programMay-27-2017Go
Trump Targets Corruption at America’s Borders: FBI working with DHSMay-25-2017Go
Obama admin knew gang members were part of illegal immigrant surge: WhistleblowerMay-24-2017Go
Judge to reconsider ruling blocking Trump’s order to pull funds from sanctuary citiesMay-24-2017Go
Trump requests $24.5-million-per-mile border wall, U.S. choice of immigrantsMay-24-2017Go
Trump admin. asks judge to reconsider sanctuary city ruling post DOJ memoMay-23-2017Go
Kevin Brady touts border tax: ‘True competition for the first time’May-23-2017Go
Trump budget funds border wall; eyes shift from poor immigrants to merit-based systemMay-23-2017Go
Anti-border wall Pope Francis to meet President Trump — behind Vatican wallMay-23-2017Go
‘Sanctuary city’ definition clarified: No Justice, DHS funds for violators of U.S. codeMay-23-2017Go
GOP candidate running for governor presses McAuliffe on climate changeMay-21-2017Go
Colorado governor pardons felon to stave off deportation to CubaMay-20-2017Go
Trump says border wall will stop drug cartels that have ‘literally taken over towns and cities’May-19-2017Go
Free of Obama restraints, immigration agents make 38% more arrests in Trump’s first 100 daysMay-18-2017Go
Trump presses more countries take back U.S. deportees in immigration successMay-17-2017Go
Immigration agents asking about 4th-grader blocked from NYC schoolMay-15-2017Go
Idaho teacher to be released from Mexican hospital but forced to pay $40GMay-13-2017Go
‘Build that wall,’ other student quotes cause N.C. high school yearbook to be canceledMay-12-2017Go
Dad on deported illegal immigrant who injured son: 'He keeps coming back'May-11-2017Go
Illegal immigrant deported 15 times arrested in hit-run crash that hurt 6-year-old boyMay-10-2017Go
Trump’s immigration enforcement helps slow illegal border crossings by 76%May-10-2017Go
Abbott, Texas governor, defends sanctuary city law against claims of racial profilingMay-08-2017Go
Rape charges to be dropped against immigrant teens in Md. CaseMay-05-2017Go
Children of Reagan’s amnesty fight for another despite Trump’s resistanceMay-05-2017Go
Homeland Security can’t keep up with more than 1 million immigrants who have overstayed visasMay-05-2017Go
DHS catches less than 1 percent of illegal immigrant ‘overstays’: AuditMay-04-2017Go
Illegals shop for sympathy at U.S. points of entryMay-04-2017Go
Immigration courts say 12 percent of inmates can be deported: DOJ reportMay-02-2017Go
Baylor University condemns fraternity’s ‘racially insensitive’ Mexican-themed party - PC out of control? - Again?May-02-2017Go
Cheap foreign labor to flood workforce after spending bill doubles number of visasMay-02-2017Go
May Day: Immigrants, unions march in U.S. for rights, against TrumpMay-01-2017Go
David Clarke, Milwaukee County sheriff, eyed for Homeland Security post: SourcesApr-29-2017Go
Immigrant Rapist Dubbed ‘Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare’ Jailed for Attacking Elderly LadiesApr-28-2017Go
Texas attorney general says Trump is ‘changing the narrative’ on border securityApr-28-2017Go
Trump eyes bid to split up 9th Circuit court amid sanctuary city, travel ban disputesApr-27-2017Go
Trump calls ruling against sanctuary city funds ‘ridiculous’Apr-26-2017Go
White House: Sanctuary cities have ‘blood of dead Americans on their hands’Apr-26-2017Go
Congress close to spending deal after Trump backs off demand for border wall fundingApr-26-2017Go
DHS to open office for victims of crimes by illegal immigrantsApr-25-2017Go
Conway: Democrats’ border wall opposition is about Trump, not the policyApr-25-2017Go
Obama says immigration opponents aren’t ‘automatically racist’Apr-25-2017Go
Illegals thwart immigration laws with help from lawyers, judges, educatorsApr-25-2017Go
Illegal immigrants coached on how to avoid deportationApr-24-2017Go
Obama team botched citizenship applications ahead of 2016 electionApr-24-2017Go
Mulvaney downplays talk of government shutdown over border wall fundingApr-23-2017Go
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly: ‘Dreamers’ aren’t deportation targetsApr-23-2017Go
DOJ puts nine sanctuary cities on notice; New York, Chicago, Philadelphia make name-and-shame listApr-22-2017Go
Trump raises stakes on government shutdown, demands border wall funds in spending billApr-21-2017Go
Judge from ‘Trump University’ case now assigned to hear deported ‘Dreamer’ who lost his statusApr-20-2017Go
Montes a dubious poster boy for activists fighting Trump’s immigration policiesApr-20-2017Go
Immigrant-rights groups demand answers after first ‘Dreamer’ deported in Trump crackdownApr-19-2017Go
Venezuela quintuples Bolivarian militias as Maduro opponents prepare for ‘mother of all protests’Apr-19-2017Go
Smuggling by international crime syndicates is what keeps Homeland Security chief up at nightApr-19-2017Go
AG Sessions: Marijuana network a ‘significant international criminal organization’Apr-18-2017Go
DHS' Kelly defends more ICE, border hires; says illegal immigrants must be 'dealt with'Apr-17-2017Go
Haitians get word of Trump crackdown, slow flow to border by 97%Apr-17-2017Go
Sweden Won’t Deport Asylum Seekers Accused of Broadcasting Gang Rape on FacebookApr-15-2017Go
Fast and Furious scandal: Suspected triggerman in border agent's murder arrestedApr-13-2017Go
Trump’s Justice Department to end ‘catch and release’ immigration policyApr-11-2017Go
Maryland lawmakers withdraw ‘sanctuary state’ bill that challenged Trump’s immigration policyApr-11-2017Go
Democrats push to link Syria strike, refugee banApr-08-2017Go
Trump’s wall won’t cover entire southwest border: DHS secretaryApr-05-2017Go
California Senate OKs statewide illegal immigrant sanctuary billApr-04-2017Go
Trump administration warns companies on H-1B visas: Hire Americans over foreign guest workersApr-04-2017Go
NYPD reportedly defies sanctuary city status after alerting ICE on illegal immigrants' court datesApr-03-2017Go
Border Patrol union urges Trump to cut Obama’s red tape holding back agentsApr-03-2017Go
Kyei: Rahm Needs 'Nice Warm Jail Cell' If He Ignores Sanctuary City CrackdownApr-02-2017Go
Epidemic of Muslim ‘refugee’ rapes of women in European cities being covered upApr-01-2017Go
Border wall funding solved: GOP pushes for 2% fee on money immigrants send homeMar-31-2017Go
DOJ, DHS blast California chief justice who accused immigration agents of ‘stalking’ illegalsMar-31-2017Go
Trump’s name-and-shame list of sanctuary cities balloons to 150Mar-30-2017Go
CNN hammers Fox News for covering alleged gang rape of 14-year-old by illegal immigrantMar-29-2017Go
Democratic lawmaker not sorry for using Facebook to warn illegals of ICE raidsMar-29-2017Go
Iraqis scam their way into U.S. as refugees with phony kidnapping storyMar-29-2017Go
‘Dreamer’ accused of gang activity avoids deportation in major test of Trump’s policyMar-29-2017Go
Arizona couple bought high-powered rifle for Mexican cartel, police sayMar-28-2017Go
Father of Maryland high school rape suspect arrested by ICEMar-28-2017Go
Team Trump cites stats, anecdotes to show dangers of sanctuary citiesMar-28-2017Go
Pakistan starts building its own border fenceMar-27-2017Go
ICE agents detain Oregon 'Dreamer' who has misdemeanor for DUI, lawyer saysMar-27-2017Go
Colorado high school student murders: New arrests made, police sayMar-26-2017Go
Promoting unrestricted immigration with a false equivalentMar-26-2017Go
Muslim police officer sues for alleged harassment after firingMar-26-2017Go
A 14-Year-Old Student Was Raped. Now the School's Superintendent Is Calling Concerned Parents 'Racist, Xenophobic'Mar-24-2017Go
Group calls on defunding ‘sanctuary’ universities, Napolitano’s ousterMar-24-2017Go
Migrant smugglers up rates, US border vigilance rising, but they still crossMar-24-2017Go
Florida Fox reporter finds illegal immigrants accused of bolting from SUV crashMar-24-2017Go
Half of all federal arrests related to immigrationMar-23-2017Go
Mayors of sanctuary cities should be thrown in jailMar-23-2017Go
Bill O'Reilly: Media's treatment of Maryland high school rape 'beyond anything I have ever seen'Mar-23-2017Go
Networks censor girl's rape by illegal immigrant but gave 11 minutes in two days to fake UVA rapeMar-23-2017Go
Obama tried to legalize migrant accused of murdering 15-year-old stepdaughterMar-22-2017Go
Rockville High School parents demand answers in rape caseMar-22-2017Go
Trump border wall firms would face penalty under San Francisco lawMar-22-2017Go
Homeland Security singles out 118 sanctuary jurisdictions that thwart ICEMar-21-2017Go
Rape of girl, allegedly by 2 teens, one here illegally, offers new detailsMar-21-2017Go
Immigrants hurry to remove all tattoos fearing ICE may tie them to gangsMar-21-2017Go
Philadelphia Cancels Cinco de Mayo Over Immigration CrackdownMar-20-2017Go
Woman Charged With Assaulting Female Hoops Player Over ‘Culturally Appropriated’ HairMar-20-2017Go
ICE detains 50 after authorities raid building in DetroitMar-20-2017Go
Border Patrol Stops Driver Coming from Mexico, Find 4 Chinese Nationals Hiding in the TrunkMar-19-2017Go
30 Countries Are Refusing To Take Back Illegal Immigrants Convicted Of Serious CrimesMar-19-2017Go
Number of sanctuary cities nears 500Mar-15-2017Go
Texas attorney general backs up Trump claim of noncitizens voting at pollsMar-15-2017Go
Victim's fiance speaks out after illegal immigrant accused in deadly car crashMar-15-2017Go
Democrats vow government shutdown over Trump border wallMar-13-2017Go
Republican congressman supports anti-immigration Dutch politicianMar-13-2017Go
Abbott has local officials on notice as he targets sanctuary citiesMar-10-2017Go
Hawaii teacher under fire for saying he would not teach illegal immigrant studentsMar-10-2017Go
Illegal border crossings decrease by 40 percent in Trump's first month, report saysMar-09-2017Go
Why Does the Media Favor Criminals over Law Abiding Americans?Mar-08-2017Go
DHS proposes separating illegal immigrant mothers, children caught sneaking across borderMar-07-2017Go
Illegal immigrant with lengthy rap sheet charged in deadly California car accidentMar-07-2017Go
300 refugees subjects of FBI terror investigations, U.S. officials sayMar-06-2017Go
Mexico Releases Prep Video for Illegal Immigrants Facing DetentionMar-06-2017Go
Protesters Demand that Cornell U Provide Funding, Housing to Illegal ImmigrantsMar-05-2017Go
Canada has no immediate plans to deter people from crossing border illegallyMar-05-2017Go
Oregon judge faces scrutiny for allegedly helping illegal immigrant escape ICEMar-03-2017Go
‘Tsunami of sewage spills’ at Mexican border ‘deliberate,’ says California mayorMar-03-2017Go
Veterans slam Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Democrats for giving illegal aliens priorityMar-02-2017Go
FBI's Comey: Mexican drug cartels fueling US heroin epidemicMar-02-2017Go
ISIS fighters try hiding among Mosul families as refugee rates surgeMar-02-2017Go
EU Chief: Charities Are Encouraging Thousands of Migrants to Sail from Africa to EuropeFeb-28-2017Go
Agents detail 'daily' border fence battle, seek post-Obama 'restart'Feb-27-2017Go
Obama loyalists suspected of ‘sabotage’ with leak of travel ban reportFeb-27-2017Go
Bush breaks silence on Trump, urges 'welcoming' immigration policyFeb-27-2017Go
Judge Jeanine: Officers Supporting Sanctuary Cities Have 'Blood' on Their HandsFeb-26-2017Go
Trump administration makes first tangible step to building border wallFeb-25-2017Go
Teacher, 28, ‘Gang Raped By 9 Iraqi Immigrants In Vienna Attack’Feb-24-2017Go
German Prosecutor: Afghan Asylum Seeker Charged with Rape, Murder of Student Pretended to be a ChildFeb-24-2017Go
Canada sees spike in border crossers coming from USFeb-23-2017Go
Immigration minister says Australia won't take Costa Rican refugees if US refuses Island refugeesFeb-22-2017Go
Trump may have been unclear, but Sweden experiencing a migrant crime waveFeb-21-2017Go
Rioting erupts in immigrant-dominated Swedish suburbFeb-21-2017Go
White House set for 'big immigration launch' to focus on DHS memos, official saysFeb-21-2017Go
Suspect in Denver murder was wanted for possible deportationFeb-20-2017Go
Proposed Homeland Security guidelines would expand and expedite deportationsFeb-20-2017Go
Dozens of workers lose their jobs for participating in Day Without Immigrants protestFeb-20-2017Go
Trump may have been unclear, but Sweden experiencing a migrant crime waveFeb-20-2017Go
Shia LaBeouf brings anti-Trump project to New MexicoFeb-19-2017Go
Trump team refutes report on proposal for National Guard immigrant roundupFeb-18-2017Go
Justice Department says arrested 'Dreamer' has gang ties; lawyers deny allegationFeb-17-2017Go
As Trump gets tough on immigration, some officials fight what they say are erroneous 'sanctuary' designationsFeb-17-2017Go
Paris Officials Put Boulders In The Streets To Stop Immigrants Sleeping RoughFeb-16-2017Go
Phoenix officials turn down petition to adopt sanctuary city statusFeb-16-2017Go
Illegal immigrant takes refuge in Denver church to avoid deportationFeb-16-2017Go
Todd Starnes: Trump's wall might have saved the life of this good manFeb-16-2017Go
Drug catapult found attached to Mexican side of US border fenceFeb-15-2017Go
Trump's border wall could face a geology problemFeb-14-2017Go
Illegal immigrants signal they would prefer detention over deportationFeb-13-2017Go
Hungary to put asylum-seekers in border container campFeb-12-2017Go
Italy to speed up migrant asylum decisions and deportationsFeb-12-2017Go
Venezuelans lead in US asylum requests as crisis deepensFeb-12-2017Go
Trump adviser Miller says new executive orders on illegal immigration an 'option'Feb-12-2017Go
Mexican woman in Texas sentenced to 8 years in prison for voter fraudFeb-11-2017Go
ICE: Southern California raids were planned for a while, not tied to TrumpFeb-11-2017Go
Trump reportedly considers new immigration order after court defeatFeb-11-2017Go
Trump notes ‘dangerous’ uptick in refugees since courts ruled against travel banFeb-11-2017Go
'We're going to see more': Sanctuary cities cave in face of Trump's funding threatsFeb-10-2017Go
Protests erupt outside Phoenix ICE office after arrest of illegal immigrantFeb-09-2017Go
White House fires back at immigration order critics with list of terror arrestsFeb-09-2017Go
Trump mounts public defense of immigration order, blasts ‘political’ courtsFeb-08-2017Go
Gregg Jarrett: Why the law is on Trump's side with his immigration banFeb-07-2017Go
Trump: Leaked transcripts of Mexico, Australia calls 'disgraceful'Feb-06-2017Go
Pence: Will use 'all legal means at our disposal' to reinstate immigration banFeb-05-2017Go
Seattle judge issues nationwide restraining order on Trump's refugee banFeb-04-2017Go
How times have changed: 'Sanctuary' Los Angeles once hosted immigration agents at jailFeb-04-2017Go
Trump calls judge’s halt on immigration 'ridiculous;' says will be 'overturned!'Feb-04-2017Go
El Paso residents highlight the positives of living with a border wallFeb-02-2017Go
Texas Gov. Abbott cuts funding to Austin over sanctuary city policiesFeb-02-2017Go
Hundreds of Migrants Return To Calais Three Months After Notorious ‘Jungle’ Camp ShutFeb-02-2017Go
Judge orders halt to Trump's ban for immigrant visa holdersFeb-02-2017Go
DHS secretary: Border wall should be finished in two yearsFeb-02-2017Go
Obama administration, Australia's deal called for 'special interest' refugeesFeb-02-2017Go
Four states sue Trump administration over refugee banFeb-01-2017Go
Report: Media gives 57 times more coverage to Trump immigration order than Obama ending Cuban refugee programJan-31-2017Go
Trump's immigration action his first stumble with GOPJan-31-2017Go
Trump's new acting attorney general will enforce immigration orderJan-31-2017Go
Trump fires acting AG after Justice Department staff told not to defend refugee orderJan-31-2017Go
Trump takes aim at Sen. Schumer’s ‘fake tears’ in new defense of immigration restrictionsJan-30-2017Go
Mayors defy Trump's push to end sanctuary citiesJan-29-2017Go
Conway defends Trump's immigration order: 'Nonsense that this is a Muslim ban'Jan-29-2017Go
Portman: Trump travel ban 'didn't get the vetting it should have'Jan-29-2017Go
Trump defends executive order: 'Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting'Jan-29-2017Go
Netanyahu: 'Trump is right' about border wallJan-28-2017Go
Report: Two Iraqi refugees already detained due to Trump executive orderJan-28-2017Go
Trump signs orders to rebuild the military, conduct 'extreme vetting' of immigrantsJan-28-2017Go
United Nations opposes Trump refugee orderJan-28-2017Go
Trump's insistence on making Mexico pay for the wall may doom itJan-27-2017Go
Here's how Trump trashed Obama's deportation policyJan-26-2017Go
Madeleine Albright 'ready to register as Muslim' over refugee suspensionJan-26-2017Go
Trump's Wed. agenda: Muslim immigration at DHS, flashbulbs, tornadoesJan-25-2017Go
Trump to order construction of US-Mexico border wall; expected to suspend refugee programJan-25-2017Go
Limo torched in DC protests belongs to Muslim immigrant, may cost $70,000 in damagesJan-24-2017Go
Supreme Court rejects Texas appeal over voter ID lawJan-23-2017Go
Tall Task: Patchy border barrier shows challenge Trump faces in building 'wall'Jan-18-2017Go
‘They come every day’: Border town residents face daily threat from traffickingJan-17-2017Go
Report: Obama has lowest rate of deportations since NixonJan-16-2017Go
Law would cut off aid to countries that refuse to accept illegal immigrant criminalsJan-16-2017Go
Obama to end longstanding 'wet foot dry foot' Cuban immigration policyJan-13-2017Go
Police: Top Politician’s Immigration Speech Is A ‘Hate Incident’Jan-13-2017Go
Illegal immigrant suspected of sexually assaulting 5-year-old in CaliforniaJan-12-2017Go
Official: Trump looking to reinstate Bush-era deportation policiesJan-11-2017Go
Mexicans, not Mexico, might pay for Trump's wallJan-10-2017Go
Border agents seize 44 Central American aliens from stash house in TexasJan-07-2017Go
The battle for Trump's soul on immigrationJan-07-2017Go
Report: Trump team wants Congress, not Mexico to fund border wallJan-06-2017Go
2016 was the bloodiest in Tijuana's history, with 910 homicidesJan-05-2017Go
The next immigration fight: Cracking down on sanctuary collegesJan-03-2017Go
Trump threatens GM over car production in MexicoJan-03-2017Go
US Customs and Border Protection outage frustrates travelersJan-03-2017Go
Syrian asylum seeker planned ISIS attack, German prosecutors sayJan-02-2017Go
Spain: 1,100 migrants try to breach border fenceJan-01-2017Go
DHS: 94% of deportations are illegals, terror threats, gangbangersDec-31-2016Go
Mexican man accused of rape had 19 deportations, removalsDec-31-2016Go
Suffolk County ends its immigration sanctuary policyDec-28-2016Go
Mexico to defend NAFTA using border security as leverage, top aides sayDec-28-2016Go
Ex-NYPD chief praises Trump's tougher immigrant vetting plansDec-25-2016Go
Obama undercuts Trump, kills Muslim immigrant registration programDec-22-2016Go
Kentucky mall to ban woman for racist, vulgar tiradeDec-22-2016Go
Report: 820,000 criminal illegals, 84% with felonies, serious misdemeanorsDec-18-2016Go
Feds deploy 150 more agents to handle border messDec-16-2016Go
Immigration deal gets new life after Trump remarksDec-14-2016Go
San Francisco doubles down on sanctuary city policies with legal defense pushDec-14-2016Go
USC Professor Bans Students from Using Term ‘Illegal Immigrants’ on Final ExamsDec-13-2016Go
Trump's first immigration compromise could be how he treats DreamersDec-12-2016Go
Senator: The Wall will be built, 'not that expensive, shovel ready, works'Dec-09-2016Go
Illegal immigrant accused of killing 2 in hit and run had been deported 8 timesDec-09-2016Go
Immigration hawks have room for optimism after DHS pickDec-08-2016Go
Rep. King tells Trump to not back down on deporting DreamersDec-08-2016Go
Illegal immigrant suspected in fatal car crash was deported eight timesDec-08-2016Go
Homeland Security: 900 percent surge in asylum demands, only half of illegals caughtDec-07-2016Go
Trump to Dreamers: 'We're going to work something out'Dec-07-2016Go
GOP offers $300 million for refugee aid, with one conditionDec-07-2016Go
Top Mexican says Trump 'telling truth' about saving jobsDec-04-2016Go
Criminal immigrant deportation bill could find new life under TrumpDec-04-2016Go
Feds halt naturalizations over background check flawDec-03-2016Go
Rep. McCaul: Yes, we will build a wall, put Mexico on a “payment plan” and enforce the lawDec-03-2016Go
Mexicans fret over coming immigration changes under Trump administrationDec-03-2016Go
Luis Gutierrez to skip Trump inauguration to protest 'hatred, bigotry'Dec-02-2016Go
Obama administration stiff-arms lawmakers questioning secret refugee dealDec-02-2016Go
99% Muslim, 43,000 Somali refugees settled in US under ObamaDec-01-2016Go
US builds second 'temporary' holding facility as immigrants pour inDec-01-2016Go
Mexico: Trump's border wall would harm the environmentDec-01-2016Go
Immigration violations are majority of federal cases for first timeNov-30-2016Go
Group of Utah lawyers to work for free to defend Muslim refugeesNov-30-2016Go
Coulter, immigration hawks already worried Trump going softNov-26-2016Go
Turkish leader threatens to open migrant floodgate to EuropeNov-26-2016Go
Trump claims Thanksgiving Day 'progress' to stop company's move to MexicoNov-25-2016Go
Illegals advised on how to escape deportationNov-25-2016Go
9/11 mastermind: Al Qaeda favors 'immigration' to defeat USANov-24-2016Go
Republicans want info on illegal immigrant accused of rape near DCNov-23-2016Go
DHS preps 'contingencies' to deal with border messNov-22-2016Go
2.8 million illegals on Trump's deportation listNov-21-2016Go
No sanctuary for Dems' immigration lawlessnessNov-20-2016Go
Gregg Jarrett: Will Donald Trump channel Ronald Reagan to put an end to sanctuary cities?Nov-19-2016Go
Cities defend immigration sanctuary policies under fire by TrumpNov-19-2016Go
Trump set to take sharp right turn on immigrationNov-18-2016Go
Sanctuary city mayors prepare for clash with Trump administrationNov-17-2016Go
Students Pressure Elite Colleges to Become ‘Sanctuary’ Campuses for Illegal Immigrants Under TrumpNov-15-2016Go
Mayor says Chicago will 'always be a sanctuary city' in face of deportation threatsNov-15-2016Go
Muslim immigrant explains why she voted for TrumpNov-14-2016Go
Trump repeats vow to build border wall, but admits 'there could be some fencing'Nov-14-2016Go
The new key to immigration reform: More high-skill immigrantsNov-13-2016Go
Officials: 150 US border agents being sent to South TexasNov-13-2016Go
Krauthammer predicts amnesty for illegal immigrants in exchange for Trump's wallNov-11-2016Go
US reportedly close to accepting hundreds of Australia's refugeesNov-11-2016Go
Mexico congressional committee rejects same-sex marriage measureNov-10-2016Go
Thousands take to streets in major cities to protest Trump electionNov-10-2016Go
Pakistan deports National Geographic's iconic 'Afghan Girl'Nov-09-2016Go
Voto secreto Trump? Most Hispanics back deportation, want immigration cap cut in halfNov-08-2016Go
Undocumented relative charged with killing 10-year-old Texas girl found in wellNov-08-2016Go
Pew: Illegals 5% of workforce, but take 26% farm, 15% construction jobsNov-07-2016Go
MS-13 surging with influx of youths crossing border, 92% arrested illegalNov-05-2016Go
GOP warns DHS against delaying immigration updates until electionNov-04-2016Go
Pew: 8 million illegal immigrant workers in the U.S. in 2014Nov-04-2016Go
Increasing number of migrants from around the world making way to US borderNov-01-2016Go
EPA becomes border cop for recyclingOct-29-2016Go
Feds arrest scammers who threatened to deport immigrantsOct-27-2016Go
US wants Mexico under grid security pact before year's endOct-26-2016Go
Arizona sheriff officially charged with criminal contemptOct-26-2016Go
Iraqi terror suspects latest examples of flawed refugee vetting system, say criticsOct-25-2016Go
Confusion abounds as France prepares to shutter refugee campOct-23-2016Go
Survey: Christian refugees facing more persecution in GermanyOct-21-2016Go
Amid tension, Moscow deploys naval fleets, conducts missile drills near borderOct-20-2016Go
Illegals seeking asylum up 900%, get Social Security, welfare, school loansOct-19-2016Go
Chinese millionaire living in the U.S. accused of cartel ties, extradited to MexicoOct-19-2016Go
U.S. agents nab previously deported sex offender trying to sneak across borderOct-14-2016Go
Residents debate Hispanic neighborhood changing street signs into SpanishOct-09-2016Go
Report shows big increase in people seeking asylum on borderOct-08-2016Go
Clinton called for 'open trade and open borders' in private, paid speechesOct-08-2016Go
Authorities caught barely half of illegal border crossers last year, report findsOct-07-2016Go
White House reportedly puts thousands of deportation cases on holdOct-07-2016Go
California petitions to become first state to offer ObamaCare to illegal immigrantsOct-05-2016Go
Census: Record 42.4M immigrants, 23% of school kids, Muslims biggest jumpOct-04-2016Go
Border report: Illegal immigration set to break record, VIP smuggling offeredOct-03-2016Go
Hungary hopes to deploy thousands of 'border hunters' in bid to stop migrantsOct-03-2016Go
Suspected gang violence darkens start of school year for New York communityOct-03-2016Go
US immigration policies allow gangs to thrive in violence-plagued NY community, say criticsOct-03-2016Go
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott officially pulls state out of federal refugee programsOct-02-2016Go
Immigrant rights activist likely to be deported herself after hiding her statusOct-01-2016Go
US tried to deport refugee shot, killed by California policeSep-30-2016Go
Suspect in Texas double homicide had been deported 3 times to MexicoSep-29-2016Go
Why this immigrant will gladly vote for TrumpSep-27-2016Go
Republican senators: U.S. should look to Norway and Sweden to understand refugee dangersSep-27-2016Go
Obama pushes refugee plan, but his own FBI chief's words are coming back to haunt himSep-26-2016Go
Immigration officers union backs Trump in first-ever political endorsementSep-26-2016Go
NY town mourns 4 murdered teens, and some blame federal immigration policySep-25-2016Go
Border agents alerted FBI on NJ-NY bombing suspect in 2014Sep-24-2016Go
NY town mourns 4 murdered teens, and some blame federal immigration policySep-24-2016Go
Email shows federal immigration bosses in OT push to swear in new citizens 'due to election'Sep-23-2016Go
State admits: Islamic State terrorists trying to pose as refugeesSep-21-2016Go
Days after attacks, Obama pitches more refugeesSep-20-2016Go
Report: Immigrants a threat to the environmentSep-20-2016Go
Obama at U.N.: A walled-off nation 'imprisons itself'Sep-20-2016Go
Mexican police find van with homemade bazooka for launching drugs into U.S.Sep-20-2016Go
Watchdog: Feds wrongly granted citizenship to hundreds facing deportationSep-20-2016Go
1-in-5 Syrian refugees settled in New York area, Obama wants moreSep-19-2016Go
Wisconsin Senate race candidates clash over immigration policy, keep to party lineSep-19-2016Go
More than 800 immigrants mistakenly granted citizenshipSep-19-2016Go
Minnesota attack raises concerns about refugee resettlementSep-19-2016Go
PEW: Pro-Clinton effort to register immigrants working, 718,430 demand citizenshipSep-18-2016Go
Trump: Clinton the first to run on abolishing bordersSep-18-2016Go
Financial Aid for Illegal Immigrants!? The Latest in 'Campus Craziness'Sep-17-2016Go
Hillary Clinton: A 'penchant for secrecy and privacy that borders on paranoia'Sep-15-2016Go
Far-right group, asylum-seekers fight in German townSep-15-2016Go
Trump Blasts Ford's Mexico Move: 'We're Going to Charge Them a 35% Tax'Sep-15-2016Go
Unaccompanied minors swelling ranks of American gangs, say expertsSep-15-2016Go
DHS accused of sitting on damning border report as immigration issue drives presidential raceSep-15-2016Go
110,000 refugees next year, Kerry tells CongressSep-14-2016Go
Obama's border plan collapses as illegals surge into TexasSep-13-2016Go
Court strikes down proof-of-citizenship voting requirement in 3 statesSep-10-2016Go
Twice-deported gang member charged with brutal murder of teenSep-10-2016Go
Citizenship for sale? NJ hospital courts Russians for 'birth tourism'Sep-10-2016Go
Pew: 57M Hispanics now in U.S., 17% of population, 54% of total growthSep-09-2016Go
Truck driver shot at US-Mexico border after trying to evade agentsSep-09-2016Go
'Heavy' shoes blow cover of Juarez woman attempting to smuggle cocaine into U.S.Sep-08-2016Go
Taking page from Trump? UK building 'big new wall' to stop illegal immigrantsSep-08-2016Go
Nevada race for Senate seat heats up as immigration becomes central issueSep-08-2016Go
Dreamers who may face deportation under a Trump presidency plan next moveSep-08-2016Go
Trump open to granting legal status to undocumented immigrants serving in militarySep-08-2016Go
Immigrants preying on Americans with false tales of abuse to stay in US, experts saySep-08-2016Go
Trump spokeswoman: Decision on amnesty coming 'at a later date'Sep-06-2016Go
Latino activists: Obama 'completely failed us'Sep-06-2016Go
Trump's call for high-skill immigration is no 'hate speech'Sep-05-2016Go
Native American activists in New Mexico say Hispanic fiesta ignores horrors of Pueblo tribesSep-04-2016Go
Turkey says ISIS driven from Turkish-Syrian borderSep-04-2016Go
'Gross injustice': Of 10,000 Syrian refugees to the US, 56 are ChristianSep-03-2016Go
Trump mulls alternative options for making Mexico finance 'the wall'Sep-02-2016Go
Latinos pushing Obama to end deportationsSep-01-2016Go
Byron York: In fiery speech, a hard-to-spot change in Trump immigration planSep-01-2016Go
Trump immigration speech: A president was born on WednesdaySep-01-2016Go
Trump proposes 'ideological certification' for immigrantsSep-01-2016Go
Trump's Mexico gamble pays off as he tries his hand at insta-diplomacySep-01-2016Go
Border Patrol discovers yet another tunnel from Mexico to the U.S.Aug-31-2016Go
Trump will be 'presidential' in Mexico, campaign manager saysAug-31-2016Go
Pence: Trump's Mexico meeting could set up immigration talksAug-31-2016Go
Trump to visit Mexico, meet with Pena Nieto ahead of immigration speechAug-31-2016Go
Trump to deliver 'major' immigration speech Wednesday in ArizonaAug-29-2016Go
Two killed in Louisiana bus crash, driver in US illegally, cops sayAug-29-2016Go
Tropical depression hits Gulf of Mexico, could drench Florida; 2nd storm nears North CarolinaAug-29-2016Go
Report: 10,000th Syrian refugee to enter U.S. this weekAug-28-2016Go
Maybe borders aren't the worst invention everAug-28-2016Go
Trump vows to deport 'criminal illegal immigrants ... within one hour' of swearing-inAug-28-2016Go
Duckworth downplays possible threat posed by more Syrian refugeesAug-27-2016Go
Justice Department will probe metro Phoenix sheriff ArpaioAug-27-2016Go
Honduran woman and her child sue Obama administration over 'inhumane' detentionAug-27-2016Go
Sessions says he can 'be supportive' of Trump after immigration shiftAug-25-2016Go
Trump says government can 'work with' illegal immigrantsAug-25-2016Go
Turkey launches operation in Syria to free border town from ISISAug-24-2016Go
New Mexico school sends mixed signals on gender policyAug-24-2016Go
Mexico stripping private concession of 'The Beast' train long used by migrantsAug-24-2016Go
Trump says he's open to 'softening' immigration laws in 'Hannity' town hallAug-24-2016Go
Senators: Court ruling frees criminals in sanctuary citiesAug-23-2016Go
Trump at crossroads on immigration?Aug-23-2016Go
Trump campaign softens tone on illegal immigrationAug-22-2016Go
Thousands turn out to honor New Mexico police officer killed during traffic stopAug-22-2016Go
Israel hits Hamas targets in Gaza Strip after rocket struck border townAug-22-2016Go
Outrage after Virginia server reports 'racist' note left in lieu of tipAug-22-2016Go
United Way chapter restarts gun raffles in New Mexico despite outcryAug-22-2016Go
Advisers suggest Trump rethinking mass deportationAug-21-2016Go
Obama's immigrant vetting doesn't ask if they're ISIS, al Qaeda, Muslim BrotherhoodAug-20-2016Go
Federal judge refers 'Sheriff Joe' for prosecution in contempt of court caseAug-20-2016Go
Shock report: Feds vetting immigrants for terrorists ask if their Communists, not ISISAug-19-2016Go
Judges nixed DHS bids to deport illegal immigrants 100,000 times: reportAug-19-2016Go
ICE program failing to rid US of dangerous illegal immigrants, analysts sayAug-18-2016Go
Syrian refugees describe confusing vetting process, uncertainty in AmericaAug-18-2016Go
ICE program failing to rid US of dangerous illegal immigrants, analysts sayAug-17-2016Go
Illegal immigrant tapped for Clinton 'Dreamer' campaign tied to Soros-funded voter effortAug-17-2016Go
U.S. accepts more Syrian refugees than all of EU: 8,000 vs. 6,000Aug-15-2016Go
Trump wants to impose test for immigrants to make sure support American valuesAug-15-2016Go
Most Latinos favor legal status for undocumented immigrants, but also support enforcementAug-15-2016Go
Clinton campaign enlists undocumented 'Dreamers' for voter registration driveAug-15-2016Go
2 Ohio fugitives wanted for murder arrested after New Mexico officer killedAug-14-2016Go
Ivanka's Mexican 'rapists' clarification was not usedAug-13-2016Go
New Mexico officer shot, killed during traffic stop; 3 suspects in custodyAug-13-2016Go
Islamic State does have sleeper cells disguised as refugeesAug-12-2016Go
Colleges across the country give new perks to illegal immigrant studentsAug-09-2016Go
Utah police were justified in shooting of Somali teen refugee, prosecutor saysAug-09-2016Go
Smuggling surges in Greece as refugee frustrations growAug-07-2016Go
Clinton renews vow to 'fast track' immigration; Trump camp accuses candidate of acting like a 'king'Aug-07-2016Go
North Carolina will ask Supreme Court to uphold voter ID lawAug-06-2016Go
Syrian refugees surge into US; Obama on track to hit target amid security concernsAug-05-2016Go
Venezuelan asylum claims in U.S. soar as turmoil there deepens, report saysAug-05-2016Go
Miami's Wynwood, immigrant refuge turned hipster haven, becomes epicenter of Zika outbreakAug-04-2016Go
Homeland boss: 'We will make' Obama call for 10,000 Syrian refugeesAug-03-2016Go
Terror-weary Germans turn on Merkel over refugee policyAug-03-2016Go
Mexican border agency seen as aiding illegal immigrationAug-02-2016Go
Border Patrol's website offers advice on eluding ... Border PatrolAug-02-2016Go
Khan specializes in visa programs accused of selling U.S. citizenshipAug-01-2016Go
Europe loses track of thousands of child refugees amid fears of ISIS recruitingAug-01-2016Go
Byron York: Khizr Khan, Donald Trump and the debate over Muslim immigrationJul-31-2016Go
Attack at Yemen border kills 7 Saudi border guardsJul-31-2016Go
Judicial Watch: Ginsburg shouldn't hear voter ID caseJul-30-2016Go
California risks $135M in federal grants over 'sanctuary city' policyJul-30-2016Go
San Diego cops surround house in hunt for officer’s killerJul-29-2016Go
Pelosi says Clinton will shape Supreme Court, immigration, gun controlJul-29-2016Go
Justice shock: $342 million to just 10 'sanctuary cities'Jul-29-2016Go
Charges dismissed in retrial of man convicted of Chandra Levy murderJul-28-2016Go
Border Patrol union: Clinton amnesty endangers U.S., 'cartels, Islamic extremists' set to invadeJul-28-2016Go
Trump accuses convention-going Dems of ignoring ISIS, border securityJul-28-2016Go
State Dept., U.N. expand Central American refugee programJul-27-2016Go
Kaine backed Wall Street bid for up to 1.8 million cheaper foreign workersJul-26-2016Go
Illegal immigrant blasts Trump in DNC convention speechJul-26-2016Go
Texas reaches deal on birth certificates for immigrant kidsJul-26-2016Go
1,819 illegal immigration cases per judge, backlog at all-time high 500,000Jul-25-2016Go
Syrian refugee in Germany kills pregnant woman with macheteJul-25-2016Go
Mexican mayor gunned down, second one in 2 daysJul-25-2016Go
Syrian refugee arrested in machete murder in GermanyJul-25-2016Go
Brat optimistic on bills to limit immigration, funding for radical IslamJul-24-2016Go
Federal appeals court orders changes to Texas voter ID lawJul-21-2016Go
ICE: Deportations at 10-year low, criminal illegal expulsions cut 60%Jul-19-2016Go
GOP lawmaker calls for Syrian refugee ban, deportationsJul-16-2016Go
Turkey calls for return of 8 ‘treacherous officers’ seeking asylum in Greece after deadly coup attemptJul-16-2016Go
Declassified 9/11 report reveals FBI fear of terrorists crossing borderJul-15-2016Go
Illegal immigrants get food stamps denied to U.S. citizensJul-11-2016Go
After all that's happened, Trump fares no worse with Hispanic voters than Romney or McCainJul-11-2016Go
In just 12 hours, more than 35K Venezuelans cross Colombian border to buy food, medicineJul-11-2016Go
More than 2,000 men reportedly sexually assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year's EveJul-11-2016Go
At least 15 killed, including 11 members of a family, in Mexico shootingsJul-10-2016Go
Sessions: 91% of illegal youths handed over to illegal relativesJul-07-2016Go
Senate Dems block votes on immigration issues, including sanctuary citiesJul-07-2016Go
New Mexico fire started by feds has rural residents devastated, angryJul-06-2016Go
Police investigate possible refugee link to dozens of reported assaults at Swedish festivalsJul-06-2016Go
Oregon triple murder suspect had been deported six timesJul-03-2016Go
Immigration: 2,000% spike in illegals wanting inJul-02-2016Go
Mexican human traffickers using Uber to shuttle migrants through country, official saysJul-02-2016Go
U.S. immigration service tweets out wrong date of the Declaration of IndependenceJul-01-2016Go
New Mexico State University offering discounted tuition to students from MexicoJun-29-2016Go
Border sheriff: It's like AfghanistanJun-27-2016Go
Deadlocked Supreme Court sinks Obama's immigration reformJun-23-2016Go
Immigration boss who barred feds from terror suspect up for award, but agency won't say whyJun-23-2016Go
Sessions: Kerry, Clinton 'totally wrong' on refugee policyJun-22-2016Go
Border Patrol announces new chiefJun-21-2016Go
Supreme Court to review no-bail policy for immigrants awaiting deportation hearingsJun-21-2016Go
Obama sticks to refugee increase on World Refugee DayJun-20-2016Go
At least 6 killed, more than 100 hurt in Mexico clashes between police and teachersJun-20-2016Go
Sessions: U.S. should halt immigration from much of MideastJun-19-2016Go
U.S. Dept. of Justice drops charges against immigrant activist who took refuge at churchJun-19-2016Go
Singer who performed on Mexican version of 'The Voice' dies in Chicago shootingJun-19-2016Go
Illegal immigrant charged with murder in California fire had prior arrests, was never deportedJun-18-2016Go
Obama mocks Trump, but has barred immigrants, many Muslim, 6 timesJun-16-2016Go
France to deport 20 Russian men over soccer violenceJun-16-2016Go
Ryan rejects immigration ban: 'Muslims are our partners'Jun-14-2016Go
Supreme Court won't hear dispute over birthright citizenshipJun-13-2016Go
Trump warns of immigration 'Trojan horse,' Clinton rejects criticism on 'name-calling'Jun-13-2016Go
Calif. wants to let illegals into ObamacareJun-12-2016Go
Police: Rancher lassos bike thief outside Oregon WalmartJun-11-2016Go
Refugees angry over skimpy Ramadan meals set shelter on fire, police sayJun-10-2016Go
At least 70 Syrians to U.S. every day, many more via 'alternative paths' like student visasJun-09-2016Go
Ryan security plan stresses border control, immigrationJun-09-2016Go
Report: Were judge's Mexican parents illegals?Jun-08-2016Go
UN refugee agency handed over hundreds of millions to partners without monitoring, report saysJun-07-2016Go
California lawmakers try to extend ObamaCare to illegal immigrantsJun-07-2016Go
Federal immigration boss at center of turf war over terror suspect transferred on heels of damning reportJun-07-2016Go
Immigration from Muslim nations doubles to 550,000Jun-06-2016Go
White House pens social media script for Hollywood A-listers to tout immigration policiesJun-06-2016Go
Immigrant criminals re-offend at higher rates than ICE estimates, report saysJun-05-2016Go
Paul Ryan: I 'completely disagree' with Trump's attack on Mexican judge's heritageJun-04-2016Go
Afghan national tied to Taliban, attack plot smuggled into US from MexicoJun-03-2016Go
Calif. advances bill to let illegal immigrants buy ObamacareJun-03-2016Go
Let's not blur the distinction between legal and illegal immigrationJun-02-2016Go
Census: Illegal immigration up 57% to 550,000, one new Albuquerque A YEARJun-01-2016Go
Any American who believes in the rule of law and fair play should be afraid, very afraid, of our government right nowMay-31-2016Go
DOJ fights federal judge's order for lawyers to attend ethics trainingMay-31-2016Go
Trump refers to judge in Trump University case as 'Mexican'May-29-2016Go
More than 700 migrants feared drowned in 3 Mediterranean Sea shipwrecksMay-29-2016Go
Protests turn violent outside Trump New Mexico eventMay-25-2016Go
New Mexico first to sue EPA over toxic spillMay-24-2016Go
Former Marine, Green Beret seeks asylum for Iraqi man who saved his lifeMay-24-2016Go
New immigration facility in Texas to include unit with beds for transgender detaineesMay-24-2016Go
San Francisco analyzes sanctuary protections for illegal immigrantsMay-24-2016Go
Face to Face with Lisa Boothe: Caution and concern for Syria's refugeesMay-22-2016Go
Groups of asylum-seekers clash at German shelter, 5 injuredMay-22-2016Go
Federal Judge clears U.S. Border Patrol agent of fatal shooting in 2011May-22-2016Go
Justice rots from the topMay-21-2016Go
Evidence scant California's licensed illegal immigrant drivers getting insuranceMay-21-2016Go
Judge orders ethics classes for 'deceptive' DOJ attorneysMay-20-2016Go
Congressman: DOJ funneled housing crisis money to immigrant activistsMay-20-2016Go
Hungarian leader says US wants to see Europe fill up with migrantsMay-20-2016Go
25% of all immigrants in U.S. are Mexican, 12 MILLIONMay-19-2016Go
Europe's failed 'open door' policies must not be repeated in AmericaMay-19-2016Go
Judge rules Kansas cannot require citizenship proof to voteMay-18-2016Go
New York will allow some undocumented immigrants to teach and practice medicineMay-18-2016Go
GOP House moves to require Library of Congress to use term 'illegal immigrant'May-18-2016Go
Officials say US-Canada border becoming more dangerousMay-13-2016Go
Obama administration reportedly planning more deportation raidsMay-13-2016Go
Obama far behind goal of taking in 10,000 Syrian refugeesMay-12-2016Go
Feds open Texas border to 4,000 Cubans, security interview lasts just 1 hour before releaseMay-12-2016Go
Montana court strikes down anti-immigrant law, allows undocumented to get servicesMay-12-2016Go
Increase in illegal border crossings could help TrumpMay-09-2016Go
Kerry slams Trump's wall, tells grads to prepare for 'borderless world'May-09-2016Go
Cashing in: Illegal immigrants get $1,261 more welfare than American families, $5,692 vs. $4,431May-09-2016Go
Feds 'don't have time' to check criminal history of guardians of illegal minorsMay-07-2016Go
Vicente Fox agrees U.S., Mexico could work together on border fenceMay-05-2016Go
Obama to Asian-Americans: Push back against 'anti-immigrant' mentalityMay-05-2016Go
Number of illegal immigrant families at southern border surging, data showsMay-05-2016Go
Russia threatens to respond to NATO's military buildup along eastern borderMay-05-2016Go
Texas man’s life ruined by undocumented sex offender who stole his identityMay-04-2016Go
DHS admits deportations of illegal immigrants cut nearly in halfMay-03-2016Go
'Make America Mexico Again': Why Americans are fed up with illegalsMay-03-2016Go
US weighing under-the-radar routes for Syrian refugees?Apr-29-2016Go
U.S. looking to Israel for technology to uncover drug tunnelsApr-29-2016Go
ICE under fire for releasing thousands of illegal immigrants with rap sheetsApr-29-2016Go
Supreme Court denies bid to block Texas voter ID lawApr-29-2016Go
At least 61 killed in Aleppo airstrikes, including Doctors Without Borders staff, patientsApr-28-2016Go
Feds silent as migrant flights keep on comingApr-27-2016Go
Group of immigrant students seek in-state tuition in GeorgiaApr-27-2016Go
Youngest Ohio family member received Facebook threat before murdersApr-27-2016Go
U.S. plots with United Nations to expand Syrian refugees from 10,000 to 200,000Apr-26-2016Go
What's in Hispanics' economic self-interest?Apr-26-2016Go
Report: Children of refugees get more federal benefits than poor U.S. kidsApr-25-2016Go
Man sentenced to 3 years for helping smuggling drugs across border on a droneApr-23-2016Go
American future: 55 million Latinos in U.S., one-third under 18Apr-22-2016Go
Border patrol agent explores newly discovered US-Mexico drug tunnel with GoPro cameraApr-21-2016Go
Do Democrats want to be the open borders party?Apr-20-2016Go
Obama's open-door immigration policy blamed for surge in rural gang crimeApr-20-2016Go
Border agent probed by DHS after testifying before CongressApr-20-2016Go
Victims of illegal immigrants beg Congress: 'When will you act on this?'Apr-19-2016Go
House takes immigration fight to Supreme CourtApr-18-2016Go
For 2nd time in 3 weeks, agents discover drug tunnel connecting Mexico to CaliforniaApr-18-2016Go
Supreme Court justices seem divided on Obama immigration actions; Roberts the wild cardApr-18-2016Go
Obama's immigration policy likely to split Supreme CourtApr-17-2016Go
Battle over Obama immigration actions lands before Supreme CourtApr-17-2016Go
Leader of 26 states seeking injunction on immigration actions expects a winApr-16-2016Go
It's all your money: US aiding business start-ups -- for illegal aliensApr-16-2016Go
Pope brings 12 Syrian Muslim refugees to ItalyApr-16-2016Go
GOP bill forces Library of Congress to use 'illegal aliens'Apr-14-2016Go
Ex-Mex president: The border is 'very safe,' no terrorists have ever come through - how would he know?Apr-13-2016Go
Clinton pledges to create federal Office of Immigrant AffairsApr-13-2016Go
IRS chief: Agency encourages illegal immigrant theft of SSNs to file tax returnsApr-13-2016Go
GOP tees up vote to require border threat analysisApr-10-2016Go
Justice Dept. gives Congress documents on Fast and FuriousApr-09-2016Go
U.S. 'surge operation' to clear 10,000 Syrian refugees in just 3 months, 600 interviewed A DAYApr-08-2016Go
H-1B visa cap hit in first week of application seasonApr-08-2016Go
Greece resumes migrant deportations from islands amid protestsApr-08-2016Go
First Syrian family in surge resettlement program arrives in USApr-07-2016Go
Illegal immigrant's deadly crash not a 'crime of violence,' ICE saysApr-06-2016Go
Trump memo describes how Mexico will pay for border wallApr-05-2016Go
Just 0.3% of illegal minors take Mexico's offer of asylum, want U.S. insteadApr-04-2016Go
Greece begins deporting refugees to Turkey under EU planApr-04-2016Go
Car apparently runs over Muslim woman during Brussels anti-immigration protestApr-04-2016Go
Lawmakers push Homeland Security funding ban for sanctuary citiesApr-01-2016Go
Mexican journalist records 2 suspected drug smugglers scaling border fenceApr-01-2016Go
Border Patrol discovers second cross-border tunnelMar-30-2016Go
Dad's grief leads to quest to count deaths caused by illegal immigrant driversMar-30-2016Go
ICE operation nets more than 1,100 arrests in five weeksMar-29-2016Go
Report: Immigrant population over 15% in record 16 states, over 25% in 6Mar-28-2016Go
Seven Cuban migrants with gunshot wounds interdicted at sea; 19 others not injuredMar-28-2016Go
People smuggler sentenced to jail after 24th arrestMar-28-2016Go
Mexico detains alleged money launderer for Sinaloa CartelMar-28-2016Go
Peggy Noonan: Immigration crackdown needed in U.S. after Brussels attacksMar-27-2016Go
Mexico loves U.S. energyMar-26-2016Go
Obama report card: Limp-wristed, or focused, diplomacy south of the border?Mar-26-2016Go
Obama reiterates refugee promiseMar-26-2016Go
Cops find three migrants hidden in specially built compartment under carMar-26-2016Go
Mexicans will celebrate Easter by torching a Donald Trump effigyMar-25-2016Go
Supporters call for release of detained Honduran teenMar-25-2016Go
Poland becomes latest European country to block refugeesMar-24-2016Go
DHS chief sad over deportations: 'Is it pleasant? Absolutely not.'Mar-24-2016Go
Drug tunnel discovered between Mexico and California has length of 4 football fieldsMar-24-2016Go
Immigrants from terror hubs claiming 'credible fear' to seek US asylumMar-23-2016Go
Lawmakers revive call to halt Syrian, Iraqi refugeesMar-22-2016Go
Clinton: Shutting down borders is 'unrealistic'Mar-22-2016Go
ICE admits catch-and-release of convicted murderersMar-19-2016Go
Arizona House OKs bill that stiffens penalties for undocumented immigrantsMar-19-2016Go
U.S. activist and vigilante released from Mexican prison after 3 yearsMar-19-2016Go
Obama administration ramping up deportation raids in effort to curb border crossingsMar-18-2016Go
ICE: 124 illegal immigrants released from jail later charged in 138 murder casesMar-14-2016Go
German anti-immigration party makes gains in local elections amid refugee crisisMar-14-2016Go
Immigration battle comes to the House floorMar-13-2016Go
GOP bill would withhold DHS secretary pay over immigration failureMar-12-2016Go
Clinton, Sanders join in vow not to deport illegal kids, non-criminals at latest Dem debateMar-10-2016Go
Senator: Record number of unaccompanied minors set to flood southern borderMar-08-2016Go
Record 61 million immigrants in U.S., 15.7 million illegallyMar-07-2016Go
Top border chief to agents who object to Obama amnesty: ‘Look for another job’Mar-06-2016Go
17-year-old shot by Utah police fled from Somali refugee camp to USMar-06-2016Go
Byron York: Confusion follows Trump flip-flop on key immigration issueMar-04-2016Go
Iranian refugees sew mouths shut to protest French camp demolitionMar-03-2016Go
Terrorists 'a daily part' of refugee flow into Europe, NATO commander saysMar-02-2016Go
Ryan sets 'extraordinary' vote on immigration caseMar-01-2016Go
Families victimized by illegals vow to block pro-immigration candidatesMar-01-2016Go
France starts demolishing massive refugee camp known as the 'Jungle'Feb-29-2016Go
District sought to keep immigrants out of schools, inquiry findsFeb-29-2016Go
Two top immigration officials say stricter border control would slow illegal immigrationFeb-24-2016Go
Reid throws costly wrench at broken immigration courtsFeb-24-2016Go
SESSIONS: Just 3.5% of 127,000 illegal youths sent home, 'Who's running this country?'Feb-23-2016Go
Onlookers cheer as fire damages refugee center in GermanyFeb-22-2016Go
North Korea conducts artillery drill near sea border, South officials sayFeb-20-2016Go
Lawmaker demands recovery of $750M in tax credits to illegal immigrantsFeb-19-2016Go
Austria vows to implement cap on refugees despite EU warningFeb-19-2016Go
NJ town providing legal tips to illegal immigrants to skirt ICE raidsFeb-18-2016Go
Vatican responds to Trump's criticism of Pope Francis' border tripFeb-17-2016Go
Sweden police reportedly investigating murder at refugee centerFeb-14-2016Go
Father of child murdered by illegal immigrant: Trump 'sent from God'Feb-13-2016Go
Lawmakers investigating whether border crisis kids committed murderFeb-11-2016Go
NATO to send ships to Aegean Sea in effort to halt refugee smugglingFeb-11-2016Go
Faulty communications along U.S.-Mexico border are America’s blind spotFeb-11-2016Go
Turkey's president fires back at UN over demand to open border for refugeesFeb-10-2016Go
Senate report: Illegal immigrants benefited from up to $750M in ObamaCare subsidiesFeb-09-2016Go
Mom whose son was attacked by refugee says she regrets her welcoming attitudeFeb-08-2016Go
Thousands of Syrians flee Russian bombs, push Turkey to open bordersFeb-07-2016Go
Congressional caucus furious with Obama after border tourFeb-06-2016Go
German security chief warns of Islamic State militants posing as refugeesFeb-06-2016Go
Border Patrol: Cartels use kids to divert agentsFeb-05-2016Go
Mosquito expert: Washington downplaying Zika virus threat to USFeb-05-2016Go
Report: MS-13 foot soldiers use 'surge' to cross border, 'colonize new criminal territory'Feb-04-2016Go
US ally packed with refugees reaches a 'boiling point'Feb-04-2016Go
New Year's refugee sex attacks overshadow start of Carnival in GermanyFeb-04-2016Go
THE MAP: 'Sanctuary Cities' cross the 300 mark with Dallas, PhillyFeb-03-2016Go
House chairman: Stop funding 'sanctuary cities' nowFeb-02-2016Go
EU agency says about 10,000 young migrants unaccounted forFeb-02-2016Go
President Rubio wouldn't pursue Senator Rubio's immigration billJan-31-2016Go
At least two dozen suspected Sinaloa Cartel members arrested in border stingJan-31-2016Go
House to probe Obama's handling of border surgeJan-30-2016Go
Immigrant advocates blast Obama over raidsJan-30-2016Go
Mexico begins proceedings to extradite 'El Chapo' to the USJan-30-2016Go
SEIU, top Dem team up to turn 5 million Latino immigrants into votersJan-29-2016Go
Dems push citizenship for illegals, 'sanctuary cities,' in Iowa CaucusesJan-29-2016Go
Poll reveals 40 percent of Germans want Merkel to quit over refugee influxJan-29-2016Go
HHS didn't check homes before giving migrant kids to traffickersJan-28-2016Go
Berlin grapples with Islamists, ISIS vets amid refugee waveJan-28-2016Go
Sweden to deport up to 80,000 refugeesJan-28-2016Go
'Diabolical': One of the Calif. prison escapees likened to Hannibal LecterJan-27-2016Go
Escaped California inmate was ordered deported in 1998, but never leftJan-27-2016Go
Teen refugee arrested in stabbing death of Swedish social workerJan-26-2016Go
Afghan official: Suicide attack kills 3 border policemenJan-25-2016Go
Breaking with Obama, 22 Senate Democrats seek to halt deportation raidsJan-24-2016Go
New Mexico rancher renounces federal grazing contract at Bundy eventJan-24-2016Go
How immigration became the latest front in the war on terrorJan-23-2016Go
Germans battle refugee sex assaults with signs, cartoonsJan-23-2016Go
Sex Abuse Suspect Given Legal Status Under Obama's Immigration ProgramJan-22-2016Go
Obama's immigration raids: A classic case of 'smoke and mirrors'Jan-20-2016Go
Senate Dems plan to kill bipartisan refugee billJan-20-2016Go
Kate del Castillo subpoenaed by Mexican prosecutors over 'Chapo' Guzmán dealingsJan-20-2016Go
Cruz hits Trump on immigration, eminent domain in New HampshireJan-19-2016Go
Cubans migrants stranded in Costa Rica for three months arrive in MiamiJan-19-2016Go
El Salvador to receive $65m to help stop flow of minors illegally entering U.S.Jan-19-2016Go
Supreme Court agrees to review Obama immigration planJan-19-2016Go
Senate to consider stricter screening for Syrian refugeesJan-18-2016Go
Dozens of Muslims leave company that limits prayer to scheduled breaksJan-18-2016Go
Report: 17 Syrians face charges over Istanbul bombingJan-17-2016Go
Funeral for American woman killed in Italy, Senegalese immigrant arrestedJan-15-2016Go
Senegalese immigrant arrested in murder of American woman in ItalyJan-14-2016Go
Denmark proposes taking refugees' valuables to pay for asylum costsJan-13-2016Go
Syria: The UN asks for more money and Russia creates more refugeesJan-13-2016Go
Two weeks after immigration raids, Clinton speaks outJan-12-2016Go
Germany to ease deportation rules after Cologne attacksJan-12-2016Go
Hillary Clinton comes out against deportation raids in break with ObamaJan-12-2016Go
Newspaper reveals MASSIVE cover-up over Muslim “refugees”Jan-10-2016Go
Germany Deploys 143 Officers To Stop Migrant Rape, 1,500 Officers To Stop Anti-Rape ProtestJan-10-2016Go
Cruz won't create special deportation forceJan-10-2016Go
Hasty raids led to mistakes: Deportation halted for at least 20 migrants targetedJan-09-2016Go
Merkel backs her party's call for tighter laws after Cologne assaultsJan-09-2016Go
Obama faces new criticism on refugee program after 2 terror arrestsJan-09-2016Go
Mexican forces take 'El Chapo' back to prison he escapedJan-09-2016Go
Muslim nation: 3.3M in U.S., 10% of all immigrants, 6.6M by 2050Jan-08-2016Go
Hasty raids led to mistakes: Deportation halted for at least 20 migrants targetedJan-08-2016Go
Two Mideast refugees arrested on terror charges appearing in US courtsJan-08-2016Go
Feds shuttle illegal migrants around TexasJan-07-2016Go
Immigration raids sparking outcry on both sides of issueJan-05-2016Go
3 held in slaying of Mexico mayor a day after taking officeJan-04-2016Go
BP finds 31 immigrants in Texas apartment, other 10 hidden behind truck's fake wallJan-03-2016Go
Mexico mayor murdered one day after taking officeJan-03-2016Go
Fighting back against Obama's lawless immigration amnestyDec-31-2015Go
Refugees demand new shelter over fears theirs is hauntedDec-31-2015Go
Mother of 'affluenza' teen arrives back in the US from MexicoDec-31-2015Go
Texas: Obama's immigration move an 'affront to the rule of law'Dec-30-2015Go
Churches to provide shelter to illegal immigrantsDec-29-2015Go
'Affluenza' teen and his mother detained in MexicoDec-29-2015Go
Only 2 states say their National Guard operations could house immigrant childrenDec-27-2015Go
Nearly half of Dems support accepting refugees from fictional countryDec-25-2015Go
Hillary Clinton has 'real concerns' about Obama deportation raid planDec-25-2015Go
2016 Dems turn on Obama admin over reported deportation raid plansDec-25-2015Go
Homeland Security reportedly readying deportation raids early next yearDec-24-2015Go
Myanmar migrants sentenced to death for 2014 killing of two British backpackersDec-24-2015Go
DHS cheers 31 percent drop in border apprehensionsDec-23-2015Go
Caregivers leave corpse in fridge for over a year because they feared deportationDec-23-2015Go
Number of refugees entering Europe this year tops 1 million, agency saysDec-22-2015Go
No 'daycare center': Lawmakers tell Obama not to use Ft. Hood to house illegal immigrant kidsDec-19-2015Go
House chairman says immigration officials failed adequate vetting of terrorist Tashfeen Malik's visa applicationDec-19-2015Go
Johnson: Yes, terrorists could try to 'exploit' refugee systemDec-17-2015Go
Illegal minors brag about being freed in U.S., encourage others to comeDec-17-2015Go
Cruz challenged on immigration flip-flopDec-17-2015Go
As lawmakers clash over refugees, Syrian immigration quietly tops 100,000 since 2012Dec-16-2015Go
Texas lawmakers suggest Syrian refugees should take lie-detector testDec-16-2015Go
GOP abandons refugee fight in spending dealDec-15-2015Go
Border Patrol: Nearly 5,000 unaccompanied children crossed US-Mexico border in OctoberDec-13-2015Go
Border Patrol catches smuggler using fake agency vehicleDec-13-2015Go
Kerry: Climate change fueled Syrian refugee crisisDec-10-2015Go
Federal judge rejects Texas effort to block resettlement of Syrian refugeesDec-10-2015Go
Carson: Syrian refugee crisis a 'false choice'Dec-09-2015Go
Norway offers refugees free flights, thousands of dollars to leave the countryDec-08-2015Go
Illegal immigration trips up tax dealDec-07-2015Go
Texas has only recently stepped up birth certificate enforcement for immigrants, records showDec-07-2015Go
California Gov. Brown blasts Arizona, Nevada gun laws but loves sanctuary citiesDec-06-2015Go
Justice Dept. to teach Ecuadorian immigrants how to sue employersDec-05-2015Go
Texas backs down from effort to block Syrian refugeesDec-05-2015Go
Chicago Bound Border Patrol Agent Arrested with 110 Pounds of Cocaine, Say PoliceDec-04-2015Go
Middle Eastern Men Arrested Near Mexican Border with Steel CylindersDec-04-2015Go
Texas sues feds over plans to resettle Syrian refugeesDec-03-2015Go
Clinic run by Doctors Without Borders bombed in YemenDec-03-2015Go
Dems push gun ban for certain migrantsDec-02-2015Go
Sessions: Omnibus gives Obama 'blank check' on immigration, Syrian refugeesDec-01-2015Go
Illegal immigrants sue Oregon over ballot measure denying licensesDec-01-2015Go
White House offers governors personalized reports on refugee resettlementDec-01-2015Go
German officials warn of homegrown Islamists trying to radicalize refugeesNov-30-2015Go
Carson visiting Syrian refugees in JordanNov-28-2015Go
Messy legal process could challenge Trump's mass deportation planNov-28-2015Go
Obama administration tells states they can't refuse Syrian refugeesNov-26-2015Go
Sen. Sessions Reveals 12 Refugee-Jihadis Charged this Year, Hopes to Shrink Obama’s 2016 Refugee BudgetNov-25-2015Go
Growing opposition to Syrian refugee planNov-25-2015Go
Fact check: Claims 'no refugees' since 9/11 took part in terror plots ring falseNov-25-2015Go
In Facebook Q&A hosted by Telemundo, Hillary Clinton pledges not to say 'illegal immigrant'Nov-25-2015Go
25,000 more Syrian refugees headed to North AmericaNov-24-2015Go
‘Don’t let me down’: Afghan who risked life helping US Marines dodges death in European refugee waveNov-24-2015Go
Afghans buy fake Taliban threat letters to help with asylum applications in EuropeNov-23-2015Go
FOX News Poll: Majorities say call it 'radical Islam,' oppose Syrian refugeesNov-23-2015Go
Christie: Obama helped create U.S. refugee crisisNov-22-2015Go
Dems hope to turn refugee debate into gun debateNov-22-2015Go
FOX News Poll: Majorities say call it 'radical Islam,' oppose Syrian refugeesNov-22-2015Go
While DC debates religion, refugees, Iraqi Christians feel Uncle Sam's bootNov-21-2015Go
House rebukes Obama, votes for enhanced rules for Syrian refugeesNov-20-2015Go
Press ignores Congress, voters on refugeesNov-20-2015Go
Son of Holocaust survivor: Don't let Syrian refugees in to USNov-20-2015Go
Fantasy island? Egyptian billionaire nears deal for Greek paradise to house refugeesNov-20-2015Go
France PM says Paris attacks ringleader used migrant crisis to get into countryNov-20-2015Go
Syrian refugee screening process reveals progress and pitfallsNov-19-2015Go
Contrary to Obama claim, US has history of admitting refugees based on faithNov-19-2015Go
House tees up vote on refugee bill, as DHS boss complains too ‘cumbersome’Nov-19-2015Go
CIA head says half of Syrian population displaced, House seeks stronger refugee vettingNov-19-2015Go
Hill Republicans move to 'pause' Syrian refugee effort, with states having limited sayNov-18-2015Go
MAP: States saying 'no' to Syrian refugeesNov-17-2015Go
First six teens arrive in U.S. legally under Central American Minors programNov-17-2015Go
Ben Carson to Congress: Don't let any Syrian refugees into U.S.Nov-16-2015Go
Texas gov.: 'Texas will not accept any Syrian refugees'Nov-16-2015Go
Immigrants who cannot attend traditional colleges flock to tuition-free online universityNov-16-2015Go
Alabama, Michigan governors refuse to relocate Syrian refugees after Paris attacksNov-16-2015Go
Obama not 'reconsidering' plan to bring in Syrian refugeesNov-15-2015Go
Obama still plans to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees despite Paris terrorist attacksNov-15-2015Go
Obama’s vow to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees under fire after Paris attackNov-15-2015Go
Egypt police kill 15 Sudanese migrants at Israel borderNov-15-2015Go
As Calif. moves on Medicaid expansion, study finds half of illegal immigrants qualifyNov-14-2015Go
GOP candidates clash on immigration, defense at 4th debateNov-11-2015Go
Number of refugees escaping to Greece expands dramaticallyNov-10-2015Go
Sources: Vocal supporter of sanctuary cities on short list to be next head of Border PatrolNov-10-2015Go
Appeals court rules against Obama immigration planNov-10-2015Go
1 reported dead, 2 wounded in subway shooting near NYC's Penn StationNov-09-2015Go
Senate Judiciary demands answers on green cardsNov-07-2015Go
Border agency rejects use of body cameras after internal reviewNov-07-2015Go
San Francisco sheriff known for 'sanctuary city' defense loses re-election bidNov-04-2015Go
An immigrant defends Donald TrumpNov-02-2015Go
Remembrance Day honors those killed by illegal immigrantsNov-02-2015Go
Kabul official says government will accept Afghan asylum seekers deported by GermanyNov-02-2015Go
Ryan: Working with Obama on immigration reform a 'ridiculous notion'Nov-01-2015Go
San Francisco sheriff at center of sanctuary city debate faces reelectionNov-01-2015Go
North Carolina outlaws sanctuary citiesOct-30-2015Go
Grounded: New Mexico driver's licenses fail feds' test, thanks to illegal immigrant policyOct-30-2015Go
American toddler shot by Mexican soldier after car chase mix-upOct-30-2015Go
Austria feuds with Germany, reports gun sale surge amid refugee crisisOct-28-2015Go
Cash-filled trucks spur bank probe at Mexico borderOct-26-2015Go
‘Obvious flight risk’: Toddler's brutal beating prompts call to withhold bail from illegal immigrantsOct-23-2015Go
Patricia strengthens into 'potentially catastrophic' Category 5 hurricane, threatens Mexico's Pacific coastOct-23-2015Go
Security officials acknowledge 'risk' in admitting Syrian refugees into USOct-22-2015Go
'It works': Yuma's fence, manpower make border nearly impenetrableOct-22-2015Go
Senate Dems block anti-sanctuary city billOct-20-2015Go
Obama rejects Senate bid to defund 'sanctuary cities'Oct-20-2015Go
Border agents hunt 'scouts' who pave way for drug, human smugglingOct-20-2015Go
GOP zeroes in on sanctuary citiesOct-17-2015Go
Senate Dems to block bill punishing 'sanctuary cities'Oct-17-2015Go
'Tensions are heightened': Germany struggles amid tide of Middle East refugeesOct-17-2015Go
Turkey shot down Russian drone near Syrian border, official saysOct-16-2015Go
Border chaos: 3-year wait for deportation hearings, just 1 in 6 minors show upOct-15-2015Go
Refugee wave is 'new normal' for Italy, Europe, says Sicilian mayorOct-10-2015Go
Number of sanctuary cities grows to 340; thousands of illegals released to commit new crimesOct-09-2015Go
US judge declines to undo government order on green cardsOct-08-2015Go
Obama’s refugee resettlement plan could stir battle with statesOct-07-2015Go
Doctors Without Borders demands war crimes probe in Afghanistan hospital strikeOct-07-2015Go
Obama’s refugee resettlement plan could stir battle with statesOct-07-2015Go
US government deports fewest immigrants in nearly a decadeOct-06-2015Go
Rubio calls for US, allies to establish 'safe zone' for Syria rebels, refugeesOct-06-2015Go
Obama Administration Charges Border Patrol Agent On Behalf Of MexicansOct-05-2015Go
Rising numbers of Syrian refugees return home as conditions in host countries worsenOct-05-2015Go
Turkey vows to protect borders after Russian warplane violated its airspaceOct-05-2015Go
No end in sight to refugee wave that just keeps rolling to EuropeOct-04-2015Go
Doctors Without Borders leaves Afghan city after airstrike kills 19Oct-04-2015Go
US airstrike in Afghanistan possibly kills 9 Doctors Without Borders membersOct-03-2015Go
Donald Trump says he'd send back Syrian refugees taken in by the USOct-01-2015Go
Asians expected to pass Hispanics as largest immigrant group, study findsSep-28-2015Go
More than 500K driver's licenses issued to undocumented immigrants in CaliforniaSep-26-2015Go
Hundreds of deported immigrants with mental disabilities may return to USSep-26-2015Go
Germany says nearly a third of asylum seekers claiming to be Syrian from elsewhereSep-26-2015Go
Downsize UN role in refugee crises, US relief agency suggestsSep-26-2015Go
European Union approves plan to relocate 120,000 refugees across EuropeSep-22-2015Go
Hill Republicans move quickly to check Obama plan for more Syrian refugeesSep-21-2015Go
Judge Rules To Keep Operation Fast And Furious Out Of Border Agent Brian Terry Murder Trial…Sep-21-2015Go
Kerry says US will take 85,000 refugees next year; 100,000 in '17Sep-21-2015Go
Dozens of refugees feared dead after boat incidents in the Aegean SeaSep-20-2015Go
Mexico arrests cartel figure in connection with disappearance of 43 studentsSep-18-2015Go
Croatia is latest European country to close border to refugeesSep-18-2015Go
Southwestern ranchers say Border Patrol not protecting them from people crossing illegallySep-17-2015Go
Ex-judges bolt legal journal over ban on term 'illegal alien'Sep-17-2015Go
Syrian president blames Europe for refugee crisisSep-16-2015Go
Hungary orders 30-day border closing, refugees met with tear gasSep-16-2015Go
Elusive crime wave data shows frightening toll of illegal immigrant criminalsSep-16-2015Go
Hungary detains refugees, seals border as crisis intensifiesSep-15-2015Go
Germany resumes train service as refugee crisis intensifiesSep-14-2015Go
Egypt says 12 Mexican tourists killed by security forces in accidental shootingSep-14-2015Go
Will flood of Syrian refugees leave US vulnerable to attack?Sep-13-2015Go
Canada announces money for Syrian refugees, but not taking more inSep-13-2015Go
Austria slams Hungary over its treatment of refugees, report saysSep-13-2015Go
Refugees pose as Syrians to open door to asylum in EuropeSep-12-2015Go
Amid ‘disaster of Biblical proportions,’ administration reportedly to accept 5,000 more refugeesSep-10-2015Go
White House considering ‘resettlement,’ other options for refugee crisisSep-09-2015Go
Germany can take 500,000 refugees annually for years, Vice Chancellor saysSep-08-2015Go
Cheney: European refugee crisis 'direct consequence' of failed Obama policySep-07-2015Go
Stream of refugees through Austria slows as Hungary PM slams EU quotasSep-07-2015Go
Fiorina warns US 'be very careful' on keeping out terrorists while allowing in Syrian refugeesSep-06-2015Go
Cheney: Obama to blame for Syrian refugee crisisSep-06-2015Go
3 illegal immigrants charged in shooting death of 17-year-old high school studentSep-06-2015Go
The impact media have on framing the immigration issueSep-06-2015Go
Judge upholds controversial Arizona immigration lawSep-06-2015Go
Germany to hold crisis talks as refugees stream across borderSep-06-2015Go
Texas asks judge to rescind 108,000 three-year amnesties for DreamersSep-05-2015Go
US under new pressure to absorb Syrian refugees as Europe faces crisisSep-04-2015Go
DOJ Accuses U.S. Biz of Discrimination for Requiring Proof of Work EligibilitySep-03-2015Go
Chris Christie says immigrants should be tracked like FedEx packagesAug-30-2015Go
Tourists took photos of San Francisco illegal immigrant murder suspect, police sayAug-26-2015Go
Hungary government weighs using army to stop flood of migrantsAug-26-2015Go
Carson flanks Trump, floats drones for border warsAug-25-2015Go
Mexico condemns attack on immigrant attributed to Trump rhetoricAug-23-2015Go
Oreos And 600 Jobs Going To Mexico Because Of US Sugar PoliciesAug-23-2015Go
'Underground railroad' assists Iraqi refugees in San DiegoAug-23-2015Go
California judge orders immigrant families released from detentionAug-22-2015Go
North, South Korea exchange artillery fire across borderAug-20-2015Go
Donald Trump border wall proposal sparks controversy, but barriers are popular worldwideAug-19-2015Go
Arizona sheriff blasts Feds for releasing violent immigrants into communitiesAug-19-2015Go
Trump calls for deportation of illegal immigrants, end to birthright citizenshipAug-17-2015Go
Illegal immigrant accused in triple homicide in Florida homeAug-16-2015Go
Appeals court rejects Arpaio challenge to Obama deportation amnestyAug-15-2015Go
Census Bureau: Foreign-Born Population Explodes To All-Time HighAug-14-2015Go
Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Slaughters Three People and Unborn Child, Leaving Behind ‘Almost Unimaginable’ Crime SceneAug-14-2015Go
Illegal immigrant pleads not guilty in rape, fatal hammer attack on Air Force veteranAug-14-2015Go
Police chiefs, sheriffs blast ICE over policy they say frees violent illegal immigrantsAug-14-2015Go
Yazidi refugees flee ISIS, but find door to US asylum closedAug-12-2015Go
California prosecutor may seek death penalty in home invasion murderAug-12-2015Go
Homeland Security PR campaign: Stay on your side of the borderAug-10-2015Go
Mexican woman facing deportation marks milestone in church sanctuary: 'It's like I lost a year'Aug-10-2015Go
Justice Department asks judge not to release families in immigration detention centersAug-08-2015Go
Violent crimes reigniting debate over immigration lawsAug-07-2015Go
Calif. city to appoint illegal immigrants as commissionersAug-07-2015Go
Illegal immigrant held in rape, murder of California woman was on probationAug-07-2015Go
Tucson man, 2 Mexicans accused of smuggling nearly $1.2M in drugs in separate incidentsAug-04-2015Go
Illegal immigrant, 16, sets Texas patrol car on fire over ICE deportations: policeAug-04-2015Go
Border Patrol poster boy's arrest, new report bare agency's corruption issueAug-01-2015Go
NBC and ABC Skip Illegal Immigrant's Crime SpreeJul-31-2015Go
Israel readies Iron Dome on Lebanon border as Hezbollah anticipates arms from IranJul-31-2015Go
Man killed Montana Good Samaritans because daughter 'laughed' at him, say copsJul-31-2015Go
Illegal immigration prevention spending in Central America backfires, entices migrantsJul-30-2015Go
Calais migrants: 2nd night of mass attempts to reach EnglandJul-29-2015Go
Illegal immigrant ordered freed by feds now suspected of murder in OhioJul-29-2015Go
Surge of Syrian refugees into US stirs security concernsJul-29-2015Go
Obama loses last legal buffer against surge of immigrantsJul-27-2015Go
Judge rules illegal immigrant parents with children should be releasedJul-26-2015Go
BREAKING: Horrific New Illegal Alien Wave Sweeps Texas [Video]Jul-24-2015Go
House OKs bill to crack down on 'sanctuary cities,' White House threatens vetoJul-24-2015Go
Immigrant parents suing Texas for withholding birth certificates to US-born kidsJul-23-2015Go
Mother of Boy Killed by Illegal Alien to Congress: “Your silence speaks volumes”Jul-22-2015Go
Feds: New citizens can skip pledge to take up arms and defend the USJul-22-2015Go
Illegal Alien Crime and Violence by the NumbersJul-22-2015Go
Starnes: Illegal Accused of Killing 18-Year-Old, Burning 3-Year-Old AliveJul-22-2015Go
House aims to punish sanctuary cities, force cooperation by withholding federal fundsJul-21-2015Go
Illegal immigrant victim’s mother: ‘We are at war right here in this country’Jul-21-2015Go
Killed in her sleep: Illegal immigrants suspected in Mass. grandma's death faced deportationJul-21-2015Go
Explosion kills 28, injures nearly 100 in Turkish city near Syrian borderJul-20-2015Go
DoJ to Sheriff Joe: Speak Spanish in jailsJul-19-2015Go
Most new California licenses go to drivers in country illegallyJul-18-2015Go
A gentleman's guide to Donald Trump's comments about illegal immigrants and crimeJul-18-2015Go
Truth Serum: Bill banning 'Sanctuary cities' failsJul-17-2015Go
San Francisco deputies’ union takes on sheriff over immigration stanceJul-17-2015Go
Hungary's defense minister says anti-migrant fence on Serbian border will be built by Nov. 30Jul-16-2015Go
Hundreds of released illegals convicted of kidnapping, homicideJul-15-2015Go
McCain, Flake demand DHS detain and deport some within 90 daysJul-15-2015Go
DHS boss can’t say if admin reaching out to SF murder victim’s familyJul-15-2015Go
Victims of illegal immigrants’ crimes to testify to CongressJul-14-2015Go
DEA warned Mexico of plots to free drug lord 'El Chapo' in March 2014, documents showJul-14-2015Go
Courts could give San Francisco sanctuary in potential suit over illegal immigrant policyJul-13-2015Go
Only two drug cartels left in Mexico and all others have splintered, top official saysJul-12-2015Go
Top Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman escapes from prison, officials sayJul-12-2015Go
Megyn Kelly SLAMS Obama silence on Kate Steinle’s murder by illegal immigrant in EPIC segmentJul-11-2015Go
Donald Trump ‘telling it like it really, truly is’ on immigration, former Ariz. governor saysJul-11-2015Go
Trump meets with families of people slain by illegal immigrants: ‘Nobody wants to hear from us’Jul-11-2015Go
U.S. universities seek to delay lawsuits over Asian-American admissionsJul-11-2015Go
Can Kate Steinle's family sue San Francisco over its sanctuary city policy?Jul-11-2015Go
SF sheriff points finger back at feds in murder case involving illegal immigrantJul-11-2015Go
Illegal immigrant nabbed in Calif. cold case killing in homeless campJul-11-2015Go
Judge: Family of Mexican teen shot by border patrol agent can sueJul-10-2015Go
CBS and NBC Move on from Murder in SF by Illegal ImmigrantJul-09-2015Go
100-Plus Murders Allegedly Committed By Illegal Immigrants Released By U.S. GovernmentJul-09-2015Go
Previously-Deported Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Washington Woman And Her SonJul-09-2015Go
Despite San Francisco criticism, Clinton once backed sanctuary city policiesJul-09-2015Go
In long-predicted shift, California Latinos now outnumber whitesJul-09-2015Go
More Than 347,000 Convicted Criminal Immigrants at Large in the USJul-09-2015Go
Illegal immigrant who caused Ariz. crash was deported six times in last three yearsJul-08-2015Go
Fraud crackdown sends illegal immigrant licenses plummeting in NMJul-08-2015Go
San Francisco slaying ignites debate on sanctuary citiesJul-08-2015Go
California lawmaker moves to crack down on sanctuary cities in wake of murderJul-08-2015Go
Clinton, California lawmakers condemn San Francisco's 'sanctuary' policyJul-08-2015Go
Shooting renews scrutiny on 'sanctuary'-backing San Francisco sheriffJul-08-2015Go
White House blames GOP for Kathryn Steinle’s slaying, rise in gun violenceJul-07-2015Go
Kathryn Steinle killing fuels outrage over Democrats’ deportation oppositionJul-07-2015Go
CDC official called Obama ‘Marxist,’ ‘amateur’ over 2014 border surgeJul-07-2015Go
Goodlatte: Obama administration shares blame in illegal immigrant allegedly killing womanJul-06-2015Go
Suspect in San Francisco pier attack admits in jailhouse interview he shot womanJul-06-2015Go
Man arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported five times, officials sayJul-04-2015Go
Border Patrol should add 350 internal investigators, report saysJul-01-2015Go
Dems push to close immigrant detention centersJun-28-2015Go
US military moving tanks, other equipment to allied nations near Russian borderJun-23-2015Go
Most illegal immigrants from border surge skipped court date after release, records showJun-23-2015Go
NY police investigate possible sighting of escaped prisoners along Pa. borderJun-21-2015Go
Artist creates Donald Trump piñata for angry MexicansJun-20-2015Go
ISIS routed by Kurdish fighters in Syrian border townJun-16-2015Go
Kurdish fighters closing in on ISIS-held Syrian town on Turkish borderJun-14-2015Go
Obamatrade Immigration Rules Relax Standards for 2 Muslim NationsJun-14-2015Go
Worried lawmakers assess border security after Mexican drug cartel attackJun-08-2015Go
Border Patrol helicopter fired upon, forced to landJun-06-2015Go
Former vigilante leader who fought cartel running for Mexican congressional seatJun-04-2015Go
Reps press Kerry on ‘alarming’ violence surrounding US consulates in MexicoJun-04-2015Go
The border surge, a year later: Tens of thousands of immigrant children remain in limboJun-03-2015Go
US Has Taken In ¼ of the Population of MexicoMay-31-2015Go
Russia sends tanks, troops without insignia to Ukraine border: reportMay-28-2015Go
Ex-Los Angeles police officer charged with murder arrested in MexicoMay-27-2015Go