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Federal judge orders Trump to reinstate Obama's Waters of the US ruleAug-16-2018Go
EPA chief Scott Pruitt scraps Obama-era fuel efficiency rulesApr-03-2018Go
Meteorologist blasts those linking brutal blizzard to climate changeJan-05-2018Go
Climate changed: Trump reverses Obama, eliminates climate from list of national security threatsDec-18-2017Go
Bernie Sanders Hits Trump as Commander In Chief Over Climate ChangeDec-14-2017Go
California’s ‘new normal’ of winter wildfires doused by climate scientistsDec-12-2017Go
Stanford professor’s defamation lawsuit puts chill in atmosphere of climate scientistsDec-07-2017Go
EPA Spending $1.2 Million on ‘Environmental Justice’Nov-20-2017Go
Liberal Death Threats Against Pruitt Costing Taxpayers $2 Million a YearNov-02-2017Go
Northam Erases Environmentalist Running Mate From Northern Va. Campaign FlierOct-18-2017Go
EPA moves to repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan coal regsOct-09-2017Go
UN Head Misleads on Hurricanes and Climate ChangeOct-07-2017Go
John Duarte to pay $1.1M fine for plowing wheat field without permitAug-16-2017Go
Obama EPA Employees Earned Overtime Pay Without JustificationAug-14-2017Go
DHS waives environmental laws to begin building Trump border wallAug-01-2017Go
EPA may lack oxygen to challenge Obama’s greenhouse-gas endangerment findingAug-01-2017Go
Not so hot: Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ meets with skepticism even from leftJul-28-2017Go
Trump’s energy, environment accomplishments stand out in first six monthsJul-26-2017Go
Bill Nye: Climate science needs older generations to ‘die’ offJul-21-2017Go
Trump Eliminates More Than 800 Obama RegulationsJul-20-2017Go
Russia suspected of using Bermuda shell company to exploit American anti-fracking activistsJul-17-2017Go
EPA-funded lab faked research results on respiratory illnesses, whistleblower lawsuit claimsJul-05-2017Go
Court rejects EPA attempt to halt Obama-era methane ruleJul-04-2017Go
Trump’s WOTUS Repeal Has Yet to Help Modesto Farmer Who Faces $2.8 Million Fine for PlowingJul-01-2017Go
EPA’s Pruitt: Europe wants U.S. in Paris Agreement to gain economic advantageJun-30-2017Go
Trump deregulations quickly boost confidence and hiring in manufacturing sectorJun-16-2017Go
U.S. formally rejects Paris climate treaty at G-7 environmental meetingJun-12-2017Go
Developing nations in Paris climate accord threaten to keep polluting unless they’re paid The real truth behind the Paris climate accord…Jun-06-2017Go
EPA’s Scott Pruitt defends Trump stance on global warming: ‘Climate change occurs’Jun-04-2017Go
Nikki Haley pushes back against CBS’ John Dickerson on Trump’s climate change viewsJun-04-2017Go
Trump supporters plan ‘Pittsburgh Not Paris’ rally in WashingtonJun-03-2017Go
Pence: Trump open to renegotiating Paris climate deal, but wants to focus on domestic issuesJun-02-2017Go
U.S. economy, world already locked into lower-emission modelJun-02-2017Go
European leaders say Trump’s exit from Paris climate deal is ‘irreversible’Jun-02-2017Go
Trump eviscerates Obama’s Paris legacyJun-02-2017Go
Farmer fined $2.8m for farming on own landJun-01-2017Go
How Trump is smashing Obama’s legacy with decision to exit Paris climate dealJun-01-2017Go
Trump to exit Paris climate accord in major blow to Obama’s legacyMay-31-2017Go
The Conservative Approach to Taxation and a Healthy Business Climate by Heather Darling, Esq.May-30-2017Go
Merkel urges EU to control their own destiny, after Trump visit, climate change decisionMay-29-2017Go
At G7, Trump Diverts Agenda Away from Climate and Toward Islamist TerrorismMay-27-2017Go
Trump not swayed by G-7 leaders on Paris climate dealMay-27-2017Go
Republicans warn Trump: Staying in Paris deal will preserve Obama-era regulationsMay-25-2017Go
US Court Documents Show Monsanto Manager Led Cancer Cover Up for Glyphosate and PCBsMay-21-2017Go
GOP candidate running for governor presses McAuliffe on climate changeMay-21-2017Go
They’re back: Dakota pipeline protesters set up camp to back Iowa farmersMay-19-2017Go
State Department under Obama made U.S. participation vital to Paris climate pactMay-19-2017Go
Is science too 'politicized?' Trump administration tackles issueMay-16-2017Go
EPA reaches settlement with Pebble mine company; stalled Alaska project could go forwardMay-12-2017Go
EPA chief Pruitt: Obama no ‘environmental savior,’ past administration accomplished nothingMay-11-2017Go
EPA under fire for cleaning house at scientific review board; 9 members’ terms not renewedMay-08-2017Go
Labor unions, environmentalists square off at Keystone XL pipeline hearingMay-04-2017Go
Conservative columnist under siege after N.Y. Times debut on climate changeMay-02-2017Go
Soros a major backer of weekend’s Climate MarchMay-01-2017Go
The people’s billionaire: George Soros gave $36M to groups behind People’s Climate MarchApr-29-2017Go
How Team Trump plans to kill Obama’s Paris climate deal by declaring it a treatyApr-27-2017Go
Shots fired over Earth Day weekend at campus building home to prominent climate skepticsApr-25-2017Go
March for Science comes under microscope over left-tilting political agendaApr-22-2017Go
Conservatives pressure Trump to dismiss moderate voices, scrap Paris climate accordApr-19-2017Go
Future of Paris climate deal hangs in the balance at White House meeting TuesdayApr-18-2017Go
Ethanol industry, small-engine manufacturers clash over damage from fuelApr-10-2017Go
Soros-funded report mocked for blaming 1989 Exxon Valdez spill on global warmingApr-09-2017Go
Trump to sign new order rolling back Obama energy regsMar-28-2017Go
Executive action to kill Clean Power Plan coming this week: EPA chiefMar-26-2017Go
Trump’s EPA budget proposes harshest funding, staffing cuts in agency’s historyMar-22-2017Go
First Real Hope for Flint Water as Trump Bestows $100 MillionMar-21-2017Go
Violent protests upend left wing’s peaceful imageMar-17-2017Go
Donald Trump to ease Obama-era rule on auto fuel economy standardsMar-15-2017Go
Backyard ice rink must come down, Pennsylvania town decidesMar-14-2017Go
Cleaning up the Clean Water ActMar-11-2017Go
Willson v. Black Bird Creek Marsh Company (1829) – Guest Essayist: Andrew LangerMar-11-2017Go
EPA Chief Just Dropped Climate Shocker: 'Carbon Dioxide Not a Primary Contributor to Global Warming'Mar-11-2017Go
GOP lawmaker confronts Kasich on Ohio's green-energy mandatesMar-06-2017Go
Republicans in Maine, Utah want Trump to undo monumentsMar-06-2017Go
New Interior Secretary Zinke reverses last-minute Obama lead-ammunition banMar-03-2017Go
Texas rancher caught in regulatory web after rare spider found on landMar-03-2017Go
EPA Chief Applauds Trump Executive Order Ending Gov't 'Power Grab'Mar-01-2017Go
House urges EPA to rescind veto on Alaskan mine, despite local oppositionFeb-27-2017Go
GOP-backed measures seek to rein in science used at EPAFeb-08-2017Go
Federal scientist cooked climate change books ahead of Obama presentation, whistle blower chargesFeb-08-2017Go
Former Trump aide says US will pull out of Paris climate deal within 'days'Jan-31-2017Go
Trump orders two regulations cut for every regulation addedJan-30-2017Go
House to launch attack on Obama energy regs next weekJan-28-2017Go
Trump plans to cut EPA staff in halfJan-28-2017Go
Media Freakout: EPA 'standard practice' called a 'gag order' by reportersJan-28-2017Go
Congress might be able to axe a lot more Obama regulations than you thoughtJan-28-2017Go
Report: Trump tells EPA to stop awarding grants and contractsJan-25-2017Go
Trump admin institutes media blackout for EPA, suspends social media activityJan-25-2017Go
EPA braces for a Trump thumpingJan-24-2017Go
Clock ticking on Trump's promise to kill environmental regsJan-23-2017Go
Climate change scrubbed from White House websiteJan-21-2017Go
Trump's EPA nominee: We will obey CongressJan-18-2017Go
EPA absolved itself of responsibility for Animas disasterJan-17-2017Go
EPA won't be paying for mine spillJan-14-2017Go
Judge rebukes EPA, orders quick evaluation on coal jobs lost over regsJan-13-2017Go
EPA mine spill dumped a week's worth of toxic sludgeJan-07-2017Go
Climate change one issue to dominate Tillerson hearingsJan-07-2017Go
EPA Moves To Fine Alaskans For Burning Wood To Keep WarmJan-06-2017Go
Manchin: Trump's EPA pick is 'right' for the jobJan-06-2017Go
Staunch EPA opponent takes helm of Senate's top oversight panelJan-05-2017Go
EPA targets key ingredient in pizza, bread in latest eleventh-hour ruleDec-30-2016Go
Congress can act to help coal miners survive a regulatory onslaughtDec-28-2016Go
On climate change, leftists just think they're smarterDec-26-2016Go
Did 'fake news' play a role in Dakota Access decision?Dec-26-2016Go
EPA steamrolls auto industry to rush out new regsDec-23-2016Go
EPA: Trump threats more 'rhetoric' than realityDec-22-2016Go
Prioritizing the environment and jobs with Pruitt at the helm of EPADec-21-2016Go
Congress: Obama admin fired top scientist to advance climate change plansDec-21-2016Go
A look at Trump's 'clean coal' optionsDec-19-2016Go
New York attorney general promises to fight Trump in court if he weakens EPADec-19-2016Go
Obama issues new rules on 'responsible' coal miningDec-19-2016Go
Mining companies scramble to fight burdensome new EPA ruleDec-19-2016Go
Pruitt's first test at EPA would be renewable fuel programDec-14-2016Go
Judge cancels hearing in Exxon Mobil climate caseDec-13-2016Go
Pruitt a solid choice to fix a broken, power-hungry EPADec-13-2016Go
Environmentalists gear up, strategize for Trump warDec-12-2016Go
Senate overrides Boxer, passes water projects billDec-10-2016Go
Trump to nominate EPA critic Pruitt to lead agencyDec-08-2016Go
GOP's new water bill forces EPA to pay for toxic spillDec-06-2016Go
Ryan blasts decision to block Dakota Access pipeline routeDec-05-2016Go
EPA sparks GOP ire with eleventh-hour mining rulesDec-03-2016Go
EPA dings North Dakota fracking firm with $2.1M fineDec-03-2016Go
Obama races to impose tougher greenhouse gas rules, and much moreDec-02-2016Go
EPA in a rush to save auto rules from TrumpDec-01-2016Go
Oil, ethanol industries join forces to save EPA fuel programDec-01-2016Go
Obama's war on energy from federal landsDec-01-2016Go
New EPA rules push regulatory costs past $1 trillion, $3,080 per personDec-01-2016Go
GAO: EPA fuel program set to failNov-29-2016Go
GOP fighting off last-minute attempts at new climate regsNov-28-2016Go
Standing Rock chairman says Army Corps to close camp accessNov-26-2016Go
EPA raises renewable fuel standard, leaving industry 'disappointed'Nov-24-2016Go
Trump wants NASA focused on Mars, not climate changeNov-24-2016Go
Trump seems to be changing his mind on climate changeNov-23-2016Go
Trump announces plan to kill regulations, spark coal productionNov-22-2016Go
Pipeline protester quiets EPA chiefNov-22-2016Go
EPA chief sees economic 'paralysis' if Trump targets agencyNov-22-2016Go
GOP lawmaker wants to help Trump fire federal workersNov-21-2016Go
VW announces wave of layoffs to account for EPA finesNov-19-2016Go
Obama looks to stick Trump with his five-year drilling planNov-16-2016Go
Fight looms between 'fired up' Obama and Trump over regulatory rollbackNov-15-2016Go
Trump's plan to bring back coal country places EPA in crosshairsNov-14-2016Go
Trump won't defend Obama's climate plan in courtNov-14-2016Go
Trump reportedly looking for way to pull US out of climate agreementNov-13-2016Go
GOP says study beats back Obama fear mongering on frackingNov-11-2016Go
EPA rushing through regulations after Trump electionNov-11-2016Go
State Dept. announces 'aggressive acceleration' of climate rulesNov-08-2016Go
Clinton scandal hangs over climate talks in MoroccoNov-07-2016Go
Group's energy policy for new administration: More power, less EPAOct-31-2016Go
EPA becomes border cop for recyclingOct-29-2016Go
Case to determine if courts can move the goalposts on water permitsOct-27-2016Go
Senate ponders legality of Obama's latest climate dealOct-27-2016Go
Union chief hammers 'bottom-feeding' labor groups for opposing pipelineOct-27-2016Go
Watchdog: EPA could have declared Flint emergency six months earlierOct-21-2016Go
Report: EPA workers apologize for looking at porn at work - Anywhere else outside the government they would be fired…Oct-21-2016Go
New climate deal could make it harder to keep coolOct-17-2016Go
EPA employee in Colorado toxic spill will not be chargedOct-13-2016Go
Environmentalists file first civil suit against Exxon over climate fraudSep-30-2016Go
Judges go after both sides on first day of landmark climate hearingSep-28-2016Go
Trump's manager: Climate change is real but not man-madeSep-27-2016Go
Obama's climate legacy on trialSep-25-2016Go
Trump backs off plan to eliminate EPASep-23-2016Go
Kerry to reach key milestone in air-conditioning phase-outSep-22-2016Go
Alabama pipeline shutdown could send gas prices higherSep-17-2016Go
Quit crabbing: Obama creates major no-go zone for fishermen in the AtlanticSep-16-2016Go
Will Obama fence off more of the ocean? US fishermen are fearfulSep-14-2016Go
Climate change poses 'significant risk' to US military, report says as the insanity continuesSep-14-2016Go
EPA puzzled by mercury amount at Vegas middle schoolSep-14-2016Go
GOP, Dems join forces to make EPA pay for mine spillSep-13-2016Go
Democrats go silent on FlintSep-09-2016Go
GOP senators rip EPA chief for lack of transparencySep-08-2016Go
Puerto Rico demands EPA clean up its 'toxic landfills'Sep-04-2016Go
Climate skeptics lash out at Obama over 'illegal' climate dealSep-01-2016Go
Flint prompts watchdog to probe EPA state oversight effortsAug-31-2016Go
Climate activists team up with Planned Parenthood to fight TrumpAug-31-2016Go
EPA spills again in ColoradoAug-26-2016Go
California lawmakers raise climate goalAug-24-2016Go
Obama uses national parks' birthday to push climate changeAug-22-2016Go
NY attorney general changes tack on Exxon climate fraudAug-20-2016Go
Obama uses national parks' birthday to push climate changeAug-20-2016Go
EPA scrambles to defend Clean Power Plan in courtAug-20-2016Go
EPA dings Harley-Davidson with $12M fineAug-18-2016Go
Inspector general: EPA withheld key ethanol reportsAug-18-2016Go
EPA stripping states of their authority, study showsAug-18-2016Go
Can't meet EPA's pricey truck rules? Just pay the fineAug-18-2016Go
Obama imposes new fuel regs on trucksAug-16-2016Go
EPA withdraws emissions rules for race carsAug-16-2016Go
Navajo Nation to sue Obama's EPA over toxic spillAug-16-2016Go
Obama: 'Much more to do' on climate changeAug-14-2016Go
Rob Bishop: Court's support for Obama's climate calculus sets 'dangerous precedent'Aug-13-2016Go
Obama readies final rule in climate agendaAug-13-2016Go
Obama cracks down on mining as elections nearAug-11-2016Go
Nevada starts to pull the plug on solar subsidiesAug-11-2016Go
The 7 most expensive regs in Obama's climate planAug-08-2016Go
Half the country not likely to participate in EPA's clean energy planAug-07-2016Go
GOP senators praise criminal probe to mark EPA mine disasterAug-06-2016Go
Climate change front and center at Olympics opening ceremonyAug-06-2016Go
EPA silent on firings one year after toxic mine spillAug-05-2016Go
EPA defiant on one-year anniversary of climate regsAug-04-2016Go
Race car industry remains under EPA threatAug-03-2016Go
In twist, environmentalists fight proposed carbon tax – because it doesn't grow gov'tAug-03-2016Go
Six more Michigan state workers face charges over Flint water crisisJul-30-2016Go
Clinton adviser: Obama climate plan may have to be redesignedJul-28-2016Go
Clinton to take credit for elevating Flint water crisis in DNC videoJul-28-2016Go
EPA unleashes 'new' ideas in $425 million settlement with refinersJul-19-2016Go
North Dakota first to sue EPA over methane rulesJul-19-2016Go
Climate activists, labor team up in $10M bid to take down TrumpJul-16-2016Go
Obama surprises offshore drillers with costly changesJul-15-2016Go
House votes to block using Paris climate deal to make EPA carbon rulesJul-14-2016Go
House GOP uses funding bill to attack Arctic drilling rulesJul-14-2016Go
EPA budget stripped to save coal countryJul-13-2016Go
House GOP fights off Democratic attempts to protect Obama environmental rulesJul-13-2016Go
White House threatens veto of Interior-EPA spending billJul-12-2016Go
From microbrews to livestreaming EPA hearingsJul-11-2016Go
Feds to underscore cost of Obama climate agenda at conferenceJul-11-2016Go
EPA back at work at site of toxic mine spillJul-08-2016Go
GOP chair threatens Dem AGs in Exxon climate probeJul-07-2016Go
Dem platform wants companies prosecuted for climate fraudJul-03-2016Go
House committee to highlight EPA's 76,000 pages of regs under ObamaJul-03-2016Go
GOP senator races to block EPA's smog rulesJul-02-2016Go
Dem platform wants companies prosecuted for climate fraudJul-02-2016Go
GOP senator races to block EPA's smog rulesJul-01-2016Go
EPA wants new regs on states for national parksJun-27-2016Go
EPA panel backs tough new ozone regs -- after getting $200M in grants, lawsuit chargesJun-27-2016Go
GOP to grill EPA on enforcementJun-26-2016Go
Oil battle pits energy companies vs. tribes, climate activistsJun-26-2016Go
Senators urge EPA to strengthen ethanol standardJun-25-2016Go
Obama looks to appeal judge's rejection of fracking rulesJun-25-2016Go
Chamber: Obama's regs create 'glass ceiling' blocking job growthJun-23-2016Go
Senate GOP begins pushback against EPA smog rulesJun-23-2016Go
Flake walks out on senior Democrat at hearingJun-23-2016Go
White House eyes higher costs for coal miningJun-23-2016Go
Fighting back against global warming scalp-huntersJun-23-2016Go
GOP-led Congress achieves historic regulatory reform of broken environmental lawJun-22-2016Go
GOP ups pressure on Dem AGs over Exxon probeJun-21-2016Go
The next big feud over climate changeJun-20-2016Go
Judge slams EPA for trying to silence former Bush officialJun-18-2016Go
EPA moves ahead on clean energy despite court stayJun-17-2016Go
Senate spending bill targeting EPA rules progressesJun-17-2016Go
Kerry concedes: Terrorism is a bigger threat than climate changeJun-17-2016Go
Ethanol industry blasts EPA 'hogwash'Jun-09-2016Go
House to hold vote against carbon taxJun-08-2016Go
White House threatens veto over bill slowing smog rulesJun-08-2016Go
Manufacturers tell Congress to slow smog regulationsJun-07-2016Go
Obama, Modi seek to rapidly implement climate dealJun-07-2016Go
House to take up measures hitting Obama environmental plansJun-06-2016Go
Obama's climate legacy in the balance with India PM's visitJun-05-2016Go
Calif. Senate backs away from bill criminalizing climate change doubtJun-04-2016Go
HHS replies to GOP subpoena with one blacked-out pageJun-01-2016Go
Supreme Court allows Clean Water Act rules to be challengedMay-31-2016Go
GOP senators complain to DOJ over push to 'stifle' climate debateMay-28-2016Go
Senators to Lynch: End climate change investigationsMay-26-2016Go
GOP senator: Obama chose climate change fund over fighting ZikaMay-25-2016Go
New Mexico first to sue EPA over toxic spillMay-24-2016Go
EPA boss: Clean Power Plan 'will restore your faith in government' - Of course it willMay-22-2016Go
UN proposals threaten global health, economyMay-21-2016Go
DiCaprio takes private jet extra 8,000 miles to collect environmental awardMay-21-2016Go
Coal industry fuming over Obama's proposed cleanup rulesMay-20-2016Go
Bill forces EPA to pay for its toxic messMay-19-2016Go
'Stunning': EPA had to pay $55K to get child molester to retireMay-18-2016Go
Fighting Back: AGs ask judge to block climate change 'fishing expedition'May-18-2016Go
Unions demand AFL-CIO cut ties with environmental activist billionaireMay-17-2016Go
GOP bill cancels free yoga classes for federal workersMay-15-2016Go
Anti-oil protesters block trains to 2 Washington state refineriesMay-15-2016Go
Trump energy adviser would be hard on EPA, climate regsMay-14-2016Go
Republicans propose bill to block U.N. climate fundMay-14-2016Go
Climate change group mocks Trump energy adviser selectionMay-14-2016Go
Senate overwhelmingly approves energy and water funding billMay-13-2016Go
Study author: Media too quick to blame 'climate change'May-13-2016Go
Wyoming welder, facing $16M in fines, beats EPA in battle over stock pondMay-12-2016Go
Democrat wants to suffocate those who disagree with him on climate changeMay-12-2016Go
EPA targets fracking wells in latest round of climate rulesMay-12-2016Go
EPA seeks to cut methane from oil, gas by 40 percentMay-12-2016Go
GOP: EPA gets 'welcome rebuke' in WyomingMay-11-2016Go
CNN report doesn't say embattled Flint mayor is a DemMay-11-2016Go
Obama's not so 'elegant' climate regulationsMay-08-2016Go
EPA: Coal communities could be left behindMay-07-2016Go
Poll: Majority of people never heard of Obama's climate planMay-06-2016Go
UN chief calls for 'radical' change to address climateMay-05-2016Go
Democrat lawmakers want to end Arctic oil and gas leasingMay-03-2016Go
Greenpeace: Obama sacrificing climate legacy for trade dealMay-02-2016Go
Climate roadshow comes to WashingtonMay-02-2016Go
Dem blasts Republicans over EPA mine decisionApr-30-2016Go
EPA official to face Congress over Alaskan mineApr-25-2016Go
McCain demands criminal investigation into EPA for Colo. SpillApr-24-2016Go
Why Democrats still defend the EPAApr-24-2016Go
Vitter slams EPA for missing deadline on Flint docsApr-22-2016Go
State: Climate deal signing doesn't mean it's a done dealApr-20-2016Go
3 charged with several crimes in Flint water crisisApr-20-2016Go
NY atty. general sought to keep lawyer's role in climate change push secretApr-19-2016Go
Top EPA critic offers rare moment of praiseApr-19-2016Go
AGs, activists accused of 'collusion' on Exxon probe amid new emailsApr-19-2016Go
House panel targets Endangered Species ActApr-17-2016Go
EPA: Fossil fuels account for much of U.S. greenhouse gas emissionsApr-16-2016Go
States: EPA 'ties itself in knots' in making case for climate rulesApr-16-2016Go
EPA chief: Agency would survive a Republican presidencyApr-15-2016Go
Obama: More regs needed to spur competitionApr-15-2016Go
Navy sets new climate change request for vendorsApr-15-2016Go
Exxon Mobil: Subpoena over climate change 'abuse of government power'Apr-14-2016Go
House confronts EPA overreach in energy spending billApr-14-2016Go
Greens sue EPA for 'foot dragging' on aircraft rulesApr-13-2016Go
Senators suspect agency interference in solar fraud investigationApr-13-2016Go
Greens seek to turn Puerto Rico debt into environmental debateApr-12-2016Go
California's race to regulate slams brakes on innovationApr-12-2016Go
Group: Al Gore using 'McCarthy-style tactics' to criminalize climate change criticsApr-08-2016Go
Manchin fears EPA could close shale wells over earthquake riskApr-08-2016Go
EPA walking the edge on methane regsApr-08-2016Go
McCain miffed at EPA for skipping out on mine hearingApr-07-2016Go
Feds: EPA rules forcing more expensive fuel on driversApr-07-2016Go
EPA head: Dire climate change report bolsters Clean Power Plan defense - Really?Apr-05-2016Go
EPA's Earth Day message for kids: Cars are badApr-03-2016Go
Foodies urge EPA to make big rig trucks go greenApr-02-2016Go
Cotton: EPA's use of private emails shows contempt for transparencyApr-01-2016Go
Coal industry announces major round of layoffs in the WestApr-01-2016Go
Colorado's Democratic governor says no to EPA ozone rulesApr-01-2016Go
EPA: Volunteering doesn't mean industry mandates go awayMar-31-2016Go
Chamber: Exxon probe is 'un-American' assault on free marketMar-31-2016Go
FDA sued over 'frankenfish'Mar-31-2016Go
U.S., China agree to sign Paris climate treaty as soon as possibleMar-31-2016Go
Lamar Smith: EPA has states in a hazeMar-23-2016Go
GOP holding Obama's feet to the fire on Yucca MountainMar-19-2016Go
Strange Bedfellows: Obama, fossil fuel industry unite against kids' climate suitMar-18-2016Go
Mich. governor to tell Congress government 'failed the families of Flint'Mar-17-2016Go
EPA administrator deflects blame for Mich. water crisisMar-17-2016Go
EPA chief blames Michigan for Flint water crisisMar-15-2016Go
White House threatens veto of GOP-backed coal plant billMar-15-2016Go
EPA memo: Flint not worth going 'out on a limb for'Mar-15-2016Go
Senators accuse State Dept. of defying Congress with $500M UN climate paymentMar-12-2016Go
U.S., Canada launch new climate change effortMar-10-2016Go
Obama cuts first check under climate dealMar-09-2016Go
States oppose Obama's 'end run around' Congress on frackingMar-08-2016Go
New bill would kick EPA out of America's racetracksMar-08-2016Go
Former Republican EPA chief searches for a middle ground on climateMar-07-2016Go
Supreme Court slams states' motion to halt EPA rulesMar-03-2016Go
Poison in the Pipes: How Flint leaders led the city to financial ruinMar-02-2016Go
GOP: Interior budget 'destroying' state economiesMar-01-2016Go
When it comes to EPA, what would Captain Kirk do?Feb-29-2016Go
Utah slams brakes on EPA climate rulesFeb-27-2016Go
Mich. governor maintains he didn't know about Flint's contaminated waterFeb-27-2016Go
Obama gives EPA climate researchers highest scientific honorFeb-25-2016Go
White House plays up green tax credits after court delays climate planFeb-23-2016Go
EPA: Carbon emissions rose minimally despite industry surge, drivingFeb-23-2016Go
Climate rule opponents blast 'audacious assertion' of EPA's authorityFeb-20-2016Go
These 8 federal agencies are the worst. Here's how to fix themFeb-20-2016Go
States: EPA defying Supreme Court halt of climate ruleFeb-13-2016Go
Emails: Despite knowing of lead in water, EPA planned to let Flint keep drinking it into 2016Feb-13-2016Go
EPA's bloody valentineFeb-13-2016Go
Resignation of EPA official who stayed silent on Flint was 'courageous'???Feb-12-2016Go
Group issues 'stop work' order to states on climate ruleFeb-12-2016Go
Lawmakers demand 'regulatory humility' from EPAFeb-12-2016Go
White House defiant after Supreme Court halt of power planFeb-10-2016Go
Attorneys general say states should ignore Obama's climate planFeb-10-2016Go
Supreme Court puts Obama's power plant regs on holdFeb-10-2016Go
Obama to set first-ever climate rules for airlinesFeb-09-2016Go
EPA slams states' request to Supreme Court to halt climate ruleFeb-05-2016Go
North Dakota says it's being unfairly targeted by EPA climate ruleJan-31-2016Go
Chief justice to decide on whether to freeze Obama climate rulesJan-31-2016Go
States ask Supreme Court to stay Obama climate rulesJan-27-2016Go
Senators seek DOJ probe into EPA's 'covert propaganda' on water ruleJan-25-2016Go
Supreme Court rules for feds' energy-saving programJan-25-2016Go
Federal utility regulator on course to be GOP-freeJan-24-2016Go
EPA faces legal blizzard over smogJan-23-2016Go
Senate fails to override President Obama's environmental vetoJan-21-2016Go
Early man's actions caused global warming, study says - Of course they didJan-21-2016Go
Blame game erupts over Flint’s toxic water, Dems target GOP govJan-19-2016Go
EPA cleared of bias in Alaska mine controversy despite lost emails - The troubling details of the missing emails raise charges of an EPA whitewashingJan-18-2016Go
Court decisions could hurt Obama's climate legacyJan-17-2016Go
Another green energy boondoggleJan-12-2016Go
EPA goes global in 2016Jan-10-2016Go
Ethanol industry sues EPA over renewable fuel programJan-09-2016Go
Climate exaggerationJan-07-2016Go
New poll shows huge partisan split on climate changeJan-05-2016Go
The dirt on the EPA's new clean energy creditsJan-04-2016Go
New Oregon program aims to show another way to push clean fuelsJan-01-2016Go
Kerry: Climate deal more important than Iran dealDec-30-2015Go
Chamber, manufacturers sue EPA over smog rulesDec-25-2015Go
Tom Steyer's carbon regulation win in OregonDec-23-2015Go
Water wars could return in Northwest as Congress dams dealDec-22-2015Go
Obama defies GOP on climate change with last veto of 2015Dec-21-2015Go
EPA fraudster's biofuel booty hits the auction blockDec-21-2015Go
Watchdog probes possible $250,000 bonus to EPA workerDec-20-2015Go
Letter: House GOP says EPA muddying the waters in toxic spill probeDec-19-2015Go
Obama's phantom climate change agreementDec-15-2015Go
King slams government money in climate scienceDec-14-2015Go
Reporters shout, jump for joy after climate change agreementDec-13-2015Go
The self-destruct button in the Paris climate talksDec-12-2015Go
190 nations near global climate deal in ParisDec-12-2015Go
It's time to stop the EPA's overreachDec-11-2015Go
Fiorina: Obama's climate focus makes people 'afraid and frustrated'Dec-11-2015Go
Kerry: Climate change fueled Syrian refugee crisisDec-10-2015Go
Cruz compares climate scientists to InquisitionDec-09-2015Go
Report: Obama admin winning the new regulations raceDec-09-2015Go
Cruz hearing to take aim at climate scienceDec-08-2015Go
Judges hear oral arguments on EPA regsDec-04-2015Go
Rubio rejects Obama's climate horror stories in FloridaDec-04-2015Go
Onerous new FDA rules will increase smokingDec-03-2015Go
Obama campaign website targets GOP 'climate deniers'Dec-02-2015Go
GOP lawmaker tries to get answers on global warming studyDec-02-2015Go
EPA criticized for picking clean-energy winners and losersDec-02-2015Go
Report: Less than 1 percent of all Obama regs tested for costsNov-30-2015Go
EPA questioned over $9,000 in bonuses for new employeeNov-30-2015Go
U.S. Chamber: Obama climate plan in jeopardyNov-30-2015Go
Fiorina: Obama 'delusional' about magnitude of climate change as security threatNov-30-2015Go
Obama seeks global climate pact in Paris, amid resistance at homeNov-30-2015Go
Mistrust: Lawmakers decry Obama sidelining them on climate dealNov-29-2015Go
North Carolina judge rules against 13-year-old in climate change challengeNov-29-2015Go
Leaders of 53-nation Commonwealth call for legally binding climate deal in ParisNov-29-2015Go
Skeptics to host alternative climate meeting in ParisNov-27-2015Go
House has big energy plans while Obama's in ParisNov-27-2015Go
UN climate chief: Deal to reduce emissions within reachNov-27-2015Go
Democrats rise in opposition to Obama's climate change agendaNov-25-2015Go
Bipartisan coalition tasks Ryan to block EPA water ruleNov-24-2015Go
House GOP plans to block Obama climate fundsNov-24-2015Go
37 senators warn Obama to tell the truth about climate dealNov-22-2015Go
Greens push for EPA to come down hard on states over climate plansNov-21-2015Go
Opponents zero in on EPA ethanol rules as deadline nearsNov-21-2015Go
Senate resolution: No climate deal without a voteNov-20-2015Go
Clinton unveils coal country plan, firing up critics of energy stanceNov-13-2015Go
Rail shipping of oil to soar after Keystone XL demiseNov-11-2015Go
Study claims EPA’s Clean Power Plan may hike electricity prices in 47 statesNov-11-2015Go
EPA blasted for giving employees too much paid leaveNov-10-2015Go
National parks fail EPA’s latest ozone mandates – but feds blame power plantsNov-10-2015Go
Matt Bevin Tells the EPA to ‘Pound Sand’Nov-09-2015Go
Exxon, Peabody investigated over climate change claimsNov-06-2015Go
Prosecutors could decide to probe companies that funded or joined groups that questioned climate scienceNov-06-2015Go
Republicans' surprise comeback in opposing EPA rulesNov-04-2015Go
Lawsuit downpour hits Obama's climate planNov-04-2015Go
WH threatens to veto Senate bill limiting EPA's powerNov-04-2015Go
Paris climate summit goals a patchwork of confusionNov-04-2015Go
NASA says Antarctic ice may be growing after allNov-03-2015Go
Obama's climate plan is a 'fantasy document'Oct-31-2015Go
EPA may ban common pesticide used on fruits and vegetablesOct-31-2015Go
U.N. warns Paris deal won't be enough to stop climate changeOct-30-2015Go
49 senators oppose Obama's climate rulesOct-28-2015Go
GOP demands documents on OSHA rule targeting franchisersOct-28-2015Go
White House report shows high cost of EPA rulesOct-27-2015Go
EPA chief says agency needs a strong biteOct-27-2015Go
Business, states open legal fire on EPA’s Clean Power Plan ruleOct-27-2015Go
Catholic leaders push new rules to limit effects of climate changeOct-26-2015Go
White House defiant in wake of legal challenges to climate planOct-24-2015Go
24 states suing EPA over climate rulesOct-23-2015Go
Watchdog report says EPA team caused toxic Colorado mine spillOct-23-2015Go
Congress targets broad swath of EPA issuesOct-21-2015Go
States ready to rally against Obama's reviled climate planOct-20-2015Go
Critics probe scientist who asked Obama to use anti-Mafia laws to silence climate-change skepticsOct-16-2015Go
How to get climate deal? Only way is use of force, report saysOct-15-2015Go
Obama 'took the wrong side' on climate change, says physicist Freeman DysonOct-15-2015Go
Missouri Dem to challenge Obama's climate planOct-13-2015Go
EPA spends millions on military-style weapons, watchdog group reportsOct-11-2015Go
EPA comes under fire following another Colorado mine spillOct-09-2015Go
California's farmers left high and dry by drought, environmental regsOct-08-2015Go
Project to divert water from Colorado River tributary to NM raises concernsOct-03-2015Go
Federal judge blocks new Obama administration rules on frackingOct-01-2015Go
Exclusive: UN ignores science council warnings in creating vast Sustainable Development GoalsSep-30-2015Go
The GOP's quick fix on climate changeSep-28-2015Go
EPA toughening stance on emissions testsSep-25-2015Go
Watchdog: EPA official flew home nearly every weekend on taxpayer’s dimeSep-24-2015Go
Site investigations, cleanup work suspended at 10 mine sites after Colorado spillSep-13-2015Go
EPA halts work at 10 polluted mines, worried about possible spillSep-12-2015Go
When will EPA tell the truth about Colorado's Animas River spill?Sep-10-2015Go
EPA admits never planned for ‘worst-case scenario’ at site of toxic mine spillSep-10-2015Go
Colorado mine owner: EPA lied in congressional hearingSep-10-2015Go
UN climate change body suffers mammoth European carbon fraudSep-09-2015Go
Colorado coal mine avoids closure over environmental group's green gambitSep-09-2015Go
EPA faces grilling over toxic mine spillSep-08-2015Go
Nine Obama regulations to watchSep-07-2015Go
Oil industry braces for Obama’s final climate pushSep-06-2015Go
Green energy company fights for life after getting billions from fedsSep-02-2015Go
EPA’s clean power fraudSep-01-2015Go
Obama’s green pressure tactics exposed: Governors, climate activists help sell agendaSep-01-2015Go
DC Police Union: City leaders too afraid of 'political climate' to let police workAug-31-2015Go
Carly Fiorina: EPA Regulations ‘Will Destroy Livelihoods’Aug-29-2015Go
EPA defies judge to move ahead with water ruleAug-28-2015Go
States fight to stop deadline clock on EPA’s mammoth Clean Power PlanAug-28-2015Go
Wyoming man files suit over massive EPA fines for building pondAug-28-2015Go
Judge blocks new federal rule on jurisdiction of waterwaysAug-27-2015Go
EPA: Gauging mine’s water level before spill would have been ‘difficult,’ ‘expensive’Aug-27-2015Go
EPA withholds mine spill documents from CongressAug-26-2015Go
EPA aware of 'blowout' risk at mine that could release tainted wastewaterAug-22-2015Go
LA 'black ball' reservoir rollout potential 'disaster' in the making, say expertsAug-20-2015Go
EPA hits oil and gas industry with new methane emissions regsAug-19-2015Go
Navajo Nation president: ‘I’m not gonna be drinking this water’ after EPA spillAug-18-2015Go
'Irresponsible' drinking: Colorado gov blasted for chugging water after mine spillAug-15-2015Go
Rage on the reservation: EPA spill stokes Navajo mistrust of fedsAug-15-2015Go
Months ago, Colo. town resisted allowing EPA tests that caused toxic disasterAug-14-2015Go
Fifteen states petition DC court to block new EPA power plant rulesAug-14-2015Go
Carly Fiorina is Asked About Climate Change by Katie Couric, Delivers Epic ResponseAug-13-2015Go
EPA chief touts Obama's green agenda amid mine spillAug-13-2015Go
Environmental groups, EPA at odds over lasting effects of river spillAug-13-2015Go
An inconvenient truth: ‘Climate change industry’ now a $1.5 trillion global businessAug-12-2015Go
EPA's McCarthy: Contaminated water from Colorado mine will spreadAug-11-2015Go
Gold King Mine spill exposes Obama hypocrisy, threatens EPA credibility, critics sayAug-11-2015Go
'They're not going to get away with this': Anger mounts at EPA over mining spillAug-10-2015Go
N.M. governor bashes EPA for flooding Animas River with orange toxic wastewaterAug-09-2015Go
The NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL (NRDC) - environmental activist organizationAug-08-2015Go
EPA’s climate coupAug-06-2015Go
Lawmakers take aim at EPA 'sue-and-settle' collusionAug-06-2015Go
16 states ask Obama admin to put power plant rules on holdAug-06-2015Go
Emails appear to show coordination between EPA, environmental groups on power plant rulesAug-05-2015Go
Obama blasts ‘lazy’ critics of carbon rulesAug-04-2015Go
Obama announces power plant regulations, GOP lawmakers vow fightAug-03-2015Go
Mining group asks EPA to stay its climate ruleAug-03-2015Go
Obama climate change plan to kill jobs, raise electric bills; could pose health riskAug-03-2015Go
EPA chief: Supreme Court won't stop push to cut pollutionAug-02-2015Go
EPA administrator challenged over use of 'secret science'Aug-02-2015Go
Obama set to announce steeper emissions cuts from US power plantsAug-02-2015Go
Wind turbines threaten Midwest birds, feds sayJul-28-2015Go
Environmental groups raise concerns over Florida's new hunt for oilJul-26-2015Go
Naked Tree Huggers Mount Eucalyptus TreesJul-24-2015Go
Appliance industry warns federal dishwasher regs would lead to dirty dishesJul-21-2015Go
Industry rails against Obama’s dishwasher rulesJul-20-2015Go
Republicans fret ‘midnight regulations’ from ObamaJul-20-2015Go
Renewable energy standards reconsidered as states question mandates, fret over costsJul-17-2015Go
EPA ‘secret science’ under the microscope as GOP lawmakers seek banJul-17-2015Go
EPA distorts health benefits of mega-costly clean-air ruleJul-17-2015Go
Feds unveil regs to protect streams, critics say coal country jobs at riskJul-17-2015Go
EPA distorts health benefits of mega-costly clean-air ruleJul-16-2015Go
Official: Water Tom Selleck accused of stealing was paid forJul-11-2015Go
Emails show party planning and more between EPA official, environmental groupsJul-10-2015Go
EPA Clueless On 90,000 Tons of Toxic Waste Imported To U.S. AnnuallyJul-10-2015Go
EPA chief suggests climate change skeptics aren't normalJul-08-2015Go
Nobel Prize-winning scientist says Obama is ‘dead wrong’ on global warmingJul-08-2015Go
Study: New EPA Reg to Cost Half-Trillion in Compliance, 224,000 Jobs Per YearJul-07-2015Go
Center for American Progress helped craft EPA talking points, emails showJul-06-2015Go
Coal War, Part III: What EPA regulations mean for Alabama coal producersJul-04-2015Go
Obama's EPA Regulations: 6,552x As Long As Constitution; 46x As Long As BibleJul-04-2015Go
Supreme Court's ruling comes too late for coalJul-04-2015Go
Obama climate change agenda faces legal, political resistanceJul-01-2015Go
Supreme Court rules against EPA on power plant regsJun-29-2015Go
Insanity across state lines: Calif. Gov. Brown asks EPA to impose harsher regulations on other statesJun-24-2015Go
Vatican Locked Out Catholic Scientist From Summit As He Challenged Their 'Science' On Climate ChangeJun-23-2015Go
Supreme Court rules in raisin case that gov’t can’t take property without compensationJun-22-2015Go
EPA’s Secret Deals with EnvironmentalistsJun-22-2015Go
EPA proposes tougher mileage standards for trucksJun-19-2015Go
Obama administration praises, GOP lawmakers dismiss pope's climate messageJun-19-2015Go
New EPA Regs Issued Under Obama Are 38 Times as Long as BibleJun-17-2015Go
White House approves EPA’s airplane emissions planJun-11-2015Go
GOP amendment would limit climate dealsJun-11-2015Go
GOP readies assault on Obama’s climate agendaJun-10-2015Go
Climate change: Mr. Obama, 97 percent of experts is a bogus numberJun-10-2015Go
Obama tackles climate change with new EPA rulesJun-10-2015Go
Climate scientists criticize government paper that erases ‘pause’ in warmingJun-10-2015Go
Green gambit: Enviro group's legal maneuver may kill coal mineJun-09-2015Go
Some Things to Know About Obama's New EPA RegulationsJun-07-2015Go
New EPA Regulations Would Force Power Plants To Find 30% More Loopholes By 2030Jun-07-2015Go
Poliquin worried about impact of boiler regulations on Maine millJun-07-2015Go
EPA set to unveil host of new regsJun-07-2015Go
Industry on edge as EPA prepares to regulate airline emissionsJun-06-2015Go
Wyoming hospital fighting case in Indian court blames EPAJun-06-2015Go
EPA declares no ‘widespread’ harm to drinking water from fracking, boosting industryJun-05-2015Go
Climate change brings needed rain to AfricaJun-05-2015Go
Obama climate rule nearly completeJun-02-2015Go
New Carbon Rules the Next Step in Obama’s War on CoalJun-01-2015Go
EPA’s renewed renewable fuels push has critics fumingJun-01-2015Go
EPA under fire for social media ‘PR campaign’ pushing water regsMay-26-2015Go
EPA poised to issue landmark water regulations
EPA reg rolls backs air pollution exemptions for industryMay-23-2015Go
Environmentalists fail in bid to revoke GOP senator’s degreeMay-22-2015Go
'War on police': Line-of-duty deaths rise amid racially-charged rhetoric, anti-cop climateMay-21-2015Go
'War on police': Line-of-duty deaths rise amid racially-charged rhetoric, anti-cop climateMay-15-2015Go
House panel targets 'glaring management failures' at EPAApr-30-2015Go
EPA administrator makes appeal at X-rated music festivalApr-30-2015Go
EPA spends $84,000 to study churches that preach climate changeApr-28-2015Go
WH starts initiative to battle health problems from climate changeApr-08-2015Go
US offer for climate treaty: Up to 28 percent emissions cutMar-31-2015Go
White House slams McConnell on EPAMar-20-2015Go
EPA wants to monitor how long hotel guests spend in the showerMar-17-2015Go
Netanyahu says Israel won't cede land to Palestinians in current Middle East climateMar-09-2015Go
U.N. Climate Chief Admits Goal Is Worldwide Redistribution Of WealthMar-06-2015Go
Head of UN climate panel steps down amid sexual harassment caseFeb-24-2015Go
EPA turning regulatory eyes to natural gas, expert saysFeb-04-2015Go
EPA document says government knew about contamination at Louisiana’s Camp Minden decades agoJan-21-2015Go
EPA faces internal review over scrubbed text messagesJan-17-2015Go
Environmentalists Suffer Big Loss on Lead Bullets CaseDec-24-2014Go
EPA coal ash standards setback for environmental groupsDec-20-2014Go
$10 billion UN-linked climate change fund wants immunity from prosecutionDec-18-2014Go
Fight looms over $3 billion Obama administration payment to UN-linked climate fundDec-15-2014Go
Deal reached at UN climate talks after late-night wranglingDec-14-2014Go
EPA sets 'ambitious' agenda for 2015Dec-02-2014Go
EPA Early Warning ReportDec-02-2014Go
EPA staffers linked to 'alleged serious misconduct,' agency revealsDec-02-2014Go
Google engineers say renewable energy won’t solve climate changeNov-26-2014Go
Backers of Alaska gold mine win court battle with EPANov-26-2014Go
Immigration, climate change, minimum wage: Obama's plans will hurt, not help, American workersNov-17-2014Go
Environmentalists sue to protect whales, dolphins from Navy war gamesNov-11-2014Go
Citing climate change, Obama fences in huge Pacific area after wheeling and dealingSep-27-2014Go
EPA knew pesticides were killing honeybees in the 1970s but punished those who spoke outSep-26-2014Go
Curtain, reviews come down on taxpayer-funded climate change musicalSep-17-2014Go
Pacific pushback: Podesta, White House warned about ocean preserve expansion to combat 'climate change'Sep-10-2014Go
Obama reportedly plotting end-run around Congress on global climate change dealAug-27-2014Go
Buyer beware: Obama administration’s hurry-up climate plan based on big distortionsAug-16-2014Go
EPA must explain the costs of its rules better, federal watchdog saysAug-12-2014Go
EPA to block Alaska's proposed Pebble Mine over salmon riskJul-18-2014Go
EPA claims it has the power to garnish wages without court approvalJul-09-2014Go
Tom Steyer wants to ‘penalize people’ who add to ‘climate risk’Jul-01-2014Go
EPA spends $1.6 million on hotel for ‘Environmental Justice’ conferenceJun-28-2014Go
More missing emails, crashed hard drives, this time at EPAJun-26-2014Go
EPA insists on anti-affordable energyMay-08-2014Go
EPA accused of tolerating rampant employee misconduct, obstructing probesMay-07-2014Go
EPA playing politics with climate change rule delay?May-06-2014Go
Podesta says 'zero' chance Congress can stop Obama's climate planMay-06-2014Go
Administration issues dire climate change report, amid regulatory pushMay-06-2014Go
EPA Making Move for 'Biggest Land Grab in the History of the World'Apr-16-2014Go
Feds threaten $75,000 a day fine against family that built pond on their own farmApr-11-2014Go
EPA forced children to inhale cancer-causing diesel pollutants as part of heinous government experimentsApr-03-2014Go
EPA reportedly releasing thousands of pages of records to Dem operativesMar-19-2014Go
House committee launches investigation into EPA climate regulationsMar-13-2014Go
EPA moves against major Alaska gold mine, could sideline project over salmon…Feb-28-2014Go
Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific proof humans are dominant cause of warming climate…Feb-26-2014Go
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EPA bosses dragged feet on concerns over fraudster employee’s bonuses, documents show…Feb-05-2014Go
GOP lawmakers accuse EPA of muzzling scientists on climate regulations…Dec-20-2013Go
EPA fraudster sentenced for 'outrageous' CIA scam…Dec-18-2013Go
Obama signs order to create climate change task force, may give fed overreaching authority…Nov-03-2013Go
LA Times bans letters from climate skeptics…Oct-18-2013Go
Climate models wildly overestimated global warming, study finds…Sep-12-2013Go
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Obama to unveil new climate regulations, as adviser pushes 'war on coal'...Jun-25-2013Go
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Methane study, EPA debunk claims of water pollution, climate change from fracking…Apr-29-2013Go
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