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Hillary Clinton’s pastor plagiarized post-election devotional in new bookAug-15-2017Go
Clinton email case far from closure as FBI hands over more classified documents to StateAug-14-2017Go
DOJ Documents on Clinton-Lynch Airport Meeting: Comey Lied, Media Colluded with DOJAug-10-2017Go
Justice Officials Sent Talking Points to FBI on Lynch Tarmac Meeting With Bill ClintonAug-09-2017Go
Emails Show WaPo, NYT Reporters Didn’t Want to Cover Clinton-Lynch Tarmac MeetingAug-07-2017Go
Data Firm Backed By Google’s Eric Schmidt Paid Millions By Democratic CommitteesJul-27-2017Go
Hillary skates again on email scandalJul-27-2017Go
Schumer tells Clinton 'blame yourself'; Trump echoes criticismJul-24-2017Go
Clinton Foundation’s Haitian whistleblower found shot to death in MiamiJul-18-2017Go
Hillary Clinton sided with Russia on sanctions as Bill made $500G on Moscow speechJul-18-2017Go
Trump Jr.’s Emails Undermine Collusion Conspiracy TheoryJul-12-2017Go
FBI document dump reveals secrets of Clinton probe as new director nominee faces SenateJul-12-2017Go
Trump unloads on Hillary over double standard, amid reports Dems also got foreign helpJul-12-2017Go
Steve King: Donald Trump Jr. should’ve vetted email about meeting with Russian lawyerJul-12-2017Go
Donald Trump Jr. says Russian lawyer claimed Clinton campaign collusionJul-10-2017Go
Conway ties Comey’s testimony to Clinton’s serverJul-10-2017Go
Hacked computer server that handled DNC email remains out of reach of Russia investigatorsJul-06-2017Go
Hillary’s Emails, The Gift That Keeps On GivingJul-04-2017Go
Another Dem 'queasy' over claim of Loretta Lynch meddling in Clinton caseJun-26-2017Go
Trump accuses Obama of doing ‘nothing about Russia’ because he ‘expected Clinton would win’ electionJun-26-2017Go
Chaffetz: Justice watchdog also looking at Lynch's role in FBI's Clinton email probeJun-25-2017Go
Arkansas bar to decide on potential discipline against Hillary ClintonJun-22-2017Go
State Department probes Clinton handling of government emails, could pull her security clearanceJun-20-2017Go
Comey reportedly confronted Lynch over Clinton email probe involvementJun-14-2017Go
Sessions calls talk of Russian collusion a ‘detestable lie,’ says Comey fired over Clinton probeJun-14-2017Go
Circle the Wagons! Hillary Clinton to be investigated by Senate over ‘charity’ corruptionJun-13-2017Go
Comey cracks credibility of Lynch on Clinton email caseJun-09-2017Go
Comey says Lynch tarmac meeting, directive to downplay probe prompted him to go rogue on Clinton caseJun-08-2017Go
Watch: Schweizer Lays Out How Hillary May Have Tried to Intimidate Bangladesh Gov’t Over Clinton Fdn DonorJun-06-2017Go
Hillary Clinton wanted separate plane from Michelle Obama to Betty Ford funeral, new emails revealJun-03-2017Go
Ellison evades questions on DNC finances, Clinton’s accusationsJun-02-2017Go
Clinton says she takes responsibility for loss to Trump -- but blames plentyJun-01-2017Go
Hillary Clinton says email server scandal ‘biggest nothing-burger’ of 2016 electionJun-01-2017Go
Trump blasts Clinton on Twitter: ‘Now blames everybody but herself’Jun-01-2017Go
Hillary Clinton slams DNC for lack of support during her campaignJun-01-2017Go
Lawsuit by Benghazi families targeting Hillary Clinton dismissed by Obama-appointed federal judgeMay-27-2017Go
Hillary Clinton leaked Israel’s Iranian attack plan to reporter without consequencesMay-24-2017Go
Obama Holdouts In Trump Administration Hiding Hillary Emails For YEARS [VIDEO]May-22-2017Go
Hillary Clinton leaked Israel’s Iranian attack plan to reporter without consequencesMay-21-2017Go
Clinton PAC aims to boost left-wing, anti-Trump groups – will she still have clout?May-18-2017Go
James Comey’s Brother Works For The Law Firm That Does The Clinton Foundation’s TaxesMay-14-2017Go
Russian charged with breaching U.S. firms says FBI attempted to coerce confession over Clinton hackMay-14-2017Go
Comey firing could spur new review of Clinton case, immunity deals, ex-agent saysMay-11-2017Go
Hillary’s ‘Onward Together’ resistance group smells like scandalMay-07-2017Go
Obama White House counsel part of early talks on Clinton email release, notes showMay-06-2017Go
David Axelrod fires back at Hillary Clinton: ‘Comey didn’t tell her not to campaign in Wisconsin’May-04-2017Go
Blumenthal: DOJ will still need to deal with Clinton email caseMay-04-2017Go
Trump blasts Clinton for election loss excuses, says FBI protected herMay-03-2017Go
MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough calls Hillary Clinton’s election excuses ‘pathetic’May-03-2017Go
Comey on the defensive as lawmakers say public faith in FBI has been shakenMay-03-2017Go
Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson snared in growing pursuit of personal emailMay-02-2017Go
NSA scales back warrantless collection of emails, internet communicationsApr-29-2017Go
How Hillary doomed her ‘inevitable presidency’Apr-27-2017Go
NYT: Comey distrusted Lynch on ClintonApr-23-2017Go
Clinton email probe reportedly caused rift between Comey, LynchApr-23-2017Go
Former Trump aide defends Clinton camp against new tell-all bookApr-20-2017Go
Veterans Affairs whistle-blower faces punishment for revealing alleged harasser, email showsApr-10-2017Go
Bill Maher to Hillary Clinton: ‘Stay in the woods, OK? You had your shot’Apr-03-2017Go
Pirro: 'Bozos' Still Haven't Figured Out What Russia Did to Stop 'Queen Hillary's Coronation'Apr-02-2017Go
Spicer ‘astonished’ by Clinton’s criticism of his encounter with reporterMar-30-2017Go
Former Obama official discloses rush to get intelligence on Trump teamMar-29-2017Go
Spicer ‘astonished’ by Clinton’s criticism of his encounter with reporterMar-29-2017Go
Sergeant faces discharge over bin Laden raid intelligence that Obama made public in 2011Mar-27-2017Go
Hillary Clinton allies rip James Comey for belated confirmation on Russia probeMar-21-2017Go
Brazile admits she forwarded town hall questions to Clinton campMar-18-2017Go
John Podesta: 'Forces within the FBI' may have wanted Clinton to loseFeb-22-2017Go
The State Department’s ‘shadow government’Feb-18-2017Go
It's a bloodbath at the State DepartmentFeb-18-2017Go
It Has Begun, Tillerson Fires Most of the 7th FloorFeb-18-2017Go
Chaffetz seeks to charge ex-Clinton aide in email inquiryFeb-17-2017Go
Secret Service agent who suggested she won’t take bullet for Trump on paid leave, report saysJan-28-2017Go
Trump rips 'ungrateful' Chelsea Manning after Obama criticismJan-26-2017Go
FBI releases files related to Clintons' real estate deals, thefts at Trump businesses in the 1990sJan-18-2017Go
Clinton Global Initiative to lay off employees, shut down amid dwindling donationsJan-16-2017Go
WSJ: FBI's Comey should resignJan-13-2017Go
Trump: Clinton is 'guilty as hell'Jan-13-2017Go
Report: Clinton mulls run for New York City mayorJan-08-2017Go
Priebus says Democrats to blame for email hack, thinks Trump accepts intel findingsJan-08-2017Go
Email Headache Returns: New Clinton messages show passwords, schedules flowed freelyJan-06-2017Go
Report: FBI had private company examine DNC's hacked serversJan-05-2017Go
WikiLeaks' Assange: 'A 14-year-old kid could have hacked Podesta' emailsJan-04-2017Go
Assange: Russian government not the source of WikiLeaks emailsJan-03-2017Go
Secret Service agents: Hillary is a nightmare to work withJan-01-2017Go
Greed and money backfired in 2016Dec-31-2016Go
Perez ally secretly wrote 2013 endorsementDec-31-2016Go
Federal judge orders release of search warrant from Clinton email caseDec-20-2016Go
Bill Clinton bashes Trump, blames 'angry white men' and Comey for wife's lossDec-19-2016Go
Clinton blames Comey, Putin for her lossDec-17-2016Go
Hillary Clinton's holiday party 'like a wake'Dec-17-2016Go
Voters oppose Clinton pardon by 3-1 marginDec-16-2016Go
Claim: Clinton campaign emails came from 'inside leaks,' not Russian hackersDec-15-2016Go
Lawmaker defends hacked Dem emails: 'The truth came out'Dec-14-2016Go
Defeated Clinton strategist offers lots of excusesDec-10-2016Go
L.A.-based lawyer sues FBI over Clinton email warrantDec-08-2016Go
State Dept. releases 340 pages of deleted Clinton emailsDec-07-2016Go
Sexism didn't defeat Clinton — it was her only chance of winningDec-05-2016Go
Sparks fly as teams Clinton, Trump review bruising campaignDec-02-2016Go
Trump tells NY Times: Clinton probe would be 'very divisive'Nov-23-2016Go
Clinton's dishonesty cost her the Midwest — and the electionNov-21-2016Go
Poll: Most say Comey letter had no impact on their voteNov-17-2016Go
Seven moves Obama could make on the way out the doorNov-15-2016Go
Study finds evidence of politics in TARP lendingNov-14-2016Go
How the Clinton victory party went from coronation to despairNov-13-2016Go
Conway: Clinton should look 'take a look in the mirror' instead of blaming othersNov-13-2016Go
Clinton tells fundraisers FBI Comey letter sank presidential bidNov-13-2016Go
White House won't rule out pardoning Hillary ClintonNov-10-2016Go
Chaffetz: Investigation into Clinton's email server will continueNov-10-2016Go
State Department tells court it needs 5 years to review deleted Clinton emailsNov-08-2016Go
Comey's latest letter ignites new powder keg of chargesNov-08-2016Go
Benghazi guards turned on US diplomats in 2012 attack, sources sayNov-07-2016Go
Six unanswered questions facing Clinton before Election DayNov-07-2016Go
WikiLeaks: DNC and CNN colluded on questions for Trump, CruzNov-07-2016Go
FBI's Comey tells Congress email review completed, decision not to prosecute Clinton standsNov-07-2016Go
'Disregarded ethics guidelines': Clinton document raised issues with 2010 Shanghai ExpoNov-07-2016Go
Deleted section of 'Bill Clinton Inc' memo exposes new donor tiesNov-06-2016Go
Report: Clinton had maid handle sensitive documentsNov-06-2016Go
Emails: Foundation 'resources' used for Chelsea Clinton's weddingNov-06-2016Go
A president we simply cannot trustNov-06-2016Go
Emails: Clinton Foundation sought State Department OK for work with RussiansNov-06-2016Go
Is Comey at war with the Dept. of Justice over Clinton's emails?Nov-06-2016Go
Podesta response to media report: 'They are f--king psychotic'Nov-06-2016Go
Clinton Foundation admits it didn't notify State Department of $1 million Qatar giftNov-06-2016Go
State Department releases two classified Clinton emailsNov-05-2016Go
Emails: Clinton wanted 3 copies of essay praising secrecyNov-05-2016Go
State Department releases 350 deleted Clinton emailsNov-04-2016Go
WH deflects questions on FBI-DOJ feuding over Clinton probeNov-04-2016Go
Hillary Clinton is no victimNov-04-2016Go
Abedin complained 'my email is acting up' in deleted messageNov-04-2016Go
State Dept. set to release final batch of Clinton emails before electionNov-04-2016Go
Former FBI brass: 'You'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind' not to see Justice taking sidesNov-04-2016Go
Deleted email: Clinton White House data stolen from National ArchivesNov-04-2016Go
Gregg Jarrett: An "avalanche of evidence" may now bury HillaryNov-04-2016Go
Emails show Clinton aide called Comey 'bad choice' for FBI directorNov-04-2016Go
Report: Sources say 99% chance Clinton server was hackedNov-03-2016Go
McCaul: Clinton's email actions amount to 'treason'Nov-03-2016Go
Conway: Clinton's 'scandalabra' catching up with herNov-03-2016Go
Recordings aggravated FBI, DOJ feud in Clinton Foundation probeNov-03-2016Go
Task force working in shifts to handle new email cache in Clinton probeNov-03-2016Go
FBI's Clinton Foundation investigation now 'a very high priority,' sources sayNov-03-2016Go
Assange says hacked Clinton emails didn't come from Russia governmentNov-03-2016Go
Emails show Clinton campaign coordinated with State Dept. official before email revelationNov-03-2016Go
Justice Dept. official gave Clinton camp 'heads up' about email testimonyNov-02-2016Go
FBI never asked Clinton aides for their devicesNov-02-2016Go
Emails show Justice Department official overseeing Clinton probe has close ties to PodestaNov-02-2016Go
Ryan: 'I clearly understand' why Comey reopened Clinton email caseNov-02-2016Go
CNN quietly pushed Donna Brazile out after emails showed Clinton coordinationNov-01-2016Go
FBI's new Clinton probe: Here's what we knowNov-01-2016Go
Grassley wants to know if Justice Dept. blocked Clinton Foundation probeNov-01-2016Go
Things get real awkward for Comey in a Clinton administrationNov-01-2016Go
Lawmaker: Clinton left classified papers in Russia, ChinaNov-01-2016Go
Hillary's hacks try to change the subject to ComeyNov-01-2016Go
State Department releases deleted emails between Abedin, ClintonNov-01-2016Go
Gowdy: Comey had 'obligation' to make Clinton email announcementNov-01-2016Go
Mukasey, scholars ripped FBI Director Comey for giving Clinton a 'pass'Nov-01-2016Go
Controversial Dem operative 'close' to Clinton campaign boss, email claimsNov-01-2016Go
Huma's email testimony could haunt her as FBI renews probeNov-01-2016Go
Trey Gowdy: Harry Reid's attacks on FBI Director James Comey are 'laughable'Oct-31-2016Go
FBI gets second warrant for Weiner emailsOct-31-2016Go
Report: FBI never closed its Clinton Foundation investigationOct-31-2016Go
Stolen email offers unvarnished view of military leadersOct-31-2016Go
45% say emails worse than Watergate, 61% fear probe to drag into White HouseOct-31-2016Go
Hillary Clinton pal Neera Tanden's greatest hits from WikiLeaks emailsOct-31-2016Go
Federal authorities reportedly battled over direction of Clinton email investigationOct-31-2016Go
Anthony Weiner cooperating with FBI on email probeOct-30-2016Go
Campaign says Clinton still hasn't talked to Abedin about new emailsOct-30-2016Go
Abedin reportedly pleads ignorance of how emails at center of latest Clinton probe got on computerOct-30-2016Go
Reports: Thousands of Clinton emails on Weiner's computerOct-29-2016Go
Wheels of justice roll toward ClintonOct-29-2016Go
TRUMP CALLED IT MONTHS AGO: Anthony Weiner threatens national securityOct-29-2016Go
EXCLUSIVE: Comey memo to FBI staffers says election, timing required disclosure of renewed probeOct-29-2016Go
Clinton Foundation drama: Spying, stealing, 'hustling'Oct-28-2016Go
Clinton camp silent on FBI news, Kaine dodgesOct-28-2016Go
Ryan renews calls to block Clinton's classified briefingsOct-28-2016Go
Priebus: 'Stunning' FBI developments show 'how serious' new emails may beOct-28-2016Go
State Dept. pleads ignorance on new Clinton emailsOct-28-2016Go
FBI reopens Clinton email investigation after new messages foundOct-28-2016Go
Clinton ally called Netanyahu's re-election victory 'depressing'Oct-28-2016Go
Clinton Foundation drama: Spying, stealing, 'hustling'Oct-28-2016Go
Clinton's State Department spent $5.4 million on 'crystal stemware'Oct-28-2016Go
Daughter of Eric Garner slams Clinton campaign over emails about father's deathOct-28-2016Go
Emails show Clinton campaign sought to 'bern' Sanders with poolside picOct-28-2016Go
WikiLeaks Exposes The Miss Universe Hit Job on Trump!Oct-28-2016Go
WikiLeaks memo exposes 'Bill Clinton Inc.'Oct-27-2016Go
Clinton aide admitted 'there is just no good answer' for email questionsOct-27-2016Go
White House indicates Obama still uses a pseudonym in emailsOct-27-2016Go
WikiLeaks shows Clinton hid email scandal from her own staffOct-27-2016Go
Emails show close Clinton allies in dark, shocked over ‘insane’ server setupOct-27-2016Go
Clinton camp sounded alarm over emails to Obama: 'We need to clean this up'Oct-26-2016Go
Clinton campaign on private server: 'They wanted to get away with it'Oct-26-2016Go
Trump: Obama is now 'caught up' in Clinton's 'big' email lieOct-26-2016Go
Emails show Clinton camp scrambling over 2015 threat of Biden runOct-26-2016Go
WikiLeaks: Chelsea Clinton worried family's foundation would lose nonprofit statusOct-25-2016Go
WikiLeaks email lays out Clinton attack plans for Cruz, Rubio, TrumpOct-25-2016Go
WikiLeaks email release shows Clinton campaign discussing diversityOct-25-2016Go
Clinton makes it through three debates without answering for her illegal disastrous war in LibyaOct-24-2016Go
Clinton lawyer may have exposed entire server to ChinaOct-24-2016Go
FBI emails show Clinton deleted classified intelligenceOct-24-2016Go
Clinton ally funneled money to wife of FBI agent who oversaw emailsOct-24-2016Go
Clinton campaign planned to 'swift boat' TrumpOct-24-2016Go
State Department aide pleads the Fifth more than 90 timesOct-24-2016Go
Tech blogger finds proof DNC chief's emails weren't 'doctored' despite claimsOct-24-2016Go
Clinton attack featuring Miss Universe was months in the making, email showsOct-24-2016Go
Podesta on NYT Clinton emails story: 'Liar, liar, pants on fire'Oct-23-2016Go
Emails show Clinton campaign weighing Keystone XL decisionOct-23-2016Go
Pirro: '2 Systems of Justice in US' -- 'One For Americans, One For Clinton'Oct-23-2016Go
Hacked: Podesta dumped Kremlin-tied compensation on daughter's companyOct-22-2016Go
Clinton struggles to answer Clinton Foundation questionsOct-22-2016Go
Top Bill Clinton aide criticized ex-president for conflicts of interest, emails showOct-22-2016Go
Clinton aides tried to get her on State email systemOct-22-2016Go
1,000 Clinton-Petraeus emails missing from records sent to State, FBI files showOct-22-2016Go
Clinton lectured State Dept. staff on cybersecurity in 2010 videoOct-22-2016Go
Clinton emails reveal use of 'platitudes' on union issuesOct-21-2016Go
NRA ad: Clinton's 'respect' for guns no different than lies about classified emailsOct-21-2016Go
Report: Clinton chief probably sent password to hackersOct-21-2016Go
State Dept. set to release more deleted Clinton emailsOct-21-2016Go
Clinton server email at heart of 'quid pro quo' controversy contained Benghazi intelOct-21-2016Go
Abedin implicated Clinton in foundation trade-off with Morocco amid $12 million commitmentOct-21-2016Go
DNC boss Brazile claims WikiLeaks emails 'doctored' in contentious interviewOct-20-2016Go
Read the most interesting Clinton WikiLeaks emailsOct-19-2016Go
Media yawn at Podesta's 'needy Latinos' emailOct-19-2016Go
WikiLeaks emails include list of Clinton Foundation conflicts of interestOct-19-2016Go
Key lawmaker wants bribery probe over Kennedy quid pro quo claimsOct-19-2016Go
'Draw them to punch you': 2 Dem operatives lose jobs after undercover video commentsOct-19-2016Go
FBI Files on Hillary’s Emails Reveal “Shadow Government” Was in Charge of Her InvestigationOct-18-2016Go
WikiLeaks: Kerry appealed to Ecuador to stop AssangeOct-18-2016Go
Six ways State tried to cover up Clinton's emailsOct-18-2016Go
FBI docs claim Clinton took furniture from StateOct-18-2016Go
GOP calls mount for Patrick Kennedy's resignation after FBI revelationsOct-18-2016Go
FBI confirms: Officials discussed deal to cover up Clinton emailsOct-17-2016Go
FBI found political 'pressure' surrounding treatment of Benghazi emailsOct-17-2016Go
FBI: Witnesses found 'sensitive' Clinton file on Romanian serverOct-17-2016Go
Read the speeches Hillary Clinton wanted kept secret, part oneOct-17-2016Go
WikiLeaks dumps second batch of Podesta emails this weekendOct-16-2016Go
Emails: Aides knew Clinton's health would cause campaign problemsOct-16-2016Go
WikiLeaks hacked emails reveal more about Clinton's once-private Wall Street speechesOct-16-2016Go
New FBI files contain allegations of 'quid pro quo' in Clinton's emailsOct-16-2016Go
Give me a break: Clinton claims Trump stalked her during debateOct-15-2016Go
Leaked email shows State Dept. helped Clinton massage email storyOct-15-2016Go
Emails reveal Clinton team's early plan for handling Bill sex scandalsOct-14-2016Go
WikiLeaks drops fourth batch of Clinton-related emailsOct-13-2016Go
NYT, Post ignore Podesta's email on 'needy Latinos'Oct-13-2016Go
Trump camp calls on Clinton to fire aides over emails mocking CatholicsOct-13-2016Go
Clinton bashes Trump over Russia praise, but emails show she praised PutinOct-13-2016Go
FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insiderOct-13-2016Go
Clinton bashes Trump over Russia praise, but emails show she praised PutinOct-12-2016Go
Clinton campaign used Benghazi as distraction from email scandalOct-12-2016Go
Lawmakers ask inspector general to review FBI's 'hijacked' Clinton probeOct-12-2016Go
Tony Podesta had special access to the Obama White House through his brother JohnOct-12-2016Go
Trump slams media for ignoring 'incredible' WikiLeaks emailsOct-12-2016Go
Republicans claim 'collusion' after email appears to show DOJ, Clinton campaign contactOct-12-2016Go
Clinton staffers considered joking about email server the day before congressional subpoenaOct-12-2016Go
Arms dealer says administration made him scapegoat on Libya operation to 'protect' ClintonOct-12-2016Go
Clinton campaign spokeswoman takes shots at Catholics, evangelicals in leaked email exchangeOct-12-2016Go
14 things we learned from WikiLeaks' new Clinton-related emailsOct-11-2016Go
Wikileaks drops third batch of Podesta emailsOct-11-2016Go
WikiLeaks’ Podesta email release reveals massive Clinton ‘hits’ file on SandersOct-11-2016Go
Hacked: Clinton campaign worked with NYT reporter behind scenesOct-10-2016Go
Trump hammers Clinton on emails, downplays lewd remarks in raucous 2nd debateOct-10-2016Go
Clinton called for 'open trade and open borders' in private, paid speechesOct-08-2016Go
White House, State coordinated to downplay Clinton email storiesOct-07-2016Go
Hacked: Clinton's newest email address revealedOct-07-2016Go
FBI files reveal missing email 'boxes' in Clinton case, allegations of evidence tamperingOct-07-2016Go
White House coordinated with State Department, Clinton campaign on email issue, documents showOct-07-2016Go
Clinton Foundation refiles three years of tax formsOct-05-2016Go
DOJ 'side agreements' let agents destroy laptops in Clinton email caseOct-04-2016Go
Clinton filled State Dept. board with friends, family and donorsOct-04-2016Go
Tech staff needed security 'credentials' to handle Clinton emailsOct-04-2016Go
RNC files complaint against top Clinton aide Cheryl MillsOct-03-2016Go
Will WikiLeaks' Assange delay 'October surprise' announcement?Oct-03-2016Go
Bill Clinton accuser Kathleen Willey: Hillary was complicit in his sexual misconductOct-02-2016Go
Media omits Hillary's role in Bill's sex scandalOct-01-2016Go
It's Alive: FBI files reveal how Clinton server was created in K Street labOct-01-2016Go
State will process 1,850 pages of Clinton emails by Election DaySep-29-2016Go
The Clintons' big fat Greek bond weddingSep-29-2016Go
Reps: Clinton aides who got immunity deals directed email scrubbingSep-29-2016Go
GOP senators probe Clinton Foundation ties to State, Boko HaramSep-28-2016Go
Five unanswered questions for Comey on Clinton email caseSep-28-2016Go
FBI: 'Unusual' for Clinton to bring nine lawyers to FBI interviewSep-28-2016Go
Issa: Clinton aides had immunity from destruction of evidenceSep-28-2016Go
FBI chief downplays immunity grants in Clinton email caseSep-28-2016Go
FBI doc dump on email case reveals role of 'confidential' Clinton aideSep-28-2016Go
House will vote on contempt charges against Clinton IT aideSep-27-2016Go
FBI releases nearly 200 Clinton email documentsSep-26-2016Go
Agenda from hell: Emails, vetoes and a government shutdownSep-26-2016Go
Clinton created second private email account when server was downSep-24-2016Go
FBI: Clinton IT aides described 'Hillary cover-up operation'Sep-24-2016Go
FBI docs may contradict Obama's claim about Clinton's private emailSep-24-2016Go
FBI found political 'pressure' surrounded treatment of Benghazi emailsSep-24-2016Go
Emails show NBC's Andrea Mitchell telling Colin Powell Trump's nomination is 'awful'Sep-24-2016Go
Top Clinton aide dismissed IT specialist's concerns about private email serverSep-24-2016Go
GOP: Clinton 'violated, ignored' the law at State Dept.Sep-23-2016Go
Report: Top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills received immunity deal in FBI probeSep-23-2016Go
Email shows federal immigration bosses in OT push to swear in new citizens 'due to election'Sep-23-2016Go
Clinton gave State Department appointments to 194 donorsSep-20-2016Go
Bill Clinton admits: 'Maybe' some donated money to influence State Dept.Sep-19-2016Go
Powell says Israel has 200 nukes pointed at Iran in leaked 2015 emailSep-17-2016Go
State ignored 17 FOIA requests for Clinton's emails before 2014Sep-16-2016Go
18 things we learned from Colin Powell's leaked emailsSep-15-2016Go
Clinton ignores Powell's 'hubris' criticismSep-15-2016Go
Hillary Clinton: A 'penchant for secrecy and privacy that borders on paranoia'Sep-15-2016Go
Sasse asks why intel leaders aren't probing Clinton email falloutSep-15-2016Go
Leaked papers appear to reveal Dem 'pay for play' schemeSep-15-2016Go
BIAS ALERT: Networks soft-pedal Powell emails on Bill, Hillary; lead with Trump postsSep-15-2016Go
General vs. General: Powell, Flynn feud over hacked email slamsSep-15-2016Go
DNI declines required damage assessment of Clinton's leaked email secretsSep-14-2016Go
'HILLARY'S MAFIA' Powell warned Clinton not to make him fall guy over email scandal, leaked messages revealSep-14-2016Go
FBI to Congress: File FOIA request for Clinton email filesSep-13-2016Go
Clinton IT aide ignores subpoena for testimony, documentsSep-13-2016Go
Blamed for Benghazi: Filmmaker jailed after attack now lives in poverty, fearSep-13-2016Go
Lawmaker issues subpoena to FBI for Clinton probe recordsSep-13-2016Go
Emails show Clinton ties to Russian oligarch under investigationSep-12-2016Go
Byron York: Congress demands answers after surprise Clinton investigation immunitySep-12-2016Go
What the Benghazi attack taught me about Hillary ClintonSep-12-2016Go
FBI notes undercut Clinton's biggest selling pointSep-11-2016Go
Hillary's emails: A Clinton scandal with real staying powerSep-11-2016Go
What the Benghazi attack taught me about Hillary ClintonSep-11-2016Go
House probe targets Clinton contractor who deleted subpoenaed email; refused to answer key question from FBISep-09-2016Go
GOP lawmaker: People 'would be absolutely appalled' by remaining FBI docsSep-09-2016Go
State rushed Clinton documents to Dems but withheld from RepublicansSep-09-2016Go
Clinton email had 'multiple' classified markings, challenging her claim to FBISep-09-2016Go
DOJ reportedly granted immunity to computer expert who deleted Clinton emailsSep-09-2016Go
Emails detail State Dept. effort under Clinton to aid WalmartSep-08-2016Go
State Department says releasing Clinton emails before election is 'simply physically impossible'Sep-08-2016Go
Veteran confronts Clinton on handling of classified infoSep-08-2016Go
Assange says public has right to know about upcoming release of Clinton documentsSep-08-2016Go
Napolitano: Regarding Hillary, the FBI was shackledSep-08-2016Go
Did Clinton destroy evidence during email investigation?Sep-08-2016Go
Buzz about a 'bud': Clinton camp denies claims she wore earpiece at forumSep-08-2016Go
Chaffetz: Clinton bought used Blackberrys on eBaySep-07-2016Go
Trump says latest FBI document dump 'disqualifying' for ClintonSep-07-2016Go
Emails show coordination between Clinton, Congress at Benghazi hearingSep-06-2016Go
Chaffetz calls for obstruction of justice review in Clinton email caseSep-06-2016Go
Clinton, aides said 327 times they did not recall details about private serverSep-06-2016Go
FBI document release straight out of Clinton/Whitewater/Lewinsky playbookSep-05-2016Go
Clinton stumbles at start of final sprintSep-05-2016Go
Clinton Foundation scandal echoes Clinton-China controversy from 1998Sep-05-2016Go
Pelosi: Clinton emails a technicalitySep-05-2016Go
Clinton blames mental health for email confusionSep-05-2016Go
21 things we learned from the FBI notes on Clinton's emailsSep-04-2016Go
FBI: Clinton dozens of times couldn't recall info, events related to server, classified emailsSep-04-2016Go
Clinton, aides told FBI conflicting stories about email useSep-03-2016Go
Clinton email investigation: part 1/part 2Sep-03-2016Go
FBI files show Clinton claimed ignorance on classificationSep-03-2016Go
FBI files show agents focused Clinton interview questions on 'top secret' emailsSep-03-2016Go
Gaps in Clinton's State Department schedules raise questionsSep-01-2016Go
State finds 30 deleted Clinton emails on BenghaziAug-31-2016Go
Report: Clinton emailed classified info after leaving State DepartmentAug-31-2016Go
Emails shed light on Abedin involvement in foundation work – and aides' frustration with ClintonAug-31-2016Go
FBI to release Clinton probe files, as candidate pressed to answer new questions ‘under oath’Aug-31-2016Go
Report: FBI to release notes from Clinton email investigationAug-30-2016Go
Clinton's use of BleachBit avoided 'money trail' in email destructionAug-29-2016Go
The Clintons play the dirty, secretive game of elections better than anyone (and that's not a good thing)Aug-29-2016Go
Emails suggest Huma Abedin was careless with classified infoAug-29-2016Go
Is Clinton running out the clock?Aug-28-2016Go
Wasserman Schultz avoids talking about her email controversy, with tough primary days awayAug-28-2016Go
New emails reportedly show Clinton Foundation exec, State Dept. aide discussed access to China presidentAug-28-2016Go
State will not release all Clinton calendars until after Election DayAug-27-2016Go
Kimberley Strassel: Under Hillary, State and the Clinton Foundation were one seamless entityAug-27-2016Go
Trump, GOP calls on Clinton to have full State Dept schedule releasedAug-27-2016Go
Tech firm brags about blocking FBI from recovering Clinton emailsAug-26-2016Go
Clinton: No damning emails from my State Department serverAug-26-2016Go
Clinton won't commit to giving up foundation if she wins electionAug-26-2016Go
Republican calls grow for second look at Clinton caseAug-26-2016Go
Clinton emails deleted with technology called BleachBitAug-26-2016Go
Assange blasts media for 'politicization' of election campaign in Fox interviewsAug-26-2016Go
Clinton team used special program to scrub server, Gowdy saysAug-26-2016Go
Clinton dodges Colin Powell question: 'Not going to re-litigate'Aug-25-2016Go
Clinton CNN interview about foundation turns testyAug-25-2016Go
Emails on Clinton Foundation mess finally getting media tractionAug-25-2016Go
Assange: WikiLeaks to release 'significant' Clinton materialAug-25-2016Go
Assange vows Clinton email release, as storm clouds gather for candidateAug-25-2016Go
The U.S. will lose all moral authority with Hillary as presidentAug-24-2016Go
Emails show Clinton denied, then met with Ukrainian donorAug-24-2016Go
Multiple donors to Clinton Foundation met with her while at State DepartmentAug-24-2016Go
Emails show State Department coordinated diplomacy with Clinton FoundationAug-23-2016Go
Trump camp: 'Loophole' would allow smaller Clinton charities to take foreign cashAug-23-2016Go
Clinton silent after Powell undermines email argumentAug-23-2016Go
WATCH: RNC slams Clinton for 'lying again' about her emailsAug-23-2016Go
New info merges Clinton email, foundation controversiesAug-23-2016Go
Army training slide lists Hillary Clinton as insider threatAug-23-2016Go
Trump calls for special prosecutor to probe Clinton FoundationAug-23-2016Go
Clinton Foundation executive left 148 phone messages for Hillary Clinton's top aideAug-23-2016Go
State Dept. ordered to publish 15,000 deleted Clinton emailsAug-22-2016Go
Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim journal for a dozen yearsAug-22-2016Go
Colin Powell says Clinton officials trying to 'pin' email scandal on himAug-22-2016Go
Despite pledge, Clinton charities still to get foreign cashAug-21-2016Go
Clinton reportedly told FBI Colin Powell pushed private email; Powell deniesAug-20-2016Go
Clinton lies through her big white smileAug-19-2016Go
Powell: 'No recollection' of dinner party email advice to ClintonAug-19-2016Go
Clinton reportedly told FBI that Colin Powell urged her to use private emailAug-19-2016Go
Six batches of Clinton-related documents we're still waiting to seeAug-18-2016Go
State Dept. not sure if Clinton used non-secure wireless techAug-18-2016Go
House to hold Clinton perjury hearingAug-18-2016Go
FBI 'improperly' restricting access to Clinton probe files, senator saysAug-18-2016Go
Trump: Clinton emails 'one of the worst things I've ever seen'Aug-17-2016Go
Illegal immigrant tapped for Clinton 'Dreamer' campaign tied to Soros-funded voter effortAug-17-2016Go
FBI sends heavily redacted Clinton interview documents to CongressAug-17-2016Go
State Department sought land deal with Nigerian firm tied to Clinton FoundationAug-17-2016Go
Guccifer slowly leaking hacked Democratic files on competitive House racesAug-16-2016Go
Watchdog to release Clinton's deleted emailsAug-16-2016Go
House Republicans detail perjury allegations against ClintonAug-16-2016Go
Congress probing Clinton email investigationAug-15-2016Go
Congress could get record of FBI's Clinton interview over emails by this weekAug-15-2016Go
Clinton campaign enlists undocumented 'Dreamers' for voter registration driveAug-15-2016Go
Pence slams Clinton's 'pay to play' scheme at StateAug-14-2016Go
Clinton camp: Mills potential conflict of interest 'absurd'Aug-14-2016Go
Trump campaign responds to Clinton's tax return challenge: Show us your emailsAug-13-2016Go
All of the Clintons' charity went to Clinton-connected charitiesAug-13-2016Go
Report claims DOJ probe of Clinton Foundation, emails ongoingAug-13-2016Go
Justice Department officials pushed for Clinton Foundation probeAug-12-2016Go
Clinton chief 'volunteered' for Clinton Foundation while on the federal payrollAug-12-2016Go
Cornyn prods DOJ on Clinton Foundation conductAug-12-2016Go
Hayes on new questions about State Dept .and Clinton Foundation overlapAug-12-2016Go
Obama team nixed fundraiser by attorney for sex offender pal of Bill Clinton, emails showAug-12-2016Go
Emails show top Clinton aide knew more than she testifiedAug-11-2016Go
Cotton: Clinton used private server to hide her foundation workAug-11-2016Go
Five Clinton friends who got special State Department accessAug-11-2016Go
State Dept. shuts down questions on Clinton Foundation emailsAug-11-2016Go
Dems worried another hacked email trove could surface before NovemberAug-11-2016Go
Clinton accused of aiding Moscow ops with push for 'Russian Silicon Valley'Aug-10-2016Go
Emails: Clinton met with Wall Street exec about policy in ChinaAug-10-2016Go
State won't discuss Clinton email link to Iran executing nuke scientist spyAug-10-2016Go
Trump campaign slams Clinton over new emails: She ran a 'corrupt office'Aug-10-2016Go
Emails show top Clinton aide knew of blocked email inquiryAug-10-2016Go
Judicial Watch releases private emails Clinton did not turn overAug-10-2016Go
Assange implies murdered DNC staffer was WikiLeaks' sourceAug-10-2016Go
Former Blackwater CEO: Clinton emails likely got Iranian defector killedAug-09-2016Go
State won't discuss Clinton email link to Iran executing nuke scientist spyAug-09-2016Go
State Dept. delaying release of Bill Clinton speech records until 2018Aug-09-2016Go
The chilling effect Hillary Clinton's emails could have on U.S. intelligenceAug-09-2016Go
Parents of 2 Benghazi victims sue Hillary Clinton for wrongful death, defamationAug-09-2016Go
Cotton: Clinton discussed executed Iranian scientist on emailAug-08-2016Go
Gingrich on Clinton's latest email explanation: new way to 'lie about lying'Aug-07-2016Go
At GOP urging, Trump turns focus on Clinton emails, 'short circuit' explanationAug-07-2016Go
Trump offers Clinton WH prediction: 'The destruction of this country from within'Aug-06-2016Go
Clinton keeps email scandal alive by dodging questionsAug-06-2016Go
Judge Napolitano: Why Hillary Clinton continues to be the queen of deceptionAug-05-2016Go
Clinton Foundation drug contracts intersected with State Department workAug-05-2016Go
New York Times hits Clinton's 'untruthful claims' on emailsAug-05-2016Go
Is the press protecting Hillary Clinton?Aug-05-2016Go
NSA has Clinton's deleted emails, whistleblower claimsAug-05-2016Go
Clinton doubles down on disputed claim FBI found her email remarks 'truthful'Aug-05-2016Go
NBC caught editing segment about Bill Clinton rape accuserAug-04-2016Go
Benghazi widow: Clinton 'cannot fundamentally be our commander in chief'Aug-04-2016Go
Clinton's Court: Legal analysts say gun rights and more at stake in NovemberAug-04-2016Go
State Dept. fights push to unseal tapes in Clinton email caseAug-03-2016Go
Clinton Foundation drug contracts intersected with State Department workAug-03-2016Go
Khan and Smith: How the media are treating two grieving parentsAug-02-2016Go
Trump signs first ever Internet anti-porn pledge, Clinton refusesAug-01-2016Go
Former NSA analyst: Clinton email leak may have come from the U.S.Aug-01-2016Go
Assange: WikiLeaks has more Clinton campaign materialAug-01-2016Go
Clinton camp refutes FBI: 'Not true' she sent classified infoAug-01-2016Go
Clinton spat with Benghazi mom takes back seat to Trump-Khan debateAug-01-2016Go
Clinton fact-checked on 'truthful' claim in email scandalAug-01-2016Go
Clinton Foundation IRS inquiry involves charity's legal statusJul-30-2016Go
Trump: 'I'm being sarcastic' about Russia returning Clinton's emailsJul-28-2016Go
Pelosi says Clinton struggles with white male vote because of 'guns, gays and God'Jul-28-2016Go
Clinton campaign chair: People don't want to hear about email scandalJul-27-2016Go
IRS opens investigation into Clinton Foundation activitiesJul-27-2016Go
The DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz insult Bernie and 12 million AmericansJul-27-2016Go
Emails reveal DNC side work for Engage CubaJul-26-2016Go
Clinton Foundation questions hang over Dem convention start, pols seek probeJul-25-2016Go
Clinton names Wasserman Schultz honorary chair of campaign teamJul-25-2016Go
'Shame!': Wasserman Schultz booed at Florida delegation breakfastJul-25-2016Go
FBI investigating DNC email hackJul-25-2016Go
Snowden: If Russia hacked DNC, show us the evidenceJul-25-2016Go
Debbie downer: Wasserman Schultz tanks in PhillyJul-25-2016Go
New DNC boss also bashed Sanders in leaked emailsJul-25-2016Go
Again with the emails: Latest scandal rocks Clinton's crowning at convention startJul-25-2016Go
Leaked DNC email: Wasserman Schultz called Sanders aide 'an ASS'Jul-24-2016Go
Sanders quiet on DNC emails, but maybe not for longJul-24-2016Go
DNC strips Wasserman Schultz of convention speaking slotJul-24-2016Go
FBI gives State Dept. first batch of deleted Clinton emailsJul-23-2016Go
Twitter accused of suppressing DNC Wikileaks storyJul-23-2016Go
Wikileaks dump appears to show DNC favored Clinton campaignJul-23-2016Go
Lawmaker: 'Lock her up' chants reveal frustration with justice systemJul-22-2016Go
Judge Napolitano: What if the fix was in for Hillary at the Obama Justice Department?Jul-21-2016Go
Mystery surrounds sources of many Bill Clinton speaking feesJul-21-2016Go
Benghazi survivors rip Clinton for failing to protect AmericansJul-19-2016Go
Benghazi mom: Clinton belongs behind barsJul-19-2016Go
GOP lawmaker: Dems politicize Benghazi, not RepublicansJul-19-2016Go
Billionaire sex offender Epstein once claimed he co-founded Clinton FoundationJul-19-2016Go
Lawsuit seeks to expose, unravel plea deal for billionaire sex offenderJul-19-2016Go
State Dept. fights deposition for Clinton in email caseJul-16-2016Go
FBI weighing release of records from Clinton email investigationJul-15-2016Go
House Republicans push for three different Clinton Foundation probesJul-15-2016Go
State Dept. to release deleted Clinton emails uncovered by FBIJul-14-2016Go
All the Clintons are overpaid divasJul-14-2016Go
'Gag' order: FBI confirms special secrecy agreements for agents in Clinton email probeJul-14-2016Go
Trump closing the gap with Clinton after FBI email decision, polls showJul-14-2016Go
State Dept. asks FBI for emails Clinton didn't hand overJul-13-2016Go
Paul Ryan: Clinton email server was 'calculated,' not 'careless'Jul-13-2016Go
Report: FBI agents believe 'inside deal' happened in Clinton email probeJul-13-2016Go
Hillary Clinton isn't done with email probes yetJul-12-2016Go
Lawmakers renew push for investigation of Clinton FoundationJul-12-2016Go
House Republicans want more answers from FBI's Comey on Clinton caseJul-12-2016Go
House GOP request perjury investigation of Clinton over private email serverJul-12-2016Go
Lynch mum on Clinton email probe at tense House hearingJul-12-2016Go
Clinton fallout: GOP bill strips security clearance after 'extreme carelessness'Jul-11-2016Go
New Washington Post poll spells bad news for ClintonJul-11-2016Go
Democrats vote against final version of Benghazi reportJul-09-2016Go
Clinton: FBI director was 'speculating'Jul-09-2016Go
Cruz slams 'political' FBI for Clinton email recommendationJul-08-2016Go
Hillary Clinton is unfit to serveJul-08-2016Go
Perjury probe ahead for Clinton in email controversyJul-08-2016Go
When it comes to Hillary Clinton, American justice is blind, deaf and dumbJul-08-2016Go
FBI chief’s testimony about Clinton emails torpedoes the bureau’s reputationJul-08-2016Go
State Department reopens internal probe of Clinton emailsJul-08-2016Go
Thousands of deleted Clinton emails could be made publicJul-07-2016Go
Paul Ryan asks Clapper to remove Clinton's security clearance to classified briefingsJul-07-2016Go
Congress to send FBI criminal referral to investigate whether Clinton lied under oathJul-07-2016Go
Seven questions still unanswered in Clinton FBI investigationJul-07-2016Go
WATCH: Gowdy grills FBI director on Clinton email contradictionsJul-07-2016Go
Republicans, Democrats clash over Comey hearingJul-07-2016Go
Trump: Clinton attacking his biz record to avoid 'lies she told to the FBI'Jul-07-2016Go
Ryan formally urges Clapper to block Clinton from classified briefingsJul-07-2016Go
FBI director grilled over Clinton email claims at tense hearingJul-07-2016Go
Watchdog group files request for records of Lynch-Clinton meetingJul-06-2016Go
Grassley pushes FBI to publish evidence in Clinton email caseJul-06-2016Go
Now FBI director faces congressional probeJul-06-2016Go
Priebus: Things will get 'even worse' for Clinton nowJul-06-2016Go
Eric Trump on Clinton's vindication: 'Our government has become third-world'Jul-06-2016Go
Republicans signal Clinton's email controversy is only just beginningJul-06-2016Go
The Clinton rulesJul-06-2016Go
FBI rebuke could haunt ClintonJul-06-2016Go
Mark Levin slams FBI, Justice: Clinton would've been a 'slam dunk case'Jul-06-2016Go
Giuliani: Clinton indictment a 'no brainer'Jul-06-2016Go
Chaffetz calls FBI director to testify on Clinton email probeJul-06-2016Go
FBI director could appear before lawmakers to explain Clinton decisionJul-06-2016Go
FBI won't recommend Clinton charges despite 'extremely careless' handling of classified intelJul-05-2016Go
RNC: FBI findings a 'clear indictment' of Clinton's judgmentJul-05-2016Go
Issa: FBI decision shows Clinton lives 'by a different set of rules'Jul-05-2016Go
Watchdog group files request for records of Lynch-Clinton meetingJul-05-2016Go
Five Clinton email talking points that were debunked by the FBIJul-05-2016Go
NY Times: Clinton may keep Lynch as attorney generalJul-05-2016Go
Wikileaks publishes collection of Clinton emails on IraqJul-05-2016Go
Huma Abedin admits that Clinton burned daily schedulesJul-05-2016Go
State Department under fire for Clinton-related records delaysJul-05-2016Go
Clinton email scandal grows ahead of conventionJul-04-2016Go
Trump: 'Only a fool' thinks the Clinton-Lynch meeting wasn't arrangedJul-04-2016Go
What we know about Clinton's serverJul-04-2016Go
Media in overdrive to downplay Lynch meetingJul-03-2016Go
GOP: Obama officials 'sat on a teleconference' instead of helping in BenghaziJul-03-2016Go
Clinton camp opposes special prosecutor for emailsJul-03-2016Go
Trump calls for charges against Clinton after FBI interview in email investigationJul-03-2016Go
Obama was running on Libya success until BenghaziJul-02-2016Go
GOP: Obama officials 'sat on a teleconference' instead of helping in BenghaziJul-02-2016Go
FBI could interview Hillary Clinton this weekend, report claimsJul-02-2016Go
Clinton sought secret info on EU bailout plans as son-in-law's doomed hedge fund gambled on GreeceJul-01-2016Go
State Dept. stonewalls on Clinton emails for 80 yearsJul-01-2016Go
Record keeper pleads ignorance in Clinton private server caseJul-01-2016Go
State Department seeks 27-month delay for release of Clinton Foundation emailsJul-01-2016Go
Under fire after secret meeting, Lynch to step back from Clinton probeJul-01-2016Go
First NRA anti-Clinton ad features Benghazi hero walking in military cemeteryJun-30-2016Go
Judge expands probe of Clinton donor meetingsJun-30-2016Go
Dems: Lynch visit with Bill Clinton 'didn't matter'Jun-30-2016Go
The nine biggest Benghazi committee discoveriesJun-30-2016Go
Huma Abedin testifies private email may have interfered with Clinton's jobJun-29-2016Go
Pentagon withholds Benghazi witness until after report is releasedJun-29-2016Go
Obama administration more concerned with re-election than lives in BenghaziJun-29-2016Go
Flashback: '60 Minutes' edits Obama's answer on BenghaziJun-29-2016Go
If Benghazi was your 'worst mistake,' Mr. President, take it seriouslyJun-29-2016Go
Clinton claims House Benghazi report ‘found nothing,’ says time to ‘move on’Jun-29-2016Go
Jim Jordan: Obama 'misled' on Benghazi because of electionJun-28-2016Go
Trump's attorney shares a meme accusing Clinton of murderJun-28-2016Go
How the White House misled on BenghaziJun-28-2016Go
Benghazi Republicans: Admin deployed talking points, not militaryJun-28-2016Go
Interactive timeline: Private Clinton vs. public Clinton on BenghaziJun-28-2016Go
Gowdy warns Dems looking to spin Benghazi report: 'Read it for yourself'Jun-28-2016Go
Benghazi report claims military failed to act after terrorist attack beganJun-28-2016Go
Select Committee on Benghazi Releases Proposed ReportJun-28-2016Go
House Benghazi report slams administration response to attacksJun-28-2016Go
Gowdy: State Dept. withholding Benghazi documents 'for the sake of convenience'Jun-27-2016Go
Clinton's State Dept. calendar missing scores of entriesJun-25-2016Go
With Clinton at helm, State Dept. got 'prestigious' award for record-keepingJun-25-2016Go
Top IT official: Disabling security for Clinton server laid out 'welcome mat' for hackersJun-25-2016Go
The dirty two dozen: Clinton's top controversiesJun-24-2016Go
Clinton staff removed donor meetings from State Dept. schedulesJun-24-2016Go
Clinton failed to hand over key email to State DepartmentJun-24-2016Go
Documents show State Dept. tried to give Clinton official emailJun-23-2016Go
When will WikiLeaks release Clinton's deleted emails?Jun-23-2016Go
Clinton goes 200 days without a press conferenceJun-22-2016Go
Bill-Hillary Clinton 'dynasty' challenges 22nd AmendmentJun-21-2016Go
Report: ABC, CBS, NBC cover Trump 'scandals' 4-1 over Clinton'sJun-21-2016Go
Lawmakers step up pressure for Justice to name a special prosecutor in Clinton email caseJun-21-2016Go
State Dept. sued over failure to recover deleted Clinton emailsJun-21-2016Go
Hacker releases Clinton Foundation documentsJun-21-2016Go
Hillary Clinton's tech failings could ripple through records rulesJun-20-2016Go
Trump: Bernie hanging in because FBI may indict ClintonJun-19-2016Go
Top secret clearance for sale, call and ask for HillaryJun-18-2016Go
LGBT activists enraged over beach patrol bathroom emailJun-18-2016Go
Rights groups silent as Clinton Foundation takes millions from countries that imprison gaysJun-18-2016Go
Clinton aides fast-tracked top-secret clearance for donorJun-17-2016Go
Hacker leaks reveal how the DNC fix was in for Clinton from the beginningJun-17-2016Go
Don't forget the Clinton FoundationJun-16-2016Go
Judge refuses to release Clinton IT aide's immunity deal due to 'criminal investigation'Jun-15-2016Go
Poll: Most voters don't think Clinton's nomination is historicJun-14-2016Go
Clinton blows off Fox NewsJun-13-2016Go
Less than half of Clinton Global Initiative projects were ever completedJun-13-2016Go
Justice Dept. weighs in on Clinton IT aide's immunity dealJun-12-2016Go
Pompeo: Clinton engaged in 'avalanche of falsities'Jun-12-2016Go
Republicans fear 'bias' in Clinton email probe after Obama endorsementJun-12-2016Go
Hillary's $5 million security guardJun-11-2016Go
Despite Clinton claims, 2012 email had classified markingJun-11-2016Go
'Appalling': Rep seeks HHS probe as emails shed light on abortion clinic harvestingJun-10-2016Go
Justice Dept. weighs in on Clinton IT aide's immunity dealJun-10-2016Go
Clinton aide reportedly got top donor named to nuclear advisory boardJun-10-2016Go
Fox News Poll: Majority thinks Clinton is lying about emailsJun-10-2016Go
Emails at center of Clinton FBI probe focused on drone strikes, report saysJun-10-2016Go
White House confirms 'criminal' probe over Clinton emails, 'shreds' campaign claimJun-10-2016Go
Report: Security experts concerned Clinton emails compromised CIA agentsJun-09-2016Go
Deadline met for Clinton aide to produce immunity dealJun-09-2016Go
Hillary is running, but she is also hidingJun-08-2016Go
State Department claims processing Clinton records request would take 75 yearsJun-08-2016Go
Clinton tech aide asks court to withhold details of FBI immunity dealJun-08-2016Go
Hillary Clinton and the 'FBI Primary'Jun-08-2016Go
Third transcript in Clinton email case releasedJun-07-2016Go
FBI refuses to release emails about its Clinton email investigationJun-07-2016Go
State Dept. moves to hide Clinton's trade deal emails until after electionJun-06-2016Go
Benghazi committee members squabble over final reportJun-06-2016Go
Secret Service officer's book details Clintons' 'crisis of character'Jun-05-2016Go
Former defense official: Clinton is the real 'danger'Jun-03-2016Go
Clinton IT aide Pagliano to plead Fifth in email caseJun-02-2016Go
Poll: 71 percent of Dems think Clinton should keep running even if indictedJun-01-2016Go
Lawyers for Clinton aide block questioning on IT specialist who set up serverMay-31-2016Go
Former State Dept. watchdog debunks central Clinton email claimMay-31-2016Go
Clinton's email trail shows disdain for transparencyMay-30-2016Go
Sanders: Americans, superdelegates must 'take a hard look' at IG report on Clinton emailsMay-30-2016Go
NYT calls for more 'candor' from Clinton over growing email controversyMay-27-2016Go
This is the State Department's code name for Hillary Clinton's email scandalMay-27-2016Go
Video of testimony in Clinton email lawsuit ordered sealedMay-27-2016Go
Origin of key Clinton emails from report are a mysteryMay-27-2016Go
State Department official thought Clinton used personal email for 'family and friends'May-27-2016Go
Key Hillary supporter's offshore dealings surface in Panama PapersMay-27-2016Go
Hillary's email line crumblesMay-26-2016Go
Clinton campaign's email defense takes hits from all sides after IG reportMay-26-2016Go
State Dept. changes its tone on Clinton emails after auditMay-26-2016Go
State Dept. admits there were 'hack attempts' on Clinton's serverMay-26-2016Go
Did Clinton's loose lips blow counterterror ops?May-26-2016Go
Clinton: Email controversy 'will not affect the campaign or my presidency'May-26-2016Go
Six Clinton contradictions exposed by State's auditMay-26-2016Go
Trump targets 'Crooked Hillary' over 'disaster' State Dept. reportMay-26-2016Go
Pompeo: Clinton server like putting classified info on TwitterMay-26-2016Go
Obama snaps over Clinton emails: 'I'm not taking another question'May-26-2016Go
Hacker who claims he breached Clinton server pleads guilty, strikes deal with fedsMay-25-2016Go
Republicans seize on State Department audit to challenge Clinton's repeated claims on emailsMay-25-2016Go
Emails: Clinton tried to export fracking at StateMay-24-2016Go
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe under investigation by DOJ over possible illegal campaign contributionsMay-24-2016Go
Media in agony as Trump makes it relive Clinton sex scandalsMay-21-2016Go
Benghazi Republicans turn to unlikely source in defense of GowdyMay-20-2016Go
Lawmaker predicts FBI will stay silent on Clinton indictmentMay-19-2016Go
Gowdy blasts Defense Department for slow-walking Benghazi responseMay-19-2016Go
Clintons took payments from Trans-Pacific Partnership backers last yearMay-18-2016Go
Clinton discloses $1.5M in speaking fees, calls on Trump to release tax returnsMay-18-2016Go
Mark Steyn: Clinton presidency will end the republicMay-17-2016Go
Hillary Clinton is not the only Democrat facing legal problems this cycleMay-17-2016Go
Benghazi Republicans, Democrats spar over military witnesses as probe nears endMay-17-2016Go
Super PAC pushes IRS to audit Clinton FoundationMay-17-2016Go
Benghazi committee hunts for Air Force whistleblowerMay-16-2016Go
Financial analyst alleges major holes in Clinton Foundation recordsMay-15-2016Go
Media lay the groundwork for Hillary, the victimMay-14-2016Go
Networks ignore FBI contradicting Clinton on emailsMay-13-2016Go
New email release shows Clinton chose not to use secure phone line, acknowledged Blackberry riskMay-13-2016Go
Prosecutors: Clinton contributions compromise integrity of Justice Dept.May-12-2016Go
FBI director describes 'pressure' to wrap up Clinton email probeMay-12-2016Go
Hillary's team prepares for the worst as she finds herself in a perfect storm of legal miseryMay-12-2016Go
Why did Clinton aide walk out of FBI interview about emails?May-12-2016Go
New witnesses admit more could have been done in BenghaziMay-12-2016Go
Comey rebuffs Clinton claim FBI only conducting ‘security inquiry’ on emailsMay-12-2016Go
'We could have been there': Squadron member speaks out on stalled Benghazi responseMay-12-2016Go
Top Clinton aide Mills reportedly walks out of FBI interview about emailsMay-11-2016Go
State Dept. denies being unable to find Clinton aide's emailsMay-10-2016Go
Clinton rakes in nearly $75,000 from Justice Department employeesMay-10-2016Go
State Department says it can't find emails from Clinton IT specialistMay-10-2016Go
Expert: Clinton unlikely to be indicted, but she shouldn't be celebratingMay-08-2016Go
Former U.S. attorney: Clinton could be barred from seeing classified documentsMay-07-2016Go
DiGenova: Guccifer claim could mean felony charges for ClintonMay-07-2016Go
Benghazi committee questions 98th witnessMay-07-2016Go
Gowdy: Pentagon launched 'overly partisan' attack on Benghazi panelMay-07-2016Go
Romanian hacker who claims he breached Clinton server says he spoke with FBI at lengthMay-07-2016Go
Former U.S. attorney: Clinton could be barred from seeing classified documentsMay-06-2016Go
New documents suggest Clinton withheld emails from State DepartmentMay-06-2016Go
Documents show State Department missed target date for special Benghazi unitMay-06-2016Go
Clinton aide Abedin interviewed by FBI in email investigationMay-06-2016Go
Romanian hacker Guccifer: I breached Clinton server, 'it was easy'May-05-2016Go
Clinton says FBI hasn't contacted her for an interviewMay-04-2016Go
Lynch: No deadline for Clinton email probeMay-03-2016Go
Pentagon wants Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi panel to back offMay-03-2016Go
State Dept. held back Clinton email that would have exposed private server, group claimsApr-27-2016Go
Clinton IT staffer refuses to testify after immunity dealApr-23-2016Go
Clinton gave paid speeches to firms that lobbied, contracted with governmentApr-22-2016Go
Family of Benghazi victim to receive $400G after CIA expands benefit programApr-21-2016Go
Clinton rails against big banks, but refuses to release Wall Street speechesApr-21-2016Go
AGs, activists accused of 'collusion' on Exxon probe amid new emailsApr-19-2016Go
Clinton associates in Panama Papers: 'Not like Vladimir Putin'Apr-18-2016Go
Clinton Foundation donors gave $13 million to Terry McAuliffeApr-18-2016Go
Hacker who exposed Clinton email set for Sept. trialApr-17-2016Go
Clinton brushes off Trump nicknameApr-17-2016Go
Clinton still won't release Wall Street speechesApr-17-2016Go
ABSCAM agents to FBI chief: Bureau's 'reputation' on the line in Clinton probeApr-16-2016Go
House panel votes to ban feds from reading emails without a warrantApr-14-2016Go
Sanders disavows supporter who called Clinton a 'corporate whore'Apr-14-2016Go
Report: Five Clinton shell companies established in DelawareApr-11-2016Go
EXCLUSIVE: Obama vows no influence in Clinton email probe, defends terror fightApr-11-2016Go
EXCLUSIVE: Obama vows no influence in Clinton email probe, defends terror fight - of courseApr-10-2016Go
State Dept. releases personal emails from Clinton's inner circleApr-09-2016Go
Source: No 'coincidence' Romanian hacker Guccifer extradited amid Clinton probeApr-09-2016Go
State Department releases more than 1,100 documents to Benghazi committeeApr-09-2016Go
Former NSA analyst wants Clinton to explain Kremlin connectionApr-08-2016Go
Watchdog demands investigation into Carter's personal emailApr-06-2016Go
Clinton campaign chief linked to Russian bank listed in Panama PapersApr-06-2016Go
State Department asks to limit questions on Clinton's server useApr-06-2016Go
Clinton server may have been breached in 2009Apr-05-2016Go
Huma Abedin: 'Mortified' by what could be in her emailApr-04-2016Go
California newspaper slams Clinton for server issuesApr-04-2016Go
'Fear of losing' another reason why Justice Dept. may not indict ClintonApr-04-2016Go
Q&A: Lawmaker says Benghazi report could come in a 'couple of months'Apr-03-2016Go
Clinton denies FBI has requested interviewApr-03-2016Go
Report: Clinton aides retain same lawyer in email probeApr-02-2016Go
FBI orders State Dept. to halt review of Clinton emailsApr-02-2016Go
Cotton: EPA's use of private emails shows contempt for transparencyApr-01-2016Go
Veterans group launches national bus tour to indict ClintonApr-01-2016Go
'One shot at the queen': FBI, AG intensify focus on Clinton email probeApr-01-2016Go
Move to force FTC investigation of Clinton Foundation gains momentumMar-30-2016Go
Former NSA chief: Clinton's email decisions 'inconceivable'Mar-30-2016Go
Group seeks to force release of Clinton Whitewater documentsMar-28-2016Go
A year after 'wiped clean' Hillary's email still a messMar-28-2016Go
Feds reportedly eye interview with Clinton, reach out to aides in email probeMar-28-2016Go
Emails indicate State Dept. confusion over Clinton IT aideMar-27-2016Go
FBI says it has not contacted Clinton about email investigationMar-27-2016Go
Lost Clinton emails unearthed from early 2009Mar-25-2016Go
Documents reveal coordination between State, Clinton nonprofitMar-24-2016Go
Conservative group says House Benghazi panel 'bungled' investigationMar-24-2016Go
Clinton campaign leader faces grand jury investigationMar-22-2016Go
Documents show Libyan president met with Bill Clinton after supporting nonprofitMar-22-2016Go
Clinton email reveals: Google sought overthrow of Syria's AssadMar-20-2016Go
Former Benghazi staffer quietly drops claim of anti-Clinton biasMar-19-2016Go
Petraeus gives closed-door testimony Saturday on Hill about Benghazi attacksMar-19-2016Go
Source: Secret meeting with White House led to Rice, Rhodes Benghazi testimonyMar-19-2016Go
Watchdog group seeks to depose seven Clinton aidesMar-18-2016Go
Emails: Clinton tried to get a secure BlackBerryMar-18-2016Go
WikiLeaks publishes searchable archive of Clinton emailsMar-18-2016Go
Clinton tried to change rules to use BlackBerry in secure facility for classified informationMar-17-2016Go
Clinton commits Benghazi gaffe, saying US 'didn't lose a single person' in LibyaMar-15-2016Go
Second former Clinton staffer rejects congressional investigatorsMar-14-2016Go
Source: Clinton IT specialist revealing server details to FBI, 'devastating witness'Mar-12-2016Go
Benghazi victim's mom: Hillary needs to tell me the truth!Mar-11-2016Go
Democratic lawmakers launch blast at inspectors general in Clinton email probeMar-11-2016Go
Clinton: Mother of Benghazi victim is 'absolutely wrong'Mar-10-2016Go
State Dept. wants more money after Clinton email scandalMar-09-2016Go
Report: Clinton sent 104 classified emails as secretary of stateMar-08-2016Go
Senators again request State Department staffer testify about Clinton server setupMar-08-2016Go
FBI investigating if Clinton aides shared passwords to access classified infoMar-03-2016Go
State Dept. to withhold two new Clinton emailsMar-03-2016Go
Group launches ad campaign chronicling year of Clinton's email scandalMar-03-2016Go
DOJ reportedly grants immunity to former State Dept staffer in Clinton email probeMar-03-2016Go
State releases 'top secret' email about North Korea missile testMar-02-2016Go
Ambassador killed in Benghazi attack considered leaving Libya in April 2011, emails revealMar-01-2016Go
State Dept. preps final batch of Clinton emailsFeb-29-2016Go
Senior Clinton aide maintained top secret clearance amid email probe, letters showFeb-29-2016Go
Clinton: FBI probe, email lawsuits are 'two different things'Feb-27-2016Go
State Dept. releases 800 new Clinton emailsFeb-27-2016Go
Man claiming to be Marine says Clinton tried to 'cover' up Benghazi removed from campaign rallyFeb-27-2016Go
NY Times calls on Clinton to release Goldman Sachs transcriptsFeb-26-2016Go
State Dept. to release more Clinton emails before South CarolinaFeb-26-2016Go
Gowdy: Benghazi findings likely public 'before summer'Feb-25-2016Go
Clinton campaign struggles to explain latest court orderFeb-25-2016Go
Is Hillary Clinton Above the Law?Feb-25-2016Go
Did Clinton aides try to pick State's inspector general?Feb-24-2016Go
Federal court ruling could pave way for Clinton subpoena in email caseFeb-24-2016Go
Top Clinton aide under fire for denying knowledge of private serverFeb-21-2016Go
Gowdy blasts Benghazi Democrats for delaying investigationFeb-21-2016Go
Emails suggest Clinton led Libya interventionFeb-20-2016Go
More than 500 new Clinton emails released by State Dept.Feb-20-2016Go
Will State Dept. publish latest Clinton emails before Nevada votes?Feb-19-2016Go
Gowdy: Benghazi committee has made 'significant breakthroughs'Feb-18-2016Go
Clinton email chain discussed Afghan national's CIA ties, official saysFeb-17-2016Go
State Department upgrades 84 new Clinton emails to classifiedFeb-17-2016Go
Emails: Clinton sought State Dept. donations from big banksFeb-14-2016Go
New batch of Clinton emails released, 81 now marked 'classified'Feb-14-2016Go
Emails: Despite knowing of lead in water, EPA planned to let Flint keep drinking it into 2016Feb-13-2016Go
Report: Clinton Foundation hit with subpoenaFeb-12-2016Go
Judge forces State to publish Clinton emails before Nevada, S.C. primariesFeb-12-2016Go
MSNBC to Clinton: Stop blaming your honesty problem on GOPFeb-12-2016Go
State Dept. blames latest delay on classified Clinton emailsFeb-11-2016Go
Official: Top Clinton aides also handled ‘top secret’ intel on serverFeb-11-2016Go
Emails appear to show how key Clinton aide manipulated media coverageFeb-10-2016Go
Clinton Asked Aide to Print ‘Classified’ Information, Emails ShowFeb-09-2016Go
FBI says Clinton email investigation remains 'ongoing'Feb-09-2016Go
Gowdy: Rice, Rhodes, Kennedy recently testified before Benghazi panelFeb-08-2016Go
Clinton accused of invoking 'everybody did it' defense on email scandalFeb-06-2016Go
Benghazi committee Dems gave thousands in bonuses while blasting probe's costFeb-06-2016Go
Hillary misleading about email probe during debate, former FBI agents sayFeb-06-2016Go
Senate launches bipartisan review of State's email policyFeb-05-2016Go
Hillary Clinton's venality will be her downfallFeb-05-2016Go
Clinton '100 percent' sure no indictment coming over emailsFeb-05-2016Go
Lawmaker raises conflict of interest questions on Clinton emailsFeb-02-2016Go
Murdoch: W.H. has 'surprising alternates' if Clinton's email scandal growsFeb-01-2016Go
Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain 'operational' intel, put lives at riskFeb-01-2016Go
Hillary escaped Whitewater indictment, compared to 'Mafia kingpin'Jan-31-2016Go
White House official, Clinton aide discussed using personal emailJan-30-2016Go
Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare: Hint -- it's not Bernie SandersJan-30-2016Go
Clinton email headaches grow as State Dept. confirms ‘top secret’ files, delays final releaseJan-30-2016Go
Official: Some Clinton emails 'too damaging' to releaseJan-29-2016Go
Benghazi Republicans accuse Democrats of wasting committee moneyJan-29-2016Go
State Dept. set to release some Clinton emails amid legal battleJan-29-2016Go
Is Hillary's biggest problem Sanders or servers?Jan-27-2016Go
FBI going 'right to the source' in Clinton email probe, interviewing intel agenciesJan-27-2016Go
Critics seize on 2013 video of Clinton aide discussing classified emailsJan-26-2016Go
Clinton won't call email use 'error in judgment,' says did 'nothing' wrongJan-26-2016Go
Legal battle over last batch of Clinton emails heats upJan-25-2016Go
Records of four key Clinton aides sought in new requestsJan-24-2016Go
Request to delay January release of Clinton emails blames snow, Republicans say ask political, tied to early primariesJan-24-2016Go
EXCLUSIVE: Clinton email exposed intel from human spyingJan-23-2016Go
Former AG: Criminal charges against Clinton are 'justified'Jan-22-2016Go
'Shoot the Watchdog': Hillary employs new tactic to deflect scrutiny of server use, former official saysJan-22-2016Go
NY Times buries the news of Clinton's classified emailsJan-21-2016Go
Clinton emails so secret some lawmakers can't read themJan-21-2016Go
Lawsuits spike in search of Clinton emailsJan-20-2016Go
Michael Bay defends Benghazi film '13 Hours': 'It avoids the politics'Jan-20-2016Go
Inspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programsJan-19-2016Go
EPA cleared of bias in Alaska mine controversy despite lost emails - The troubling details of the missing emails raise charges of an EPA whitewashingJan-18-2016Go
Clinton's 'no individual too big to jail' tweet backfiresJan-18-2016Go
GOP lawmaker: Benghazi film shows Clinton's 'grotesque conduct'Jan-16-2016Go
Nine times Clinton Foundation donors got special access at StateJan-14-2016Go
New lawsuit seeks Chelsea Clinton's emailsJan-14-2016Go
Gowdy: Witnesses have confirmed stand-down order on night of BenghaziJan-14-2016Go
State Department discovers 'thousands' of previously undisclosed Clinton documentsJan-14-2016Go
Clinton asked aide to remove classified markings more than onceJan-12-2016Go
Watchdog files ethics complaint over Clinton Foundation emailsJan-12-2016Go
'150 agents' working Clinton Foundation probe: Ex-U.S. attyJan-12-2016Go
White House touts transparency as lawsuits pile upJan-12-2016Go
State Dept. preparing to release thousands of top Clinton aide's emailsJan-12-2016Go
Clinton: I didn't request classified information via emailJan-11-2016Go
Sources say Feds probing Clinton payola claimsJan-11-2016Go
FBI's Clinton probe expands to public corruption trackJan-11-2016Go
State Dept. won't say whether Clinton aides removed classified markings on emailJan-09-2016Go
Clinton asked aide to remove classified markings more than onceJan-09-2016Go
Grassley: Clinton email showing removal of classified marks 'disturbing'Jan-09-2016Go
The most transparent and the most dishonestJan-09-2016Go
Blumenthal: Benghazi attack carried out by 'Islamist militia group'Jan-08-2016Go
Did Hillary Clinton ask aides to strip classified markings off a document?Jan-08-2016Go
State Dept. ups classified Clinton emails in overnight document dumpJan-08-2016Go
Latest batch of Clinton emails contains 66 more classified messagesJan-08-2016Go
Clinton fumed at staff after addressing Tunisian official by wrong name, emails showJan-08-2016Go
State Dept. set to release 2,900 additional pages of Clinton emailsJan-07-2016Go
Benghazi victim's dad dares Clinton to lie detector testJan-07-2016Go
Clinton's private email account exploits FOIA loophole, report saysJan-07-2016Go
Benghazi committee to question Petraeus, Panetta this weekJan-05-2016Go
Rubio: Clinton a 'liar' over Benghazi attackJan-04-2016Go
Emails: Clinton upset about being photoshopped out of White House pictureJan-02-2016Go
Email hints at Hillary Clinton's secret role in crafting ObamacareJan-01-2016Go
Chicago mayor's office, police review board coordinated response to officer's shooting of teen, emails showJan-01-2016Go
State Department releases over 3,000 Clinton emails on New Year's EveJan-01-2016Go
State Dept. set to release nearly 9,000 pages of Clinton emailsDec-31-2015Go
Trump slams Trey Gowdy: Benghazi hearings 'a total disaster'Dec-27-2015Go
Feds dump heavily redacted Benghazi emails on Christmas EveDec-25-2015Go
Clinton aide key focus in FBI server investigationDec-24-2015Go
Sources: Review affirms Clinton server emails were 'top secret,' despite department challengeDec-15-2015Go
Watchdog group reportedly calls for probe of Clinton relationship with firm tied to son-in-lawDec-14-2015Go
State Dept. cannot find emails of Clinton IT stafferDec-12-2015Go
Comey mum on whether FBI will ever release details of Clinton email probeDec-10-2015Go
Hillary Clinton intervened for mining firm while secretary of state after son-in-law's requestDec-09-2015Go
'Spinning up as we speak': Email shows Pentagon was ready to roll as Benghazi attack occurredDec-09-2015Go
Emails show Rahm Emanuel's friendship with ClintonDec-03-2015Go
Where will flattery get you with Clinton?Dec-02-2015Go
Military commander for Libya's Benghazi killed by roadside bomb in area with IS presenceDec-02-2015Go
Senators probe possible leaks in Clinton email reviewDec-02-2015Go
Clinton again invokes 9/11 to justify Wall Street tiesDec-01-2015Go
New emails cast doubt on Rice and Clinton's Benghazi storyDec-01-2015Go
Press offered Clinton chance to spin legacyDec-01-2015Go
Clinton emails show Benghazi response, back-patting after contentious hearingDec-01-2015Go
Clinton records reveal discrepancies in her official calendarNov-30-2015Go
State Dept. set to release 7,800 new Clinton emailsNov-30-2015Go
Clinton opened State Department office to dozens of corporate donors, Dem fundraisersNov-30-2015Go
Chat, text, email %u2014 Congress moves to stop government snoopingNov-27-2015Go
Paul campaign slams CNN, says emails show reporter 'colluding' with Clinton aideNov-26-2015Go
Emails show DOD analysts told to 'cut it out' on ISIS warnings; IG probe expandsNov-23-2015Go
The true love story of Hillary and Wall StreetNov-18-2015Go
Emails: Hillary Clinton 'often confused'Nov-17-2015Go
Clinton Foundation amends four years of tax returnsNov-17-2015Go
FBI expands probe of Clinton emails, launches independent classification reviewNov-12-2015Go
State Dept. withheld newly released Clinton classification forms from CongressNov-10-2015Go
Hillary Clinton signed non-disclosure agreement to protect classified info while secretary of stateNov-07-2015Go
DEVELOPING: “Smoking gun” just revealed in Hillary Clinton email scandalNov-06-2015Go
Document Completely Undermines Hillary’s Classified Email DefenseNov-06-2015Go
Clinton Foundation group to refile taxes under pressureNov-06-2015Go
Report: Clinton-connected firm refuses to answer Senate questionsNov-06-2015Go
RNC asks IRS to audit Clinton charity's financesNov-04-2015Go
State Department emails conflict with Clinton’s Benghazi testimonyNov-03-2015Go
Clinton emails show increased Benghazi security for Libyan PMNov-02-2015Go
Fiorina: We caught Hillary Clinton red-handed on BenghaziNov-01-2015Go
From Gaga to Affleck, latest release shows who had Clinton's personal email address while at StateNov-01-2015Go
Email shows Clinton's State Department cautioned about blaming Benghazi attack on videoNov-01-2015Go
Official says no plans to release Obama-Clinton emails now; State Dept. posts 7,000 new pagesOct-31-2015Go
IRS using same warrantless spy tech as CIA, NSAOct-28-2015Go
Impeachment drags IRS scandal into the spotlightOct-28-2015Go
Three big things Congress learned from Clinton on BenghaziOct-28-2015Go
House Republicans introduce measure to impeach IRS Commissioner KoskinenOct-28-2015Go
Benghazi hearing resurrects YouTube controversyOct-27-2015Go
Clinton paying a price now for her 2012 Benghazi liesOct-26-2015Go
Roskam pins Libya, also known as 'Hillary's War,' on HillaryOct-25-2015Go
Clinton can't find emails from first two months at StateOct-25-2015Go
How Clinton evaded questions on Benghazi stonewallOct-24-2015Go
'Serial liar': Families of Benghazi victims blast Clinton on BenghaziOct-23-2015Go
Diary entry from Benghazi victim’s dad: ‘I gave Hillary a hug,’ she blamed filmmakerOct-23-2015Go
Hillary Clinton showed us a glimpse of her soul at Benghazi hearings. It was chillingOct-23-2015Go
AP FACT CHECK: Clinton and critics on Benghazi, emailsOct-23-2015Go
Gowdy: Previous Benghazi probes 'failed' to review Clinton, Stevens emailsOct-22-2015Go
Gowdy says Benghazi panel owes attack victims the 'truth,' before Clinton testimonyOct-22-2015Go
Benghazi Dems release testimony of top Clinton aideOct-21-2015Go
Team Clinton on offense ahead of Benghazi committee hearingOct-21-2015Go
Gowdy tells GOP colleagues to 'shut up' about BenghaziOct-19-2015Go
Chris Stevens cable on Libya securityOct-19-2015Go
Ambassador sought security staffing before Benghazi attack, cable showsOct-19-2015Go
CIA source revealed in new Clinton emailOct-19-2015Go
Audits found State Department cybersecurity deteriorated under ClintonOct-19-2015Go
Judge hears case to dismiss charges against defendant in Benghazi attackOct-18-2015Go
Huma on the Hill for closed-door Benghazi testimony, ahead of Clinton appearanceOct-16-2015Go
Source: FBI probe of Clinton email focused on ‘gross negligence’ provisionOct-16-2015Go
Huma Abedin set to testify before Benghazi committeeOct-15-2015Go
Fox News Poll: 60 percent say Clinton has been dishonest on BenghaziOct-15-2015Go
Watchdog probes Clinton Foundation payments to Hillary's campaignOct-15-2015Go
Feds, tech experts warned software on Clinton server was vulnerable to hack attacksOct-13-2015Go
Gowdy: Fired Benghazi panel staffer decided to 'run to the press' after failed effort to get moneyOct-12-2015Go
GOP investigator says Republicans on Benghazi panel fired him over Clinton focusOct-11-2015Go
State Department tells Hillary Clinton to search for more emails to fill ‘gap’Oct-09-2015Go
Gowdy says new emails show Clinton confidant naming CIA source, pushing Libya interestsOct-09-2015Go
Trey Gowdy goes on offensive against Hillary ClintonOct-09-2015Go
Emails show Qaddafi son offered talks – but Clinton ordered top general to 'not take the call,' source saysOct-07-2015Go
State Department pressing Clinton lawyer over email gapOct-07-2015Go
FBI seizes four State Department servers in Clinton email probeOct-07-2015Go
FBI probe of Hillary Clinton emails expands to second tech companyOct-07-2015Go
New front opened in battle over Clinton email serverOct-06-2015Go
Emails reveal Clinton team's press obsessionOct-03-2015Go
FBI director confirms inquiry into Clinton email setupOct-02-2015Go
Clinton emails show simmering tensions with ObamaOct-02-2015Go
State Dept: Clinton email storage safe not secure for some messagesSep-29-2015Go
Bill Clinton blames Republicans, media for extending wife Hillary's email controversySep-28-2015Go
Clinton: Email scandal a 'drip, drip, drip'Sep-27-2015Go
State Dept. receives Clinton email chain apparently not included in pages turned overSep-26-2015Go
Clinton signed off on change in job status for top aide AbedinSep-25-2015Go
FBI confident Clinton emails being recovered: sourceSep-24-2015Go
State Department reportedly contradicts Clinton's account of request for personal emailsSep-23-2015Go
FBI reportedly recovers deleted emails from Clinton serverSep-23-2015Go
Emails show top Clinton aide discussed sensitive travel plans on personal accountSep-22-2015Go
Judge Rules To Keep Operation Fast And Furious Out Of Border Agent Brian Terry Murder Trial…Sep-21-2015Go
Exclusive: Bill Clinton's office checked with State Dept. on paid speech to group with Tehran tiesSep-16-2015Go
Report: No indication Clinton’s e-mail server was ‘wiped’Sep-13-2015Go
Exclusive: New Emails on Secret Benghazi WeaponsSep-12-2015Go
On eve of anniversary of Benghazi attack, father of dead American vows not 'to let this die'Sep-11-2015Go
State Department only turns over fraction of requested documents about Clinton aideSep-10-2015Go
Hillary Clinton offers first apology for private email serverSep-09-2015Go
Report: Clinton had 'top secret' emails on serverSep-08-2015Go
Clinton says no email apology: 'What I did was allowed'Sep-08-2015Go
Clinton acknowledges paying State Department staffer to maintain private email serverSep-06-2015Go
Clinton family reportedly personally paid State Dept. staffer to maintain private serverSep-05-2015Go
State Department seeks to consolidate Hillary Clinton email cases in courtSep-04-2015Go
Hillary Clinton, inner circle responsible for most classified emailsSep-04-2015Go
State Dept. seeks to oust 16 judges from Clinton email cases in favor of one judgeSep-03-2015Go
New emails show Hillary assisting for-profit college that paid Bill $16MSep-03-2015Go
Latest Clinton email release reportedly contains 57 threads with 'born classified' informationSep-03-2015Go
Former Clinton aide who helped set up server to plead Fifth Amendment to avoid subpoenaSep-03-2015Go
State Department releases thousands of Clinton emails, 125 contain classified informationSep-01-2015Go
State Department IT staff among those in the dark about Clinton's private email addressSep-01-2015Go
Hillary Clinton's emails: Why it doesn't matter what's in themAug-31-2015Go
State Department: About 150 emails in new Clinton batch have classified infoAug-31-2015Go
Mystery deepens into how classified emails got onto Clinton's unclassified serverAug-31-2015Go
Judge tells IRS it can't hide White House emailsAug-31-2015Go
Source: FBI ‘A-team’ leading ‘serious’ Clinton server probe, focusing on defense infoAug-29-2015Go
Emails show top Clinton aide discussed work for foundation, consulting firm while at State Dept.Aug-28-2015Go
IRS scandal: Lois Lerner's secret, personal email account was perfect coverAug-26-2015Go
Ambassador Kennedy used private email, watchdog saysAug-26-2015Go
Exclusive: State Dept.-released Clinton email had classified intel from 3 agencies, in possible violationAug-26-2015Go
IRS reveals existence of another Lois Lerner email accountAug-25-2015Go
DHS has no record of State Dept. giving info for Clinton server audit, despite rules - Is the DHS covering for Clinton?Aug-24-2015Go
Mukasey: FBI probe is about Hillary Clinton, not her private emailsAug-23-2015Go
A special prosecutor for Hillary’s special emailsAug-23-2015Go
More evidence, questions arise about existence of second, private Clinton email serverAug-23-2015Go
Inside the company in charge of Hillary's serverAug-21-2015Go
Judge orders State Dept. to work on recovering emails, suggests Clinton violated policyAug-21-2015Go
Information in dozens of Clinton emails 'born classified,' report saysAug-21-2015Go
Hillary’s testy email defense: Why the mainstream media aren’t buying itAug-20-2015Go
Clinton campaign tries to use Fox News report to exonerate candidate in email scandalAug-20-2015Go
HILLARY, THE FBI’S NOT LAUGHING Clinton jokes about email scandal as feds probe handling of classified infoAug-19-2015Go
New Clinton email count: 305 documents with potentially classified informationAug-18-2015Go
State Dept. uncovers nearly 18,000 missing emails sought from ex-Clinton spokesmanAug-18-2015Go
State Dept. confirms Clinton aides had other unreported email accountsAug-17-2015Go
Safe given to lawyer among irregularities seen in review of Hillary Clinton emailsAug-17-2015Go
Dozens of Clinton emails reportedly flagged for containing classified dataAug-17-2015Go
List of Clinton’s emails flagged for classified data hits 60Aug-16-2015Go
Gowdy: Clinton to testify in October before Benghazi panel, all questions ‘asked’ and ‘answered’Aug-16-2015Go
State Dept. refuses to accept intel community’s assessment about Hillary’s emailsAug-16-2015Go
Benghazi prosecution focuses attention on US interrogation strategy as defense seeks dismissalAug-16-2015Go
Clinton, Obama to meet face to face on Martha's Vineyard amid email controversy, Biden chatterAug-15-2015Go
State Dept. refuses to accept intel community’s assessment about Hillary’s emailsAug-15-2015Go
Clinton dismisses controversies surrounding Benghazi, emails at eventAug-15-2015Go
Official: Clinton ‘inner circle’ may have stripped email classification markingsAug-14-2015Go
'Top secret' emails on Clinton server discussed drone program, may reference classified infoAug-14-2015Go
Lerner, in newly released emails, calls GOP critics 'evil and dishonest'Aug-13-2015Go
The truth about Hillary Clinton's email server and the lawAug-13-2015Go
FBI reportedly takes possession of 'blank' Clinton email serverAug-13-2015Go
Official: Clinton ‘inner circle’ may have stripped email classification markingsAug-13-2015Go
Clinton to surrender email server to feds; watchdog confirms ‘top secret’ contentAug-12-2015Go
Clinton turns over private server to Justice Dept. amid report it contained 'top secret' emailsAug-12-2015Go
State Dept. blames classified information for Clinton email delaysAug-08-2015Go
Emails appear to show coordination between EPA, environmental groups on power plant rulesAug-05-2015Go
FBI investigating security of Hillary Clinton's private email serverAug-05-2015Go
Hillary Clinton email security breaches worry officialsAug-04-2015Go
New emails show Clinton's efforts on Hill helped pass ObamaCare, after failed '93 effortAug-01-2015Go
Obama heavily redacts latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emailsAug-01-2015Go
New Clinton email batch contains dozens of classified sectionsAug-01-2015Go
U.S. intel fears hundreds of secrets leaked in Hillary’s private emailsJul-31-2015Go
Information in classified Clinton emails came from multiple intelligence agencies, source saysJul-31-2015Go
Lerner emails show IRS tried to cover up targeting of conservative groupsJul-30-2015Go
Obama Justice Department Was Involved In IRS Targeting, Lerner Emails RevealJul-29-2015Go
Judge threatens to hold Obama’s lawyers in contempt over Lerner’s IRS emailsJul-29-2015Go
Reported two-month gap in Clinton emails coincides with escalating Libya violenceJul-29-2015Go
Suicide bomber kills 3 Libyan soldiers, wounds 11 in central BenghaziJul-28-2015Go
State Department says it will turn over 5,000 pages of documents to Benghazi committeeJul-28-2015Go
Hillary camp rips NY Times, but email story still dogs herJul-27-2015Go
Clinton to testify before House committee on Benghazi - A tentative date of Oct. 22 has been setJul-26-2015Go
Clinton denies sending classified information from private email serverJul-26-2015Go
State Department, intelligence watchdogs reportedly call for criminal probe of Clinton emailsJul-24-2015Go
Hillary Clinton email answers don't address key questionJul-19-2015Go
Checking Work Emails at Home? It's Part of the Job for Most AmericansJul-13-2015Go
Bill and Hillary Clinton ordered to give depositions about emails in civil caseJul-12-2015Go
Bill and Hillary Clinton ordered to give depositions about emails in civil caseJul-11-2015Go
Emails show party planning and more between EPA official, environmental groupsJul-10-2015Go
Clinton aide helped outside employer get high-profile Clinton speech, emails showJul-09-2015Go
Clinton emails reveal U.S. wanted to set up back channel after 2009 Honduran coupJul-09-2015Go
Benghazi panel enters crucial phaseJul-06-2015Go
Center for American Progress helped craft EPA talking points, emails showJul-06-2015Go
Clinton emails reveal Blumenthal influential in crafting diplomacyJul-02-2015Go
Hillary’s email: Manipulating and massaging the media (Except Fox)Jul-02-2015Go
Blumenthal gave diplomatic advice to Hillary Clinton as early as 2009, emails showJul-01-2015Go
Clinton can’t use a fax machine (and other lessons from State Dept. email dump)Jul-01-2015Go
State Dept. set to produce nearly 4,000 pages of Clinton emails TuesdayJun-30-2015Go
Benghazi night call between Clinton and Obama withheld, documents showJun-29-2015Go
Exclusive: The Arming of BenghaziJun-28-2015Go
Calls grow for probe of Clinton's private serverJun-28-2015Go
State Department says it can't locate 15 Hillary Clinton emailsJun-26-2015Go
Editor says he owes GOP sources ‘an apology’ after new Gruber emailsJun-24-2015Go
Blumenthal emails show Clinton encouraged 'unsolicited' intelligenceJun-23-2015Go
Benghazi committee makes more Hillary emails publicJun-23-2015Go
New emails show possible Benghazi deception by Hillary Clinton, Obama adminJun-22-2015Go
Report: Hillary tapped future campaign network for Benghazi spinJun-18-2015Go
Documents challenge Clinton claim no classified intel on personal emailsJun-18-2015Go
‘Significant gap’: New files from Clinton adviser show emails withheld from Benghazi panelJun-16-2015Go
IRS Finds 6,400 Lois Lerner Emails But Won't Hand Em OverJun-16-2015Go
Bill Clinton contradicts Hillary on email claimsJun-11-2015Go
Ex-Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal to testify in private on BenghaziJun-06-2015Go
EXCLUSIVE: House Committee Knows Of Hillary Email Server WhistleblowerJun-03-2015Go
HRC EMAILS: Federal officials voiced growing alarm over Clinton’s compliance with records laws, documents showJun-03-2015Go
House panel moves to block funding for State over Benghazi emailsJun-02-2015Go
Emails show Clinton’s interest in arming Libyan rebels despite prohibitionsMay-28-2015Go
Judge orders release of Clinton emails every 30 daysMay-28-2015Go
Timeline: Hillary’s Benghazi emailsMay-28-2015Go
State Department files proposal to release rest of Clinton emailsMay-27-2015Go
The GOP’s Benghazi summerMay-24-2015Go
Internal emails show Clinton got detailed intel on 'planned' Benghazi hitMay-23-2015Go
Virtual Reading Room - Clinton's EmailMay-22-2015Go
Ex-aide Blumenthal emailed Hillary on BenghaziMay-21-2015Go
Fight over Benghazi docs to hit House floorMay-21-2015Go
Emails reportedly show confidant told Clinton Benghazi attack planned by AQ-tied fightersMay-21-2015Go
Republicans threaten State’s funding in Benghazi fightMay-20-2015Go
House Benghazi committee subpoenas ex-Clinton White House aide BlumenthalMay-20-2015Go
Military intel predicted rise of ISIS in 2012, detailed arms shipments from Benghazi to SyriaMay-19-2015Go
State Department plans January 2016 deadline for release of Hillary Clinton emailsMay-19-2015Go
Clinton email mess multiplies with allegations over 2nd email addressMay-19-2015Go
Benghazi prompts CIA to look at expanding survivor benefitsMay-13-2015Go
Hillary Clinton email case reopened by federal judgeMay-11-2015Go
Benghazi panel releases interim report, accuses administration of dragging feetMay-09-2015Go
GOP slow-plays Benghazi investigationMay-09-2015Go
GOP senator: Clinton ‘has a lot to answer for’ on BenghaziMay-05-2015Go
State Department allowing Clinton Foundation to approve emails for releaseApr-30-2015Go
IRS watchdog recovers thousands of missing Lois Lerner emailsApr-29-2015Go
'Certain variables' may cause Benghazi probe to last into 2016, Gowdy saysApr-23-2015Go
Congress first asked Hillary Clinton about personal email use in 2012, letter showsApr-15-2015Go
Congress probes Clinton email scandal using new favorite toolApr-09-2015Go
Emails reveal former Oregon governor's fiancee influenced staff membersApr-04-2015Go
Benghazi committee seeks 'transcribed' interview with Clinton over deleted recordsApr-01-2015Go
Centrist strategy first casualty of Hillary email scandalApr-01-2015Go
One email from oblivion: Hillary’s big bet on secret serverMar-30-2015Go
Clinton hit with racketeering lawsuit over emailsMar-29-2015Go
Senate GOP asking new questions about emails for Clinton and Abedin, who had special employment statusMar-29-2015Go
Kerry orders State Department review of records retention amid Clinton email controversyMar-28-2015Go
Head of House Benghazi probe says Hillary Clinton wiped email server 'clean'Mar-28-2015Go
House panel passes bill banning IRS from using private emailMar-26-2015Go
Benghazi panel head Gowdy asks Clinton to ‘relinquish’ personal serverMar-21-2015Go
Emails reveal WHO delayed declaring Ebola emergency due to political considerationsMar-20-2015Go
New concerns over State Dept.'s credibility amid email flapMar-19-2015Go
Virtually impossible for top White House, State Department officials to miss Clinton’s private email address: security expertMar-19-2015Go
Benghazi committee gives Hillary Clinton more time to turn over emailsMar-17-2015Go
Clinton campaign shifts story on destroyed emailsMar-16-2015Go
Clinton camp issues clarification on deleted emails, claims ‘every’ message was reviewedMar-16-2015Go
State Department challenges Clinton claim that emails to officials ‘immediately’ savedMar-15-2015Go
Gowdy denies Benghazi panel created to thwart Hillary Clinton's 2016 bidMar-15-2015Go
'Major disconnect': Why no red flags in Clinton’s use of personal email?Mar-13-2015Go
Hackers, probing Clinton server, cite security lapsesMar-12-2015Go
‘Blizzard of Lies’: Email flap stirs memories of Clinton scandals pastMar-12-2015Go
White House: ‘Not particularly interested’ in discussing Clinton’s personal emailMar-12-2015Go
Holes emerge in Clinton email claimsMar-11-2015Go
Lawmakers eye contents of Clinton’s ‘private’ server, dubious of press conference claimsMar-11-2015Go
Mystery location of Clinton email server seen as 'matter of national security'Mar-10-2015Go
Clinton admits should have used official email, says used personal account for 'convenience'Mar-10-2015Go
VA administrator used doll photos to mock veterans' mental problems in emailMar-10-2015Go
Mystery location of Clinton email server seen as 'matter of national security'Mar-10-2015Go
Obama on Clinton emails, IRS, VA, Fast and Furious: I heard about it on the newsMar-10-2015Go
Trey Gowdy: Gaps of 'months and months' exist in Hillary Clinton emailsMar-09-2015Go
Rep threatens to subpoena EPA if agency fails again to turn over texts, emailsMar-09-2015Go
Top Senate Democrat urges Clinton to address private email controversyMar-09-2015Go
Obama says he learned of Clinton using private email through news reportsMar-08-2015Go
Ferguson police employee fired, 2 others resign over racist emails found in federal probeMar-07-2015Go
White House scrambles to answer when they learned of Clinton email habitsMar-07-2015Go
Emails show Clinton aides running interference during Benghazi attackMar-07-2015Go
A '90s Rerun: Why the press is pounding Hillary over the email debacleMar-06-2015Go
Clinton created multiple email addresses on private server, data showMar-06-2015Go
Clinton’s personal email use – despite clear rules – raises double-standard questionsMar-06-2015Go
Hillary Clinton's email server traced to Internet service registered to NY homeMar-05-2015Go
White House counsel reportedly kept in dark on Clinton’s personal email useMar-05-2015Go
No entitlement reform: Hillary email scandal reveals core weaknessMar-04-2015Go
Hillary Clinton's email server traced to Internet service registered to NY homeMar-04-2015Go
Judge rips EPA for 'offensively unapologetic' handling of conservative group's email requestMar-03-2015Go
Hillary Clinton's use of private email address while secretary of state draws scrutinyMar-03-2015Go
Lois Lerner email: ‘No one will ever believe’ two hard drives ‘crashed’ within a weekFeb-28-2015Go
32,000 emails recovered in IRS targeting probe amid allegations agency chief may have liedFeb-27-2015Go
Emails show sensitive info left exposed after US pullout from YemenFeb-18-2015Go
Johnson asks how 80,000 'lost' Lerner emails were recovered by IRS watchdogFeb-11-2015Go
Benghazi committee to review secret tapes on Clinton’s role in Libya warFeb-03-2015Go
Gowdy says administration slow-walking Benghazi docs, Cummings claims GOP moving at 'glacial' paceJan-28-2015Go
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GOP lawmakers highly critical of Petraeus’ Benghazi explanation, testimony showsDec-05-2014Go
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Federal watchdogs uncover thousands of lost Lerner emails, decoding to take weeksNov-22-2014Go
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Key ObamaCare official used threats, 'tantrums' to push website launch despite concerns, email claimsNov-19-2014Go
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Ex-official claims Clinton allies scrubbed Benghazi documents in secret sessionSep-15-2014Go
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GOP lawmaker says hundreds of server drives could still contain missing IRS emailsSep-06-2014Go
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Emails: IRS obtained donor lists for 'secret research project'Sep-05-2014Go
Democrats fear Benghazi probe will stretch to 2016 electionSep-05-2014Go
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Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack, US security team members claimSep-05-2014Go
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Rep. Chaffetz 'more fired up than ever' over IRS emailsAug-28-2014Go
Republicans question HHS official’s instruction to ‘delete’ internal ObamaCare emailAug-15-2014Go
Key ObamaCare official likely deleted emails now sought in House probeAug-08-2014Go
Emails show ex-IRS official Lerner using derogatory terms for RepublicansJul-30-2014Go
Head of Benghazi probe says no witnesses off limits, including ClintonJul-30-2014Go
Emails show White House adviser intervened on ObamaCare ‘bailout’ after industry appealsJul-29-2014Go
Second federal judge tells IRS to explain lost Lerner emailsJul-17-2014Go
IRS scandal: Lois Lerner’s ‘perfect’ method for hiding emailsJul-17-2014Go
DOJ official testifies agency taking closer look at how Lois Lerner's IRS emails were lostJul-17-2014Go
Lois Lerner in 2013: ‘Need to be cautious about what we say in emails’Jul-11-2014Go
Federal judge orders IRS to explain lost Lerner emails ‘under oath’Jul-11-2014Go
Lois Lerner in 2013: ‘Need to be cautious about what we say in emails’Jul-09-2014Go
Another federal judge tells IRS to explain itself on lost emailsJul-03-2014Go
Attorney claims Lerner did ‘everything she could’ to retrieve lost emails, ducks hard drive questionJun-29-2014Go
Sources: US letting Benghazi suspects off hook, recent arrest ‘small potatoes’Jun-28-2014Go
Benghazi suspect, now on U.S. soil and in federal custody, could face judge SaturdayJun-28-2014Go
Sources: US letting Benghazi suspects off hook, recent arrest ‘small potatoes’Jun-27-2014Go
Did the IRS really try to retrieve those lost Lerner emails?Jun-26-2014Go
More missing emails, crashed hard drives, this time at EPAJun-26-2014Go
Lerner sought IRS audit of sitting GOP senator, emails showJun-26-2014Go
National Archives boss: IRS ‘did not follow the law’ on lost Lerner emailsJun-24-2014Go
Book: Obama instructed Clinton to use video explanation after Benghazi attackJun-23-2014Go
'I don't believe you!': Paul Ryan levels blistering attack against IRS boss over 'lost' emails explanationJun-20-2014Go
Captured Benghazi attack suspect giving interrogators ‘history lesson’ on terror groupJun-18-2014Go
IRS email snafu ‘mind-boggling,’ says IT expertJun-17-2014Go
House committee subpoenas head of IRS to testify on lost Lerner emailsJun-17-2014Go
'Lost' IRS emails: Get real, Team Obama, we’re not that gullibleJun-17-2014Go
Lawmakers: IRS knew for months of ‘lost’ Lerner emails, more documents missingJun-17-2014Go
How Lois Lerner's IRS emails vanished and could be recoveredJun-17-2014Go
Benghazi attack suspect captured by American team, en route to USJun-17-2014Go
Gowdy names Capitol Hill veteran to Benghazi probeMay-18-2014Go
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‘Danged if I know’: Susan Rice seems to scoff at Benghazi probe questionMay-14-2014Go
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A new 'Watergate'? Team Obama and the hunt for the truth about BenghaziMay-09-2014Go
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Top Dem lawmaker proposes seating just one lawmaker on Benghazi panelMay-09-2014Go
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Obama administration withholding full contents of emails over Fox News Benghazi reportMay-07-2014Go
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Did ex-White House aide's Benghazi comments conflict with former CIA director's testimony?May-04-2014Go
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