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ICE forced to release illegal immigrants as migrant surge fills detention centersOct-17-2018Go
U.S. Arrests Chinese Intelligence Officer for Economic SpyingOct-11-2018Go
Elderly Chinese Army Veterans Stage Massive Protest Against Police BeatingsOct-11-2018Go
FBI lawyer's testimony at odds with Rosenstein denial on 'wire' reportOct-09-2018Go
With conviction, officer likely avoided decades behind barsOct-07-2018Go
Chicago verdict comes 4 years after Laquan McDonald's deathOct-07-2018Go
LAPD releases video of cop being shot at point-blank range during traffic stopSep-11-2018Go
Police officer charged in shooting death of unarmed neighborSep-10-2018Go
46 shot in Chicago since Friday, adding to history of dangerous weekendsAug-19-2018Go
Iraqi immigrant accused of shooting Colorado cop has criminal history, yet avoided deportation, report saysAug-05-2018Go
Infuriating: Cop Beats Up Disabled Man For Innocent MistakeJul-17-2018Go
ICE to set free illegal immigrants to comply with judge's family reunification orderJul-08-2018Go
Ex-Dem IT aide Imran Awan pleads guilty to bank fraud in deal with prosecutorsJul-03-2018Go
Seattle cops fleeing department over city’s lack of support: unionJun-29-2018Go
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein refused to say Thursday whether he read the secret surveillance warrant used to snoop on a Trump campaign figure last yearJun-29-2018Go
Reps clash, Dems jeer and cops hunt Trump-accosting internJun-21-2018Go
FBI espionage chief testifies in Congress regarding Clinton and Trump probesJun-13-2018Go
Rancher says Border Patrol agent's shooting could have been avertedJun-13-2018Go
MUST SEE: Off-duty cop, mom guns down would-be robber near schoolMay-14-2018Go
Judge accuses Mueller’s prosecutors of trumping up charges against Manafort to get to presidentMay-04-2018Go
Cops hailed for keeping calm as ex-Clinton fundraiser rantedApr-26-2018Go
FBI, DOJ docs show Russia probe started without supporting intel: NunesApr-22-2018Go
Family of Ohio teen crushed by minivan seat storms out of meeting, says councilman 'crossed the line'Apr-18-2018Go
North Carolina court writes cop-killer Assata Shakur $15G check as land deal compensationApr-16-2018Go
FBI’s McCabe accuses Comey of lying about meeting on media leakApr-16-2018Go
Ex-FBI deputy McCabe lied, was source of leak, Justice Dept. saysApr-14-2018Go
Hundreds of America’s Sheriffs Demand Lawmakers End Sanctuary Policies That Aid Criminal AliensApr-03-2018Go
Border Patrol agents overwhelmingly support Trump’s wall in new surveyApr-03-2018Go
Footage shows Texas man pointing gun at officer before being shot to deathMar-31-2018Go
Stephon Clark was shot eight times, seven from behind, by police, says pathologistMar-31-2018Go
Illegal immigrant cop killer smirks at death sentence-- and victims’ families grin backMar-28-2018Go
Sharia Canada: Police Investigating After Ex-Muslim Rips Qur’an - Would the cops have been called in if she had ripped a Bible?Mar-28-2018Go
John Paul Stevens' Anti-Second Amendment Hysteria - A chilling reminder of the importance of judicial appointments.Mar-28-2018Go
A year of reckoning: Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000Mar-28-2018Go
Here’s how an NYPD cop killer got paroleMar-28-2018Go
Police officer shot while serving arrest warrantMar-28-2018Go
One dead after cops shoot up car thinking escaped inmate was inside — but he wasn’tMar-28-2018Go
Killing of unarmed black man roils California’s capital cityMar-28-2018Go
Baton Rouge police officers cleared in 2016 killing of Alton SterlingMar-28-2018Go
List of people killed by policeMar-28-2018Go
Border Patrol Fights Back - U.S. officials are refusing to hand over criminal aliens to California.Mar-26-2018Go
Deadly Islamic-inspired killer ignored by FBI, local cops in FloridaMar-17-2018Go
FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe sacked by AG Jeff SessionsMar-17-2018Go
Broward County Sheriff Hired Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer: CrosstalkMar-08-2018Go
Trump should pardon all Mueller’s ‘victims’: Former federal prosecutorMar-08-2018Go
Sex Crimes Investigation: Federal agent indicted on rape and assault chargesMar-08-2018Go
Border Patrol: California sanctuary laws obstruct public safety, law enforcementMar-08-2018Go
Missouri police officer killed responding to 911 call was at wrong house, officials sayMar-08-2018Go
ICE: Oakland Dem helped 800 illegal immigrants, including rapists and robbers, escapeMar-06-2018Go
FBI’s Peter Strzok didn’t follow up on possible breach of Clinton email server: reportMar-06-2018Go
‘schoolhouse-to-jailhouse pipeline’ helped keep Nikolas Cruz off police radarMar-06-2018Go
FBI lacked corroboration for Page wiretap; discredited dossier writer Steele ID’d as Yahoo sourceMar-05-2018Go
Nunes: FBI on shaky legal ground with use of Dem-funded dossier to wiretap Trump campaignMar-02-2018Go
Man disarms would-be church shooter, gets shot by policeMar-02-2018Go
Cops, sheriffs cheer for President Trump and his restoration of military equipmentFeb-21-2018Go
Mueller Comes Up Short - Again - When they have nothing, prosecutors charge people with lying to the feds.Feb-21-2018Go
Officer killed hours after brother in blue gunned down in another state, as deaths mount for copsFeb-21-2018Go
FBI Incompetence? Agency too busy chasing Trump, helping Clinton to prevent school shooting?Feb-17-2018Go
FBI admits failing to act on tip for Florida high school shooterFeb-17-2018Go
ICE arrests 212 illegals, targets 122 businesses in LA sweepFeb-17-2018Go
Cops arrest teen they believed planned to shoot up schoolFeb-15-2018Go
Italian Police Arrest Two More Immigrants for Murder and Dismemberment of Teenage GirlFeb-12-2018Go
Police shoot man during sword attack on Indonesian churchFeb-11-2018Go
Officers killed in the line of duty in 2018Feb-10-2018Go
Georgia officer dies after being shot while serving warrant, police sayFeb-10-2018Go
Two Ohio cops killed in line of duty remembered as 'true American heroes' during emotional presserFeb-10-2018Go
FBI Used Ex-British Spy as Main Source for Spying Warrants After Suspending Its Relationship With HimFeb-07-2018Go
FBI lovebirds' newly revealed texts discuss Comey briefing Obama amid Clinton, Trump probesFeb-07-2018Go
FBI ‘needs to clean house,’ former agents sayFeb-07-2018Go
Illegal immigrant urinating in public slashes man who objected, cops sayFeb-06-2018Go
Rep. Adam ‘Schiffty Mouth’ Schiff Is a Proven Liar and Demagogue: CopsFeb-01-2018Go
FBI’s War on the MemoFeb-01-2018Go
‘Crooked Cop’ Mueller Demands Transparency, Honesty in Trump Investigation But Hides Expense ReportsJan-30-2018Go
Krav Maga: Israeli Police and Security Forces Practice Deadly Combat System‏Jan-25-2018Go
I Wish I Had Killed More Of The Motherf**kers, Illegal Alien Cop-Killer Admits in CourtroomJan-18-2018Go
Teen shot dead by deputy in Ohio courthouse during fight with family membersJan-18-2018Go
1 US marshal reportedly dead, at least two more injured while nabbing fugitive in PennsylvaniaJan-18-2018Go
‘Body bomb’ warning re-issued by U.S. Intel officials still requires police and military attentionJan-17-2018Go
Illegal immigrant charged with killing 2 cops gives shocking courtroom rantJan-17-2018Go
FBI, DOJ Argue for Dismissal of Suit About Garland, Texas AttackJan-15-2018Go
Nation’s top lawmen blast California’s ‘Sanctuary’ law; Immigration cops to ‘kick butt, take names’Jan-12-2018Go
“Combative” Mohammed Abraar Ali Killed Police Officer Andrew CamilleriJan-09-2018Go
Judge throws out case against Bundys, bars retrial with stunning rebuke to federal prosecutorsJan-09-2018Go
FBI caves to Congress, will fork over documents related to dubious anti-Trump dossierJan-05-2018Go
13 drones in four days: How drug smugglers are using technology to beat Border PatrolJan-03-2018Go
Photos: ‘Khamenei Shame on You’: Violence in Iran as Riot Police Confront ProtestersDec-31-2017Go
Man found with small arsenal on Houston Hyatt Regency's top floor before New Year's Eve celebration, police sayDec-31-2017Go
Colorado deputy killed, 4 others shot responding to domestic disturbance outside DenverDec-31-2017Go
Argentina: Judge Deems Death of Prosecutor Who Linked Iran to Terror Attack a ‘Violent’ MurderDec-29-2017Go
FBI Still Considers Dossier Credible - Devin Nunes demands answers from Andrew McCabeDec-29-2017Go
Law enforcement leaders say Trump’s strong support for police saves livesDec-27-2017Go
FBI Arrests California Man for Plotting Christmas Jihad Attack with Truck, Guns, and BombsDec-26-2017Go
Men Claiming to Be Rogue Police Steal Weapons Cache from Venezuelan MilitaryDec-21-2017Go
Mistrial bolster’s Bundy’s claim of federal persecution, gives prosecutors black eyeDec-21-2017Go
The FBI’s Secret State PoliceDec-18-2017Go
FBI Plot Against TrumpDec-14-2017Go
Deputy AG Rosenstein: No reason to fire MuellerDec-13-2017Go
Arizona Jury Acquits Police Officers for Killing Unarmed Man who Begged for His LifeDec-11-2017Go
DHS Launches New Office to Combat Threat of Terrorists Acquiring WMDsDec-07-2017Go
FBI chief blasted for political bias within agency by House panelDec-07-2017Go
FBI agent Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump texts demanded by SenateDec-07-2017Go
FBI Increasingly Politicized Under Comey and MuellerDec-06-2017Go
Corey Feldman's 1993 audio files naming alleged sexual predators found by Santa Barbara County Sheriff's OfficeDec-06-2017Go
ICE founder: Build the wall now -- even if government shutdown is the priceDec-05-2017Go
Shocking surveillance video shows sheriff's deputy shooting ex-girlfriendDec-02-2017Go
FBI Warns of Mounting Collaboration Between Nations, Criminals to Launch CyberattacksDec-01-2017Go
Michael Flynn charged with lying to FBIDec-01-2017Go
FBI probes Rep. Bob Brady over payments to get Dem challenger to quit campaignNov-22-2017Go
Trump Renews Call for Wall After Border Agent Is KilledNov-20-2017Go
Brooklyn College Seeks to Ban Police From Using Campus BathroomsNov-20-2017Go
Border Patrol agent believed killed by rock-wielding illegal immigrantsNov-20-2017Go
Violent Protests Erupt in Charlotte After Deadly Police ShootingNov-19-2017Go
Police Identify Suspect In Fatal Shooting Of New Kensington Police OfficerNov-19-2017Go
‘Road rage’ cop found not guilty in shooting of unarmed manNov-19-2017Go
NYPD cops shoot, kill knife-wielding man suspected of stabbing security guardsNov-19-2017Go
Cop shoots man who tried to ignite himself with lighter fluidNov-19-2017Go
Cop-killer found guilty of first-degree murderNov-19-2017Go
Baltimore police officer dead, cops hunt killerNov-19-2017Go
Green Beret officer reports: Obama, Hillary, Panetta ordered Benghazi rescuers to ‘stand down’Nov-18-2017Go
Catch-and-release of illegals restarted in Texas, border patrol agents sayNov-16-2017Go
ICE agents rebel, say Trump ‘betrayed’ them by retaining Obama’s people - Officers in Philadelphia told to remove body armor to avoid offending illegals during arrestNov-15-2017Go
Man used ice cream truck to lure, sexually assault children in North Carolina, police sayNov-05-2017Go
FBI agents manhandled Manafort and his wife during pre-dawn raid in intimidation effortNov-02-2017Go
High stakes for federal prosecutors as Bundy trial starts in NevadaOct-31-2017Go
FBI informant blocked from telling Congress about Russia nuclear corruption case, lawyer saysOct-18-2017Go
Black Lives Matter, Police-focused NFL protests overlook rising black-on-black homicidesOct-13-2017Go
Immigration Cops: California Sanctuary Law Won’t Stop UsOct-10-2017Go
ICE to California: 'No choice' but to arrest illegal immigrants despite sanctuary state legislationOct-07-2017Go
Remove, Prosecute Political Hack Robert Mueller: Says Former Federal ProsecutorOct-05-2017Go
Venezuela: Former Prosecutor Laments Systematic Torture, Hundreds of Political PrisonersOct-04-2017Go
FBI Stats Demolish NFL Protest NarrativeSep-29-2017Go
Police Adviser: Roy Moore Primary Victory in Alabama a Rejection of ‘Kook Morality’Sep-29-2017Go
FBI Director Warns Terrorist Groups Could Soon Launch Drone Attack Against U.S.Sep-28-2017Go
'You're Presenting a Fallacious Argument': Kennedy Battles 'Dead Cops' Tweet ProfessorSep-19-2017Go
Berkeley Police release mugshots of Ben Shapiro protestersSep-15-2017Go
FBI reversal: Bureau will release more Clinton investigation docsSep-14-2017Go
NH Mosque Preaches Jihad, Police Chief Cries “Islamophobia” - Will ignoring and denying a problem make it go away?Sep-13-2017Go
Antifa throws smoke and projectiles at police at Portland rallies; 7 arrestedSep-11-2017Go
Hurricane Irma: Cops warn looters they're making 'fairly bad life choice'Sep-11-2017Go
Shooting the Messenger in SwedenSep-05-2017Go
FBI Corruption? Evidence of Comey Deceit Discovered Regarding Exoneration of Hillary ClintonSep-02-2017Go
Robbers Accidentally Hold Up Pub Full of Off-Duty Police OfficersSep-01-2017Go
Police-in-schools program halted as Black Lives Matter objectsSep-01-2017Go
Sheriff Joe Arpaio wins pardon from TrumpAug-26-2017Go
Tomi Lahren: The left is normalizing police hatredAug-20-2017Go
Two police officers dead, 4 others wounded after shootings overnight in Florida and PennsylvaniaAug-20-2017Go
Police officer killed, 5 others wounded after shootings overnight in Florida and PennsylvaniaAug-19-2017Go
FBI reopens case of Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch airport meeting documentsAug-18-2017Go
Several people stabbed in Finland, police shoot suspectAug-18-2017Go
Hero Spanish cop killed 4 Cambrils terror attack suspects, official saysAug-18-2017Go
Dashcam video of alleged sexual assault by Texas deputies during traffic stop is releasedAug-16-2017Go
FBI has 'reopened' case on search for Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting recordsAug-16-2017Go
Trump 'seriously considering' a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe ArpaioAug-15-2017Go
Police justified in shooting of Arkansas teen, prosecutor saysAug-10-2017Go
Ian McCarthy, fugitive accused of killing Missouri officer, arrested and chargedAug-09-2017Go
Missouri police officer killed during traffic stopAug-07-2017Go
Large police turnout expected for slain officer’s funeralAug-05-2017Go
Venezuela constitutional assembly removes chief prosecutorAug-05-2017Go
Trump signs law to aid wounded U.S. Capitol Police officersAug-05-2017Go
FBI’s Own General Counsel Suspected of Being An Anti-Trump LeakerAug-01-2017Go
Local police departments partnering with ICE in TexasAug-01-2017Go
DHS waives environmental laws to begin building Trump border wallAug-01-2017Go
Cops say hands are tied in arresting unruly 'desnudas' naked female panhandlers 'because most are illegal immigrants'Jul-31-2017Go
National Fraternal Order of Police president defends Trump’s arrestee commentsJul-31-2017Go
Trump’s ‘paddy wagon’ comments put police in awkward positionJul-30-2017Go
Indiana police officer dubbed ‘Teddy Bear’ gunned down after responding to car crashJul-28-2017Go
Trump honors officers who stopped gunman attack on GOP lawmakersJul-28-2017Go
ICE chief wants to slap smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary citiesJul-27-2017Go
ICE Arrests 114 Illegal Immigrants and Fugitives in New YorkJul-26-2017Go
Justine Damond: Killed by “Islamophobia” - Political correctness put her in the way of a “nervous, jumpy” Muslim cop who took her life.Jul-23-2017Go
Trump Should Smash Leftist Coalition, says police adviser known as Gun DeanJul-23-2017Go
FBI relies on discredited dossier in Russia investigationJul-21-2017Go
Virginia McDonald's employee refuses to serve uniformed police officerJul-20-2017Go
Mystery bicyclist sought by police as witness in Minnesota shooting incidentJul-19-2017Go
Sessions signals more police property seizures comingJul-18-2017Go
Somali immigrant cop Mohamed Noor, who shot Jessica Damond, was 'highly celebrated' by Minneapolis mayor in 2015Jul-18-2017Go
Australian woman killed in Minneapolis police shootingJul-17-2017Go
DHS grants small number of guest-worker visas, tests Trump’s ‘America first’ promiseJul-17-2017Go
Man convicted of killing Ole Miss officer set for early releaseJul-15-2017Go
Former Soviet intel officer present at Donald Trump Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer: ReportJul-14-2017Go
Bronx teen blares ‘F– tha Police’ from apartment window during slain officer’s funeralJul-13-2017Go
Illegal immigrant who sneaked into US 7 times was drunk during deadly crash, prosecutor saysJul-12-2017Go
FBI document dump reveals secrets of Clinton probe as new director nominee faces SenateJul-12-2017Go
Federal prosecutors seek court win in Bundy standoff after misfires in Nevada, OregonJul-11-2017Go
Jesus image left near New York mosque investigated as ‘bias incident’ by copsJul-11-2017Go
NY judge sparks outrage after freeing alleged cop attackerJul-10-2017Go
New York City cop ambushed, shot to death while sitting in truckJul-05-2017Go
Sharia Police: German Court Rules in Favor of Islamist ‘Brown Shirts’Jul-04-2017Go
Texas state flags lowered after San Antonio police officer dies in shootingJul-01-2017Go
Oregon sheriff blasts FBI team after agent pleads not guilty to lying in Bundy standoffJun-29-2017Go
Venezuela: Police Helicopter Attacks Supreme Court as Maduro Vows to ‘Go to Combat’Jun-28-2017Go
FBI agent indicted in Oregon refuge standoff shootingJun-28-2017Go
Former Arizona sheriff slated to begin trial over immigration actionsJun-26-2017Go
The Unwritten Law That Helps Bad Cops Go FreeJun-22-2017Go
FBI never contacted Wasserman Schultz after DNC breach, former chairwoman claimsJun-22-2017Go
Flint Bishop Airport: Police officer stabbed in critical condition, airport evacuatedJun-21-2017Go
FBI says Hodgkinson, Alexandria shooter, had no history of mental illness, terrorist tiesJun-21-2017Go
Assaults on Border Patrol agents surge as immigration debate heats upJun-21-2017Go
Black gun owners worried by acquittal in Castile shootingJun-18-2017Go
Minn. officer who fatally shot black motorist acquitted of manslaughterJun-17-2017Go
Trump calls on Cuba to return U.S. fugitives, including cop-killer ChesimardJun-17-2017Go
FBI declines to release Comey memos, citing use in possible ‘law enforcement proceeding’Jun-17-2017Go
ICE arrests of Iraqi Christians in US cause detainee families to feel betrayedJun-16-2017Go
Pence visits Scalise, Capitol Hill officer in hospitalJun-15-2017Go
Capitol Police heroes used guns to prevent massacre on ballfieldJun-15-2017Go
Sanders ‘sickened’ after learning campaign volunteer was shooter - When Sanders and the left wing continues to preach hate, this is what happens…Jun-14-2017Go
'Nobody would have survived’ without Scalise’s Capitol Police detail engaging gunmanJun-14-2017Go
James Hodgkinson identified as gunman in shooting of Scalise, aide and two police officersJun-14-2017Go
2 guards killed by escaping inmates during Georgia transportJun-13-2017Go
'This is war': Florida sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves in case of attackJun-11-2017Go
FBI offers $20,000 reward for capture of Social Security fraudsterJun-10-2017Go
Kamala Harris copies Obama’s political playbookJun-08-2017Go
Comey leaked his own memos to contradict Trump, spur special prosecutorJun-08-2017Go
Cops answering opioid-overdose calls are at risk of accidental fentanyl overdose, DEA warnsJun-07-2017Go
NYPD Terror Alert in Aftermath of Jihad In London; Cops Serving Americans Not MayorJun-05-2017Go
Suspected terrorists who attacked Londoners killed in a hail of police gunfireJun-04-2017Go
British police round up 12 people linked to London attackJun-04-2017Go
British police in control after terrorist rampage; President Trump pledges U.S. supportJun-04-2017Go
Sewage seeping from Mexico into California causing rashes on Border Patrol agentsMay-30-2017Go
Mississippi shooting: 8 dead, including deputy sheriff; suspect in custodyMay-28-2017Go
Portland commuter train passenger spewed ‘hate speech’ before killing two in stabbing spree: PoliceMay-28-2017Go
DHS chief cites Manchester leak as ‘borderline’ treasonMay-28-2017Go
Virginia manhunt ends with arrest of suspect in officer's fatal shootingMay-27-2017Go
FBI possessed, studied anti-Trump dossier, says former top spyMay-26-2017Go
Swedish prosecutor drops rape investigation of Assange, WikiLeaks founderMay-19-2017Go
Oklahoma officer not guilty in fatal shooting of unarmed black manMay-18-2017Go
New York police officer shot, suspect found dead after barricade situationMay-16-2017Go
Southwestern Montana deputy killed in shootoutMay-16-2017Go
Trump says police need better protectionMay-15-2017Go
Judge pleads guilty in massive Social Security fraud caseMay-15-2017Go
Exceptions to Sessions’ charging policy unlikely, former prosecutors sayMay-15-2017Go
Democrats will consider Comey’s firing as new reason to force special prosecutorMay-15-2017Go
James McDaniel, Indiana man, ticketed for defending son from goose attackMay-14-2017Go
Sessions tells U.S. prosecutors: Push for more, harsher punishmentsMay-12-2017Go
Arkansas police shooting: Suspect surrounded in home after killing officerMay-11-2017Go
Police standoff: Armed suspect barricaded inside NJ home; 2 officers injuredMay-10-2017Go
White House says no need for special prosecutor after Comey firingMay-10-2017Go
Police arrest man accused of fatally shooting 3 people in Fresno on same day in 'hate crime'May-07-2017Go
Former cop pleads guilty in fatal SC OISMay-07-2017Go
US attorney details why no charges in Alton Sterling caseMay-07-2017Go
Chicago shooting prompts push to better arm police officersMay-07-2017Go
Calif. police fatally shoot armed man after double slayingMay-07-2017Go
Dallas police shooting: Lawyer denies teens were driving in ‘aggressive manner’May-07-2017Go
Three in custody, others sought after 2 Chicago police officers shot in Back of the YardsMay-07-2017Go
Police Officer Who Fatally Shot 15-Year-Old Texas Boy Is Charged With MurderMay-07-2017Go
Officer shot in the face, shooter found dead after standoff in motel roomMay-06-2017Go
EXCLUSIVE: FBI report finds officers ‘de-policing’ as anti-cop hostility becomes ‘new norm’May-05-2017Go
DHS catches less than 1 percent of illegal immigrant ‘overstays’: AuditMay-04-2017Go
Police say motive unclear for University of Texas stabbingsMay-02-2017Go
Slager, ex-officer, to plead guilty in black motorist’s death; man shot while fleeingMay-02-2017Go
Maryland police offer $5,000 reward for David Watson, escaped convictApr-30-2017Go
Sheriff David Clarke: ‘Rat bastards’ on the left never give upApr-29-2017Go
David Clarke, Milwaukee County sheriff, eyed for Homeland Security post: SourcesApr-29-2017Go
Sniper who targeted Pennsylvania police sentenced to deathApr-27-2017Go
DHS to open office for victims of crimes by illegal immigrantsApr-25-2017Go
FBI, NSA call for further testimony on Trump-Russia investigationApr-22-2017Go
DHS' Kelly defends more ICE, border hires; says illegal immigrants must be 'dealt with'Apr-17-2017Go
Georgia police officer fired after stomping handcuffed suspect’s head in viral videoApr-14-2017Go
Fast and Furious scandal: Suspected triggerman in border agent's murder arrestedApr-13-2017Go
Alabama megachurch gets Senate approval to form its own police forceApr-12-2017Go
FBI had FISA court order to monitor Trump adviser Carter Page: ReportApr-12-2017Go
Police violently drag man from United plane after airline reportedly overbooked flightApr-10-2017Go
Eighth-grader’s $2 bill sparks police investigation in HoustonApr-08-2017Go
George Soros-backed prosecutor yanked after refusing to seek death penalty for cop killerApr-07-2017Go
Washington state man arrested after killing intruder in shower, police sayApr-04-2017Go
NYPD reportedly defies sanctuary city status after alerting ICE on illegal immigrants' court datesApr-03-2017Go
Texas deputy shot and killedApr-03-2017Go
Border Patrol union urges Trump to cut Obama’s red tape holding back agentsApr-03-2017Go
Police: Trucker drove nonstop from Seattle to Massachusetts fueled by drugsMar-31-2017Go
FBI to charge State Dept. employee: reportMar-29-2017Go
UPDATE: President Obama’s Own Defense Deputy Admits Obama White House Spied on Candidate/President-Elect Trump…Mar-29-2017Go
Arizona couple bought high-powered rifle for Mexican cartel, police sayMar-28-2017Go
Egypt's Coptic Christians making pilgrimages to Jerusalem in record numbersMar-28-2017Go
Miami-Dade police shooting: 2 undercover officers ambushed, 6 suspects at largeMar-28-2017Go
ICE agents detain Oregon 'Dreamer' who has misdemeanor for DUI, lawyer saysMar-27-2017Go
Oklahoma officer dies after shootoutMar-27-2017Go
Colorado high school student murders: New arrests made, police sayMar-26-2017Go
Muslim police officer sues for alleged harassment after firingMar-26-2017Go
FBI, NSA directors called back to give closed-door testimony to House Intel CommitteeMar-25-2017Go
Marine veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan sworn in as NY police officerMar-25-2017Go
Blue Lives Matter flag deemed 'racist,' ordered to come downMar-24-2017Go
Wisconsin shootings: Police officer, 3 others killed; suspect in custodyMar-23-2017Go
Shots fired at UK Parliament; officer stabbed and assailant shot, reports sayMar-22-2017Go
ICE detains 50 after authorities raid building in DetroitMar-20-2017Go
Border Patrol Stops Driver Coming from Mexico, Find 4 Chinese Nationals Hiding in the TrunkMar-19-2017Go
The FBI has been slowed by prosecutors in probe of Russian intel leaks.Mar-19-2017Go
Louisiana sheriff's deputy shot, killed while on-dutyMar-19-2017Go
Paris airport attack: Prosecutors say attacker was monitored for suspected Islamic extremismMar-18-2017Go
Report: DNA connects suspect to 2 police shootings in MichiganMar-17-2017Go
Florida cop-killer case reassigned after prosecutor declines death penaltyMar-17-2017Go
Detroit police arrest suspect in shooting of 2 officersMar-16-2017Go
Martha MacCallum confronts Ferguson documentary filmmakerMar-14-2017Go
Media pivots on Trump's prosecutor purge after learning Clinton, Obama did the sameMar-13-2017Go
German police order large mall to stay closed after attack threatMar-11-2017Go
DHS proposes separating illegal immigrant mothers, children caught sneaking across borderMar-07-2017Go
‘Evidence is overwhelming’: Mark Levin says Obama responsible for ‘police state tactics’ against TrumpMar-06-2017Go
FBI's Comey: Mexican drug cartels fueling US heroin epidemicMar-02-2017Go
Soldier in Miami takes pictures of illegally parked police carsMar-02-2017Go
Ex-CIA officer has Trump administration to thank for extradition KO, spokesman saysMar-01-2017Go
7 Baltimore officers federally indicted for racketeering, including robbing victimsMar-01-2017Go
Florida deputies fatally shoot man during domestic callFeb-27-2017Go
Judge Jeanine: Officers Supporting Sanctuary Cities Have 'Blood' on Their HandsFeb-26-2017Go
Republicans divided on Russia probe, calls for special prosecutor over AG SessionsFeb-26-2017Go
Issa: Special Prosecutor Needed to Investigate Alleged Trump-Russia ContactsFeb-25-2017Go
2 DC officers wounded in shooting, suspect deadFeb-24-2017Go
German Prosecutor: Afghan Asylum Seeker Charged with Rape, Murder of Student Pretended to be a ChildFeb-24-2017Go
Video appearing to show off-duty Los Angeles cop firing gun in scuffle with teens spark protestsFeb-23-2017Go
Louisiana woman hailed as a hero for stopping man from beating police officerFeb-21-2017Go
‘Menacing Black Silhouettes’ at Target Ranges Blamed For Racist ‘Trigger Bias’ by PoliceFeb-21-2017Go
Barcelona cops shoot at, arrest truck driver in vehicle packed with gas cylindersFeb-21-2017Go
Police: Man shot by officer after opening fire near zoo diesFeb-19-2017Go
US Marshals guard DeVos after tense nomination processFeb-18-2017Go
Chicago gang members say more police won't stop the murdersFeb-17-2017Go
Woman arrested in killing of Kim Jong Un's half-brother, Malaysian police sayFeb-15-2017Go
Federal officials to monitor probe of fatal shooting by Nashville policeFeb-14-2017Go
TSA workers helped Puerto Rico-based ring smuggle $100M of cocaine, prosecutors sayFeb-13-2017Go
At least 11 dead in bombing at protest rally in Pakistan, police sayFeb-13-2017Go
Libertarians split with Trump over controversial police tactic That essentially allows "government theft of individual property"Feb-13-2017Go
ICE: Southern California raids were planned for a while, not tied to TrumpFeb-11-2017Go
NYPD further curbs stop-and-frisk -- even after strategy leads to murder suspectFeb-08-2017Go
Tattoo-covered sex offender sought by US Marshals after prison releaseFeb-08-2017Go
Turkish police detain over 440 people in anti-ISIS operationFeb-05-2017Go
Police probing IT contractors for House Dems over ‘unauthorized’ computer accessFeb-04-2017Go
ATTACK AT THE LOUVRE: Machete-wielding man shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ stopped by soldier, police sayFeb-03-2017Go
Man accused of killing Colorado transit officer reportedly self-described 'radical Muslim'Feb-02-2017Go
DHS secretary: Border wall should be finished in two yearsFeb-02-2017Go
DHS will continue to enforce Trump's travel banJan-29-2017Go
Florida sheriff's deputies foil alleged mass shooting plot at middle schoolJan-27-2017Go
2 Mississippi sheriff's deputies wounded in shooting expected to recoverJan-26-2017Go
Attorneys release bodycam footage of Fort Worth arrest - Cop out of control…Jan-26-2017Go
Suspect in murder of off-duty police officer, ex-girlfriend shoots himself to end hours-long standoffJan-21-2017Go
Cops push Washington Post reporter to groundJan-20-2017Go
FBI releases files related to Clintons' real estate deals, thefts at Trump businesses in the 1990sJan-18-2017Go
Two Idaho deputies shot while serving warrantJan-17-2017Go
Capitol building to remove controversial pigs as police paintingJan-14-2017Go
Obama boasts of better race relations, 75 percent of cops disagreeJan-13-2017Go
Justice finds civil rights violations in Chicago Police DepartmentJan-13-2017Go
Police: Top Politician’s Immigration Speech Is A ‘Hate Incident’Jan-13-2017Go
FBI deletes details about hacking effort in document releaseJan-07-2017Go
Furor erupts over video of officer slamming student to floorJan-05-2017Go
Police end NAACP sit-in against nominee for attorney generalJan-04-2017Go
Former Chicago top cop: Black Lives Matter killing blacksJan-02-2017Go
Black Lives Matter Activist Accused of Stalking, Threatening Black LA Police OfficialJan-02-2017Go
Israeli media: Police to question Netanyahu for corruptionJan-02-2017Go
Syrian asylum seeker planned ISIS attack, German prosecutors sayJan-02-2017Go
DHS: 94% of deportations are illegals, terror threats, gangbangersDec-31-2016Go
3 Miami cops fired for jokes about using black neighborhoods as shooting rangesDec-31-2016Go
Manhunt underway for suspect in shooting death of Pennsylvania state trooperDec-31-2016Go
Texas officer trying to arrest suspect shot by fellow copDec-30-2016Go
Minnesota officer reinstated after being fired for videoDec-29-2016Go
NYPD to allow Sikh officers to wear turbans, grow beardsDec-29-2016Go
Maryland deputy critical after shootout that left gunman deadDec-29-2016Go
More than 60 law enforcement officers fatally shot this year, 20 in ambushes, report findsDec-27-2016Go
Oregon cop in critical condition after deadly shooting with ex-cadetDec-27-2016Go
Fraternal Order of Police demands Amazon remove Black Lives Matter merchandiseDec-26-2016Go
FBI warns of possible ISIS-inspired attacks in the USDec-25-2016Go
Activist use of ‘consent decrees’ to police law enforcement likely to end under Trump, SessionsDec-24-2016Go
Australia police: Christmas Day bomb plot foiled, 5 detainedDec-23-2016Go
Manhunt for Berlin attacker continues; police treating assault as act of terrorismDec-20-2016Go
Why does Sessions think the police should be able to legally rob you?Dec-19-2016Go
Georgia deputy wounded in hospital shootout with gunmanDec-19-2016Go
$20,000 reward offered as cops hunt road rage killer of 3-year-old boyDec-19-2016Go
Washington state officer shot identified; remains criticalDec-17-2016Go
Officials: Suspect killed, officer wounded in shooting in OregonDec-17-2016Go
First law enforcement officer facing federal terrorism charges is indictedDec-16-2016Go
Trump supporter gives Sanders earful over 'absurd' free college ideaDec-13-2016Go
Nashville police officer in stable condition after shooting; suspect deadDec-13-2016Go
Loyola Professor Calls Cops on Student Because He’s Wearing His Police Officer UniformDec-11-2016Go
Blast at Egypt's main Coptic Christian cathedral kills 25, injures dozensDec-11-2016Go
Second Georgia officer dies of injuries after shooting; suspect found deadDec-09-2016Go
Reward increased for suspect accused of killing Georgia officer, wounding anotherDec-08-2016Go
Reward increased for suspect accused of killing Georgia officer, wounding anotherDec-08-2016Go
Mistrial in case of South Carolina officer who fatally shot man in backDec-05-2016Go
WATCH: Iran’s ‘Morality Police’ Arrest Screaming Woman for Violating Islamic Dress CodeDec-05-2016Go
Sheriff defends releasing suspect in killing of ex-NFL player Joe McKnightDec-03-2016Go
Europe police reveal which nations ISIS could target nextDec-02-2016Go
Gunman dead after shooting that killed Washington police officerDec-01-2016Go
Ohio State police officer hailed hero for quick reaction to campus attackerNov-29-2016Go
Suspect on deadly rampage killed in shootout with Louisiana deputiesNov-28-2016Go
California officer hit by skateboard is criticalNov-26-2016Go
Murder charge filed in shooting of Detroit college copNov-25-2016Go
Police: Couple planted fake bomb hoping to shoot officersNov-24-2016Go
Robbery suspect shot and killed at Texas fast-food restaurantNov-23-2016Go
California police officer, wife found dead; murder-suicide investigation underwayNov-23-2016Go
Denver Sheriff's Department fined $10K for hiring only US citizensNov-23-2016Go
Wayne State University police officer fighting for his life after being shot in DetroitNov-23-2016Go
DHS preps 'contingencies' to deal with border messNov-22-2016Go
Suspect arrested in killing of San Antonio police officerNov-22-2016Go
Confrontation between protesters and police escalates near site of pipelineNov-21-2016Go
Florida police officer wounded in shooting during traffic stop; suspect arrestedNov-21-2016Go
St. Louis police officer hospitalized after ambush shooting; suspect deadNov-21-2016Go
4 cops shot in 3 states during bloody Sunday for police nationwideNov-21-2016Go
Chicago police say charges are expected in death of congressman's grandsonNov-20-2016Go
Deputy US marshal shot, killed in Georgia; suspect deadNov-18-2016Go
Cops, civil rights groups brace for 'law and order' TrumpNov-18-2016Go
Video purportedly shows officer considering killing 2 peopleNov-18-2016Go
Officer charged with manslaughter in Minn. shooting; aftermath caught on Facebook LiveNov-16-2016Go
International Criminal Court prosecutors: U.S. forces and CIA may have committed war crimes in AfghanistanNov-15-2016Go
NYPD cop in chokehold case hopes Trump drops charges - The rest of the country disagree…Nov-15-2016Go
2 Boise officers, 1 suspect hospitalized after shootingNov-12-2016Go
Crime highest in 16 years, Obama legacyNov-11-2016Go
Father of officer gunned down in Dallas sniper attack sues Black Lives MatterNov-11-2016Go
‘AMBUSHED UPON ARRIVAL’:1 cop dead, 1 injured in Pennsylvania shooting, manhunt on for gunmanNov-10-2016Go
Arizona police officer shot, killed; suspect on the looseNov-09-2016Go
California couple charged in murder of sheriff's volunteerNov-08-2016Go
Man kills sons, 4 and 5, then himself after shootout with St. Louis copsNov-07-2016Go
Georgia police officer killed, another wounded in shootingNov-07-2016Go
FBI's Comey tells Congress email review completed, decision not to prosecute Clinton standsNov-07-2016Go
Emails: Clinton wanted 3 copies of essay praising secrecyNov-05-2016Go
San Antonio police officer loses job after claiming to give fecal sandwich to homeless personNov-05-2016Go
NYPD officer killed, another wounded in Bronx shootoutNov-05-2016Go
FBI warns of possible pre-Election Day terror attacksNov-04-2016Go
Police pepper spray protesters at Louisiana Senate debate featuring David DukeNov-03-2016Go
FBI's Clinton Foundation investigation now 'a very high priority,' sources sayNov-03-2016Go
FBI never asked Clinton aides for their devicesNov-02-2016Go
FBI releases documents on Bill Clinton's 2001 pardon of financier RichNov-02-2016Go
Suspect ID'd in separate ambush-style attacks that killed 2 Iowa police officersNov-02-2016Go
FBI's new Clinton probe: Here's what we knowNov-01-2016Go
FBI gets second warrant for Weiner emailsOct-31-2016Go
Clinton enlists army of ex-prosecutors to go after FBI directorOct-31-2016Go
Police Officer dies of complications from shooting after he predicted he would be shotOct-31-2016Go
Oklahoma fugitive dies in shootout with policeOct-31-2016Go
Alaska police officer dies from surgery complications two weeks after being shotOct-30-2016Go
EPA becomes border cop for recyclingOct-29-2016Go
FBI sued over records of Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch meetingOct-29-2016Go
FBI reopens Clinton email investigation after new messages foundOct-28-2016Go
Oklahoma officer fatally shoots man during disturbance callOct-27-2016Go
Arizona sheriff officially charged with criminal contemptOct-26-2016Go
FBI emails show Clinton deleted classified intelligenceOct-24-2016Go
Desperate search for gunman after 2 Oklahoma officers shot, 2 others deadOct-24-2016Go
Judge convicted of bribing federal officer with Bud LightOct-23-2016Go
Justice Dept. to intervene in race lawsuit against Maryland policeOct-20-2016Go
Teenage girl accused of stabbing police officer on behalf of ISIS stands trialOct-20-2016Go
California sheriff's deputy shot and killed in the line of dutyOct-20-2016Go
FBI Files on Hillary’s Emails Reveal “Shadow Government” Was in Charge of Her InvestigationOct-18-2016Go
California officers spared after gunman's weapon jamsOct-18-2016Go
Islamic State flag free to fly in Sweden, prosecutor rulesOct-18-2016Go
FBI docs claim Clinton took furniture from StateOct-18-2016Go
FBI confirms: Officials discussed deal to cover up Clinton emailsOct-17-2016Go
FBI found political 'pressure' surrounding treatment of Benghazi emailsOct-17-2016Go
FBI: Witnesses found 'sensitive' Clinton file on Romanian serverOct-17-2016Go
FBI creates national database to record police use of forceOct-17-2016Go
FBI Director Comey speaks on police bias against black menOct-17-2016Go
San Francisco police officer shot in head, suspect in custodyOct-15-2016Go
Fight over thermostat might have led to 911 call, 2 Boston police officers shotOct-14-2016Go
Police see heightened threat of ambush after year of unrestOct-14-2016Go
FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insiderOct-13-2016Go
Murder charges filed in shooting deaths of 2 California police officersOct-13-2016Go
2 charged in kidnapping, assault of Kansas sheriff's deputyOct-13-2016Go
Baltimore police officer wounded in shooting, 3 suspects at largeOct-13-2016Go
2 Boston police officers in 'extremely critical' condition after shootingOct-13-2016Go
Kroger faces backlash after police, officer's wife say employees refused to serve themOct-12-2016Go
FBI investigating if deadly Connecticut plane crash was intentional, reports sayOct-12-2016Go
Autopsy: Oklahoma police victim had PCP in system when he diedOct-12-2016Go
San Antonio police officers face discipline for wearing 'Make America Great Again' capsOct-12-2016Go
Our men and women in blue now stand in a deadly political hailstormOct-09-2016Go
Suspect arrested in killing of two Southern California police officersOct-09-2016Go
Sergeant killing a 'calculated execution,' LA County sheriff saysOct-07-2016Go
FBI files reveal missing email 'boxes' in Clinton case, allegations of evidence tamperingOct-07-2016Go
2 Belgian cops stabbed in possible terror-related incidentOct-05-2016Go
2 Mississippi police officers fired in child's deathOct-05-2016Go
Turkey suspends thousands of police officers, raids Kurdish TV stationOct-04-2016Go
BIAS ALERT: Police group accuses CNN of deceptive edit of Charlotte shootingOct-04-2016Go
Alabama high school student assaulted over Black Lives Matter post, police sayOct-04-2016Go
Protesters gather after Los Angeles police fatally shoot man following car chaseOct-02-2016Go
Armed man dies after struggle with police in CaliforniaOct-01-2016Go
US tried to deport refugee shot, killed by California policeSep-30-2016Go
Volunteer firefighter credited with stopping South Carolina school shooterSep-29-2016Go
FBI: 'Unusual' for Clinton to bring nine lawyers to FBI interviewSep-28-2016Go
FBI chief downplays immunity grants in Clinton email caseSep-28-2016Go
Transcripts of Orlando shooter's conversation with police reveal ISIS influenceSep-28-2016Go
Southern California town on edge after police kill black manSep-28-2016Go
Kentucky man accused in triple homicide threatens judgeSep-28-2016Go
FBI doc dump on email case reveals role of 'confidential' Clinton aideSep-28-2016Go
Charlotte man shot by police claimed he was a 'killer,' wife said in court recordsSep-27-2016Go
Former South Dakota police chief found guilty of murderSep-27-2016Go
FBI: Violent crime across US spiked in 2015, murders up nearly 11 percentSep-27-2016Go
FBI releases nearly 200 Clinton email documentsSep-26-2016Go
Immigration officers union backs Trump in first-ever political endorsementSep-26-2016Go
Walmart workers refuse to make cop's retirement cakeSep-26-2016Go
Houston police kill active shooter who wounded at least nineSep-26-2016Go
FBI: Clinton IT aides described 'Hillary cover-up operation'Sep-24-2016Go
FBI docs may contradict Obama's claim about Clinton's private emailSep-24-2016Go
FBI found political 'pressure' surrounded treatment of Benghazi emailsSep-24-2016Go
Border agents alerted FBI on NJ-NY bombing suspect in 2014Sep-24-2016Go
Texas cop charged with conspiring to help cartel smuggle marijuanaSep-23-2016Go
Police announce arrest in shooting death at Charlotte riotSep-23-2016Go
Cops warn of malware-infected USB sticks placed in mailboxesSep-22-2016Go
Riots over police shooting engulf Charlotte for 2nd straight nightSep-22-2016Go
Charlotte police: Warned suspect to drop gun before shooting which triggered protests, hurt 16 officersSep-21-2016Go
Mexican police find van with homemade bazooka for launching drugs into U.S.Sep-20-2016Go
Man fatally shot by Tulsa police had no gun, chief saysSep-20-2016Go
Man arrested in stabbing of Maine police officerSep-20-2016Go
FBI disarms bombs near New Jersey train stationSep-19-2016Go
Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami reportedly in custody after shootout with policeSep-19-2016Go
Dallas cop files lawsuit against Black Lives Matter, ObamaSep-19-2016Go
Philadelphia officers fired upon for 2nd night in a rowSep-19-2016Go
Justice Department to help investigate Tulsa police shootingSep-19-2016Go
Oakland police reveal a quarter of body-cam footage has been accidentally deletedSep-19-2016Go
Two police shot in ambush-style attack in PhiladelphiaSep-18-2016Go
Anti-cop note found at scene of deadly Philly rampage; gunman identifiedSep-18-2016Go
Minnesota mall attacker referenced Allah before stabbing rampage, police chief saysSep-18-2016Go
Two Fort Worth police officers shot responding to suicide callSep-17-2016Go
1 dead, 2 cops among 5 wounded in Philly rampage, gunman deadSep-17-2016Go
FBI stops short of banning agents from posing as journalistsSep-16-2016Go
Police apologize after raiding home for drugs, only to find innocent familySep-16-2016Go
13-year-old Ohio boy shot and killed by police after pulling out BB gunSep-15-2016Go
Sandra Bland's family reaches $1.9 million settlement in wrongful death suit, lawyer saysSep-15-2016Go
Suspect in Rhode Island officer's shooting death captured, arraignedSep-15-2016Go
DHS accused of sitting on damning border report as immigration issue drives presidential raceSep-15-2016Go
Arizona driver hits officers, faces attempted murder chargesSep-14-2016Go
Man wanted in shooting death of North Carolina cop arrested in Rhode IslandSep-14-2016Go
FBI to Congress: File FOIA request for Clinton email filesSep-13-2016Go
Police hunt gunman who killed North Carolina officerSep-13-2016Go
Mom found guilty of buying guns for son killed in police shootoutSep-12-2016Go
Tennessee police make arrest after 'sophisticated' device found outside nursing homeSep-12-2016Go
FBI notes undercut Clinton's biggest selling pointSep-11-2016Go
Cops ask men snapping selfies with blow-up doll at 9/11 Memorial to leaveSep-11-2016Go
Prosecutor to charge 7 Oakland cops in sex scandal involving teen prostituteSep-10-2016Go
FBI notes undercut Clinton's biggest selling pointSep-09-2016Go
French officer stabbed in arrest of three women in car bomb plotSep-09-2016Go
Police claim to have foiled Isis-inspired bomb plot in LondonSep-09-2016Go
DHS secretary denies effort to nationalize electionSep-08-2016Go
Car containing gas cylinders found parked near Paris' Notre Dame cathedral, police saySep-07-2016Go
FBI document release straight out of Clinton/Whitewater/Lewinsky playbookSep-05-2016Go
FBI: Clinton dozens of times couldn't recall info, events related to server, classified emailsSep-04-2016Go
FBI files show Clinton claimed ignorance on classificationSep-03-2016Go
FBI files show agents focused Clinton interview questions on 'top secret' emailsSep-03-2016Go
Former Atlanta police officer indicted in death of unarmed manSep-01-2016Go
FBI to release Clinton probe files, as candidate pressed to answer new questions ‘under oath’Aug-31-2016Go
Oklahoma police confront, pepper spray an 84-year-old black woman in her own houseAug-29-2016Go
Two killed in Louisiana bus crash, driver in US illegally, cops sayAug-29-2016Go
In Chicago, most police shootings involve black men and boysAug-28-2016Go
Justice Department will probe metro Phoenix sheriff ArpaioAug-27-2016Go
At least 11 police officers dead, 78 injured in Turkey car bomb attackAug-26-2016Go
Good Lord! Cop says Red Cross told him not to pray with flood victimsAug-25-2016Go
No charges for officer, FBI agent who killed man believed to be targeting policeAug-25-2016Go
Deaf driver's shooting death by North Carolina trooper under investigationAug-24-2016Go
Trump calls for special prosecutor to probe Clinton FoundationAug-23-2016Go
FBI investigating whether Virginia stabbings were ISIS-inspiredAug-23-2016Go
Thousands turn out to honor New Mexico police officer killed during traffic stopAug-22-2016Go
Iraqi police apprehend boy suicide bomber in city of KirkukAug-22-2016Go
Milwaukee police charge 3 for looting during riot after shootingAug-21-2016Go
6 Notre Dame players arrested, 1 for tackling policemanAug-21-2016Go
Federal judge refers 'Sheriff Joe' for prosecution in contempt of court caseAug-20-2016Go
Chicago police recommend firing of 7 cops for false reportsAug-19-2016Go
Air Force officer faces investigation over Bible on his deskAug-18-2016Go
Why must the media mislead on police shootings?Aug-18-2016Go
ICE program failing to rid US of dangerous illegal immigrants, analysts sayAug-18-2016Go
At least 11 dead, more than 200 wounded in bombings targeting Turkish policeAug-18-2016Go
FBI 'improperly' restricting access to Clinton probe files, senator saysAug-18-2016Go
ICE program failing to rid US of dangerous illegal immigrants, analysts sayAug-17-2016Go
FBI sends heavily redacted Clinton interview documents to CongressAug-17-2016Go
Man arrested in shooting death of Georgia police officerAug-15-2016Go
One person shot in Milwaukee during second night of unrestAug-15-2016Go
2 Ohio fugitives wanted for murder arrested after New Mexico officer killedAug-14-2016Go
Georgia officer fatally shot, suspect remains on the looseAug-14-2016Go
Milwaukee officials plead for calm after police shooting sparks violenceAug-14-2016Go
Wounded police dog found alive after shooting that killed Arkansas deputyAug-13-2016Go
New Mexico officer shot, killed during traffic stop; 3 suspects in custodyAug-13-2016Go
NFL denies Cowboys' request to wear decal honoring fallen Dallas officersAug-12-2016Go
Baltimore police officers fired as scathing federal report alleges excessive forceAug-10-2016Go
Justice Department releases scathing report on Baltimore police forceAug-10-2016Go
Two officers shot in Arkansas, suspect not in custodyAug-10-2016Go
Utah police were justified in shooting of Somali teen refugee, prosecutor saysAug-09-2016Go
Bystander shot and killed after man takes gun from NYPD officerAug-09-2016Go
Chicago gangs reportedly plotting to shoot cops in response to teen's deathAug-09-2016Go
Giuliani: Clinton refusal to seek police endorsement shows Dems as ‘anti-law enforcement party’Aug-08-2016Go
Body cam footage of fatal police shooting incident releasedAug-07-2016Go
Ex-Los Angeles sheriff indicted on federal obstruction of justice chargesAug-06-2016Go
Woman killed in London attack was an American, police sayAug-05-2016Go
Chicago police warn violence against law enforcement possible after shooting video releasedAug-05-2016Go
DC Metro Transit police officer charged with aiding ISISAug-04-2016Go
Woman killed in London attack was an American, police sayAug-04-2016Go
DHS wants control of presidential election securityAug-03-2016Go
State lawmaker planned to profit from tax hike, prosecutors sayAug-03-2016Go
Hundreds more armed police patrol London in bid to confront terrorAug-03-2016Go
DC Metro Transit police officer charged with aiding ISISAug-03-2016Go
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton to resign, report saysAug-02-2016Go
Border Patrol's website offers advice on eluding ... Border PatrolAug-02-2016Go
FBI tech pleads guilty to acting as agent of ChinaAug-02-2016Go
Illinois police officer shot during chaseAug-01-2016Go
Police: Suspected burglar found dead after he's tied to treeJul-31-2016Go
1 dead, 3 wounded in Austin shooting, police sayJul-31-2016Go
2 Chicago officers in deadly shooting relieved of powersJul-30-2016Go
San Diego cops surround house in hunt for officer’s killerJul-29-2016Go
Moment of silence for fallen cops marred by jeering at DNC conventionJul-29-2016Go
Manafort: Obama's 'failed leadership' putting cops at riskJul-29-2016Go
Police rally as mayor says Black Lives Matter banner staysJul-29-2016Go
1 San Diego cop killed, another wounded in shootingJul-29-2016Go
Fearful Americans want law and orderJul-28-2016Go
Giuliani calls DNC 'most anti-police, anti-law enforcement convention' everJul-28-2016Go
Border Patrol union: Clinton amnesty endangers U.S., 'cartels, Islamic extremists' set to invadeJul-28-2016Go
Suspected militant killed by police in Bangladesh was AmericanJul-28-2016Go
Virginia police officer denied service at restaurantJul-28-2016Go
$30G in rewards offered for arrests in Texas deputy slayingJul-27-2016Go
'This system is in need of reform': Baltimore prosecutor reacts after charges dropped in Freddie Gray caseJul-27-2016Go
Shooting deaths of law enforcement spike in 2016, report revealsJul-27-2016Go
Egypt's Coptic Pope warns of increased attacks on ChristiansJul-26-2016Go
FBI investigating DNC email hackJul-25-2016Go
Black Lives Matter protest Rio police violence ahead of OlympicsJul-25-2016Go
Police hunt suspects after Texas sheriff's deputy shot, killed in his homeJul-25-2016Go
FBI gives State Dept. first batch of deleted Clinton emailsJul-23-2016Go
Munich gunman obsessed with mass shootings, sent out invitations to mall before rampage, cops sayJul-23-2016Go
Obama pledges to revisit ban on military equipment to policeJul-22-2016Go
Chicago police officer suffers non-life threatening injuries in shooting; suspect deadJul-22-2016Go
A bipolar Alabama woman was gunned down by Auburn police after her parents had called 911 to seek help in getting her to a mental hospitalJul-21-2016Go
More than 44,000 sign petition to release Auburn police-shooting videoJul-21-2016Go
South Florida police shoot autistic man's caretaker as he lies in streetJul-21-2016Go
Massachusetts cops want Black Lives Matter sign taken downJul-21-2016Go
Bomb squad responds to ‘very deliberate’ attack on police stationJul-21-2016Go
ICE: Deportations at 10-year low, criminal illegal expulsions cut 60%Jul-19-2016Go
'Back the Blue' act introduced to protect federal officersJul-19-2016Go
Police come under gunfire at gun shop in Marietta, GeorgiaJul-19-2016Go
Police lieutenant acquitted in Freddie Gray trialJul-18-2016Go
Israeli police foil bomb attack in JerusalemJul-18-2016Go
FBI searches for husband in killing of Fort Bragg soldier, offers rewardJul-18-2016Go
Baton Rouge horror: When the breaking news is more police officers murderedJul-18-2016Go
Slain officer's touching Facebook message days before deathJul-18-2016Go
3 law enforcement officers killed, 3 others injured in Baton Rouge shootingJul-17-2016Go
Funeral held for last of five murdered Dallas police officersJul-17-2016Go
Prosecutors: Woman brought to US from China as nanny treated like slaveJul-17-2016Go
Baton Rouge police respond to report of officers downJul-17-2016Go
Officials say Dallas police gunman had no large stockpile of bomb materialsJul-16-2016Go
Washington state restaurant apologizes for asking cops not to eat thereJul-16-2016Go
Terror fiend tricked police to get death truck onto busy Nice promenade, kill 84Jul-16-2016Go
Senate's lone black GOP member says police stopped him 7 times in a yearJul-15-2016Go
German police arrest suspect playing Pokemon GOJul-15-2016Go
Deputies asked not to dine at Washington state restaurantJul-15-2016Go
Ryan: Americans should 'take stock' of violence, thank police officersJul-14-2016Go
California police release video of officer-involved shooting death of 19-year-oldJul-14-2016Go
Still unclear why Dallas gunman was honorably discharged from US ArmyJul-14-2016Go
Civil rights groups file lawsuit against Baton Rouge police over protestsJul-14-2016Go
Senate GOP proposes decades in jail for cop killersJul-13-2016Go
Michigan courthouse gunman was cuffed in front before killing 2 bailiffsJul-13-2016Go
7th killing in Phoenix area is part of serial shootings case, police sayJul-13-2016Go
Deputies reportedly taunted at Zaxby's restaurant in North CarolinaJul-13-2016Go
Stolen guns would have targeted officers in Baton Rouge, investigators sayJul-13-2016Go
Indicted Florida congresswoman claims persecution by federal prosecutorsJul-12-2016Go
Officials concerned about 'virtual' war on copsJul-12-2016Go
North Carolina to keep police body and dashboard camera recordings from public recordsJul-12-2016Go
Family of Minnesota man shot, killed by police hires ex-TV judge Glenda HatchettJul-12-2016Go
Michigan gunman who killed 2 bailiffs faced multiple felony chargesJul-12-2016Go
Police arrest 5 people suspected of firing shots at Washington, DC officersJul-12-2016Go
Father of US airman who vanished in Italy: Police findings don't 'make sense'Jul-11-2016Go
Black militia co-founder: Dallas shooter 'shall be celebrated'Jul-11-2016Go
Protests over police killings aim at occupying interstatesJul-11-2016Go
Police may change tactics at protests after Dallas shootingJul-11-2016Go
Sheriff Clarke: Obama set 'country on fire with his race politics'Jul-10-2016Go
Top police group wants Justice to investigate Dallas police killings as hate crimeJul-10-2016Go
Suspect's friends, family shocked by Tennessee shootingJul-10-2016Go
Alabama sheriff's deputy wounded, suspect dead after hostage situationJul-10-2016Go
Arrest of Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson partially recorded on videoJul-10-2016Go
Minnesota police pelted with rocks, rebar; 102 arrested after protests turn violentJul-10-2016Go
Seventy-four arrested at protest in Rochester, N.Y.Jul-09-2016Go
Bahama issues travel advisory for citizens visiting the U.S.Jul-09-2016Go
Biden gives strange commemoration to Dallas policeJul-09-2016Go
Anti-police protests continue even after DallasJul-09-2016Go
Police say series of fatal shootings in Phoenix are linkedJul-09-2016Go
Missouri police officer 'fighting for his life' after ambush shootingJul-09-2016Go
Arsenal of weapons found in home of Dallas shooter who wanted to 'kill whites'Jul-09-2016Go
Report: Dallas sniper seen conducting military training exercises leading up to attackJul-09-2016Go
Cops Shoot White Guy in Fresno; Nobody Pays AttentionJul-08-2016Go
Here’s what liberals DON’T want you to know about Louisiana shooting victimJul-08-2016Go
FBI chief’s testimony about Clinton emails torpedoes the bureau’s reputationJul-08-2016Go
In 2016, the job of the average police officer has become more difficult and dangerousJul-08-2016Go
Man armed with gun is shot, killed by Alabama officer during domestic dispute, police sayJul-08-2016Go
Justice Dept. to monitor investigation into deadly Minnesota police shootingJul-08-2016Go
Dallas sniper who gunned down 5 cops 'wanted to kill white people,' chief saysJul-08-2016Go
New video emerges showing police shooting of unarmed Fresno manJul-07-2016Go
Aftermath of deadly Minnesota police shooting caught on video as protest growsJul-07-2016Go
FBI director grilled over Clinton email claims at tense hearingJul-07-2016Go
FBI rebuke could haunt ClintonJul-06-2016Go
Congressman calls for DOJ probe in officer-involved shooting death of Louisiana manJul-06-2016Go
Police investigate possible refugee link to dozens of reported assaults at Swedish festivalsJul-06-2016Go
FBI director could appear before lawmakers to explain Clinton decisionJul-06-2016Go
FBI won't recommend Clinton charges despite 'extremely careless' handling of classified intelJul-05-2016Go
Off-duty NYC cop fatally shoots man after traffic disputeJul-04-2016Go
Clinton camp opposes special prosecutor for emailsJul-03-2016Go
FBI could interview Hillary Clinton this weekend, report claimsJul-02-2016Go
FBI considered alerts on buyers of multiple guns, but was scrapped over legal concernsJul-01-2016Go
Taliban twin suicide attack on Afghan police cadets kills at least 37Jun-30-2016Go
Police called on New Jersey third-grader who made comment about browniesJun-29-2016Go
Border sheriff: It's like AfghanistanJun-27-2016Go
Suspect in custody after Pennsylvania police officer shotJun-25-2016Go
Gunmen take hostages at hotel in Somali capital, police sayJun-25-2016Go
Freddie Gray case: Van driver acquitted of second-degree murderJun-23-2016Go
Cop says first responders surrounded bathroom where Mateen was holed up, but told to waitJun-22-2016Go
Lawmakers step up pressure for Justice to name a special prosecutor in Clinton email caseJun-21-2016Go
Border Patrol announces new chiefJun-21-2016Go
Supreme Court ruling on police powers draws scathing dissents from justicesJun-21-2016Go
At least 6 killed, more than 100 hurt in Mexico clashes between police and teachersJun-20-2016Go
Texas police officer, 11-year-old boy killed during car chaseJun-20-2016Go
FBI releases Orlando killer's chilling 911 calls — scrubbed clean of IslamJun-20-2016Go
FBI arrests 3 high-ranking New York City police officersJun-20-2016Go
DHS looks to ban 'jihad,' other 'religiously charged' wordsJun-18-2016Go
Florida prosecutor suspended for Facebook post following Orlando shootingJun-18-2016Go
FBI using 400 million photos for facial recognitionJun-17-2016Go
Oklahoma's use of card readers to freeze, seize funds comes under fireJun-17-2016Go
FBI director not sure Orlando attack could have been preventedJun-16-2016Go
Honolulu police officer accused of raping friend's 14-year-old daughterJun-16-2016Go
Interim Oakland police chief fired after six days on the job amid sex scandalJun-16-2016Go
Chicago police chief demotes officer seen in stomping arrest videoJun-15-2016Go
Sheriff Joe's chain gangs to sport U.S. flags on jumpsuits in patriotism boostJun-13-2016Go
Kentucky police officer in stable condition after shooting, suspect on looseJun-12-2016Go
Police: Rancher lassos bike thief outside Oregon WalmartJun-11-2016Go
High rate of repeat offenders raise questions about Maryland traffic camera programJun-11-2016Go
States crack down on government cash grabsJun-11-2016Go
Suspect accused of wounding 2, including Ohio deputy, arrestedJun-10-2016Go
Refugees angry over skimpy Ramadan meals set shelter on fire, police sayJun-10-2016Go
Suspect accused of wounding 2, including Ohio deputy, arrestedJun-10-2016Go
Family dog shot and killed by California deputies who went to wrong homeJun-09-2016Go
Texas grand jury clears officer who fatally shot black teenJun-09-2016Go
Federal judge releases video of Missouri officer using forceJun-09-2016Go
Texas county agrees to remove crosses from patrol vehicles to settle lawsuitJun-08-2016Go
Judge frees Detroit man wrongly convicted of murder at age 14Jun-08-2016Go
FBI refuses to release emails about its Clinton email investigationJun-07-2016Go
Secret Service officer's book details Clintons' 'crisis of character'Jun-05-2016Go
Memphis police officer dies after being struck by vehicle following shootingJun-05-2016Go
Gunmen kill Afghan prosecutor, 7 others in courthouse attackJun-05-2016Go
School sends sheriff to order child to stop sharing Bible versesJun-04-2016Go
Prosecutors file additional charges against ex-pharmaceutical executive ShkreliJun-04-2016Go
DC must let ex-prison guards pack heat, federal court rulesJun-03-2016Go
Chicago to release audio, videos from about 100 police-related incidentsJun-03-2016Go
Suspected gunman who injured 2 California police officers believed barricaded in burning Fremont homeJun-02-2016Go
STARNES: Give husband who beat would-be rapist a medal, not chargesJun-01-2016Go
Driver opens fire on cop during traffic stopMay-31-2016Go
Suspect arrested in shooting of Georgia sheriff's deputyMay-29-2016Go
Portland police chief placed on leave amid probe into accidental shootingMay-25-2016Go
New York police, firefighters brawl during charity football gameMay-24-2016Go
Baltimore officer found not guilty on all charges in Freddie Gray caseMay-23-2016Go
Sheriff Clarke: Democrats 'decimated the black family'May-23-2016Go
Suspect in killing of Massachusetts cop fatally shot after standoffMay-23-2016Go
Federal Judge clears U.S. Border Patrol agent of fatal shooting in 2011May-22-2016Go
Massachusetts officer shot and killed; hunt on for suspectMay-22-2016Go
Police officer charged after allegedly punching woman during traffic stopMay-20-2016Go
Woman shot and killed by police in San FranciscoMay-20-2016Go
San Francisco's police chief resigns amid racial issuesMay-20-2016Go
Phoenix officer critically wounded in shootingMay-19-2016Go
Report: Person in custody after 2 NH police officers shotMay-13-2016Go
State troopers suspended over video showing beating of driver after pursuitMay-13-2016Go
Prosecutors: Clinton contributions compromise integrity of Justice Dept.May-12-2016Go
FBI director describes 'pressure' to wrap up Clinton email probeMay-12-2016Go
Massachusetts state police to investigate video of officers beating driver after chaseMay-12-2016Go
Calif. deputies charged in beating of suspected car thief caught on videoMay-11-2016Go
SC ex-cop indicted on federal civil rights charges in deadly shooting on videoMay-11-2016Go
Teen convicted of murder for setting mattress fire that killed NYC copMay-06-2016Go
LA sheriff official resigns after offensive emails revealedMay-02-2016Go
Five Seattle police officers hurt as May Day protest turns violentMay-02-2016Go
New Jersey police officer reportedly investigated for brake-checking motoristMay-01-2016Go
ICE under fire for releasing thousands of illegal immigrants with rap sheetsApr-29-2016Go
ICE releases 19,723 criminal illegals, 208 convicted of murder, 900 of sex crimesApr-28-2016Go
Police shoot Baltimore teen with replica semiautomatic pistolApr-28-2016Go
San Francisco police ensnared in 2nd racist texting scandalApr-27-2016Go
Chicago police release video showing cop slamming woman who had hands upApr-24-2016Go
Two police officers shot, suspect dead at Arizona WalmartApr-24-2016Go
Chicago police strip 2 officers of powers during probe into 2011 robberyApr-23-2016Go
US Army officer helps foil terror plot to blow up Jewish school in DenmarkApr-23-2016Go
Dashcam video shows Fla. deputies debating whether to rescue girls from stolen car in pondApr-22-2016Go
Border patrol agent explores newly discovered US-Mexico drug tunnel with GoPro cameraApr-21-2016Go
Senate leaders tout police endorsements for encryption billApr-18-2016Go
Los Angeles police delay implementation of body cameras over costApr-17-2016Go
Man who police say shot and killed Md. firefighter released from custodyApr-17-2016Go
Police: Alabama officer shot, suspect dead following chaseApr-17-2016Go
Texas man questioned in ambush that critically wounded deputy constableApr-15-2016Go
Judge frees ex-cop given life sentence in 2012 for killing girl in 1957; new trial orderedApr-15-2016Go
Deputy constable shot 6 times in possible Houston ambush expected to surviveApr-14-2016Go
Ohio officer in critical condition after being shot serving warrantApr-11-2016Go
Chauffeur attacks motorist in road rage incident - Police appear do do nothingApr-09-2016Go
Prosecutors: Hastert sought to hide abuse of 14-year-oldApr-09-2016Go
FBI probing NYC Mayor de Blasio's fundraising activitiesApr-09-2016Go
FBI director says government 'purchased a tool' to access San Bernardino gunman's phoneApr-07-2016Go
San Antonio school officer on leave after video shows him body-slamming 12-year-old girl - Officer is on PAID leave…Apr-07-2016Go
California law enforcement officers seize Planned Parenthood videos, activist saysApr-06-2016Go
Police kill Ala. woman after parents say they tried getting her to mental hospitalApr-05-2016Go
Officer sues, claiming department shared nude photos of herApr-03-2016Go
FBI orders State Dept. to halt review of Clinton emailsApr-02-2016Go
Albuquerque police release video of lieutenant shooting detective in undercover operationApr-02-2016Go
Police, terror task force probe motive of heavily-armed gunman who killed trooperApr-02-2016Go
Suspended Chicago officer charged with murder hired as union janitorApr-01-2016Go
Va. trooper's death came in training exercise gone awryApr-01-2016Go
FBI shares tool for hacking iPhones with local law enforcementMar-31-2016Go
Border Patrol discovers second cross-border tunnelMar-30-2016Go
Family reaches $2.15M settlement after fatal police shootingMar-30-2016Go
FBI breaks into San Bernardino gunman's iPhone without Apple's help, ending court caseMar-29-2016Go
ICE operation nets more than 1,100 arrests in five weeksMar-29-2016Go
2 Iowa police officers killed in wrong-way crash on highwayMar-27-2016Go
Combat vet on motorcycle who fought off police chase suspect gets new wheelsMar-27-2016Go
Chicago Mayor Emanuel reportedly rejects finalists for police chief, will make own pickMar-27-2016Go
NYPD reviewing incident between postal worker and 4 officersMar-26-2016Go
Scottish police investigate killing of Muslim shopkeeperMar-26-2016Go
DHS chief sad over deportations: 'Is it pleasant? Absolutely not.'Mar-24-2016Go
California woman sues police who called her kidnapping hoaxMar-23-2016Go
World's most wanted: Belgian police hunt bomb maker linked to Paris, Brussels attacksMar-23-2016Go
FBI may have found way to unlock San Bernardino attacker's iPhoneMar-22-2016Go
Sheriffs rip Obama silence on murdered police, say he backs 'those that kill us'Mar-21-2016Go
NJ police renew call for escaped domestic terrorists in Cuba to return to USMar-21-2016Go
2 officers shot, injured in Indiana, suspect deadMar-20-2016Go
ICE admits catch-and-release of convicted murderersMar-19-2016Go
FBI findings in Calif. stabbing attack continue pattern of downplaying terror, say criticsMar-19-2016Go
South Carolina police officer killed while chasing gang memberMar-19-2016Go
Report: ISIS publishes 'kill list' for Minnesota police officersMar-17-2016Go
Utah Republicans push to strip police powers from fedsMar-17-2016Go
Off-duty California cop kills would-be robber at homeMar-17-2016Go
Texas police officer in critical condition, suspect dead after shootoutMar-16-2016Go
Police blame sentencing overhaul for increase in California crimeMar-15-2016Go
Three Chicago police officers shot during drug investigation, gunman killedMar-15-2016Go
Maryland officer killed by friendly fire in gunman's ambush, police chief saysMar-15-2016Go
ICE: 124 illegal immigrants released from jail later charged in 138 murder casesMar-14-2016Go
Police kill man who was fleeing DUI stopMar-14-2016Go
Man dead following police chase, shootingMar-14-2016Go
Maryland officer killed in 'unprovoked' shooting outside police headquartersMar-14-2016Go
Florida deputy killed after being hit by wrong way driverMar-13-2016Go
California police search for missing Air Force veteran and father of 3Mar-12-2016Go
FBI penetrated New York-based Russian spy ring using hidden recordersMar-11-2016Go
Assault at Trump rally raises questions about police responseMar-11-2016Go
Off-duty detective taking son to school shot during impromptu traffic stopMar-09-2016Go
17-year-old shot by Utah police fled from Somali refugee camp to USMar-06-2016Go
Prosecutors say DC gyrocopter came dangerously close to planeMar-06-2016Go
Egypt arrests 6 for assassination of prosecutor generalMar-06-2016Go
IPhone could ID unknown San Bernardino attacker , prosecutor saysMar-05-2016Go
FBI: One third of murdered blacks 'killed by someone they knew'Mar-04-2016Go
FBI investigating if Clinton aides shared passwords to access classified infoMar-03-2016Go
Alabama police officer charged in shooting death of 58-year-old manMar-03-2016Go
FBI chief says agency made mistake in early stages of San Bernardino probeMar-02-2016Go
2 California sheriff's deputies charged with organizing inmate fight clubMar-02-2016Go
Texas police officer killed in park shootingMar-02-2016Go
Nanny who decapitated child didn't act alone, prosecutors sayMar-02-2016Go
Protests after North Carolina officer shoots fleeing drug suspectMar-01-2016Go
Unrest breaks out in Salt Lake City after police-involved shootingFeb-29-2016Go
Virginia officer killed on her first day on job, 2 other officers injured in shootingFeb-28-2016Go
Clinton pays tribute to black victims – ignores officers killed in line of dutyFeb-28-2016Go
Trial raises questions about Baltimore cops, internal probesFeb-27-2016Go
Woman charged with providing firearms to Kansas plant gunmanFeb-27-2016Go
South Carolina deputy shot, wounded; suspect found deadFeb-26-2016Go
'DARK DAY': Sheriff's deputy killed, 2 deputies injured in Colorado shootoutFeb-25-2016Go
White House slashed NYC terror funding to punish Schumer, former top cop saysFeb-22-2016Go
FBI owes it to victims to access San Bernardino killer's phone, director saysFeb-22-2016Go
SF police search for gun lost by agent who left it atop carFeb-21-2016Go
Mississippi officer killed after standoff, suspect deadFeb-20-2016Go
2 New York City police officers shot in BrooklynFeb-20-2016Go
Virginia bill would keep the names of police officers from publicFeb-19-2016Go
Maryland's Court of Appeals delays officer's trial in Freddie Gray caseFeb-19-2016Go
FBI searches home of San Bernardino shooter's brotherFeb-19-2016Go
Miami police to boycott Beyoncé concert over controversial Super Bowl performanceFeb-19-2016Go
Los Angeles police officers accused of raping women while on dutyFeb-18-2016Go
Decorated Marine vet attacked, robbed at Washington DC McDonald's, police sayFeb-17-2016Go
Houston police chase ends with fatal shootingFeb-16-2016Go
Two suspects held in shooting of Mississippi police officerFeb-15-2016Go
NC sheriff puts 'In God We Trust' decals on patrol cars thanks to local churchFeb-13-2016Go
San Francisco police shot man 20 times, including 6 in backFeb-13-2016Go
'Deafening silence:' Obama, 2016 Dems mum on recent police deathsFeb-13-2016Go
Paralyzed man awarded $23 million wants apology from Fla. deputy who shot himFeb-12-2016Go
NYC officer convicted of manslaughter in stairwell shootingFeb-12-2016Go
2 deputies, suspect killed after shooting at Maryland PaneraFeb-11-2016Go
Fargo police officer shot during standoff has 'non-survivable' wound, chief saysFeb-11-2016Go
Cleveland files claim against Tamir Rice's family over unpaid ambulance billFeb-11-2016Go
FBI says Clinton email investigation remains 'ongoing'Feb-09-2016Go
Cops: Car takes off during traffic stop, dragging officerFeb-08-2016Go
Texas newspaper plans to publish names, addresses of police officersFeb-08-2016Go
Arcane NJ law prevents retired cops from carrying concealed weaponFeb-08-2016Go
Chicago officer sues estate of teen he shot, arguing incident caused him traumaFeb-07-2016Go
One of Hawaii's most wanted suspects killed in police shootingFeb-07-2016Go
Three reported killed after hours-long standoff in Texas mobile homeFeb-07-2016Go
Retired Ohio police officer gets to buy K-9 partner for $1Feb-05-2016Go
2 NYPD officers shot in Bronx housing project, suspect kills himselfFeb-05-2016Go
Alabama deputy shot while serving papers; suspect also shotFeb-04-2016Go
Berlin police arrest two on suspicion of planning terror attack, having ISIS tiesFeb-04-2016Go
The rise of the Sagebrush SheriffsFeb-03-2016Go
License reader company offers trove of info to Texas cops, for a cutFeb-03-2016Go
Georgia mayor charged after alleged joyride in police cruiserFeb-03-2016Go
Police shoot and kill suspect who fatally stabbed K9 officerFeb-01-2016Go
Justice Department review of San Francisco Police due MondayFeb-01-2016Go
Colorado corrections officer fired gun during deadly brawl, attorney saysFeb-01-2016Go
Attorney denies report alleging Chicago officer tampered with patrol car's dashcamJan-30-2016Go
FBI fears D.C. is high on Islamic State's target listJan-29-2016Go
FBI releases video of fatal shooting of armed occupier of Oregon wildlife refugeJan-29-2016Go
Wife of Illinois cop who staged suicide indictedJan-28-2016Go
FBI arrests Milwaukee man accused of planning Masonic temple attackJan-27-2016Go
Pro-life advocates rip Planned Parenthood decision, want special prosecutorJan-27-2016Go
Turkish prosecutor seeks life term for 2 jailed journalistsJan-27-2016Go
FBI going 'right to the source' in Clinton email probe, interviewing intel agenciesJan-27-2016Go
Oregon militia leader Ammon Bundy, 7 others arrested after gunfight kills 1Jan-27-2016Go
New Orleans police: Officer shot in Lower 9th WardJan-26-2016Go
Demoted NJ cop's First Amendment case divides Supreme CourtJan-25-2016Go
Pa. officer shot by suspect who cited Islam leaves hospitalJan-23-2016Go
Lynch: Cameras on cops helping to change police misconductJan-22-2016Go
Ex-officer gets 263 years for rape, sex assaultJan-22-2016Go
Grand jury indicts police officer who shot unarmed naked manJan-22-2016Go
DHS says Iran travel could be exempt from tighter visa rulesJan-21-2016Go
FBI stymied in hunt for San Bernardino terrorists' hard driveJan-21-2016Go
DHS: More than half a million overstayed visas in 2015Jan-21-2016Go
DHS: More than half a million overstayed visas in 2015Jan-20-2016Go
Kate del Castillo subpoenaed by Mexican prosecutors over 'Chapo' Guzmán dealingsJan-20-2016Go
FBI investigating Kent State professor for ties to ISISJan-20-2016Go
Family of black man shot by University of Cincinnati cop receives $5.3M settlementJan-19-2016Go
Ohio man accused of targeting, killing cop had long criminal recordJan-19-2016Go
Police shoot, kill robbery suspect at St. Louis KFCJan-18-2016Go
Utah police officer killed Sunday had overcome cancerJan-18-2016Go
Growing number of police chiefs, sheriffs join call to armsJan-15-2016Go
Pennsylvania constable serving eviction notice shoots and kills 12-year-old girlJan-13-2016Go
Police search for Illinois mother of 6, Iraq war veteran reported missingJan-12-2016Go
Oregon sheriff accuses armed protesters of intimidating federal employeesJan-12-2016Go
Pennsylvania police reportedly warned 3 'radical' associates of terror suspect on the looseJan-11-2016Go
NYPD cop shot and wounded on anniversary of joining forceJan-11-2016Go
FBI's Clinton probe expands to public corruption trackJan-11-2016Go
Germany Deploys 143 Officers To Stop Migrant Rape, 1,500 Officers To Stop Anti-Rape ProtestJan-10-2016Go
Utah police shooting investigation to re-open following release of new videoJan-10-2016Go
Little Rock police officer shot during robbery attemptJan-10-2016Go
Sergeant in Eric Garner chokehold death faces departmental chargesJan-09-2016Go
FBI investigating alleged Pa. cop shooter's trips to Middle EastJan-09-2016Go
Oregon sheriff meets with armed group occupying national wildlife refuge, asks them to leaveJan-08-2016Go
Suspect accused of ambushing Pa. officer reportedly acted in the name of IslamJan-08-2016Go
German police report describes ‘chaotic and shameful’ night of attacks on womenJan-07-2016Go
Man photographing schools and carrying BB gun shot and killed by Illinois policeJan-07-2016Go
Baltimore cop says he won't testify against colleague in Freddie Gray caseJan-06-2016Go
Ex-FBI agent, daughter charged with murdering woman's husbandJan-06-2016Go
Oregon sheriff says authorities taking steps to end standoff at wildlife refugeJan-06-2016Go
Chicago city lawyer resigns over claim he hid evidence in deadly police shootingJan-05-2016Go
Chicago reportedly pays $5.5M to victims of decades-old police brutalityJan-05-2016Go
ATF guidance on who qualifies as a firearms dealerJan-05-2016Go
US marshal shoots, kills South Carolina murder suspect in South DakotaJan-04-2016Go
FBI calls for 'peaceful' end to armed siege of Oregon wildlife refuge in land fightJan-04-2016Go
Troubled Puerto Rican cop accused of killing fellow officers was shot by victim's husbandJan-03-2016Go
FBI investigating fire that destroyed cars outside US consulate in TijuanaJan-02-2016Go
Miss. governor calls for probe of councilman who says let's pelt cops with rocks, bricksJan-02-2016Go
Chicago mayor's office, police review board coordinated response to officer's shooting of teen, emails showJan-01-2016Go
Chicago officer charged in 2014 death of Laquan McDonald pleads not guiltyDec-30-2015Go
Ohio grand jury won't indict officers in Tamir Rice shootingDec-29-2015Go
Latest deadly police shootings in Chicago bring more outrage, calls for reformDec-29-2015Go
Chicago mayor cuts Cuba vacation short to address weekend police shootingDec-29-2015Go
Relatives of 2 killed by Chicago police question shootingsDec-28-2015Go
Chicago police officer 'accidentally' shot and killed 55-year-old womanDec-27-2015Go
Eagle Scout finds state park gunman's remains in Utah cave 5 years laterDec-26-2015Go
DHS cheers 31 percent drop in border apprehensionsDec-23-2015Go
Texas grand jury declines to indict sheriff's office, jailers in Sandra Bland caseDec-22-2015Go
New York City police detective among 6 US troops killed in Afghanistan attackDec-22-2015Go
GOP: Here's why a terror watchlist gun ban is a bad ideaDec-20-2015Go
Family of man killed by North Charleston police officer asks judge to approve $6.5M settlementDec-20-2015Go
Off-duty Baltimore cop kills robbery suspect brandishing toy gunDec-20-2015Go
Dems like a Muslim ban much more when it's not Trump's ideaDec-19-2015Go
Missouri officer charged in handcuffed Iowa man's drowning deathDec-19-2015Go
Dashcam video of University of North Texas student's shooting by campus cop releasedDec-17-2015Go
Jury in Freddie Gray case deliberates after announcing deadlockDec-16-2015Go
Los Angeles sheriff's deputies shoot and kill armed manDec-13-2015Go
Border Patrol: Nearly 5,000 unaccompanied children crossed US-Mexico border in OctoberDec-13-2015Go
Border Patrol catches smuggler using fake agency vehicleDec-13-2015Go
Louisiana marshals indicted in shooting death of 6-year-old boyDec-11-2015Go
Former Oklahoma City cop convicted of raping eight women while on patrolDec-11-2015Go
Florida cop's wife arrested for stealing child's Christmas gifts from porchDec-11-2015Go
Hundreds of protesters block busy Chicago street, demand mayor resign as he apologizes for police shootingDec-10-2015Go
Missouri police investigate purchase of 100 cellphones at separate WalmartsDec-10-2015Go
Chicago police officer in second shooting of black man will not face chargesDec-08-2015Go
New Chicago police video shows inmate being dragged from cellDec-08-2015Go
Police: 3 dead in Las Vegas shooting, suspect soughtDec-08-2015Go
Justice Department to investigate Chicago police, source saysDec-07-2015Go
More than one mass shooting a day? How the media were misledDec-07-2015Go
Chicago police reports contradict footage of Laquan McDonald shootingDec-06-2015Go
San Francisco residents demand police chief step down after shootingDec-06-2015Go
Miami police shot and killed razor-wielding bank robbery suspectDec-06-2015Go
London police treating stabbing attack as 'terror incident'Dec-06-2015Go
FBI searches home of San Bernardino attacker's friend who allegedly bought gunsDec-06-2015Go
Chicago Bound Border Patrol Agent Arrested with 110 Pounds of Cocaine, Say PoliceDec-04-2015Go
Manhunt for suspect accused of shooting Maryland officer in the faceDec-04-2015Go
Police detective who investigated Freddie Gray's injuries testifies in 1st officer's trialDec-04-2015Go
2 distinct images of Baltimore officer on trial in Freddie Gray caseDec-03-2015Go
Dancing Rhode Island cop disinvited from second cityDec-02-2015Go
Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy fired by Mayor Rahm EmanuelDec-01-2015Go
Top military officer contradicts Obama, says ISIS not 'contained'Dec-01-2015Go
1 man dead in Atlanta police-involved shootingDec-01-2015Go
Chicago Burger King manager says police tampered with footage of teen's deathNov-29-2015Go
One suspect arrested in New Orleans park shootingNov-29-2015Go
Suspect arrested in connection with shooting death of Pennsylvania police officerNov-29-2015Go
FBI reportedly warns New York officials about anti-Islam protesterNov-28-2015Go
Officer killed in Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting was devoted to his job, family and faithNov-28-2015Go
Chicago killing cover-up comes to an endNov-27-2015Go
Former police officer accused of faking shootout, making hoax bomb threat found deadNov-27-2015Go
Florida police bust elderly women's mahjong gameNov-27-2015Go
FBI using elite surveillance teams to track at least 48 high-risk ISIS suspectsNov-27-2015Go
Chicago police officer who shot teen subject of 18 civilian complaintsNov-26-2015Go
Hungary police detain six after 'bomb lab', car full of weapons foundNov-25-2015Go
Outrage as military vehicles, equipment taken from officers in wake of Obama orderNov-25-2015Go
Protesters march in Chicago after video showing police officer shooting black teen releasedNov-25-2015Go
5 shot at Minneapolis police shooting protestNov-24-2015Go
Chicago police officer to face murder charge in shooting of black teenagerNov-24-2015Go
Ohio couple, 7-year-old son murdered in apparent home invasion, suspect killed by policeNov-24-2015Go
DC police chief who advocated taking down mass shooters has approved few gun permitsNov-24-2015Go
Police say 16 injured after shooting at New Orleans parkNov-23-2015Go
'We're going to find you': Suspect Id'd in shooting of Tulane good SamaritanNov-23-2015Go
D.C.'s top cop: 'Take the gunman out'Nov-22-2015Go
D.C. pays largest ever settlement in civil rights caseNov-21-2015Go
Texas driver says his legal gun led to his arrestNov-21-2015Go
Russia sends puppy to France in tribute to police dog killed in anti-terror raidNov-21-2015Go
2 young men, teen arrested in deadly shooting of Los Angeles cop in apparent botched robberyNov-20-2015Go
Los Angeles County cop murdered in department parking lot believed ‘targeted,’ manhunt underwayNov-19-2015Go
Minneapolis police clear out protesters' camp site amid heightened tensions over shootingNov-19-2015Go
ISIS supporters stab teacher at Jewish school in France, prosecutors sayNov-19-2015Go
Syrians with stolen passports caught trying to enter US, police sayNov-19-2015Go
Retired Army colonel accused in Colorado trooper's deathNov-17-2015Go
Dozens of protesters arrested after black man shot by Minneapolis copNov-17-2015Go
Intel officers reviewing data before Paris attack for missed warningsNov-17-2015Go
FBI opens investigation into Idaho rancher's fatal shooting by deputiesNov-13-2015Go
Self-described former Muslim terrorist encourages New Jersey cops to monitor Islamic communitiesNov-12-2015Go
FBI expands probe of Clinton emails, launches independent classification reviewNov-12-2015Go
‘The biggest sham’: Sheriffs fume at mass release of 6,000 federal inmatesNov-11-2015Go
Grand jury indicts 106 bikers in Waco shootout with policeNov-11-2015Go
Officer-involved shooting near South Carolina college ends with 1 dead, 1 in custodyNov-10-2015Go
Sources: Vocal supporter of sanctuary cities on short list to be next head of Border PatrolNov-10-2015Go
3 teens arrested after Michigan police foil school shooting plotNov-09-2015Go
Rancher 'needlessly' shot by police in bull incidentNov-09-2015Go
Two Americans among the dead after shooting at police training center in JordanNov-09-2015Go
2 Louisiana officers arrested in 6-year-old boy's shooting deathNov-07-2015Go
Crooked Illinois cop accused of sexual harassment as friends describe son's sham marriageNov-06-2015Go
Kentucky police officer dies two days after being shot during manhuntNov-06-2015Go
Prosecutors could decide to probe companies that funded or joined groups that questioned climate scienceNov-06-2015Go
Louisiana marshals kill 6-year-old boy after shooting at fleeing suspectNov-05-2015Go
Widow, son of Illinois officer under investigation in embezzlement schemeNov-05-2015Go
San Francisco sheriff known for 'sanctuary city' defense loses re-election bidNov-04-2015Go
Illinois police officer's shooting death to be ruled suicideNov-04-2015Go
Dashcam video undermines Texas prof’s claim of racial profiling, says chiefNov-03-2015Go
Gunman kills 3 in downtown Colorado Springs shooting spree, police sayNov-01-2015Go
San Francisco sheriff at center of sanctuary city debate faces reelectionNov-01-2015Go
Kentucky fugitive killed in shootout with police after five-day manhuntOct-30-2015Go
Police say two associates of Kentucky fugitive who shot officer arrested, suspect still at largeOct-29-2015Go
Deputy turns away man trying to confess to murderOct-29-2015Go
Police: Albuquerque officer shot in traffic stop has diedOct-29-2015Go
Watchdog: Federal security force has more cars than officers, wastes millionsOct-28-2015Go
Group may be planning Halloween ambush, FBI reportedly tells policeOct-27-2015Go
SC sheriff asks DOJ, FBI to investigate video that appears to show school officer tossing student to floorOct-27-2015Go
Suspect tried to drown dog, fought with officer before being shot, cops sayOct-26-2015Go
NYPD union calls for boycott of Quentin Tarantino films after director's anti-cop protestOct-26-2015Go
Quentin Tarantino, protesters rally against police brutality in NY days after cop shootingOct-25-2015Go
Judge who signed off on treatment deal for suspected cop killer says she is ‘truly sorry’Oct-24-2015Go
Two days after NYPD cop gunned down, anti-cop rally held in Times SquareOct-23-2015Go
FBI opens hate crime investigation into Indiana man's attack on Muslim womanOct-23-2015Go
Suspect in murder of NYPD officer described as career criminalOct-22-2015Go
Albuquerque police officer critically injured after shooting, suspect in custodyOct-22-2015Go
Man shoots Kentucky officer after traffic stop, police sayOct-21-2015Go
New York City police officer dies after being shot in East HarlemOct-21-2015Go
Chicago mayor blames cops for spike in crimeOct-19-2015Go
Minnesota town mourns loss of officer killed by injured suspect in hospitalOct-19-2015Go
In God Florida sheriff trusts in face of atheists’ bumper sticker lawsuitOct-16-2015Go
Top Iranian military commander Soleimani seen rallying Iranian officers, Hezbollah in SyriaOct-16-2015Go
At least 12 arrested for occupying Baltimore City Hall after police commissioner appointment hearingOct-15-2015Go
Son gets $1,500 speeding ticket while racing ailing dad to hospitalOct-13-2015Go
Texas councilman Tased in incident involving deputy who arrested woman found dead in jail cellOct-12-2015Go
Investigator in Texas deputy's murder admits affair with key witnessOct-12-2015Go
Charges filed in shooting death of Memphis police officer outside his homeOct-12-2015Go
Army officer recommends no jail time for Bowe Bergdahl, attorney saysOct-11-2015Go
Video purportedly shows Texas officer grabbing student's throatOct-11-2015Go
Turkish police scuffle with mourners after deadly blasts kill nearly 100Oct-11-2015Go
Michigan man fatally shot after he hit officer with crossbowOct-10-2015Go
City to pay $6.5M settlement to family of man shot by copOct-09-2015Go
4 arrested in connection with deadly Sydney police shootingOct-07-2015Go
FBI seizes four State Department servers in Clinton email probeOct-07-2015Go
FBI probe of Hillary Clinton emails expands to second tech companyOct-07-2015Go
Obama Administration Charges Border Patrol Agent On Behalf Of MexicansOct-05-2015Go
Bloody Baltimore: No end seen to post-Freddie Gray spike in homicides, shootingsOct-05-2015Go
Dunkin' Donuts employee tells officer: 'We don't serve cops here'Oct-05-2015Go
School shooting hero calls for armed cops at schoolsOct-04-2015Go
NY prosecutor reverses employee gun ban after taking fire from legal expertsOct-02-2015Go
FBI director confirms inquiry into Clinton email setupOct-02-2015Go
Police officer dies in South Carolina mall shootingSep-30-2015Go
District Attorney on New York's Long Island bans prosecutors from owning gunsSep-29-2015Go
Baltimore officer reportedly said Freddie Gray asked for medic during transportSep-27-2015Go
Mystery deepens around death of Illinois cop, despite lengthy probeSep-26-2015Go
Mother calls Delaware police shooting of son in wheelchair 'unjust'Sep-25-2015Go
College student's op-ed criticizing Black Lives Matter movement stirs controversySep-25-2015Go
FBI confident Clinton emails being recovered: sourceSep-24-2015Go
University of Delaware PC Police: Lanterns remains mistaken for noosesSep-23-2015Go
FBI reportedly recovers deleted emails from Clinton serverSep-23-2015Go
Florida sheriff's deputy critical after shooting outside law firmSep-22-2015Go
Jihadist couriers? Suspects nabbed at Johannesburg airport with $6M were ISIS-bound, say copsSep-21-2015Go
Obama invites clock kid, but ignored cops' kin?Sep-20-2015Go
Obama administration urged by police, GOP candidates to be more outspoken on cop killingsSep-20-2015Go
Police shoot, kill suspect from helicopter after high-speed pursuit on Southern California freewaySep-19-2015Go
Iceland announces boycott of Israeli goodsSep-17-2015Go
Southwestern ranchers say Border Patrol not protecting them from people crossing illegallySep-17-2015Go
Arizona police officer shot multiple times during traffic stopSep-16-2015Go
Son of Illinois cop who died on duty says dad didn't commit suicideSep-16-2015Go
Judge denies bond for ex-SC police officer charged with murder in shooting of black manSep-15-2015Go
Ferguson panel recommends big changes following shooting death of Michael BrownSep-15-2015Go
North Carolina launches investigation after man dies while in police custodySep-14-2015Go
Sheriff's deputy kills Oklahoma man who shot police chiefSep-14-2015Go
Cops shoot and kill alleged gunman who murdered rookie Kentucky state trooperSep-14-2015Go
Video shows Virginia inmate's incident with police before deathSep-11-2015Go
Arizona police warn public of possible 'domestic terrorism'Sep-11-2015Go
Illinois police officer died from 'single devastating' gunshot wound, coroner saysSep-10-2015Go
Michigan firefighter dies in hit-and-run during fundraiser, police saySep-10-2015Go
Baltimore reaches $6.4 million settlement with Freddie Gray familySep-08-2015Go
Houston police in gunfight after suspects open fire from passing carSep-08-2015Go
Police cars' 'In God We Trust' decals draw complaints about separation of church and stateSep-07-2015Go
Las Vegas police officer shot in 'ambush-style' attackSep-07-2015Go
Police recover 'significant' new evidence in hunt for killers of a northern Illinois police officerSep-06-2015Go
Mass. police officer will face charges after allegedly lying about shootingSep-05-2015Go
Virginia police officer indicted on murder, firearms charges in fatal Walmart shootingSep-04-2015Go
Harrisburg paying officer who hasn't worked since 1993Sep-04-2015Go
Police union calls for Arby's boycott after cop snubbedSep-04-2015Go
Arby's fires manager, suspends clerk who allegedly refused to serve Florida police officerSep-04-2015Go
Police say woman's lie diverted manhunt for Illinois officer's killersSep-03-2015Go
Off-duty Texas police officer found dead in his home, investigators say death 'suspicious'Sep-02-2015Go
Illinois police seek public's help in hunt for 3 suspects in officer's murderSep-02-2015Go
Cops hunt 3 suspects in shooting of Illinois police officerSep-01-2015Go
Video appears to show Texas sheriff's deputies fatally shot man who had his hands upSep-01-2015Go
Atlanta-area police officer shot after responding to wrong homeSep-01-2015Go
‘Anti-gun stupidity’: Honolulu destroys $575G worth of police firearmsAug-31-2015Go
Grenade explodes during Ukraine clashes; 1 officer killed, around 100 injuredAug-31-2015Go
DC Police Union: City leaders too afraid of 'poli