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California Dems Protect Child Rapists and Fight TrumpSep-19-2017Go
Gregg Jarrett: Sessions should resign, but not before taking action against Clinton, Comey and RiceSep-19-2017Go
Did Susan Rice Spy on Trump Officials for Muslim Brotherhood?Sep-15-2017Go
Antifa violence splits left as another major protest looms at BerkeleySep-14-2017Go
The Death of Liberalism - Beating and censoring our way to a progressive new America.Sep-13-2017Go
Black Lives Matter protesters in Charlottesville shroud Thomas Jefferson statueSep-13-2017Go
ESPN lets Jemele Hill's Trump 'white supremacist' comments slideSep-13-2017Go
Blacklist - The Left’s latest war on free speech.Sep-05-2017Go
FBI Corruption? Evidence of Comey Deceit Discovered Regarding Exoneration of Hillary ClintonSep-02-2017Go
Trump’s Presidential Grace and Class in Texas  - Yet Fake News critics pounce on his every step -- as if each one is an impeachable offense.Sep-01-2017Go
List of 30 GOP Senators Who Are Betraying Trump, Voters and America ReleasedSep-01-2017Go
Russian attorney rips anti-Trump dossier as ‘cheap gossip,’ amid questions over originAug-26-2017Go
FBI reopens case of Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch airport meeting documentsAug-18-2017Go
The Democrats’ Dangerous Dolchstosslegende - The Master Party would rather destroy America than question its own superiority.Aug-17-2017Go
Investigators’ trip shows ‘dossier’ probe still aliveAug-16-2017Go
The Memo That Set Off The McMaster NSC Purge - A grave warning about the forces collaborating to take down Trump.Aug-15-2017Go
Trump rips Obama over report he learned of Kremlin threat in 2014Aug-15-2017Go
Scaramucci: Elements Within Washington and White House Are Trying to ‘Eject’ TrumpAug-13-2017Go
Obama, Clinton and Fertilizing a Nuclear North Korea - How leftist fantasies and appeasement put America in nuclear jeopardy.Aug-10-2017Go
DOJ Documents on Clinton-Lynch Airport Meeting: Comey Lied, Media Colluded with DOJAug-10-2017Go
Trump lawyer slams special counsel for 'gross abuse' in Manafort raid, challenges warrantAug-10-2017Go
Trump’s security adviser Gen. McMaster worked for Soros-funded groupAug-09-2017Go
Obama Activist Group Fighting Budget CutsAug-08-2017Go
Trump’s deals in Russia once encouraged even by Clintons now under scrutinyAug-07-2017Go
Rosenstein ready to prosecute 'anybody who breaks the law' in effort to stop leaksAug-06-2017Go
Mueller’s grand jury racially, ethnically stacked against Trump: Legal scholar tells WABC’s Rita CosbyAug-05-2017Go
Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya gives her account of fateful Trump Jr. meetingAug-05-2017Go
'Unmasking' Investigation Leading Straight To Obama White HouseAug-04-2017Go
McMaster’s NSC Coup Against Trump Purges Critics of Islam and ObamaAug-04-2017Go
Sen. Cardin acknowledges Russia did not determine outcome of U.S. electionAug-04-2017Go
Sessions announces DOJ crackdown on leaks: ‘We are taking a stand’Aug-04-2017Go
Mueller’s grand jury can compel testimony of Trump son’s meeting with Russian lawyerAug-04-2017Go
Trump, McMaster meet amid purge of national security staffers, Susan Rice revelationAug-04-2017Go
Mega-Leak: Transcripts of Trump's foreign leader phone calls emergeAug-03-2017Go
Kredo: Congress Moving Towards Subpoenas for Former Obama Officials Over Anti-Trump LeaksAug-02-2017Go
FBI’s Own General Counsel Suspected of Being An Anti-Trump LeakerAug-01-2017Go
Wasserman Schultz under pressure to testify on ex-IT aide; complaint filedAug-01-2017Go
University fires women’s study professor who wanted Trump shotAug-01-2017Go
The Root Cause of the Disasters in the Middle EastJul-31-2017Go
Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Up to Her Neck in DNC Security BreachesJul-29-2017Go
Report: Debbie Wasserman Schultz could be asked to testify in IT staffer investigationJul-29-2017Go
Tapper on Scaramucci Saying People in Admin Trying to Bring Down Trump: ‘He’s 100 Percent Right’Jul-28-2017Go
The Deep State War On Trump's Foreign Policy AgendaJul-28-2017Go
Obama official made 'hundreds of unmasking requests,' GOP chairman saysJul-28-2017Go
House Republicans demand special counsel to investigate Clinton, Obama officialsJul-28-2017Go
With Mueller investigation, FBI gets chance to physically inspect ‘hacked’ DNC computersJul-28-2017Go
Democrat Leadership is Involved in a Massive Criminal Cover-Up – Mainstream Media SilentJul-28-2017Go
The New Brownshirts: Thugs vs. Free Speech on CampusJul-27-2017Go
Scaramucci names Priebus in now-deleted tweet about leaksJul-27-2017Go
Former CIA Director Calls for Coup Against Trump if Special Counsel Mueller is FiredJul-26-2017Go
Democrat Representative Promises to “Eliminate” Trump if Democrats take PowerJul-26-2017Go
Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on Russian influence on US election, foreign agents -- live blogJul-26-2017Go
Scaramucci: White House will continue firing people not serving Trump ‘honorably’Jul-26-2017Go
Scaramucci Catches A Snake in The Grass: Leaker “Terminated” from WHJul-26-2017Go
Trump tweets ‘drain the sewer,’ claims no evidence in Russia caseJul-24-2017Go
Jared Kushner denies collusion in statement ahead of Capitol Hill testimonyJul-24-2017Go
Trump Should Smash Leftist Coalition, says police adviser known as Gun DeanJul-23-2017Go
Scaramucci vows to take 'drastic action' to stop White House leaksJul-23-2017Go
Katie Couric Decries Fake News, Still Faces $12 Million Defamation LawsuitJul-22-2017Go
Justice Department hits back at report citing anonymous sources that Sessions may have lied about Russia contactsJul-22-2017Go
Deal with Senate panel lets Trump Jr., Manafort avoid public testimonyJul-22-2017Go
Senate Intelligence committee privately questions Susan Rice in Russian election meddling probeJul-22-2017Go
Boss of firm behind anti-Trump dossier to plead the Fifth at congressional hearingJul-22-2017Go
Trump supporters fear Mueller’s peek into business dealings will be fatal blowJul-22-2017Go
Mueller Expands His Probe AgainJul-21-2017Go
‘Fake news’ helps Dems hound Trump but ignores Russia, China collusion with ClintonsJul-21-2017Go
Europol, FBI dragnet: Cybercrime network ‘Dark Web’ plotted Trump, Pence assassinationsJul-21-2017Go
Trump’s legal team making major changes: ReportsJul-21-2017Go
FBI relies on discredited dossier in Russia investigationJul-21-2017Go
CNN gave 3 times more coverage to Trump-Putin talk than Obama hot mic gaffe, study saysJul-20-2017Go
Trump sets red line for Mueller on Russia probe, warns he'll expose 'conflicts'Jul-20-2017Go
DNC vows to combat Trump’s election integrity commissionJul-19-2017Go
Limbaugh on GOP health care fiasco: ‘Establishment unifying to get rid of Donald Trump’Jul-19-2017Go
Oregon Passes Law Allowing The Courts To Seize Guns From Anyone – Even If They Are Not PresentJul-18-2017Go
Organizing for Anarchy - His party may be falling apart, but Obama’s community organizing group is going strongJul-18-2017Go
Bret Easton Ellis slaps Hollywood over Trump hate, claims he’s ‘colluding with Russia’Jul-18-2017Go
Russia election meddling controversy swinging past voters in swing statesJul-18-2017Go
Susan Rice set to face Capitol Hill questions on alleged Trump team unmaskingJul-17-2017Go
Hysterical drama queen Shepard Smith, Fox News host, blasts White House for offering ‘lie after lie’ about Russian ties - ‘I think there’s a lot of truth to everything you’ve said’ agreed fellow anchor Chris WallaceJul-16-2017Go
John ‘Deep State’ McCain trafficked in anti-Trump dossier, say BritsJul-15-2017Go
Operative who commissioned anti-Trump dossier to testify next week before CongressJul-15-2017Go
The Curious Case of Natalia Veselnitskaya - Did the Russian lawyer visit the Trump campaign to undermine it?Jul-14-2017Go
Rep. Sean Duffy doesn’t have an issue with Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia meetingJul-14-2017Go
Alan Dershowitz: Donald Trump Jr.’s conduct likely covered by First AmendmentJul-14-2017Go
Dems call for criminal investigation of Infowars, Drudge and Breitbart by FECJul-13-2017Go
Trump Jr.’s Emails Undermine Collusion Conspiracy TheoryJul-12-2017Go
Maryland attorney general pushes Republican bounds of lawsuits against TrumpJul-12-2017Go
Democrats intentionally used disinformation from Russia to attack Trump, campaign aidesJul-12-2017Go
Trump Jr. Dared To Talk To a Russian WomanJul-11-2017Go
Two-thirds of Americans say news media has a negative impact on the nation: PollJul-11-2017Go
Democrats’ blockade of Trump imperils national security, congressional recessJul-11-2017Go
Comey memos reportedly had classified info; Trump says ‘That is so illegal’Jul-10-2017Go
Senate Democrats hold blue slips, delay Trump’s federal judicial nomineesJul-10-2017Go
Senate Report: Anti-Trump Intelligence Leaks Aimed at Hurting U.S.Jul-09-2017Go
Report: National Security Leakers Now Paranoid About Being Caught LeakingJul-08-2017Go
NYC Mayor de Blasio lambasted for joining anti-Trump  radical protesters in GermanyJul-08-2017Go
'He's a violent coward': Anti-Trump protester gets jail for Inauguration Day riotsJul-08-2017Go
CNN’s Secret Business Links to the Castro RegimeJul-07-2017Go
The Democrats’ Soviet Insane Asylum for TrumpJul-07-2017Go
Trump defends Western civilization – and media call it racistJul-07-2017Go
Bill de Blasio abruptly leaves NYC to join G-20 protests in GermanyJul-07-2017Go
White House leaks that threaten national security stream out at rate of one a dayJul-07-2017Go
GOP lawmakers ask AG to intervene after Bernie Sanders imposes ‘religious test’ on Trump nomineeJul-06-2017Go
Trump son accuses CNN of bullying citizensJul-06-2017Go
Kucinich rips Dems for proposal to examine Trump's mental fitnessJul-05-2017Go
Senate Democrats embrace extreme vetting of Trump’s court picksJul-05-2017Go
Warner Admits Obama Administration ‘Choked’ in Handling Russian InterferenceJul-02-2017Go
Anti-Trump, ‘Antifascism’ Groups Becoming Larger Threat to US, Says Intelligence ExpertJul-02-2017Go
Trump ally Scaramucci accepts CNN apology but frustrated by Washington's 'Scandal Inc.' cultureJul-02-2017Go
House panel threatens White House with subpoena over Comey ‘tapes’Jul-01-2017Go
Anti-Trump and Antifascism Groups Becoming Bigger Threat to US, Says Intelligence ExpertJun-30-2017Go
Rumors AntiFa could swarm Gettysburg prompt fed reactionJun-30-2017Go
Homeland Security chief says members of Congress ‘threaten’ him over immigration enforcementJun-30-2017Go
CNN producer calls Trump ‘crazy,’ voters ‘stupid as sh—’ in latest Project Veritas videoJun-30-2017Go
Establishment Intransigence Toward TrumpJun-29-2017Go
Tucker Carlson: Media Outlets Pushing False Trump-Russia Stories Engaging in ‘Corruption’Jun-29-2017Go
Comey testimony leads to new probe of former Attorney General LynchJun-29-2017Go
CNN Pundit, Former Obama Aide Caught On Video Saying ‘RussiaGate’ Is a FarceJun-29-2017Go
Rep. Jim Jordan calls for investigation of Comey, LynchJun-29-2017Go
CNN’s Van Jones calls Russia story ‘nothing burger’ in latest undercover videoJun-29-2017Go
Schumer uses Senate rule to scuttle meeting on ‘unmasking’ by Obama officialsJun-29-2017Go
How CNN’s Fake News Machine Ran - Conspiracy theories, anonymous sources and big lies.Jun-28-2017Go
Citizen journalist exposes CNN corruption and conspiracy to oust TrumpJun-28-2017Go
Schiff urged Obama administration to act on Russian interventionJun-28-2017Go
White House press feud erupts over ‘fake news’Jun-28-2017Go
Senate Judiciary Committee targets Obama ‘unmasking’ operativesJun-28-2017Go
Another Dem 'queasy' over claim of Loretta Lynch meddling in Clinton caseJun-26-2017Go
Conservative millennial reacts to liberals' violent commentsJun-25-2017Go
Chaffetz: Justice watchdog also looking at Lynch's role in FBI's Clinton email probeJun-25-2017Go
Caught on tape: Dem official says he's 'glad' Scalise got shotJun-24-2017Go
Trump questions why Obama allegedly did 'nothing' about Russia hacking, in Fox interviewJun-24-2017Go
Pelosi rallies Democrats to fight Senate health bill: ‘The next few days are critical’Jun-24-2017Go
Senate announces probe of Loretta Lynch behavior in 2016 electionJun-24-2017Go
Barack Obama, Susan Rice continue covering up intelligence breachesJun-23-2017Go
Barack Obama, Spymaster: Turning the Intel Community Into Democrat Goon Squad Jun-23-2017Go
Trump says Comey-Mueller friendship 'bothersome'Jun-23-2017Go
Sealing and transfer of Susan Rice records angers House committee investigating ‘unmasking’Jun-23-2017Go
Otto Warmbier And The Left's Dehumanizing Culture Of HateJun-22-2017Go
Barack Obama, Susan Rice continue covering up intelligence breachesJun-22-2017Go
Just 4 percent of Americans say the news media favors Trump: pollJun-22-2017Go
Dem strategist behind #HuntRepublicans tweets about Handel victory: ‘Time for hunting’Jun-22-2017Go
Intel officials tell Mueller of uncomfortable interaction with Trump on Russia case: ReportJun-22-2017Go
The Leftist News Media, UnmaskedJun-21-2017Go
Sean Hannity, Fox News host, claims a ‘soft coup’ is unfolding against TrumpJun-21-2017Go
Bernie Sanders: Act in ‘unprecedented’ ways to thwart RepublicansJun-21-2017Go
Sean Hannity: Left-wing haters fan flames of rage, violenceJun-20-2017Go
CBS News anchor Scott Pelley asks if GOP shooting was ‘self-inflicted’Jun-20-2017Go
MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid attacks Scalise as he recovers in hospitalJun-19-2017Go
Is Bob Mueller the Establishment’s Stalking Horse?Jun-19-2017Go
Kellyanne Conway prods Mueller over Dem donors on teamJun-19-2017Go
Huff Post Writer: GOP Shooting Didn’t Go Far Enough, Violent Resistance Needs OrganizingJun-18-2017Go
'Best Father's Day' ever: Congressman Davis grateful after sniper attackJun-18-2017Go
Trump lawyer says there’s ‘no investigation’ of the presidentJun-18-2017Go
Nebraska Dem official mocks GOP shooting victims: ‘Having a hard time feeling bad for them’Jun-17-2017Go
O’Reilly says GOP shooting ‘prophecy’ came true; gunman ‘deeply enmeshed in the far left’Jun-17-2017Go
FBI declines to release Comey memos, citing use in possible ‘law enforcement proceeding’Jun-17-2017Go
Impeach Trump’s Impeachers - They’re dirty and crooked as hell.Jun-16-2017Go
Comey leak(s): FBI warned to retrieve documents removed unlawfully by fired directorJun-16-2017Go
Trump says he is under investigation by Mueller, slams probe as ‘witch hunt’Jun-16-2017Go
Mueller faces ‘unique hurdles’ if he wants to press obstruction case against TrumpJun-16-2017Go
Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal FBI Training Curricula Purged of Material Deemed “Offensive” to MuslimsJun-15-2017Go
What Trump Has to Fear From MuellerJun-15-2017Go
‘Terminate the Republican Party’ followers celebrate Scalise shooting; group creator disapprovesJun-15-2017Go
Levin, Limbaugh rip media after Hodgkinson’s attack: ‘Assassination becomes mainstream’Jun-15-2017Go
Starr says questioning of Sessions designed to embarrass himJun-15-2017Go
Trump tweets about obstruction of justice reports, claims ‘zero evidence’ of collusionJun-15-2017Go
‘Resist’ shooter’s attack on Republicans marks grim political breaking pointJun-15-2017Go
Antifa Stabs Police Horse in Neck at Pennsylvania DemonstrationJun-14-2017Go
Congressional Democrats sue Trump to force emoluments disclosureJun-14-2017Go
Cotton suggests Comey set precedent of private meetings with TrumpJun-14-2017Go
Congressional Hearings and Witch-HuntsJun-13-2017Go
Circle the Wagons! Hillary Clinton to be investigated by Senate over ‘charity’ corruptionJun-13-2017Go
Chris Ruddy denies he spoke with Trump about Robert MuellerJun-13-2017Go
McCarthy says Dems using ‘stall tactics’ to prevent Trump’s successJun-13-2017Go
Trump accuses Loretta Lynch of breaking the law while attorney generalJun-13-2017Go
Comey the criminal? Leak admission puts ex-FBI boss in legal jeopardyJun-13-2017Go
Fox guards henhouse: Democratic Operative Appointed As Seth Rich Family SpokesmanJun-12-2017Go
'A WITCH HUNT' - Gingrich blasts Russia probe as Mueller goes on hiring spreeJun-12-2017Go
Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify; Senate Democrats demand public hearingJun-12-2017Go
Comey Unmasks Himself As LeakerJun-11-2017Go
Dems preparing roadblock of Trump’s IRS Clean Up and Tax RevisionsJun-11-2017Go
Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify before Senate intel committee this weekJun-11-2017Go
Comey testimony leaves questions unanswered about anti-Trump dossierJun-10-2017Go
Canvassers for Dem-tied group charged in voter registration fraud schemeJun-09-2017Go
Sessions fires back at Comey, amid recusal questionsJun-09-2017Go
Trump calls Comey a ‘leaker,’ claims ‘vindication’Jun-09-2017Go
Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia collusion theories ‘came apart’ during Comey testimonyJun-09-2017Go
Trump lawyer to file complaint against Comey with Justice Dept. over leaksJun-09-2017Go
Comey leaked his own memos to contradict Trump, spur special prosecutorJun-08-2017Go
Comey: Loretta Lynch request to call Clinton probe a ‘matter’ ‘confused me and concerned me’Jun-08-2017Go
Suspected leaker’s Facebook page filled with vitriol against TrumpJun-07-2017Go
Himes says Clapper comments on Trump ‘absolutely stunning’Jun-07-2017Go
Rand Paul says there must be a ‘paper trail’ with unmaskingJun-06-2017Go
Federal contractor charged with leaking classified materials to the mediaJun-06-2017Go
Senators to Secretary of State: Investigate George Soros and U.S. CashJun-04-2017Go
Trump, GOP push for probe of Obama’s political espionage and ‘unmasking’ of AmericansJun-02-2017Go
Democratic operatives file $1M lawsuit against Project Veritas over undercover stingJun-02-2017Go
Investigations focus on ‘unwitting’ conspirators aiding Russia’s efforts to sabotage U.S. electionJun-02-2017Go
Actor and Writer Michael Moriarty: The New World Order EmpireJun-01-2017Go
Trump, Nunes demand answers on Obama-era spying, 'unmasking'Jun-01-2017Go
They agree with Trump: Voters see leaks of classified information to the press as an act of treasonJun-01-2017Go
The Civil War is HereMay-30-2017Go
EXCLUSIVE – Carter Page: Russia Investigation Will Unearth Obama Admin’s ‘Falsified FISA Warrants Against Me’May-30-2017Go
Pirro: 'There Is a Traitor in the People's House'May-28-2017Go
Trump attacks 'fake news' amid Russia controversy that now includes KushnerMay-28-2017Go
DHS chief cites Manchester leak as ‘borderline’ treasonMay-28-2017Go
Jared Kushner under fire over reported talks with Russian ambassadorMay-28-2017Go
Tancredo — The Republic at Risk: Deep State Opponents Seek to End the Trump Presidency by Leaks and SabotageMay-27-2017Go
Manchester bombing: Trump advised to find and prosecute intelligence community swamp dwellersMay-26-2017Go
Steve Bannon to head Trump's Russia war room of legal 'A-Team,' street fighters and surrogatesMay-26-2017Go
Limbaugh: Media using leaks as ammo for ‘political assassination’ of TrumpMay-26-2017Go
FBI possessed, studied anti-Trump dossier, says former top spyMay-26-2017Go
After a stream of intelligence leaks, it takes an irate U.K. to stir U.S. investigationsMay-26-2017Go
Sean Hannity warns fans of organized, left-wing effort to ‘silence’ himMay-25-2017Go
Media leak of Manchester bomber’s ID further undermines U.S. credibility around worldMay-25-2017Go
Obama, in Europe, taunts TrumpMay-25-2017Go
George Soros allegedly linked to execution-style murder of DNC stafferMay-24-2017Go
Does it matter? No evidence of Trump 'collusion' with Russia as media shift focusMay-24-2017Go
Obama admin knew gang members were part of illegal immigrant surge: WhistleblowerMay-24-2017Go
Hillary Clinton leaked Israel’s Iranian attack plan to reporter without consequencesMay-24-2017Go
Federal judge rules against BuzzFeed in libel lawsuit over anti-Trump dossierMay-23-2017Go
Harvard Study Reveals Huge Extent of Anti-Trump Media BiasMay-21-2017Go
Former Asst. FBI Director: ‘Professional Team of Subversives’ Out to Get TrumpMay-20-2017Go
Fired FBI boss James Comey agrees to testify in open Senate hearingMay-20-2017Go
Harvard agrees: Trump press coverage sets ‘new standard for negativity’May-20-2017Go
Trump denies Comey allegations, collusion with RussiaMay-19-2017Go
State Department under Obama made U.S. participation vital to Paris climate pactMay-19-2017Go
Intel officials scoff at hype over Trump’s reported sharing of information with RussiansMay-18-2017Go
Trump erupts on Twitter, blasts special counsel probe as outrageous ‘witch hunt’May-18-2017Go
Schumer demands transcript of Trump-Russia meetingMay-16-2017Go
Democrats will consider Comey’s firing as new reason to force special prosecutorMay-15-2017Go
As Leaks Multiply, Fears of a ‘Deep State’ in AmericaMay-14-2017Go
For Republicans, it’s getting dangerous out thereMay-14-2017Go
Democrats demand Trump produce ‘tapes’ of Oval Office talk with ComeyMay-13-2017Go
Democrats slam brakes on Washington business after Comey’s firing, suggest impeachmentMay-11-2017Go
Rand Paul formally requests info on whether Obama admin. targeted him for surveillanceMay-06-2017Go
Donald Trump blasts Democrats who relied on Russian dossier for attacksMay-06-2017Go
Clinton spreads blame for election loss, declares herself part of anti-Trump ‘resistance’May-03-2017Go
EXCLUSIVE: Trump blasts Democrats’ dossier tactic a ‘disgrace’May-02-2017Go
Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveawayApr-26-2017Go
Ex-spy admits anti-Trump dossier unverified, blames Buzzfeed for publishingApr-26-2017Go
CIA Director Brennan Allegedly Headed Obama Spy Ops Against TrumpApr-25-2017Go
Trump’s lawyer launches legal action against BuzzFeed for publishing ‘completely fabricated’ dossierApr-25-2017Go
Grassley takes methodical approach, follows the money to find source of ‘dodgy dossier’Apr-25-2017Go
Democrats cling to intel dossier riddled with fiction in desperate attempt to take down TrumpApr-24-2017Go
Bill Maher lashes out at Berkeley over Ann Coulter cancellation controversyApr-23-2017Go
Bill Maher defends Ann Coulter in Berkeley free-speech fightApr-22-2017Go
Obama heads to Chicago to agitate against TrumpApr-22-2017Go
The big, amazing list of people Obama spied onApr-21-2017Go
Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat TrumpApr-21-2017Go
Corrupt State Department funneled cash to George Soros overseas operationsApr-21-2017Go
Authorities believe CIA employee or contractor supplied documents to WikiLeaksApr-21-2017Go
Susan Rice strikes againApr-21-2017Go
Carter Page rebuts Democrats latching onto ‘completely false’ Russia dossierApr-17-2017Go
Carter Page: 'All of the lies ... are finally coming out into the open'Apr-14-2017Go
Carter Page, former Trump adviser, calls charges he was Russian agent ‘a joke’Apr-13-2017Go
FBI had FISA court order to monitor Trump adviser Carter Page: ReportApr-12-2017Go
‘Unmasking’ of Trump aides reveals Susan Rice at center of multifarious controversiesApr-12-2017Go
Trump believes Rice committed a crime by spying on campaign aidesApr-06-2017Go
Susan Rice's alleged unmasking requests not so routine, ex-officials sayApr-05-2017Go
Paul calls on Rice to testify after reports of unmasking, asks if she was ordered by ObamaApr-04-2017Go
Limbaugh rips ‘unmasking,’ says Obama ‘weaponized everything’ to destroy TrumpApr-04-2017Go
‘Smoking gun’: Susan Rice asked for ‘unmasking’ of Trump campaign officialsApr-04-2017Go
Obama Adviser Susan Rice Sought Names of Trump Associates in IntelApr-03-2017Go
Why the curious silence from Obama over tapped Trump Tower?Apr-02-2017Go
The losing president weaponized propaganda by disseminating it to anti-Trump forces in our government.Apr-01-2017Go
Trump to NBC: Stop focusing on Russia, look into wiretapping insteadApr-01-2017Go
White House wants Congress to dig deeper on snooping after Obama official commentsMar-31-2017Go
Trump backs Flynn’s request for immunity in ‘witch hunt’Mar-31-2017Go
Trump ally: Obama official should be subpoenaed after 'leaking' admissionMar-30-2017Go
FBI to charge State Dept. employee: reportMar-29-2017Go
UPDATE: President Obama’s Own Defense Deputy Admits Obama White House Spied on Candidate/President-Elect Trump…Mar-29-2017Go
The violent uprising waiting to happen in America if this organization gets its wayMar-26-2017Go
Intelligence Committee Democrats hell bent on destroying Trump presidencyMar-25-2017Go
House Intel Chairman: FBI Not Cooperating with Probe in to Obama WiretappingMar-24-2017Go
How Team Trump’s ‘unmasking’ by intel community may reveal illegal actions by Obama officialsMar-24-2017Go
Potential 'smoking gun' showing Obama administration spied on Trump team, source saysMar-24-2017Go
How Team Trump’s ‘unmasking’ by intel community may reveal illegal actions by Obama officialsMar-23-2017Go
Nunes: What I've read bothers me, should bother presidentMar-23-2017Go
Trump basks in Nunes surveillance news: 'So that means I'm right'Mar-23-2017Go
Trump unfazed by ‘deep state’ suspicionMar-22-2017Go
Gowdy blasts Comey for not acknowledging leak probeMar-21-2017Go
Was Obama Involved in Pre-Planned Judicial Block of Trump Travel Ban?…Mar-19-2017Go
The FBI has been slowed by prosecutors in probe of Russian intel leaks.Mar-19-2017Go
Intel Leaks Stemming from 1 Last-Minute Move Obama Made Before LeavingMar-18-2017Go
Lawmakers warn judges ruling on travel bans against exceeding powerMar-18-2017Go
GOP senators ask Tillerson to probe US funding of Soros groups abroadMar-15-2017Go
Judge Nap: Obama 'Went Outside Chain of Command,' Used British Spy Agency to Surveil TrumpMar-14-2017Go
Flashback: First FISA Request on Trump Tower Came After Clinton and AG Lynch Met Privately on TarmacMar-10-2017Go
Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda: Foreign and Domestic Spies Victimize Americans and US EconomyMar-10-2017Go
Dennis Kucinich: I'm no fan of Trump's but he's got a point about wiretappingMar-10-2017Go
Sean Hannity: Trump must purge deep-state bureaucrats nowMar-10-2017Go
How Are All These Intel Leaks Happening? Look At One Of The Last Things Obama Did Before Leaving OfficeMar-09-2017Go
Former Attorney General “There was Surveillance” of Trump Tower; Was Sessions Spied on Too?Mar-08-2017Go
Gingrich: Trump Is Surrounded by Bureaucrats Who Want to Destroy HimMar-07-2017Go
Mark Levin has warned before of Obama’s ‘silent coup.’ Now he has a follower in the Oval Office.Mar-06-2017Go
‘Evidence is overwhelming’: Mark Levin says Obama responsible for ‘police state tactics’ against TrumpMar-06-2017Go
Mark Levin hits back on CNN, media 'dishonesty'Mar-06-2017Go
Lawmakers expand Russian probe to include Trump’s claim of Obama-sanctioned spyingMar-06-2017Go
Michael Goodwin: Why Trump is right to suspect that he’s the target of a dirty gameMar-06-2017Go
Chaffetz: House Will Take 'Hard Look' at Trump's Wiretap Allegations Against ObamaMar-06-2017Go
White House officials stand by Trump wiretapping claimMar-06-2017Go
Insiders: Obama Holdover ‘Shadow Government’ Plotting to Undermine TrumpMar-05-2017Go
Anti-Trump agitators caught on video plotting to wreck inaugural ball plead guilty to conspiracyMar-05-2017Go
Nancy Pelosi calls her denial of meeting Russian envoy ‘completely different’ from Sessions’ caseMar-05-2017Go
Arrests made after some 'March 4 Trump' rallies turn violentMar-05-2017Go
Lewandowski claims Obama WH listened in on Sessions, Russian envoy meetingsMar-05-2017Go
Cotton 'sure' Senate Intelligence panel will address Trump wiretapping claimMar-05-2017Go
Trump calls for congressional probe into possible wiretapping of his campaignMar-05-2017Go
Pakistani Suspects In House IT Probe Received $4 Million From Dem RepsMar-04-2017Go
OBAMA Could Be JAILED For 20 YEARS!Mar-04-2017Go
Limbaugh warns of 'silent coup' against TrumpMar-04-2017Go
TRUMP TWEET Saturday Morning: RIPS OBAMAMar-04-2017Go
BOMBSHELL claim: It was a SET-UPMar-04-2017Go
Russian F.M. Lavrov sees ‘McCarthyism’ in scrutiny of ambassador’s meetings with Trump officialsMar-04-2017Go
'You're Being Disingenuous!': Tucker Battles Dem Calling for Sessions ProbeMar-04-2017Go
Trump accuses Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Tower phonesMar-04-2017Go
Attack on Attny Gen Sessions Shows How Far Deep State and Obama Will Go to Destroy TrumpMar-03-2017Go
Covertocracy: How Anonymous Intel Agents Are Running the CountryMar-03-2017Go
Attack on Attny Gen Sessions Shows How Far Deep State and Obama Will Go to Destroy TrumpMar-03-2017Go
New York Times: Obama Set Up Anti-Trump Russia Conspiracy TheoryMar-03-2017Go
Sessions not alone: Russian ambassador also met with numerous DemocratsMar-03-2017Go
Mistake or Misunderstanding? Jeff Sessions defuses media uproar, recuses himself from probeMar-03-2017Go
EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama's close confidante Valerie Jarrett has moved into his new DC home, which is now the nerve center for their plan to mastermind the insurgency against President TrumpMar-02-2017Go
Holder: Obama preparing to get back into political spotlightMar-02-2017Go
Top Russian official: Our relationship with US at lowest point since Cold WarFeb-28-2017Go
VIDEO: Organizing for Action — Obama’s Shadow GovernmentFeb-27-2017Go
“Sleeper cell” Obama running shadow government op to discredit Natural News and other pro-Trump independent mediaFeb-17-2017Go
The Barack Obama Shadow Government Coup Against TrumpFeb-15-2017Go
Why Is Obama Expanding Surveillance Powers Right Before He Leaves Office?Jan-13-2017Go
N.S.A. Gets More Latitude to Share Intercepted CommunicationsJan-12-2017Go
Obama Is Setting Up a Shadow Government to Undermine Trump from Inauguration Day OnDec-18-2016Go
FBI Files on Hillary’s Emails Reveal “Shadow Government” Was in Charge of Her InvestigationOct-18-2016Go
The State Department’s ‘shadow government’Oct-17-2016Go