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IRS audits fewest tax returns in 15 years amid pressure from Congress to scale back enforcementApr-03-2018Go
States scrambling to avert Obamacare sticker shock after Dems balk at stabilization effortMar-28-2018Go
Top General: Taliban Peace May Require U.S. Taxpayer Funding to Protect TerroristsMar-26-2018Go
Trump may reconsider tariff on aluminum and steel in exchange for new terms on NAFTAMar-05-2018Go
Report: In Wake of Tax Reform, Disposable Incomes in U.S. See Largest Surge Since 2015Mar-01-2018Go
Pelosi Heckled at Anti-Tax Cut Town Hall: ‘How Much Are You Worth, Nancy?’Feb-21-2018Go
Trump’s first economic report forecasts strong growthFeb-21-2018Go
Trump, Republicans push low-cost ObamaCare alternatives as Dems fumeFeb-20-2018Go
Hostess Gives Employee Bonuses Because of Tax CutsFeb-01-2018Go
Pelosi Continues to Use ‘Crumbs’ to Describe Worker Bonuses, Wage Hikes Resulting From GOP Tax ReformFeb-01-2018Go
Pelosi Again Calls Bonuses, Wage Increases Resulting From GOP Tax Reform ‘Crumbs’Jan-25-2018Go
California moves to take half of some companies’ Trump tax savingsJan-22-2018Go
41% of Voters Believe Tax Reform Will Help Their Family FinanciallyJan-19-2018Go
Apple CEO: Tax Reform ‘Enabled Most of This Job-Creating Plan’ to Invest in the U.S.Jan-19-2018Go
Humana Will Increase Minimum Wage, Offer Incentive Pay Due to Tax ReformJan-17-2018Go
Big business backs Trump tax cuts with bonus payoutsJan-15-2018Go
Stephanie Ruhle on Tax Reform: Looks Like People Will See More Money in Their Paychecks Right AwayJan-12-2018Go
The Post Gives McCaskill’s Critical Tax Reform Comments Two PinocchiosJan-12-2018Go
Paul Ryan plows into pork-barrel spending as part of sweeping budget reformJan-09-2018Go
Survey Shows Businesses Have Positive Expectations About Employment Market Trending Up in 2018Jan-07-2018Go
Trump administration releases initial details on association health insurance salesJan-04-2018Go
Feds stiff-arm taxpayers’ requests for informationJan-03-2018Go
Unhinged Rosie O'Donnell warns of eternal damnation for Paul Ryan over … tax cuts?Dec-26-2017Go
NEH Gives $50,400 to Guy Who Thinks Fox News Can Brainwash Liberals - Taxpayer-funded 'philosopher' calls belief in God 'shockingly irrational'Dec-24-2017Go
Analysis: Tax Reform Will Increase Capital Formation, Leading to Higher Wages and EmploymentDec-24-2017Go
A Tax Cut for Christmas; Another POTUS Promise Fulfilled: Alveda King Dec-22-2017Go
Trump signs tax overhaul, budget bill before heading to Mar-a-LagoDec-22-2017Go
Joy, fury on social media after Senate passes tax overhaulDec-20-2017Go
Trump cheers Senate tax-cut vote, announces White House press conferenceDec-20-2017Go
Rosie O’Donnell offered $2 million in cash to senators willing to vote against tax reform - When will the DOJ start prosecuting bribery cases?Dec-20-2017Go
Ivanka Trump: Democratic leadership holding members back from supporting tax reformDec-18-2017Go
Sen. Bernie Sanders: Corporate taxes would ‘absolutely’ go back up if Democrats win Senate in 2018Dec-18-2017Go
Why Lois Lerner believes U.S. taxpayers have ‘no legitimate’ reason to see her tea party testimonyDec-12-2017Go
Washington Post Gives Dem Senator, DNC Chair ‘Four Pinocchios’ for False Tax Bill CritiqueDec-06-2017Go
House And Senate Tax Plans Have Major Differences That Need to Be ReconciledDec-05-2017Go
Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Says Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Will Help Solve Stagnant Wage ProblemDec-03-2017Go
Senate approves $1.4 trillion tax cut; final negotiations with House loomingDec-02-2017Go
More Than 100 Economists Support Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Say It Will Accelerate Economic GrowthNov-30-2017Go
Analysis: Senate Tax Plan Will Reduce Taxes for Most Taxpayers, Gives Biggest Cuts to Moderate-Income FamiliesNov-26-2017Go
Judge rules Seattle's tax on the wealthy is illegal; city vows to appealNov-24-2017Go
Fiery exchange erupts at Senate tax session: ‘Don’t spew that stuff on me’Nov-17-2017Go
House passes Republican tax bill, future in Senate unclearNov-16-2017Go
Washington Post Gives Schumer ‘Two Pinocchios’ for Misleading Claim About GOP Tax PlanNov-16-2017Go
Democrats cry foul about loss of deduction to muddle tax bill’s real benefits to middle classNov-15-2017Go
Senate Tax Reforms Unveiled - Economic growth may stall if Trump’s demand to cut corporate taxes is ignored.Nov-10-2017Go
GOP’s tax bill cancels $23 billion in credits claimed by illegal immigrantsNov-05-2017Go
Liberal Death Threats Against Pruitt Costing Taxpayers $2 Million a YearNov-02-2017Go
Washington Post Gives Senate Dems Four Pinocchios for Claiming GOP Tax Plan Raises Taxes on Most Middle-Class FamiliesNov-02-2017Go
GOP tax bill: No changes to 401(k), doubles deductions for middle class, limits state and local taxNov-02-2017Go
CEA: Business Side of Trump’s Unified Tax Plan Could Push GDP by 5% in Next DecadeOct-29-2017Go
House paves way for Trump tax reform plan by passing $4T budgetOct-26-2017Go
Report: GOP Tax Framework Could Raise GDP By 5%, Wages By 7%Oct-22-2017Go
Sherrod Brown Indicates Potential Support for Trump’s Tax Reform PlanOct-18-2017Go
Economist Says Eliminating State and Local Tax Deduction Helps Lower Taxes by $1 TrillionOct-17-2017Go
Obamacare Tax to Raise Premiums in 2018, Cost $270 Billion Over Next DecadeOct-15-2017Go
The NFL is attacking an America that has treated it very well. Time to end the tax breaksOct-15-2017Go
63 Counties Projected to Have No Obamacare Insurer in 2018Sep-16-2017Go
Trump targets rich in tax reform, throwing Republicans a curveballSep-14-2017Go
Expert Warns Lawmakers: Obamacare Is in Partial Actuarial Death SpiralSep-13-2017Go
Trump Administration to Base Obamacare Navigator Funding on PerformanceSep-03-2017Go
Obama's 2018 expenses will cost US taxpayers $1.1M: memoSep-01-2017Go
Feds spend over $400G studying if 'gender norms' make LGBTQ people get drunkAug-18-2017Go
Joe Manchin Spokesman Misled W.Va. Newspaper About Ties to Company Sued for Unpaid TaxesAug-16-2017Go
Conservatives see tax code overhaul as a way to nix some Obamacare increasesAug-15-2017Go
Obama’s IRS ‘misled’ Obamacare customers: AuditAug-03-2017Go
Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $750 billion over lifetime: ReportAug-03-2017Go
Study: Maryland’s Montgomery County Would Lose 47,000 Jobs by 2022 if Minimum Wage Raised to $15Aug-02-2017Go
Insurers seeking huge premium hikes on ObamaCare plansAug-02-2017Go
About face: Leftists who once despised McCain cheer him as hero for vote to preserve ObamacareAug-01-2017Go
Ron DeSantis says endings subsidies would force lawmakers to act on ObamacareJul-31-2017Go
Trump administration suggests ending enforcement of Obamacare’s individual mandateJul-31-2017Go
Republicans move to tax reform, but fight feared similar to Obamacare repealJul-31-2017Go
Upset about failed ObamaCare votes, Trump calls on changes from Senate RepublicansJul-29-2017Go
McCain ‘no’ vote kills Obamacare repeal effort in SenateJul-28-2017Go
IRS hires suspected tax cheats, fraudsters: Audit - Why is Commissioner John Koskinen still at the IRS?Jul-27-2017Go
After rejection of full Obamacare repeal, Senate Republicans resort to ‘skinny’ versionJul-27-2017Go
Trump dings Murkowski for no-vote on health care debateJul-26-2017Go
Sen. Gardner stays cool as pro-Obamacare activists target him with sit-ins, shout-downsJul-23-2017Go
MSNBC Host: Obamacare Has ‘Loads of Problems’Jul-20-2017Go
House Republican budget proposal paves way for tax reform, another intraparty battleJul-19-2017Go
On Obamacare Plan B, Republican opponents say insurance markets can’t count on hopeJul-19-2017Go
First statewide bicycle tax in nation leaves bike-crazy Oregon riders deflatedJul-18-2017Go
House GOP rolls out budget resolution, ties spending cuts to tax overhaulJul-18-2017Go
With John McCain sidelined by surgery, Senate has no timetable for Obamacare repeal voteJul-17-2017Go
Trump renews push for trade, tax reformJul-17-2017Go
Cuccinelli Swipes at Swalwell’s Calls to Bolster Obamacare: ‘You Don’t Strengthen a Failure’Jul-16-2017Go
All eyes on Nevada’s Republican senator mulling ObamaCare decisionJul-15-2017Go
Senate immediately loses 2 Republican votes on revised Obamacare repeal billJul-14-2017Go
Obamacare repeal, replace plan stumbles in SenateJul-13-2017Go
Kevin Brady: House plans to make tax cuts permanentJul-12-2017Go
House Democrats admit Obamacare is faltering in places, suggest fixesJul-12-2017Go
Hillary Clinton pushes ‘Nasty Woman’ T-shirts for Planned ParenthoodJul-12-2017Go
Higher taxpayer subsidies keep shaky Obamacare markets stableJul-10-2017Go
Feds pay Social Security judge $500,000 to sit at home on leaveJul-07-2017Go
Another Health Insurer Decides to Exit Obamacare Exchanges in OhioJul-04-2017Go
‘Obamaphone’ program stashes $9 billion in private bank accountsJul-02-2017Go
Economists Hilariously Over-Predicted Economic Growth Under ObamaJun-30-2017Go
Trump floats repeal, then quickly replace, idea on health careJun-30-2017Go
Barrasso: 'ObamaCare is a Bus Going Over a Cliff - The Dems Say Stay Onboard'Jun-29-2017Go
‘Obamaphone’ program riddled with fraud: AuditJun-29-2017Go
Ripping off taxpayers to finance America’s destruction by James SimpsonJun-28-2017Go
Ron Johnson: CBO used dated figure to measure uninsuredJun-28-2017Go
ObamaCare Battle: Pro-Trump group previewing attack ads on GOP Senator HellerJun-25-2017Go
Sen. Bernie Sanders rips California Democrats for pulling $400B single-payer bill, calls for voteJun-25-2017Go
Senate GOP Launches Obamacare “Repeal” BillJun-23-2017Go
Senate health care bill softens edges of House plan, with tax subsidies and Medicaid expansionJun-23-2017Go
Lobbyists who helped write Obamacare legislation locked out of Republican processJun-23-2017Go
Senate GOP unveils Obamacare replacement; offers tax subsidies for poor, Medicaid expansionJun-22-2017Go
Nearly 2 million have dropped out of Obamacare since 2017 enrollmentJun-13-2017Go
Pence says Obamacare is in ‘death spiral,’ cites insurer exitsJun-13-2017Go
Dems preparing roadblock of Trump’s IRS Clean Up and Tax RevisionsJun-11-2017Go
Trump seeking tax cuts in fall to boost economyJun-06-2017Go
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo moves to enshrine Obamacare protectionsJun-05-2017Go
Sen. Grassley: EpiPen maker overcharged taxpayers nearly $1.3B - Amount is nearly three times previous estimateJun-01-2017Go
Obama’s regulations in 2016 to drain economy by $2 trillionMay-31-2017Go
The Conservative Approach to Taxation and a Healthy Business Climate by Heather Darling, Esq.May-30-2017Go
Fact Check: No, the Republican Healthcare Bill Would Not Cause 23 Million People to "Lose" InsuranceMay-27-2017Go
Cole argues Republicans are doing the moral thing by fixing ObamacareMay-26-2017Go
Planned Parenthood closes clinics but continues to collect $500 million a year in taxpayer fundingMay-25-2017Go
House ObamaCare fix to get makeover, regardless of CBO, says key senatorMay-24-2017Go
Kevin Brady touts border tax: ‘True competition for the first time’May-23-2017Go
Trump’s ‘taxpayer-first’ budget focuses spending, proposes $3.6 trillion in cutsMay-23-2017Go
As Obamacare markets tighten, lawmakers feel squeeze for quick fixesMay-22-2017Go
‘Freeloaders’ shaming of tax hike opponents backfires on California Gov. Jerry BrownMay-22-2017Go
Thanks to deregulation, Trump is starting to drain the swampMay-21-2017Go
Tables turned on health care: Now Democrats have no clear planMay-15-2017Go
James Comey’s Brother Works For The Law Firm That Does The Clinton Foundation’s TaxesMay-14-2017Go
Trump’s lawyers: 10 years of tax returns show no ‘income of any type from Russian sources’May-12-2017Go
Enraged Californians rebel against Gov. Brown’s massive tax hike on cars and gasMay-12-2017Go
Republicans grapple over corporate tax reform without hurting small businessesMay-11-2017Go
Senate Republicans to craft substantially different Obamacare ‘repeal and replace’ billMay-09-2017Go
Lawsuit filed against U.S. Gov’t over Obama administration funding George Soros groupMay-08-2017Go
Priebus: Trump, GOP Congress 'not going to let you down' on ObamaCareMay-07-2017Go
My husband would’ve died with ObamacareMay-07-2017Go
Tim Ryan: Dems should have focused on Obamacare during the elections if they wanted to save itMay-05-2017Go
Republicans cheer ‘rescue’ from Obamacare with first major vote to repeal and replaceMay-05-2017Go
Trump will continue Obamacare payments, clearing major hurdle on spending billApr-27-2017Go
Cory Gardner: There’s bipartisan support ‘to undo the bad effects’ of Obamacare this yearApr-27-2017Go
Mnuchin pledges ‘biggest tax cut and largest tax reform’ in U.S. historyApr-26-2017Go
Harvard University uses taxpayer money to create ‘mouse fight club’Apr-25-2017Go
How low can it go? Trump, House GOP jostle on ways to cut personal tax ratesApr-25-2017Go
HHS Secretary Price says there’s a ‘plan B’ for Obamacare reformApr-20-2017Go
De Blasio says tax reform will be tough for Trump without releasing tax returnsApr-19-2017Go
Conway calls on Dem leaders to address Tax Day protestsApr-17-2017Go
Trump’s message to Democrats: Negotiate Obamacare, or payments to insurers will be cutApr-17-2017Go
President Trump says Tax Day protesters were paidApr-16-2017Go
Trump plays hardball with Dems on ObamaCare paymentsApr-14-2017Go
House Republican says constituents still want Obamacare replacedApr-14-2017Go
Trump administration back to square one on tax reformApr-10-2017Go
IRS commissioner: 100K taxpayers potentially compromised in online data breachApr-08-2017Go
House Democrats try to force vote on bill to pry loose Trump’s tax returnsApr-05-2017Go
Trump Applauds NYT Report Showing ObamaCare in TroubleApr-02-2017Go
Cigarette tax hike takes effect in California, costs surge by $2 per packApr-02-2017Go
Fearing voter backlash, Republicans bullish again on ObamaCare repealMar-30-2017Go
Taxpayers paid $162.5 million for union workMar-28-2017Go
Failed ObamaCare repeal spurs fresh round of GOP finger-pointingMar-27-2017Go
Priebus on ObamaCare overhaul: It’s time for GOP to 'start governing’Mar-26-2017Go
Republicans split in aftermath of failed ObamaCare plan, with tax reform on horizonMar-25-2017Go
Price takes Trump’s word: He will move on if GOP health care bill diesMar-24-2017Go
House set to vote on ObamaCare replacement bill after Trump ultimatumMar-24-2017Go
Trump in push for ObamaCare replacement support in visit to Capitol HillMar-21-2017Go
IRS granted Satanic cult tax-exempt status in 10 days, report saysMar-20-2017Go
Will we be adults or children? The ugly truth about America's spendingMar-17-2017Go
Midterm election weighs heavily on debate over ObamaCare repealMar-16-2017Go
Journalist who got Trump tax files had to retract 2011 reportMar-15-2017Go
Trump hits MSNBC for 'FAKE NEWS' after tax return reportMar-15-2017Go
Budget 'score' rattles push to pass ObamaCare repealMar-14-2017Go
Trump, Pence follow ObamaCare replacement rollout with weekend offensiveMar-12-2017Go
Another taxpayer-funded energy company files for bankruptcyMar-11-2017Go
IRS doesn’t tell 1M taxpayers that illegals stole their Social Security numbersMar-11-2017Go
McConnell hits brakes on tax reform, despite bullish Trump teamMar-10-2017Go
ObamaCare repeal bill hit by Medicaid official, exposing rift in Trump teamMar-09-2017Go
GOP ObamaCare repeal plan forges ahead, amid mounting resistanceMar-08-2017Go
Chaffetz hit for iPhone vs. health care comment – but Obama made same argumentMar-07-2017Go
Highlights of House GOP's ObamaCare replacement billMar-07-2017Go
House Republicans release long-awaited ObamaCare replacement billMar-07-2017Go
$21.8 million in ObamaCare tax credits awarded to individuals who were not eligible to receive themMar-06-2017Go
Krauthammer to GOP: 'Pick a Damn Plan' for ObamaCare ReplacementMar-02-2017Go
Key Republican would vote against GOP's ObamaCare replacementFeb-28-2017Go
Trump reveals plans to reduce regulation and reform taxesFeb-24-2017Go
ObamaCare in 'death spiral,' Aetna CEO saysFeb-16-2017Go
Price confirmed as head of HHS; to be point person in dismantling of ObamacareFeb-10-2017Go
Hatch: Partisan-only tax reform looks likelyFeb-01-2017Go
Taxpayers get R-E-S-P-E-C-T in Trump White HouseJan-30-2017Go
It begins: $85 billion in regulations face the ax, $5.7 billion this weekJan-30-2017Go
Big affordable-housing program could be hit by tax reformJan-30-2017Go
Hiring freeze hits FDA positions not funded by taxpayersJan-29-2017Go
CBO: Obamacare exchanges covering less than half original estimatesJan-26-2017Go
New Trump White House site sets goal of 4 percent growth, tax reformJan-21-2017Go
Trump directs federal agencies to waive Obamacare 'burdens'Jan-21-2017Go
'MEANINGLESS' Republicans call out CBO report claiming 18M uninsured if ObamaCare dismantledJan-18-2017Go
Rand Paul to unveil GOP's Obamacare replacement planJan-15-2017Go
Sanders gets 'Four Pinocchios' for Obamacare repeal tweet about 36K deathsJan-14-2017Go
GOP lawmaker likens Obamacare to unruly goatJan-14-2017Go
Conservatives fear GOP may lose its nerve on ObamacareJan-12-2017Go
Afghanistan's 'ghost soldiers' take scary toll on US taxpayers, says watchdogJan-12-2017Go
Republicans take first step in drive to repeal, replace ObamaCareJan-12-2017Go
House Democrats won't help GOP with Obamacare replacementJan-10-2017Go
States with right-to-work laws and no income taxes grew fastest in the Obama yearsJan-07-2017Go
Growing chorus of GOP senators could doom Obamacare repealJan-07-2017Go
Ryan confirms Congress will defund Planned Parenthood with Obamacare repealJan-06-2017Go
Exclusive: The 13 House Reps. keeping the GOP from caving on ObamacareJan-06-2017Go
Obamacare wars are in full forceJan-05-2017Go
Steve King introduces bill to bar Supreme Court from citing Obamacare rulingsJan-04-2017Go
House conservatives to roll out Obamacare replacementJan-04-2017Go
Obama offers Democrats no plan to save ObamacareJan-04-2017Go
Steve King pushes for full Obamacare repealJan-04-2017Go
Trump plans executive orders to dismantle ObamacareJan-04-2017Go
Obama, Pence head to Capitol Hill as health law fight beginsJan-04-2017Go
Conway: 'Pieces' of Obamacare replacement are readyJan-03-2017Go
Obama to plot Obamacare defense with top DemocratsDec-31-2016Go
Watchdog: Taxpayers spent $96 million on Obama travelDec-30-2016Go
Obamacare repeal talk may be behind signup surgeDec-28-2016Go
Cut taxes for the 47 percentDec-27-2016Go
Three tax reforms Trump can push to help the 'Forgotten Man'Dec-26-2016Go
Republicans prime the ground for Obamacare repealDec-26-2016Go
GOP: White House has no legal basis for Obamacare paymentsDec-23-2016Go
Trump's corporate tax plan will make America competitive againDec-22-2016Go
Study: Obamacare increased overhead spending for health insuranceDec-21-2016Go
Obama and family arrive in Hawaii for final taxpayer-funded vacationDec-17-2016Go
Here's how Republicans plan to repeal Obamacare within weeks of Trump taking officeDec-16-2016Go
Republicans explore idea of Obamacare piggybankDec-15-2016Go
Can the House GOP kill three birds with one tax plan?Dec-14-2016Go
CBO backs off plan to tax cars by the mileDec-10-2016Go
Say goodbye to these 4 tax breaks next yearDec-10-2016Go
Which Americans Are Shut Out of the Affordable Care Act?Dec-05-2016Go
Liberals might stomach this Obamacare repealDec-03-2016Go
Ill. Obamacare customers lose access to four top hospitalsDec-02-2016Go
Here are the reasons for awarding health tax credits by age rather than incomeDec-01-2016Go
Trump's treasury pick Steven Mnuchin promises biggest tax cut since ReaganNov-30-2016Go
Norquist praises Trump's 'powerful' tax planNov-29-2016Go
Analysis: For some in middle class, Trump plan would mean tax increaseNov-27-2016Go
Time to get optimistic again. Trump's economy will benefit ordinary investorsNov-27-2016Go
Obamacare insurers stiffed again by fedsNov-24-2016Go
Will Trump block taxpayer dollars from funding abortion overseas?Nov-23-2016Go
How Trump could reform Obamacare on his ownNov-22-2016Go
Controversial Obamacare lab in GOP's crosshairsNov-17-2016Go
Report: Medicaid enrollment, costs swell under ObamaCare expansionNov-16-2016Go
Report: Medicaid enrollment, costs swell under ObamaCare expansionNov-16-2016Go
New push to vet regulations, cut $15,000 'hidden tax' on all householdsNov-15-2016Go
Imminent Obamacare repeal comes with new questionsNov-12-2016Go
Five ways Trump could change Obamacare right awayNov-11-2016Go
Tax reform positioned to be 100-day priority for TrumpNov-10-2016Go
How Republicans might repeal and replace ObamacareNov-10-2016Go
Washington's carbon tax faces uphill fightNov-08-2016Go
Clinton amnesty tax: $15,000 per household, $1.2 trillionNov-05-2016Go
Trump is GOP's only chance to repeal ObamacareNov-05-2016Go
Obamacare insurer braces for lossNov-04-2016Go
Obamacare woes fuel TrumpNov-03-2016Go
Half of ObamaCare enrollees are skipping doctor visits to save moneyNov-01-2016Go
Obamacare's gender sucker punchOct-28-2016Go
Millions buying insurance outside exchanges amid ObamaCare woesOct-28-2016Go
ObamaCare premium hikes fuel Trump, GOP case in key swing statesOct-27-2016Go
NYT, Washington Post shift Obamacare blame to 'politicians'Oct-26-2016Go
ObamaCare fallout: As premiums rise, so does cost to taxpayersOct-26-2016Go
Republicans want figures on Obamacare subsidy spendingOct-25-2016Go
Press grudgingly admit Obamacare hikesOct-25-2016Go
Obama administration's version of a high-tech startup losing nearly $32MOct-25-2016Go
Republicans blast ObamaCare after premium hike announcementOct-25-2016Go
Most states facing double-digit Obamacare hikesOct-24-2016Go
Trump calls Obamacare a 'horror show'Oct-23-2016Go
Obamacare's shrinking plans threaten seriously ill patientsOct-23-2016Go
Republicans blast Obama's public option proposal for ObamacareOct-22-2016Go
Obama's Obamacare solution: Expand the lawOct-21-2016Go
Arizona faces Obamacare rate hikes up to 75 percentOct-19-2016Go
Study: Drivers don't want to be taxed by the mileOct-19-2016Go
Heritage Action: Obamacare 'on the verge of collapse'Oct-18-2016Go
Clinton's big tax hikes not enough to match spendingOct-18-2016Go
House accuses feds of 'massive giveaway' of Obamacare fundingOct-15-2016Go
families, abuse of taxpayer dollars and abuse of innocent lives. (AP Photo/Eric Gay) 100 years of abuse at Planned ParenthoodOct-15-2016Go
Democratic Minnesota governor says ObamaCare 'no longer affordable'Oct-13-2016Go
Study: Clinton's tax hikes would kill 700,000 jobsOct-12-2016Go
Clinton's 'fix' for Obamacare would make things worseOct-11-2016Go
One in three people say their insurance has gotten worseOct-11-2016Go
AP: In final Senate year, Bayh voted on investment tax bill, interviewed for Wall Street job, raising ethics concernsOct-09-2016Go
Paying your 'fair share' isn't fair at allOct-08-2016Go
Oklahoma Obamacare plans face 76 percent hikeOct-05-2016Go
Clinton Foundation refiles three years of tax formsOct-05-2016Go
California petitions to become first state to offer ObamaCare to illegal immigrantsOct-05-2016Go
Pence uses Bill Clinton's ObamaCare criticism against KaineOct-05-2016Go
Obama administration secretly used taxpayer money to scout move for Guantanamo detaineesOct-04-2016Go
Dems turn on ObamaCare amid premium hikes, Bill Clinton laments ‘crazy system’Oct-04-2016Go
Christie defends Trump's leaked tax return, says nothing illegal, 'no apologies'Oct-02-2016Go
Seniors to pay more for Medicare Part D next yearSep-28-2016Go
Obama would veto bill ending some Obamacare penaltiesSep-27-2016Go
Trump, Clinton clash at fiery first debate on trade, tax returns, temperamentSep-27-2016Go
Analysis: Trump's plan would cut taxes up to $5.9 trillionSep-19-2016Go
Vulnerable GOP senator: Obamacare amounts to consumer fraudSep-15-2016Go
Trump Blasts Ford's Mexico Move: 'We're Going to Charge Them a 35% Tax'Sep-15-2016Go
Obamacare will be the next president's first crisisSep-09-2016Go
Hillary's friends profit from the death tax she avoidsSep-09-2016Go
New Hampshire loses Obamacare co-opSep-03-2016Go
Europe is targeting U.S. firms for taxation, Treasury secretary saysAug-31-2016Go
EU Orders Apple to Pay Up to $14.5B in Tax to IrelandAug-30-2016Go
ObamaCare coverage options disappearing across country, report findsAug-30-2016Go
GOP senator bemoans 'total collapse' of ObamacareAug-28-2016Go
Who's winning from ObamacareAug-26-2016Go
IRS wants 'sharing economy' to share tax receipts with the fedsAug-23-2016Go
Tanning industry blames 10,000 salon closings on ObamaCareAug-21-2016Go
McConnell demands answers on new Obamacare PR campaignAug-20-2016Go
A third of U.S. may soon lack Obamacare competitionAug-19-2016Go
IRS: Don't get tricked into paying 'student tax'Aug-18-2016Go
Obamacare's next problem: Fewer choices for patientsAug-18-2016Go
Aetna Makes Good on Its Threat, Exits ObamacareAug-18-2016Go
Aetna to drop some Affordable Care Act marketsAug-16-2016Go
Trump campaign responds to Clinton's tax return challenge: Show us your emailsAug-13-2016Go
ObamaCare problems deepen as insurers scramble to stem lossesAug-11-2016Go
Trump talks taxes, but media mesmerized by GOP defectionsAug-10-2016Go
Why it's not time to raise taxes on the richAug-10-2016Go
Budget office: Deficit jumps to $590 billionAug-06-2016Go
$2.67 trillion: Federal tax receipts through July hit recordAug-06-2016Go
Report: Hillary Clinton would hike taxes by $1.3 trillionAug-04-2016Go
State lawmaker planned to profit from tax hike, prosecutors sayAug-03-2016Go
In twist, environmentalists fight proposed carbon tax – because it doesn't grow gov'tAug-03-2016Go
Top insurer reports higher Obamacare costsJul-27-2016Go
Trump to tax companies fleeing the U.S. 15-35 percentJul-24-2016Go
GOP lawmaker proposes controversial taxJul-15-2016Go
White House sees $600 billion budget deficit in FY 2016Jul-15-2016Go
State Department sent taxpayer money to group that attempted to oust Israel's NetanyahuJul-13-2016Go
Federal debt headed toward all-time record, budget office saysJul-12-2016Go
Clinton gives thumbs down to Dem platform's carbon taxJul-12-2016Go
Lawmakers rangle over Obamacare costsJul-12-2016Go
Obama wants to add public option to ObamaCareJul-12-2016Go
Businesses warn that proposed Treasury tax rule goes too farJul-11-2016Go
Hillary Clinton proposes Obamacare expansionJul-10-2016Go
GOP report claims billions in Obamacare payments were illegalJul-07-2016Go
GOP on Obamacare payments: 'This is stealing from the American people'Jul-07-2016Go
14th Obamacare co-op collapsesJul-06-2016Go
$150M bill compounds Obamacare co-op problemsJul-06-2016Go
Lawmakers to IRS: Stop taxing Olympic medalsJul-05-2016Go
The surprise in the Republican healthcare plan: A nod to ObamacareJul-05-2016Go
House subpoenas documents on $3.5 billion in Obamacare paymentsJun-30-2016Go
July 4th regulatory tax adds $40 to family picnics, fireworks displaysJun-29-2016Go
Study: GOP healthcare proposal could raise premiumsJun-29-2016Go
Cornyn: Puerto Rico bill 'an anti-taxpayer bailout bill'Jun-28-2016Go
Clinton to lay out student loan forgiveness plan but not how it's paid forJun-28-2016Go
Ryan cites anxious, skeptical Americans in tax reform pitchJun-26-2016Go
House GOP bets on tax rate cuts and 'bold' reformJun-24-2016Go
Beyond Philly: Other cities already looking to duplicate soda tax planJun-24-2016Go
House GOP releases Obamacare replacementJun-22-2016Go
Construction, teachers unions win in Philadelphia's soda tax tussleJun-21-2016Go
Dem wants to drug-test 'top 1%' in exchange for tax deductionsJun-17-2016Go
Hatch: Obama oil tax is a bad dealJun-15-2016Go
Obamacare premiums expected to spike faster for 2017Jun-15-2016Go
IRS ignores watchdog proposal to reduce taxpayer fraudJun-13-2016Go
Calif. wants to let illegals into ObamacareJun-12-2016Go
Government Waste: Your Tax Dollars Paying For Public Housing For The RichJun-11-2016Go
Congress must pass PROMESA to protect American taxpayersJun-09-2016Go
Philadelphia set to pass 1.5 cent-per-ounce soda taxJun-09-2016Go
House to hold vote against carbon taxJun-08-2016Go
Goldman Sachs: Obamacare forcing hundreds of thousands into part-time workJun-08-2016Go
California lawmakers try to extend ObamaCare to illegal immigrantsJun-07-2016Go
Calif. advances bill to let illegal immigrants buy ObamacareJun-03-2016Go
Texas insurer seeks Obamacare rate hikeJun-02-2016Go
Critics fire back at Seattle gun, ammo tax they claim is aimed at killing businessMay-26-2016Go
'Gigantic' corporate tax hike likely headed to Oregon votersMay-24-2016Go
IRS improperly paid $15.6 billion through Earned Income Tax Credit programMay-24-2016Go
GOP wants answers on Obamacare paymentsMay-23-2016Go
Number of Obamacare customers upset over cost on the riseMay-20-2016Go
IRS powerless to stop tax scam costing billions each yearMay-20-2016Go
Attn Taxpayers: Post Office Workers Paid for Doing NothingMay-18-2016Go
Clinton discloses $1.5M in speaking fees, calls on Trump to release tax returnsMay-18-2016Go
Get ready for more Obamacare premium spikesMay-16-2016Go
ObamaCare regulation pressures insurers to cover sex change operationsMay-16-2016Go
Trump on his tax rate: 'It's none of your business'May-13-2016Go
Priebus on Trump's tax returns: 'I don't know if anyone cares'May-13-2016Go
Hatch calls hearing on corporate tax reform planMay-11-2016Go
Trump: Won't release tax returns before November, won't take public financingMay-11-2016Go
House panel: Obamacare official misled lawmakersMay-10-2016Go
House subpoenas HHS on Obamacare insurer bailoutsMay-05-2016Go
Medicaid expansion accounts for majority of Obamacare gainsMay-03-2016Go
Watchdog: IRS workers steal taxpayer data to plunder the TreasuryApr-22-2016Go
Study confirms medical costs rising for post-ObamaCare patients – along with premiumsApr-19-2016Go
UnitedHealth pulls back on ObamaCare exchanges amid huge lossesApr-19-2016Go
Financial results flash Obamacare warningApr-17-2016Go
Major insurer to exit another Obamacare exchangeApr-16-2016Go
Tax advocate: IRS rejecting tax payments without an appointmentApr-15-2016Go
GOP: Feds propping up Obamacare with taxpayer fundsApr-15-2016Go
GOP blames low wage growth on Obamacare, employer exclusionApr-14-2016Go
IRS chief: Agency encourages illegal immigrant theft of SSNs to file tax returnsApr-13-2016Go
House to move IRS reform bills for tax dayApr-12-2016Go
Biggest health insurer leaves Obamacare marketsApr-09-2016Go
Americans spend more on taxes than food, clothing, housing combinedApr-06-2016Go
Lawmakers subpoena HHS for info about Obamacare paymentsMar-30-2016Go
Report: New Obamacare enrollees sicker and costlierMar-30-2016Go
Obama's proposed tax hikes: $2.1 trillionMar-25-2016Go
After Obamacare faceoff, GOP going after entitlementsMar-21-2016Go
Hatch: Another Obamacare co-op could drop soonMar-17-2016Go
Failed ObamaCare co-ops have not repaid $1.2B in federal loans, docs sayMar-10-2016Go
WATCH: Marsha Blackburn tackles Internet tax and Planned ParenthoodMar-05-2016Go
At least 60 passengers injured after blast on Thailand water taxiMar-05-2016Go
Cruz, Rubio release tax filings to 'pressure' Trump and other candidatesFeb-28-2016Go
FCC commissioner: Internet tax to come after electionFeb-27-2016Go
Paperwork soars under ObamacareFeb-25-2016Go
Romney suggests a 'bombshell' in Trump's tax returnsFeb-25-2016Go
White House 'passive' in combating possible ObamaCare fraud, watchdog saysFeb-24-2016Go
White House plays up green tax credits after court delays climate planFeb-23-2016Go
Obama's oil tax to cost $8 billion, study findsFeb-23-2016Go
Watchdog: Poor leadership led to botched Obamacare websiteFeb-23-2016Go
The next Obama tax that could be on the wayFeb-22-2016Go
Trump flip-flops on Obamacare mandate in less than 24 hoursFeb-20-2016Go
Lawmaker demands recovery of $750M in tax credits to illegal immigrantsFeb-19-2016Go
Congress sends permanent Internet tax ban to ObamaFeb-12-2016Go
House poised to lighten Obamacare calorie mandateFeb-12-2016Go
Lawmaker warns up to 30 corporations might flee U.S taxesFeb-12-2016Go
Burwell meets Obamacare firing squadFeb-11-2016Go
A tale of two Internet tax billsFeb-10-2016Go
Senate report: Illegal immigrants benefited from up to $750M in ObamaCare subsidiesFeb-09-2016Go
Cruz dodges Obamacare replacement questionFeb-07-2016Go
Obama to call for $10-per-barrel oil tax to fund clean transportFeb-05-2016Go
Aetna has 'serious concerns' over ObamacareFeb-02-2016Go
Trumpcare would require more government than ObamacareFeb-01-2016Go
Tax Sells? Sanders, Clinton both pitching tax hikes in Dem primaryJan-28-2016Go
House lawsuit could doom Obamacare: ReportJan-27-2016Go
Sanders: 'We will raise taxes, yes we will'Jan-26-2016Go
Analysis: Clinton's $498 billion tax hike would lower growth and wagesJan-26-2016Go
Taxpayers to IRS: Fix the debt yourselfJan-26-2016Go
Docs show security concerns, no 'authorization to operate' for ObamaCare websiteJan-20-2016Go
Hillary's proposed $1 TRILLION in new taxes so far, with 295 days to goJan-19-2016Go
UnitedHealth lost $720 million last year in ObamacareJan-19-2016Go
Here's a list of Bernie Sanders' $19.6 trillion in tax hikesJan-19-2016Go
Sanders proposes tax hike to pay for universal health careJan-18-2016Go
GOP threatens HHS with Obamacare subpoenaJan-15-2016Go
Government to crack down on Obamacare delinquentsJan-12-2016Go
House will hold vote to override veto of Obamacare repealJan-08-2016Go
Obama vetoes bill gutting Obamacare, defunding Planned ParenthoodJan-08-2016Go
GOP moves to phase 2 on Obamacare: A replacement planJan-07-2016Go
GOP-led Congress set for first time to vote, pass bill to replace ObamaCareJan-04-2016Go
House GOP: First task sending White House bill repealing ObamaCare, defunding Planned ParenthoodJan-03-2016Go
Congressional Republicans talk up upcoming vote on proposal to stop Obamacare, defund Planned ParenthoodJan-02-2016Go
Email hints at Hillary Clinton's secret role in crafting ObamacareJan-01-2016Go
Drop in oil prices rocks producer states, triggers historic tax hike plan in AlaskaJan-01-2016Go
Special districts -- with power to tax -- grow like weeds in TexasDec-25-2015Go
Norquist rips 'naughty' IRS, Hillary's taxes, lauds Tom Brady's truck giveawayDec-23-2015Go
Judge upholds Seattle 'gun violence tax' despite challenge from gun rights groupsDec-23-2015Go
IRS issued $46 million in erroneous tax refundsDec-22-2015Go
House OKs $700B tax cut package, eyes budget vote amid deficit concernsDec-18-2015Go
Congress blocks bailout of ObamaCare insurers in spending billDec-17-2015Go
House Republicans announce tax, spending deal that ends ban on oil exportsDec-16-2015Go
Terror taxes: ISIS turns to religious tithes, confiscation to keep its economy goingDec-15-2015Go
Obama, Congress avert gov't shutdown, focus on taxes, spendingDec-12-2015Go
Rubio's provision to kill ObamaCare risk corridors stirs debateDec-11-2015Go
Obamacare officials downplay insurer lossesDec-10-2015Go
ObamaCare to reduce workforce by 2 million jobs' worth of hours, CBO saysDec-10-2015Go
Official defends oversight of Obamacare fundsDec-08-2015Go
Illegal immigration trips up tax dealDec-07-2015Go
Obamacare's war on choiceDec-04-2015Go
‘Saved us money’: Rubio wins conservative cred for ObamaCare changeDec-02-2015Go
Senate Republicans launching bid to repeal ObamaCare, defund Planned ParenthoodDec-01-2015Go
Tax plans collide: Cruz vs. RubioNov-30-2015Go
Recipe for tax hikes? Clinton proposals hit $1T mark, Republicans sayNov-30-2015Go
Fate of ObamaCare co-ops uncertain after half collapseNov-28-2015Go
As exchanges falter, team Obamacare fights for an insurer bailoutNov-25-2015Go
VA spends millions promoting Obamacare, little cutting wait timesNov-24-2015Go
Rubio to GOP congressional leaders: Let's stop Obamacare bailoutsNov-24-2015Go
‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Demands $15 Million from TaxpayersNov-23-2015Go
Obamacare crumbling before our eyesNov-20-2015Go
HHS: Bailing out Obamacare insurers an 'obligation' of the federal governmentNov-20-2015Go
Byron York: Obamacare death spiral a gift to 2016 GOP candidatesNov-20-2015Go
Senator pressing HHS for answers on ObamaCare ad spendingNov-20-2015Go
Nation's largest insurer may exit Obamacare due to lossesNov-19-2015Go
Clinton Foundation amends four years of tax returnsNov-17-2015Go
Republicans float controversial tactic in next round of ObamaCare repeal fightNov-12-2015Go
Dems call for nationwide 10-cent tax on plastic bagsNov-08-2015Go
Clinton Foundation group to refile taxes under pressureNov-06-2015Go
Gov't faces obstacles to recover $1 billion in ObamaCare co-op moneyNov-05-2015Go
Nearly half of ObamaCare co-ops have failedNov-02-2015Go
Arizona ObamaCare co-op bites the dustNov-02-2015Go
Higher premiums likely to slow ObamaCare signups in law's third yearNov-02-2015Go
New York's Obamacare co-op in really bad shapeNov-01-2015Go
Arizona Obamacare co-op bites the dustNov-01-2015Go
4 big challenges facing ObamacareNov-01-2015Go
Taxpayer-backed solar plant actually a carbon polluterOct-30-2015Go
Utah 10th ObamaCare startup to closeOct-28-2015Go
Obamacare regs give nurses a headacheOct-26-2015Go
Another ObamaCare challenge heads to Supreme CourtOct-26-2015Go
Missing Money? Report questions how states spent ObamaCare fundsOct-25-2015Go
Heritage to punish Republicans for voting to repeal ObamacareOct-20-2015Go
Obamacare's problems are only just beginningOct-20-2015Go
One part of Obamacare that will probably dieOct-19-2015Go
Fed spending soars in 2015; taxes spikeOct-16-2015Go
Tennessee to shut down Obamacare co-opOct-15-2015Go
Bush offers plan to repeal, replace ObamaCareOct-13-2015Go
GOP candidate Ben Carson goes after Muslim advocacy group's tax statusOct-03-2015Go
Planned Parenthood boss clashes with lawmakers over taxpayer $$, videosSep-29-2015Go
Watchdog: EPA official flew home nearly every weekend on taxpayer’s dimeSep-24-2015Go
Fuel fraud: Stealing millions from taxpayers at the pumpSep-24-2015Go
Court rules against ObamaCare birth control mandateSep-18-2015Go
Chicago sued over 'amusement tax' on streaming services Netflix, SpotifySep-12-2015Go
Obamacare grants to Planned Parenthood spark fury on Capitol HillSep-03-2015Go
IRS must say if White House sought taxpayers’ information: JudgeAug-29-2015Go
Unions, insurers team up to fight coming ObamaCare taxAug-26-2015Go
Scott Walker lays out plan to repeal, replace ObamacareAug-19-2015Go
Walker unveils plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare in MinnesotaAug-18-2015Go
IRS says thieves stole tax info from additional 220,000Aug-18-2015Go
Taxing corporations in California fails to create green jobsAug-17-2015Go
Study shows 16M fewer uninsured since ObamaCareAug-14-2015Go
Government collects record-high taxes in first 10 months of FY 2015Aug-13-2015Go
Christian institutions garnering support in ObamaCare challengeAug-11-2015Go
First ObamaCare co-op to fail could cost taxpayers over $140 millionAug-05-2015Go
New emails show Clinton's efforts on Hill helped pass ObamaCare, after failed '93 effortAug-01-2015Go
Critics blast loophole that forces taxpayers to fund public sector union workAug-01-2015Go
Insolvency feared for Obamacare co-ops after $376 million in losses in first yearJul-31-2015Go
More paying ObamaCare fines as subsidies go to people who don’t existJul-30-2015Go
Taxpayer Calculator: As pols push to defund Planned Parenthood, how much is it costing you?Jul-27-2015Go
Are we being double-taxed? Why ObamaCare may render Planned Parenthood obsoleteJul-23-2015Go
Clinton raising money in finance sector, as she targets industry for tax hikesJul-22-2015Go
Justice Roberts' ObamaCare ruling could be boon for congressional RepublicansJul-19-2015Go
Bogus enrollees kept getting ObamaCare, probe findsJul-16-2015Go
Scott Walker promises to turn back the clock on taxes to Reagan eraJul-14-2015Go
Clinton to deliver economic speech Monday, with tax policy at issueJul-12-2015Go
How the Affordable Care Act Is Reducing CompetitionJul-06-2015Go
Republicans look to deliver blow against ObamaCare taxJul-05-2015Go
Republicans look to deliver blow against ObamaCare taxJul-04-2015Go
Oregon launches program to tax drivers by the mileJul-03-2015Go
Clash over ObamaCare, use of executive power intensifiesJul-02-2015Go
Architects of Richard Simmons Obamacare dance-off rehired in $156M PR campaignJul-01-2015Go
Starting Wednesday, ObamaCare will punish businesses who help employees with health careJul-01-2015Go
Is there a booby trap in Roberts's ObamaCare decision?Jun-29-2015Go
Looming highway debate stirs tax fightJun-28-2015Go
‘Court is not a legislature’: Roberts rips gay marriage ruling, day after he backed ObamaCareJun-27-2015Go
Roberts draws wrath of right in saving ObamaCare a second timeJun-26-2015Go
Republicans plot strategy to repeal ObamacareJun-26-2015Go
Scalia leads scathing dissent on ObamaCare ruling, dubs law 'SCOTUScare'Jun-26-2015Go
ObamaCare battle not over, despite court rulingJun-26-2015Go
Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare subsidiesJun-25-2015Go
Controversial MIT economist Jonathan Gruber reportedly played key role in ObamaCare lawJun-22-2015Go
Company that got millions from US taxpayers now profits Chinese ownersJun-20-2015Go
Rand Paul pitches plan to 'blow up' tax codeJun-19-2015Go
Clinton spokesman: The tax hikes are comingJun-18-2015Go
House easily votes to repeal ObamaCare tax on medical equipmentJun-18-2015Go
GOP leaders to brief members on ObamaCare challenge responseJun-17-2015Go
Vast ObamaCare data warehouse raises privacy concernsJun-15-2015Go
HHS to Congress on ObamaCare court ruling: It’s your problemJun-11-2015Go
Republicans fear they will win ObamaCare court battleJun-09-2015Go
Internet tax bill highlights brewing battle over online sales taxesJun-09-2015Go
Hawaii abandons troubled state ObamaCare exchangeJun-06-2015Go
Medicaid enrollment under ObamaCare soars, raising cost concernsJun-05-2015Go
'Sad Day': Conn. businesses, residents brace for $2B tax hikeJun-02-2015Go
Administration asks judge to toss House ObamaCare suitJun-02-2015Go
Health insurers seek big premium hikes for ObamaCare plans in 2016Jun-02-2015Go
Court holds first hearing in House lawsuit over ObamaCareMay-28-2015Go
IRS says thieves stole tax info from 100,000 householdsMay-27-2015Go
ObamaCare fallout? Supreme Court ruling sets up potential Obama, GOP battleMay-26-2015Go
ObamaCare fallout? Supreme Court ruling sets up potential Obama, GOP battleMay-25-2015Go
Exclusive: States quietly consider ObamaCare exchange mergersMay-22-2015Go
Supreme Court strikes down Maryland double-tax law, other states could feel revenue pinchMay-18-2015Go
Hawaii’s $205M ObamaCare system on life support, critics fear ‘complete waste’May-15-2015Go
Senate panel probes ObamaCare aid confusion, as customers learn they owe IRS $$May-14-2015Go
Bid to force ObamaCare expansion on states backfires, triggers lawsuitMay-12-2015Go
Bid to force ObamaCare expansion on states backfires, triggers lawsuitMay-11-2015Go
The GOP’s case against ObamaCare: Quality of plansMay-06-2015Go
States wasting millions by getting sloppy on ObamaCare’s Medicaid rolls, critics sayMay-05-2015Go
Emergency room visits up, despite ObamaCareMay-04-2015Go
Nearly half of ObamaCare exchanges face financial woes, report saysMay-03-2015Go
George Soros reportedly could face up to $7B tax bill, after delaying payment for yearsMay-02-2015Go
House approves compromise GOP budget that targets ObamaCareMay-01-2015Go
Florida files ObamaCare lawsuitApr-29-2015Go
House report: Cash-strapped IRS prioritized bonuses, union activity over helping taxpayersApr-23-2015Go
Clinton charities reportedly will refile tax returns due to foreign donation reporting errorsApr-23-2015Go
Tax Day Reminder: IRS targeting scandal is alive and wellApr-22-2015Go
TAXPAYERS BE DAMNED? House report claims IRS put bonuses, unions, ObamaCare ahead of taxpayersApr-22-2015Go
Tax Calculator: The federal debtApr-15-2015Go
White House blasts GOP estate tax voteApr-14-2015Go
Taxpayer Calculator: The Doc FixApr-14-2015Go
3 Surprising Things That Add to Your Tax BillApr-13-2015Go
IRS declares victory on ObamaCare as filing season endsApr-12-2015Go
Fox News Poll: More families feel worse than better as a result of ObamaCareApr-03-2015Go
Republicans see best shot yet at approving ObamaCare repeal as budget plan advancesMar-26-2015Go
Taxpayers foot bill for union work, lawmakers seek changesMar-26-2015Go
Federal workers owe more than $3.5B in unpaid taxesMar-25-2015Go
Half of ObamaCare subsidy recipients will owe on their taxesMar-24-2015Go
House Democrats unveil budget matching Obama's tax increasesMar-24-2015Go
My three part plan for the post-ObamaCare eraMar-23-2015Go
80,000 ObamaCare tax forms on holdMar-22-2015Go
Growing numbers seek faith-based alternative to ObamaCareMar-18-2015Go
House Republicans seek ObamaCare repeal, more defense $$ in new budget planMar-17-2015Go
Washington state's ObamaCare exchange faces funding shortfallMar-12-2015Go
Supreme Court justices divided over ObamaCare subsidiesMar-04-2015Go
10 Strangest Ways That States Tax You (or Don't)Mar-01-2015Go
H&R Block analysis: Most ObamaCare customers paying back portion of subsidiesFeb-26-2015Go
Woman loses half her border-straddling home in tax blunderFeb-23-2015Go
In Case You Missed It, Obama Just Proposed The Solar Tax Credit Remain in Effect -- ForeverFeb-21-2015Go
Obama administration sent 800,000 customers incorrect tax formsFeb-20-2015Go
Obamacare Tax Traps Are Ready to Grab Your RefundFeb-19-2015Go
If administration loses looming Supreme Court case on ObamaCare, what's next?Feb-18-2015Go
ObamaCare exchanges weigh extending deadline for insurance sign-upsFeb-17-2015Go
Dems to press administration for ObamaCare sign-up extension, as fines loomFeb-16-2015Go
As Supreme Court case on ObamaCare nears, focus is on plaintiffs and GOP's post-decision planFeb-15-2015Go
Public defender mum as taxpayer tab mounts for accused 'Batman' killer James HolmesFeb-15-2015Go
Public defender mum as taxpayer tab mounts for accused 'Batman' killer James HolmesFeb-13-2015Go
Taxpayers getting an education? Obama student loan forgiveness program swells by $22BFeb-13-2015Go
Pols warn Obama actions could let illegal immigrants who paid no taxes get gov’t payoutsFeb-13-2015Go
IRS to Give Refunds to Illegals Who Didn't Even Pay TaxesFeb-13-2015Go
IRS rehired 141 former employees with issues paying their own taxesFeb-07-2015Go
Will Obamacare be Replaced with GOPcare and what is the Difference?Feb-06-2015Go
Republicans unveil new ObamaCare replacement planFeb-05-2015Go
Ex-ObamaCare adviser Gruber: Tax fat people by body weightFeb-04-2015Go
Obama Proposes One-Time 14% Tax on Overseas EarningsFeb-03-2015Go
Obama sending Congress $4T budget replete with new spending, taxes, and borrowingFeb-02-2015Go
GOP House to vote next week to repeal ObamaCare, after attacking law piece by pieceFeb-01-2015Go
Jason Chaffetz wants to end tax exemptions for NFL and NHLJan-29-2015Go
When the levy breaks? NM legislator proposes eliminating almost all taxesJan-29-2015Go
ObamaCare penalty may come as a shock at tax timeJan-25-2015Go
94-year-old vet can't file tax return because IRS says he's deadJan-25-2015Go
White House Chief of Staff McDonough defends Obama on taxes, Israel, terrorism and YemenJan-25-2015Go
GOP lawmakers face pressure from base to target ObamaCare – or elseJan-23-2015Go
Obama urges middle-class help, but calls for ending vital college tax breakJan-22-2015Go
Third-party connections prompt more privacy concerns about ObamaCare siteJan-20-2015Go
Obama has proposed tax hikes in every State of the UnionJan-20-2015Go
5 things to know about tax filing and Obama's health lawJan-18-2015Go
Obama to call for new tax increases in State of the Union addressJan-18-2015Go
Republicans start small on ObamaCare, cross fingers for court interventionJan-17-2015Go
$500,000 in US taxpayer money wasted on Afghan facility that 'melted,' watchdog reportsJan-16-2015Go
Hawaii ObamaCare exchange projected to be financially viable — in 2022Jan-16-2015Go
Could IRS budget cuts affect your tax refund?Jan-15-2015Go
IRS chief warns of refund delays, poor customer service this tax yearJan-14-2015Go
Medical device tax repeal comes to Senate, supported by five DemocratsJan-14-2015Go
Supreme Court sets March hearing for new ObamaCare caseJan-12-2015Go
Gas tax, infrastructure funding puts some daylight between GOP House, Senate leadersJan-11-2015Go
IRS says tax filing season to start Jan. 20; no delay despite last-minute tax lawJan-10-2015Go
New year, new Congress may bring small businesses more tax relief, easier access to loansJan-10-2015Go
Welcome to ObamaCare 2015: Harvard faculty outraged over health care hikesJan-06-2015Go
Obama adviser Gruber admitted ObamaCare might not be affordableDec-31-2014Go
Reaction to new ObamaCare numbersDec-30-2014Go
ObamaCare fines rising in 2015, IRS prepares to collectDec-30-2014Go
Rep. Michael Grimm to resign after admitting to tax evasionDec-30-2014Go
Rep. Michael Grimm to resign after admitting to tax evasionDec-30-2014Go
Republican-majority Congress scales back tax reform hopesDec-26-2014Go
ObamaCare woes: Struggling Iowa health insurer taken over by stateDec-26-2014Go
Obamacare Rules Pressuring Docs to Ask Patients if They Own GunsDec-24-2014Go
Troubled ObamaCare vendor awarded new Hawaii contractDec-23-2014Go
‘Free’ stimulus broadband project costs Minnesota taxpayers millionsDec-17-2014Go
Gruber apologizes for ‘mean and insulting’ ObamaCare commentsDec-10-2014Go
Watchdog: IRS paid $6 billion in bogus child tax creditsDec-10-2014Go
Barrasso: ObamaCare 'deliberately designed to deceive'Dec-09-2014Go
Gruber apologizes for ‘mean and insulting’ ObamaCare commentsDec-09-2014Go
After midterm drubbing, senior Dems voicing regret over ObamaCareDec-04-2014Go
Watchdog reveals thousands of docs relating to disclosure of taxpayer data to White HouseDec-03-2014Go
House moves to extend tax breaks to end of yearDec-03-2014Go
ObamaCare's small business site reportedly opens to scant interestDec-01-2014Go
Oklahoma City taxpayers fork over millions to retiring city workersNov-26-2014Go
ObamaCare architect Gruber set to testify at December House hearingNov-25-2014Go
Labor union work by federal employees on ‘official time’ costs taxpayers millionsNov-24-2014Go
Loose-lipped ObamaCare adviser's predictions more bad than bold, analysis showsNov-21-2014Go
Gruber's contract with Vermont ends after missteps on ObamaCare pile upNov-20-2014Go
Kurtz talks to man who found ObamaCare architect's commentsNov-20-2014Go
ObamaCare's whopping Cadillac tax under fireNov-19-2014Go
Key ObamaCare official used threats, 'tantrums' to push website launch despite concerns, email claimsNov-19-2014Go
Former top IT guy tells lawmakers he knew little of ObamaCare site's problemsNov-19-2014Go
FCC official warns Obama-backed net neutrality plan would bring 'immediate' Internet taxNov-18-2014Go
How CNBC tried to silence my questions about ObamaCareNov-18-2014Go
Top Vermont lawmaker urges state to ‘terminate’ Gruber contract over ObamaCare videosNov-18-2014Go
Controversial economist Gruber has earned millions from taxpayers at federal, state levelsNov-18-2014Go
ObamaCare signups return with improved website but more challenges to the health care lawNov-16-2014Go
Despite Dem claims, trash-talking Gruber was well-paid adviser for ObamaCare and moreNov-15-2014Go
3 things White House doesn't want you to know about ObamaCare, plus 3 things coming in 2015 you aren’t going to likeNov-15-2014Go
ObamaCare signups return with improved website but more challenges to the health care lawNov-15-2014Go
Pelosi cited ObamaCare architect in push for law – now claims she hasn’t heard of himNov-14-2014Go
ObamaCare architect mouths off again, as videos cause problems for DemsNov-14-2014Go
Hey, Jonathan Gruber, Mr. ObamaCare 'architect' who are you calling stupid?Nov-13-2014Go
Media blackout shields ObamaCare architect who bet on public stupidityNov-13-2014Go
Yet another video shows ObamaCare architect disparaging voter intelligenceNov-13-2014Go
How ObamaCare Passed Thanks to “Stupid” AmericansNov-12-2014Go
Rep. Trey Gowdy slams ObamaCare architect's commentsNov-12-2014Go
Another tape surfaces of ObamaCare architect calling American people ‘stupid’Nov-12-2014Go
ObamaCare architect admits 'lack of transparency' strategyNov-11-2014Go
ObamaCare architect says lack of transparency helped law pass, cites 'stupidity of the American voter'Nov-11-2014Go
Incoming GOP senators set sights on Keystone, immigration, ObamaCare, EPA regsNov-10-2014Go
Incoming GOP senators set sights on Keystone, immigration, ObamaCare, EPA regsNov-09-2014Go
Taxpayers win big in midtermsNov-06-2014Go
Can GOP, Obama find common ground? New Congress eyes Keystone, ObamaCare, tax codeNov-06-2014Go
Some ObamaCare patients with high deductibles turning to community care centersNov-04-2014Go
Obama adviser likened Iran nuclear deal to ObamaCareOct-31-2014Go
GAO report finds thousands of government workers on paid leave, costing taxpayers millionsOct-21-2014Go
Filmmaker critical of ObamaCare says IRS auditing him in 'retaliation,' suggests 'pattern'Oct-09-2014Go
Many ObamaCare cancellations expected just before midtermsOct-09-2014Go
More than a dozen states plan to cancel health care policies not in compliance with ObamaCareOct-09-2014Go
ObamaCare signups return with more plans but concerns about software, cost, care optionsOct-05-2014Go
ObamaCare insurance navigator with rocky history gets even more taxpayer moneySep-29-2014Go
Automatically re-enrolling in ObamaCare could pose dangers, analysts warnSep-27-2014Go
Number of ObamaCare enrollees appears to be droppingSep-23-2014Go
Curtain, reviews come down on taxpayer-funded climate change musicalSep-17-2014Go
Will ObamaCare mean the end of employer-provided insurance?Aug-30-2014Go
California drivers brace for costly new gas taxAug-28-2014Go
Blame Obama's anti-business, big tax agenda for Burger King's Canada moveAug-27-2014Go
Obamacare Enrollees Facing Reduced Tax RefundsAug-25-2014Go
Administration offers new accommodations on birth control after ObamaCare rulingsAug-23-2014Go
DOJ sends taxpayer-funded 'protest marshals' to FergusonAug-23-2014Go
Alaska referendum on oil tax credit repeal too close to callAug-20-2014Go
White House won't reveal documents related to ObamaCare website securityAug-19-2014Go
Woman's surgery delayed by ObamaCareAug-17-2014Go
Republicans question HHS official’s instruction to ‘delete’ internal ObamaCare emailAug-15-2014Go
More ObamaCare woes: Congress must act to block health insurance bailoutAug-08-2014Go
Nevada family reportedly faces $1.2M in medical bills over ObamaCare typo, confusionAug-08-2014Go
Key ObamaCare official likely deleted emails now sought in House probeAug-08-2014Go
Homeowners: Our town raised our taxes because we closed the door on inspectorsAug-07-2014Go
Millions of uninsured Americans exempt from ObamaCare penalties in 2016, report findsAug-07-2014Go
HHS grapples with massive ObamaCare backlogAug-06-2014Go
Diaper duty for Calif. taxpayers? Bill would create new welfare programAug-05-2014Go
Tax challenge to ObamaCare rejectedJul-29-2014Go
Cost Trumps ‘Invincibility’ for Millennials Enrolling in ObamaCareJul-29-2014Go
Emails show White House adviser intervened on ObamaCare ‘bailout’ after industry appealsJul-29-2014Go
Architect undermines ObamaCare foundationJul-25-2014Go
ObamaCare in death spiral after federal appeals court strikes down some subsidiesJul-22-2014Go
Federal appeals court strikes down some ObamaCare subsidiesJul-22-2014Go
Federal court invalidates some ObamaCare subsidies, separate ruling preserves themJul-22-2014Go
Bergdahl could get $350G tax-free, if cleared by ArmyJul-14-2014Go
Thousands Who Enrolled in Obamacare Still Without CoverageJul-08-2014Go
Get ready for an even bigger threat to ObamacareJul-07-2014Go
Fins in the water: New ObamaCare warning signs emergeJul-07-2014Go
Imminent Court Ruling Could Cripple ObamacareJul-07-2014Go
Supreme Court ruling revives ObamaCare backlashJul-04-2014Go
ObamaCare coverage for millions in jeopardy as watchdog finds widespread data flawsJul-01-2014Go
White House blaming ObamaCare for shrinking US economy?Jun-25-2014Go
Bill Clinton budgeted to receive nearly $1 million in taxpayer money in 2014Jun-24-2014Go
Biden admits to having ‘no savings account,’ plans to live off taxpayersJun-24-2014Go
Analysts predict most employer-provided insurance will disappear as ObamaCare takes holdJun-04-2014Go
Data problems found with 2 million ObamaCare sign-ups, document showsJun-04-2014Go
Unions, employers square off over ObamaCare costs in collective bargainingMay-27-2014Go
Obamacare Rule: Dump Employees Onto Exchanges, Face Big TaxesMay-27-2014Go
Obama supporters call for ObamaCare czar to avoid another rollout disasterMay-17-2014Go
ObamaCare subsidies may be wrong for over 1 million Americans, report saysMay-17-2014Go
ObamaCare contractor pays employees to do nothing, whistleblower saysMay-14-2014Go
Bill would ban lawmakers from flying first class using taxpayer dollarsMay-13-2014Go
Money Pit: Officials struggling to fix state ObamaCare exchangesMay-04-2014Go
Is the Obamacare Website Secretly Violating your Privacy Rights?Apr-23-2014Go
Congressional Budget Office projections on ObamaCare raise questions about future enrollmentApr-22-2014Go
White House involved in soliciting money for pro-ObamaCare group, watchdog saysApr-21-2014Go
New questions over ObamaCare's impact on quality of careApr-20-2014Go
GOP's bid to take Senate moves to Oregon, which is ripe for ObamaCare attackApr-20-2014Go
Krauthammer: Obama 'Makes This Stuff Up' on Obamacare!Apr-19-2014Go
Dobson wins temporary ObamaCare exemptionApr-18-2014Go
The shocking secret behind ObamaCare enrollment numbersApr-17-2014Go
ObamaCare proxy war? Republicans could use Burwell nomination as leverageApr-17-2014Go
Rumsfeld pens nastygram to IRS, says he has 'no idea' if tax return correctApr-16-2014Go
Controversy surrounding IRS plan to recover money from kids of dead taxpayers far from overApr-16-2014Go
IRS considers taxing work perks like food, gym membershipsApr-16-2014Go
'We may never know': Census changes may obscure impact of ObamaCareApr-16-2014Go
Relative Tax BurdenApr-15-2014Go
IRS to revise regulations limiting activities of tax-exempt groups after outcryApr-15-2014Go
Obamacare in PicturesApr-13-2014Go
House GOP breaks from repeal effort, gets change in ObamaCareApr-07-2014Go
White House sets new April 15 deadline for ObamaCare sign upsApr-04-2014Go
ObamaCare makes it more difficult to buy insurance year-roundApr-04-2014Go
Inmates getting coverage under ObamaCare, as states shift cost to fedsApr-04-2014Go
The Coming Obamacare Shock for 170 Million AmericansApr-03-2014Go
Fox News Poll: Majorities understand, oppose ObamaCareMar-29-2014Go
Maryland to reportedly abandon $125M ObamaCare exchange for new systemMar-29-2014Go
Democrats push for new changes to ObamaCare amid midterm fearsMar-27-2014Go
Obamacare plans bring hefty fees for certain drugsMar-23-2014Go
ObamaCare: Americans not fond of this 4 year oldMar-21-2014Go
ObamaCare sticker shock: get ready for your jacked-up premiums to double, or even tripleMar-19-2014Go
Krauthammer: ObamaCare 'changes at the whim of the president'Mar-18-2014Go
Vegas man stuck with $407,000 medical bill after ObamaCare breakdownMar-18-2014Go
ObamaCare: The impossible enforcement of an unworkable lawMar-13-2014Go
ObamaCare is dyingMar-13-2014Go
ObamaCare 'hardship exemption' documentMar-13-2014Go
Administration adds major new exemption for ObamaCare individual mandateMar-13-2014Go
New York cancer survivor stuck in ObamaCare mess over doctor confusionMar-13-2014Go
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Wis. governor offers a way around ObamaCare problems…Dec-13-2013Go
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Rep. Issa accuses HHS of criminally obstructing probe into ObamaCare website…Dec-12-2013Go
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ObamaCare exchanges limit access to top hospitals, medical centers…Dec-09-2013Go
Just a PR problem? ObamaCare architect claims 'big PR campaign' needed…Dec-08-2013Go
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1 in 4 ObamaCare site signups could have errors, sparking coverage fears…Dec-07-2013Go
Lucrative NFL's tax-exempt status, demand for state and local money rankles lawmakers…Dec-07-2013Go
ObamaCare exchange errors, 'scam' frustrate congressional staffers…Dec-06-2013Go
Emails show feds knew months ago ObamaCare site headed for delay…Dec-06-2013Go
Reid exempts some staff from having to buy insurance on ObamaCare exchange…Dec-04-2013Go
'Sea change': Poll shows young people skeptical of ObamaCare, amid Obama outreach…Dec-04-2013Go
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ObamaCare website could only handle 1,100 users a day before launch, docs show…Nov-07-2013Go
McAuliffe narrowly defeats Cuccinelli in Virginia, ObamaCare troubles loom over vote…Nov-06-2013Go
Government awards more contracts to company that created glitchy ObamaCare website…Nov-05-2013Go
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House conservatives submit bill to replace 'ObamaCare,' amid 'defund' fight…Sep-18-2013Go
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Obama's Brother, Malik Obama, Directly Tied To Muslim Brotherhood & Lois Lerner Helped Provide Him Tax Exempt Status...Aug-28-2013Go
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Republicans must resist game of chicken with president over ObamaCare…Jul-26-2013Go
Ex-candidate Christine O'Donnell says tax records 'illegally accessed'…Jul-19-2013Go
Obama To Use $8 Billion Of Taxpayer’s Money To Wage War On Coal, Leaving Thousands Unemployed…Jul-10-2013Go
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ObamaCare in Trouble? Exchange provision delayed, as lawmakers push to repeal another...Apr-03-2013Go
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Republican governors' plans for no state income tax lauded, criticized…Jan-19-2013Go
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Issa threatens subpoena this week over ObamaCare documents…Oct-18-2012Go
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Boehner says debt talks scaled back over tax rift…Jul-10-2011Go
Boehner says debt talks scaled back over tax rift…Jul-10-2011Go
GOP says weak job report means no tax hikes…Jul-08-2011Go
Obamacare doesn’t stop Medigap providers, AARP partners from discriminating against seniors…Jul-06-2011Go
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U.S. House Passes Tax-Cut Extension, Sends to Obama… members defeated an amendment crafted by some Democrats to express their displeasure with the bill and especially with a Republican-backed estate-tax proposal…Dec-17-2010Go
Grassley: Compromise was needed on tax bill, despite problems…Dec-17-2010Go
About 13.4 million taxpayers may be getting unexpected tax bills because they were awarded too much money under President Barack Obama's Making Work Pay tax credit…Dec-16-2010Go
Halfway home: Senate sends tax-rate bill to House…Dec-15-2010Go
The tax package negotiated by President Barack Obama and GOP lawmakers is headed toward passage in the Senate even as House Democrats consider changes to the estate tax…Dec-14-2010Go
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Obama's bank-tax penalty is being used to finance the failed government takeovers of GM, GMAC, and Fannie and Freddie…Jan-16-2010Go
Americans aren't the only ones who are unhappy with Obama for overturning the Mexico City Policy, which kept international abortion groups from getting U.S. tax dollars…Feb-14-2009Go
President Obama has signed an order to lift the Mexico City policy, a Reagan-era policy that prohibits taxpayer funds from going to organizations that promote or perform abortions overseas...Jan-23-2009Go
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